Jazmine Vierra's POV

Three of us are left, me and the girls from Eleven and Eight. I've basically already won. I thought that the second cornucopia was brilliant idea, I got an axe even better than my previous ones. It is a gorgeous blood-red and encrusted with rubies. It's bigger and sharper, too. Athena just got a cute little dagger and Cyra got a single spear. But even if I didn't have a weapon, I would still win, easily. I begin to charge at Athena and Cyra, who are just standing in shock. I am about to throw my axe, but I have a better idea. I won't make it so they die a quick death. I could make it slow and painful. I reach into my pack and pull out the violet bottle with the words, 'Dead of Night' on it. It's time to see what this baby can do.

The poison hisses as I uncap the golden lid. I take aim at the little kid and throw with all of my might. The bottle lands at her feet and shatters. At first I am disappointed, thinking that I wasted my shot. But then, a black mist curls through the air, surrounding Athena. At first, she just stares into space with tears in her eyes, trembling. Suddenly, she falls to the ground, twitching. A bloodcurdling scream echoes from her mouth and then goes silent. I smile as her body continues twitching. I'm really enjoying this. Cyra and I watch as her body finally goes limp and cannon fire pierces the air. It's just you and me, Cyra.

Cyra Gleams' POV

I watch in awe as little Athena dies a slow and painful death, no one deserves to die like that, especially so young. It's completely sick how Jazmine just stands there with her demented sneer, as if she enjoys killing. Well, to be honest, she does. That's why she volunteered. I am absolutely terrified at the fact that I will have to face off against a psycho girl for the victory crown. How did it come to this?

"Your turn, Eight. Time to die!" Jazmine screams at me, cackling wildly.

"No, it's not!" I find a whole new burst of strength inside me and charge at the girl. I had never killed anyone, unless you include a wolf. Will I be able to do it? Just think about the lives that you'll avenge, Cyra. Athena, Scarlett, Astar, and if there were others, would be avenged if I kill their killer. I scream in fury of the memories of the tributes I barely knew. Scarlett, who seemed cold and untrusting, she had a life ahead of her. She was brave in the face of death and I'm sure there was a tragic reason for her coldness. Athena was always sweet, even in the midst of this horrible situation. She was smart, too. During training, she charaded as a weak little farm girl. But after I saw what she did to Marble, she wasn't weak, she was a strong fighter. I never really knew her, only from the interview replays and reapings. And even fat, stuck up Astar. He may have been a total jerk, but a life is still a life, and lives are precious. At least three lives were destroyed by Jazmine Vierra, and I want to make her pay. Even if I have to become a murder too, I could go home. I let the spear fly from my hands and it spins through the air. This moment goes by slowly, it seems like the spear is flying at the speed of a snail. I watch it fly and hope for the best.

Jazmine's eyes widen in shock as the spear lands in her stomach, immediatly staining her clothes with crimson.

"I'm not going down alone..." she whispers, feebily. Taking a small dagger, which I recognize as Athena's she throws it, weakly but still with accuracy. I manage to get out of the way of a fatal shot, but my left leg is grazed by the blade. I fall to the ground in pain. Even though the pain is intense, I won't die from it. Hopefully.

I take one last look at Jazmine as she falls to the ground limply. A cannon shot booms and a victorious Jayla MacKenzie announces,

"Congratulations to Cyra Gleams from District Eight, the winner of the 125th Hunger Games!"

I did it! I can't believe it! I stand up, ignoring the pain in my leg and smile. I did it! I won the Hunger Games!

A strong breeze fills the air as a large hovercraft appears. It lands in the center of the room and a ramp extends towards me. Still processing what is going on, I just stand in awe until Jayla's voice is heard again, with a hint of annoyance.

"Well, are you coming?"

Snapping out of my trance, I rush on board where I am greeted by multitudes of nurses and stylists.

"We need to have you looking your best for the crowning ceremony!" one stylist chirps. For many hours, I am constantly nursed and pampered until the cut on my keg is invisible and the stylists are content with my appearance.

Six Months Later...

Six months have passed since my victory and I am doing well. My parents, and my brothers are all happily living in the victor's village with me and we are living comfortable lives. Even though we now have more money than we know what to do with, we don't spoil ourselves. We just decided to live life like the games never happened, which has been working well, up until now. It is time for the victory tour, meaning more pampering and parties at the capital. And even after the tour, I will be returning as a mentor until we have another Distinct Eight victor. Even though, I won, the games aren't over yet.


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