Rated M for Mature. Esme & Bella switch bodies for 24 hours as a Friday the 13th "curse" (like the movie Freaky Friday). What happens just afterwards leaves both of them awe-struck and possibly feeling guilty for what has happened. They both think they are dreaming, but soon figure out that what they are experiencing is their current reality. Could be a fun read.

"Happy Friday the 13th Bella," Jacob teased, looking at the watch he had on as it indicated midnight was just a few minutes away. "Remember, there are no such things as curses..." He lifted his eyebrows and chuckled, causing Renesmee do the same.

Edward rolled his eyes and Bella jabbed at him lightly, "Take care of our daughter until we get back, then you can go back to the reservation."

"I'm sticking around all night, Bells," he replied, "Sorry."

"Sorry," Renesmee mimicked and hopping on Jacob's back for a piggyback ride.

Edward and Bella passed through the trees and went for a midnight hunt, linking hands as they did so. She managed to steal a kiss in the darkness, leaving Edward's perfect teeth in full view before each of them almost immediately caught the scent of an animal nearby.

Esme laid next to Carlisle in the darkness and the two of them heard their family members leave the house. She rolled over to face his with a smile and began to slide her hand down his stomach, letting her fingers linger inside the band of his sweatpants.

Carlisle laughed and laid his hand over hers, urging her to go on. Esme leaned her body completely over him and kissed him before reaching her hand down his pants.

He sighed appreciatively and pulled her on top of him, sliding both of his hands upward so her shirt wouldn't get in the way of her flawless body. Esme stopped stroking him to toss her shirt to the side, unlatching her bra as she did so. She then continued to run her hand up and down beneath Carlisle's pants as he removed the t-shirt he was wearing.

"That feels good," he told her, unable to hide the arousal in his eyes and in tone of his voice.

Esme leaned down and kissed him, gently smacking her lips against his as his tongue fought for dominance over hers. She felt him continue to harden in her hand and so she released him and smiled, shimmying his pants down to his ankles.

Carlisle clicked on the light next to their, dimming it so he could see her just slightly. He loved the way the dim light seemed to make her skin shimmer in the darkness.

THE SWITCH: The clock struck midnight, and the clock in the living room began to chime. Friday the 13th had fallen upon them, and a 24 hour "curse" was put into effect. Bella and Esme switched minds (or bodies), however you want to look at it, leaving each of them utterly confused with their sudden new surroundings.

Esme looked down at her hands and realized they were not her own. She looked around the dark forest around her and felt a sudden fear in the pit of her stomach.

What is going on? she asked herself. How... why am I in the woods?

"Bella!" Edward called in the darkness, catching up to her, "What are you doing?"

Esme looked at him with confused eyes. "Bella?"

He snickered and looked around, "Bella..."

Esme looked down at her hands again and then toward her clothing. She ran her hands down her hips and then over her face and through her hair.

"Are you okay?" Edward asked.

Esme shook her head, "What's my name?"

He laughed again, not sure if she was joking. "Bella..."

"Bella," Esme repeated. She looked around the darkness and almost pulled away as Edward reached for her hand.

"What's wrong?" he asked, more tensely.

"Nothing," she told him, almost in a daze, then wondered to herself if she was somehow day-dreaming. One minute she was in the midst of making love to Carlisle, and the next she was in the forest hunting with Edward. Now, Edward was calling her Bella.

My voice does sound different, Esme thought to herself.

"Something's wrong," Edward pushed, "Tell me." He put his hand gently on her face and kissed her forehead.

Esme felt like there was some grand joke being played on her, but internally she knew it wasn't true.

"Nothing's wrong, Edward," she said back, this time recognizing Bella's voice as it spoke in place of her own. Esme stared at Edward as if she were seeing him for the first time and was startled when he planted a kiss on her lips. "I'm fine," she said again, this time in a perkier tone in hopes that he wouldn't try to kiss her again.

He smiled, "Alright, let's finish the hunt okay?"

Esme still felt like she was in some weird dream sequence but she nodded, not knowing what else to do, "Alright."

Bella thought she must have passed out, but then realized that vampires don't do that. The next thought was that she was dreaming - a vivid dream at that. The thought passed through her mind just as quickly because she knew vampires couldn't dream, because they didn't sleep. She didn't know what to make of what was currently going on.

