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I'm Cleaning Out My Closet
Chapter Thirteen: The End and the Beginning
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Kurapica stepped into the waves once more. The setting sun cast its last warm rays towards her and the ocean winds fanned her face.
Wading in deeper, she realized how much the sunset symbolized her life these last few days. It was the end of her days with Leorio, "But the rising sun will be a day without him." She said out loud. "It will be the beginning of my new day; my new life."
As if in response, the sun dipped below the horizon.
The silvery sliver of a moon rose in its place, and the stars awakened.
Kurapica stood in the ocean, under the darkening sky. Alone in the night.

"Alone in the night,
The loved one's flight.
Don't stand waiting,
Hesitant and debating.
Come to me;
Come with me.
The sun will set, the moon will rise,
And the shining stars will pass your eyes.
And we will be alone.
Alone in the night."

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Princess Floréa: *cries into Kurapika-sama's tunic*
Kurapika-sama: ...
Princess Floréa: I know... our little show is longer than the last chapter today...
Floraleon: Okay... now for all them peeps who are confuzzled, we'll explain what exactly it meant when we say "___-sama".
Princess Floréa: Take Kurapika-sama here for example. He is not the real Kurapika. Y'know, the really hot one.
Kurapika-sama: Hey!
Princess Floréa: It's true. Well, you can read my explanation, or you can read Two Guys, Four Girls, and a Portal to figure it out yourself.
Floraleon: We call these things—
Kurapika-sama: I am not a thing!!!
Floraleon: —"Sama-dolls." Basically they're chibi versions of characters from wherever, plus wings which they can't fly with, and different personalities.
Princess Floréa: See, like Kurapika-sama here is quite perverted, not like the hottie*starry eyes*. And Kuroro-sama over there is quite timid. Killua-sama is fairygurl's, and he gets words mixed up and so.
Floraleon: Anybody remember Jounouchi-sama? Well, we have more Sama-dolls lined up for the show. Here are some of them:

List of Sama-Dolls to Reappear:
* Kurapika-sama (Pii-chan)
* Killua-sama (Lulu-chan)
* Kuroro-sama (Rory-chan)
* Jounouchi-sama (Joey-chan)
List of Sama-Dolls to Appear:
* Leorio-sama (YoYo-chan)
* Hisoka-sama (Hissy-chan)
* Gon-sama (Gonny-chan)
* Machi-sama

Princess Floréa: If you wanna adopt a Sama-Doll, please tell me, OK? If you want Kuroro-sama, just ask. Just to say, Machi-sama ain't goin' nowhere, and I'm pretty damn sure fairygurl wants Leorio-sama...
Floraleon: I think that's it.
Kurapika-sama: Bye-bye. *turns off the lights*
???: Oh, boy...
???: Here we go again...

???: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!