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23 September 1 1993

"Bye Harry! Write me! Love you little man!"

"Bye Jennie, I love you too!"

Jennie waved until the train disappeared and then she sighed and turned, smiling, to the Weasley's that still were on the platform with her.

"Ah, I don't like to see them leave!" she wailed and Molly patted her arm while Arthur smiled knowingly.

"You'll see him again soon. Why don't we all celebrate Christmas together?" said Molly and Jennie grinned.

"Really? Oh I'd love that! Your place or mine?"

"Oh I don't know, it really doesn't matter, I believe we have the same sized home", smiled Molly and Jennie snorted with amusement.

"I don't think so; I don't have a house that's several floor high! If you don't mind, I'd really like to see how you live, and I'm sure Harry will love it as well."

Molly beamed.

"Well, if you're sure… do you want anything specific on the table?"

"Oh jeez I don't know Molly… I do love turkey stew… can we keep in touch? I really need to rush back home, I have several things to do today."

"Of course! Just send an owl and we can meet somewhere", said Molly and then they parted ways; Molly and Arthur turned on the spot and disappeared, and Jennie walked towards the train.


"Hello Mr Stranger, I'm back, all alone!" she hollered as she locked the door behind her, and when she didn't get an answer, she shrugged and went to close all the blinds on the windows in the house.

She found the large black dog sound asleep on the couch, and without wanting to she found herself smiling fondly before she composed herself and cleared her throat.

"Hey, wake up please, we really need to talk."

The dog stirred, made a growling noise and then jumped down on the floor and performed a funny looking shaking movement.

"Right… okay, I have a theory, you listen and if you make on move before I say you can I'll tire you up in the basement. So, you show up here all alone and looking quite shabby, about the same time a criminal, a magical criminal mind you, appears to be on the run. My theory is quite simple… Mr Black."

She watched the dog, the Animagus, in silence, and then it seemed as if he – she was sure the dog was the man she believed him to be – seemed to decide on something, for he looked at her with gleaming grey eyes that seemed to hold a smile.

"Wait! Don't change! If you're naked I refuse to have you change!"

He changed. She stopped thinking.


He had expected her to scream, to snarl, and to ask what the hell he thought he was doing. He had not expected her to sway, blink and stumble down on the couch, white as a vampire.

"I… oh fuck… I can't believe I was right… I mean, I thought I was, but still… oh my god… fuck… are those my sweatpants?!"

He couldn't help but chuckle at her last words.

"Ah yes, sorry about that…"

Oh it felt good to speak again! He smiled tentatively and watched her groan and hide her face in her arms.

"I should turn you in… I really should…"

He swallowed nervously.

"I don't feel like, though… I have this feeling in my throat… it's not right… well fuck!" she muttered and the she glanced up at him and he was surprised to see tears in her eyes.

"Why are you crying?" he ask bewildered and she smiled slightly.

"It's either crying or screaming my head off… please, have a seat… no need to introduce myself I guess but still, Jennie… you do have a name, right?"

"Sirius", he mumbled, quite humbled by her sense of politeness even when it was clear she was stressed as hell.

"Really? You're named after a star? Magic folks are weird… okay so… I need a drink, want one? I've got whiskey and brandy and wine…"

He blinked at her.

"Ah… I'll have what you're having, thank you."


He watched her she walked to the little cabinet by the wall; she didn't shake at all and when she poured them both a glass of whiskey her hand was completely steady.

"Cheers", she said softly and threw back the liquid in one swift motion; he himself sipped carefully at it, not really caring to get drunk.

"Okay here's my proposal Sirius; you tell me the absolute truth and then I decide what to do, okay?"

"Of course", he agreed smoothly and she seemed very pleased to hear him do so.

"Ah but before you start… do you mind borrowing a hoodie?"

He laughed aloud.

"A hoodie would be great thank you."