Did I somehow fall asleep or hit my head or something? she wondered. Her thoughts were practically screaming. She felt a lustful pleasure building up inside of her and a long moan left her mouth.

What is going on? she wondered, staring at an unfamiliar wall. A dim light filled the room, though made it hard to see. Her mind was so warped and out of it that she couldn't comprehend anything except for the rush of pleasure that washed over her body. Her eyes looked down as she realized she was in Carlisle and Esme's room, immediately recognizing Carlisle beneath her. His eyes were closed and his hands rocked her hips back and forth on top of him.

I'm dreaming, Bella thought, this is a dream. Oh God, thank God Edward can't read my mind right now. Why am I dreaming that I'm having sex with Carlisle?

"Carlisle," she said, unaware of the way her voice rippled up her vocal cords. She sounded different. She had no idea what to make of it.

His eyes flickered open and closed again as he pushed himself into her deeper, "Oh, Esme..."

Esme? Bella thought. Esme? What is happening right now? Vampires can dream?

Her eyes shut tightly as she began to feel both guilt and ecstasy. Everything felt completely real and she tried to tell herself not to enjoy what was going on.

Carlisle continued to guide her hips as he moved himself upward with extra force every few seconds.

Bella held her moans in at first, then gave in and grabbed Carlisle's shoulders as she leaned over him. Her nails dug into him and she recognized the French manicure that Alice had offered both her and Esme earlier in the day. She had declined, but Esme allowed Alice to do her nails.

Those are Esme's nails, Bella thought to herself, not mine.

Her confusion was masked by Carlisle's relentless thrusting beneath her and Bella began to tell herself that if anything came from her taboo dream, it would be to bring what was going on into her own love life with Edward. She had been on top of him many times but he never simultaneously thrusted himself into her so forcefully as she rode him. She would have to tell Edward about it once she woke up.

Carlisle propped his body upright and lightly placed his hand on the side of her face, sliding his tongue eagerly into her mouth.

Bella didn't know what to do. Her eyes were shut so she told herself to pretend it was Edward. The feel of Carlisle inside her, however, was so foreign that she couldn't possibly mistake him for someone else. The taste of his tongue was different and the taste of blood that lingered in his mouth from a hunt earlier led Bella to completely lose it and attack his tongue with her own.

It's just a dream, she reminded herself, then grabbed the back of his head as his mouth made her way to her nipple while he continued to guide her hips as she rode him.

This isn't really my body, Bella said to herself again. She looked at one of her hands. It's Esme's body.

Carlisle made that known again right away as he panted, breathing out Esme's name several times as he repositioned himself down flat on the bed. He kept his hands on her waistline and began what he was doing originally.

This is so wrong, Bella told herself. I'm fantasizing about Carlisle. He's Edward's father. He's Esme's husband. He was my doctor. He's... about to give me an orgasm.

"Oh my God," she said aloud, "Carlisle..."

He sat up strait again and kissed her passionately, continuing to move in and out of her hard.

Bella gave in and let what she thought was a dream continue, letting Carlisle take her to a wonderful climatic moment.

"You're going to make me come, Esme," he said with heavy lust against her neck. His hand rested on the side of her face gently despite him being so deep in the heat of the moment.

He went slightly faster, leaving Bella with a continuing orgasm that almost made her lose her mind, before feeling him come inside of her.

Carlisle held her close and she grabbed him just as tight before he sighed and let out a long, deep breath and collapsed onto the bed.

Bella laid next to him, still in Esme's body and felt almost compelled to cuddle up against him. She didn't know where the dream was leading her, but at the moment she felt satisfied. It took a few minutes to let curiosity get the best of her and she climbed out bed to go look in the mirror.

"Where are you going, honey?" Carlisle asked her.

Bella was timid to speak, as she glanced at him lustfully for the first time in her life, "I'll... be right back." She hurried into the bathroom that was conjoined with their room and flipped on the lights to look in the mirror. When she saw Esme's features looking back at her, she almost froze and waved her hand around several times to make sure what she was seeing was real.

What is going on? she asked herself for the hundredth time.

Just then, she heard Edward's voice downstairs and what sounded liked her own chatting back with him. She looked around and was completely freaked out. She had to talk to whoever was with him - maybe Esme, or so she guessed - to find out what had just happened.