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Chapter 1

Umbridge was furious. That dratted boy! She had hated his parents. His trouble making father and his godforsaken goody two shoes mother! However, she hated him even more. He always managed to avoid all the obstacles she created for him. Just like his parents.

All she needed was one way, just one opportunity. She would show the world what a liar that boy was. As if the Dark Lord could ever return while the great minister Fudge was in power. Preposterous!

Of course the minister could act foolish at times. See how he messed up the opportunity she gave him by sending the dementors after the boy this summer, but everyone made mistakes. But no more! She would personally have the opportunity to make the boy suffer. And surely he would do something in retaliation which she could use to then get him expelled. But what could she do?

Hmmm, blood quills. Those could work.


It was the first night back at Hogwarts. Harry had just had an argument with his roommate Seamus Finnegan. He just wished there was a way to prove that he was telling the truth. If Voldemort would just make a move, the world would know that he was not lying.

Not for the first time, Harry wanted his parents to have lived. He knew that no matter what they would have believed him. Sirius was great but he was not James Potter. Even worse Sirius was on the run. There was nothing that even he could do.

Again, Harry wished for his parents to have lived. Sirius would have been a free man, he just knew it. Harry wouldn't have been an orphan. He would never have ended up living with the Dursleys.

He would have had somewhere to call home. Sure, Hogwarts was great, but there had been way too many attempts on his life. Hogwarts was sure as hell not the safe haven a home was supposed to be. Ugh! He just wanted one way, just one opportunity to make it all right. Every. Single. Thing. These were his last thoughts before he fell asleep. Harry didn't know this at the time, but there was someone who was listening to his wishes and prayers.


Lady Hecate kept an eye on all her children. She always knew their wishes. And she always tried to make them come true. She was proud of all of them. Well, almost all of them. Tom Riddle and Albus Dumbledore. They had created a lot of trouble even for her to sort through. They were honest to Olympus pests. Also, Tom Riddle had the audacity to defy the nature's law. How had Hades not noticed? Hmmm, he must be slipping.

Although, as Lady Hecate leaned back in her chair and thought about Hades' reaction to her pointing this out to him, another plan was forming in her mind. Now, if she could just bargain with him, she could deal with both "Dummydore and vol au vents" and solve all her favorite child's problems at once.

Harry Potter's future as it was worried her. Maybe she could have a little chat with both Destiny and Aphrodite before she went down to meet Hades.


Hmmm, success felt good. She had just had a long talk with Aphrodite and Destiny. Thankfully, they both agreed with her. Now, she just had to see to Hades and convince him.



Hecate had just sent word to Hades that she was on her way. However, she was running slightly late. Hades sighed impatiently as he waited for her. He was surprised when he heard from her. No goddess apart from Persephone had ever been down there. They usually called him up to Olympus. Of course, Hecate as well as Hestia had always been different. They were the only two goddesses who bothered with him voluntarily, and the only two he could actually partially get along with. Where was she? Thought Hades, now slightly worried. Hecate always was punctual. She had entered the underworld. He could feel her. He focused slightly and Bingo! She was petting his Cerberus, Nero. Hades smirked slightly. She was practically obsessed with him. He leaned back in his throne. He could wait.

Hades felt Hecate enter the castle and stood from his throne to welcome her. He wondered for a brief moment what she wanted, but then dismissed the thought from his mind. She would tell him if and when she felt like it. He needn't worry unless it was something big.

'Hecate, welcome' he said bowing his head to her in greeting.

'Hades' she greeted warmly smiling at him sweetly.

Hades frowned. She wanted something.

'What do you need, Hecate?' he asked suspiciously.

'Your help' she replied simply.

She told him everything. Harry's lack of a childhood and everyone's reactions to him saying that Voldemort had returned. Hades frowned. He would have remembered if someone like that Voldemort character had passed through the Underworld.

Hecate watched Hades subtly for his reaction to Voldemort's return. Yes, she had been right. He had not realized that Tom had evaded death.

'Do you want me to go get him?' asked Hades, getting angry at having let something this major slip.

'I could have done that if I wanted to myself' she replied dryly. 'However, I think Harry would like his revenge'

Hades chuckled darkly.

'I hope he makes it interesting and bloody' said Persephone. She had just come in to the room unnoticed.

'I did not think of you to be the bloodthirsty type, wife.' said Hades, masking his surprise and pleasure at seeing her.

'You do not know a lot about me, husband' said Persephone, giving him a small smile. Hades tried not to react. She barely ever spoke to him, and when she did, it gave him a great amount of pleasure. When she smiled however, he stopped thinking. His brain just refused to work.

Hecate smirked slightly. She knew what the Goddess of Spring's appearance did to Hades.

'Why don't the three of us take a walk?' asked Hecate. Persephone looked startled but acquiesced to her request. Hades, seeing Persephone nod, immediately said yes.

As the three walked through the Underworld, Hecate led them to the Elysium where she knew James and Lily Potter stayed. She had really missed them.

'Hades, if my hero brings you Tom Riddle's soul fragments, what would you gift him with?' she asked stopping abruptly.

Hades stopped in his tracks.

'Soul fragments?!' asked Persephone, sounding scandalized. What did humans think they were doing? This was dangerous. Ripping your soul apart could severely damage your sanity and it completely destroyed your humanity.

Hades glanced at Persephone, shocked that she knew about Horcruxes. Then again, she did spend a lot of time with Hecate.

'It does not matter what I could give him, what matters is what would you want me to give him?' asked Hades, already having partially worked out Hecate's plan.

'I want all those people in his family who needlessly died to go back if they choose to' said Hecate quietly.

'WHAT?! No Hecate, you know I cannot do that!' thundered Hades.

Persephone now stepped forward.

'Hecate, give us a minute' she said, calmly.

Hecate nodded saying she would be at the Potters' residence and teleported to just across the entrance gate of Elysium.


'No, Persephone, you know that I cannot permit this!'

'Hades you hav-'

'I said no ways am I letting them out!'


'No, Perseph-'

'WOULD YOU FOR ONCE SHUT UP AND JUST LISTEN TO ME?!' she met absolute silence after that. Hades was stunned into silence. Persephone never raised her voice if she could help it.

'Now I know you do not want to let them go back, but you need to. Please Hades. I, myself have watched that child and I know how miserable he is alright? A fifteen year old who cries at night. All he wants is his parents and a loving family. That is it! He wants for nothing else in his life. Please Hades, you must send his family back. Hades, I know it might not matter much to you but please. Do it for me.' Persephone looked into his eyes for the first time and hoped he would make the right decision. She sighed.

'Let me know your decision when you are ready. I will be with Hecate.' she said, before giving him a quick hug and leaving.

Hades was stunned and did not move from his position for the next fifteen minutes. He had just received his first hug from his wife.

That was when he made his decision. He would do it. But only for his wife. And besides those people had never deserved to die in the first place. He remembered being surprised when he first saw them. He was sure that them being there was a mistake. A mistake which he would now rectify. James, Lily, Charlus and Dorea Potter would go back. As for the child's Godmother Alexia Peverell-Black would too. Whether they liked it or not.