Chapter 6

'Actually,' her voice now ice cold, 'I do' said Alexia, as she pulled off her hood, revealing a pale face, long brown curly hair and glowing violet eyes. You could hear a pin drop in the silence that followed. Alexia noticed the other returnees taking off their hoods as well from the corner of her eyes. She looked around the hall searching for her husband and daughter. Her eyes, however, first stopped at Dumbledore, causing her to immediately scowl.

Lily didn't know what Alex was thinking exposing who they were the way she did, but she decided to go along with her idea anyways. Her eyes roved up and down the Gryffindor House table searching for her baby boy. When she finally met his eyes, eyes that were so like hers, she just stopped and stared at him, her eyes cataloguing all her baby's features. Her eyes filled with tears. When she left him, he was fifteen months and now he's all grown up. Damn Voldemort! She was going to kill him for taking her away from her baby boy. Lily then felt an arm come around her shoulders and looked up to see James smile sadly at her. She relaxed in his arms.

James, Charlus and Dorea were busy glaring at Fudge and Umbridge, both of whom were paling slowly as they recognized the returnees. Alexia had been the lone heiress of the Peverell House and was later Lady Black. They paled further when they recognized the Potters. All these echoes of the past, standing in the Great Hall.


Harry stared at two of the returnees wondering why they looked so much like his parents. He also wondered who the lady speaking to him was. She was quite obviously an important figure from what he could see. He looked around to Remus to ask who she was but noticed that his face was ashen as he stared at the figures still standing by the door.

'Remus, are you alright? Who are these people?' Harry whispered, concerned about his mentor and honorary uncle.

'How is this possible?! Who are you imposters? I demand that you-' Harry whipped his head around to watch the oversized toad he was supposed to call a Professor as she started acting like a pompous Ministerial idiot.


'Quiet, woman! Your voice is giving me a migraine' snapped James, irritated at her gall.

'And it would do you well to remember whom you are talking to in such a tone! Do you forget my capability of having you fired?' said Alexia, ending her words with an evil smirk that made even Lucius shudder.

'Alex, stop. You're scaring the kids' said Lily, with a small smile. Same old Alex. Alexia smiled at the kids in the Great Hall now looking for her daughter.

'Oops?' she said, grinning mischievously.

'Miss. Peverell, if that is really you, we have a few questions for you. Besides we need you to prove that you are who you say you are' said Dumbledore, his eyes seeming to have lost their normal twinkle. Alexia scowled up at him.

'You seem to have forgotten Headmaster,' sneered Alexia, in her coldest tone, 'that I am no longer merely a Peverell. Have you forgotten that I am also Lady Black?'


Harry couldn't believe his ears. This lady had just admitted to be Lady Black by marriage. That meant either Sirius or his brother were married. But Sirius was Lord Black, so was she saying that she was also Sirius's wife?

He glanced down at Padfoot, confused as he watched him start padding towards the lady at an extremely fast pace.

He watched as the lady's eyes found Padfoot and as her face softened immediately. Okay she's definitely Sirius' wife.


Alexia caught sight of a black blur heading towards her from the corner of her eye. She recognized her husband's animagus form trotting towards her and unknowingly lost the scowl on her face.

The Potters watched as Alexia's whole body, which had been taut with tension, start to relax as she caught sight of Padfoot. James grinned at him and got a tongue lolling grin from his pad footed best friend in return. Lily smiled at him shaking her head fondly as she watched him trotting up to them. Charlus and Dorea both gave him big smiles as they watched their second son trot towards his wife first.


Sirius had barely been able to believe his ears when he first heard his wife's voice. Then, he had also doubted his eyes when he saw all five people get rid of their hoods. But now as he ran towards them he finally believed his senses. His family was back. He could scent them from there and knew at once that these were no imposters. He did not know how they were back from the dead, but all he knew was that he had his full family back.

Sirius watched as his wife's face relaxed and felt his heart skipping a beat as it always had when he saw her smile. He wished he could transform back without any danger but he knew exactly how dangerous this situation was, so he refrained.

'Siri' said Alexia in her softest most loving voice as she knelt down and hugged him as soon as he was close enough. He felt her bury her face in his neck and finally felt as though he was home.


Alexia knelt on the floor as she hugged her husband for the first time in fourteen years, and immediately felt at peace. A tear leaked out of her eye as she remembered what her husband had to go through for all of those years. One tear was all it took before she finally broke down, dissolving into tears.

James and Lily smiled at her sadly knowing what had made her finally cry. Charlus and Dorea had their eyes filled with angry tears, their anger directed at a particular headmaster. The Potters' reaction soon turned to alarm as they noticed Sirius start changing back to his human form. They immediately put up shields before any spells could be fired.


Oh no, Alex was crying. Why was she crying? Oh Merlin. Sirius panicked as soon as he felt his wife's tears against his neck and transformed back to human not caring about the consequences anymore. He heard gasps and screams but ignored them all in favor of calming his wife down. He hugged her close, whispering that they were okay and that everything would be fine.

'Sirius, I- I'm s-so sorry! I should have tried harder. I should have been able to fight B-Bellatrix but I got distracted when I heard F-Frank and A-A-Alice scream. I'm really sorry. Please believe me. I tried, I really really did. And- and because I got distracted, you had to spend t-tw-twelve years in that horrible godforsaken place! And then those- those rats, you had to-. Merlin I'm so sorry Sirius.'

Sirius could barely understand his wife through her stammers, but what he did get from her was enough. He was shocked at her blaming herself.

'Ally, babe calm down, please. I don't blame you for what happened. It was my stupidity that got me thrown in there anyways. Babe, listen to me please' Sirius tried calming her down, but to no avail. She kept clutching at his robes, hiding her face in his chest. He knew what he had to do to calm her down but he couldn't do it front of hundreds of people. He glanced up at James and was surprised to see him holding up a shield. He then realized what chaos he had caused by transforming. He met James' eyes and indicated Alexia. James understood him immediately and nodded. Sirius scooped up his wife with ease cradling her close to his body and rolled his eyes, exasperated. His wife was still as heavy as a feather. When was she going to start eating more? He walked out to the Entrance Hall, while Alex hid her face in his neck, hugging him close to her.

Gently placing her on her feet once he was out of earshot of the Great Hall, Sirius looked into the violet eyes that he so loved, and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear gently. Alexia had an adorable blush on her face as she looked into his eyes. Sirius smiled at her. Alex hesitantly smiled back at him, praying that Sirius did not hate her.

'Sweetheart, you know, I really don't get what you are apologizing for. If anything it should be me saying sorry, for leaving you to chase down that goddamned rat. I should have known better than to underestimate him and-' he would have continued but Alexia cut him off by pressing her lips to his. Sirius had really missed his wife. She was the only one who knew how to actually shut him up. Sirius had a dazed look in his eyes along with a goofy grin on his face once they separated, which made Alexia giggle.

'Sirius, stop blaming yourself. If you don't want me blaming myself then you've got to stop blaming yourself too. You know I don't like you being hypocritical' said Alexia, with a smirk.

'Oh trust me, I'm not forgetting that anytime soon' said Sirius, with a smile as he remembered their argument in seventh year.

Alex smiled at him, calming down as she stared at his molten silver eyes.

'So, should we go back to the Great Hall?' she asked, smirking as she guessed the ruckus Sirius' appearance may or may not have caused.

'Lets' he replied smirking at her mischievously.

Hand in hand, they both headed to the Great Hall, to rejoin the chaos within.


Okay! So that's it for now. I'm working on a separate one-shot in relation to this story. It's going to include what happened in Sirius and Alexia's Seventh Year.