Jennie slapped her forehead as she searched through her drawer for one of the few oversized hoodies she owned. Stupid, she was so stupid! Any normal, sensible person would of course turn the man in, but not her oh no! She offered him clothes and whiskey! Of course, the clothes could be easily excused by her not wanting to have a naked man in her house…

She found the black hoodie and walked back downstairs. God in heaven he was yummy

"Hoodie", she told her guest unnecessarily and handed him the clothing and tore her gaze away from his naked upper body.

"Thank you", he said sincerely and pulled the fabric over pale, soft looking skin.

"No problem. Now, tell me everything and take you time."

"I was James's best friend and best man at his and Lily's wedding, and this was during the first wizard war when Voldemort was at his peak of power… Lily got pregnant and they wanted me to be the kids Godfather, and somehow Voldemort wanted them, or rather, he wanted Harry… I'm not really sure why, but I know that Albus Dumbledore had told them something that made them go into hiding; I was to be their Secret Keeper – that's someone who keeps the place of hiding a secret through magical bonds, but I… god I was so stupid… I begged them to take our… friend… Peter Pettigrew as Keeper instead; I thought I was smarter than Voldemort; that he wouldn't suspect a wizard who was… insecure and depended on others and that was Peter in a nutshell... anyway, they did what I asked and picked him and things went to Hell… he was a fucking spy for Voldemort and he sold them out! And it was my bloody fault… and they… fuck if I hadn't told them to pick Peter things would have been differently…"

His voice broke, and Jennie saw that his eyes where glistening, and on pure instinct she put a hand on his arm and squeezed softly.

"Breathe… it's okay, you can stop for a while", she said kindly and to her surprise he looked up at her and smiled.

"Thank you, but I figure it's good for me to get it out, if you can listen."

"I'll always listen", replied Jennie calmly and sipped at her whiskey.

"Ah… well, he told on them, and Voldemort found them… they had no chance… James apparently tried to hold him off – I found him in the hallway, ice cold… and then, Lily, sweet Lily, she was the best mom any kid could have wished for; she must've stood up as well 'cause love can repel dark magic in some aspects I've read, and Harry made it… and the fucking bastard was gone…and then Hagrid came and told me that Harry had to live with his aunt, and i had no choice but to let him take the kid… so instead of staying around I went out to find Peter… and I found him… and the damn bastard blew up the street, killed the people nearby and then he turned into a rat – he was an Animagus too – and disappeared into the sewers… and everyone of course thought I killed him… and there I went right into Azkaban, no trial, nothing at all…"

Jennie nodded slowly and licked her lips.

"Shame you didn't kill him", she said finally and Sirius snorted and met her eyes.

"I like your listening", he said softly.

"And how… how did you escape? Don't Dementors suck emotions and willpower from you?" she asked carefully and he nodded.

"Sure they do; but they only suck happiness away, and I had… I'm not sure what to call it… I had knowledge that they couldn't take form me; I was innocent, and I needed to survive and get to Harry, and then, a while ago, I saw a picture of Peter in rat form in the paper and I decided to get moving so I changed into Padfoot – that's my nickname when I'm a dog – and slipped out… I also manage to nick my wand… you see the common thing to do is to break the criminals wand, but in some cases they don't 'cause they feel like it's more torture to let the prisoner know that the wand is nearby, but never in reach… but I nicked it… and then I swam over to land and began walking… and the I ended up here and you took me in, which I am very grateful for. Now, as weird as this may sound I really hope you believe me and that you won't turn me in."

Jennie sighed and ruffled her hair.

"I'm not stupid… something has to be done here, I'm sure you get it too… we need to put this right, you need to prove yourself to me one more time, I need some actual proof but your voice and your story, you get that don't you? I mean, you can be a psych and a very good liar for all I know… oh, and we need to get that Pettigrew, make him confess to someone else than you and me; someone with power to change things legally… she said after thinking things through once more.

"Of course."

Just like that, he accepted her reasoning, and she found herself smiling.

"Good. Then I see no problem. We'll have to be careful though, no drapes open while you're walking around here, no one can see you or else there'll be… hell, so to speak. Also, I suggest walking outside in dog form."

Sirius laughed a little and inclined his head at her.

"I totally agree. Thank you."