Chapter 1 – All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye

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Summary:Edward Masen is a Grammy winner , that has been singing about The One that got away for the past 10 years. But what will he do after finding out she is not so far away anymore. A love story about the past meeting the present. B/E, HEA, Citrus.



It always amazed me how the stage and the crowd always brought out the best of me. The mass of bodies, all joined together for their love of the music, all absorbed in that perfect moment when the lyrics and melody were entwined, in an astonishing sync and balance. How could my words mean so much for all of these people? Even if this was a crowd of faceless people, it wouldn't matter, all that mattered was the music.

The melody was so familiar and yet so foreign.

Here we were, me, my piano and thousands of people, together in this meadow. The sounds were so familiar. I couldn't actually put them together, yet the melody had a sad sense to it. They were softly moving their hands up in their hair, lost in their own minds, the lyrics touching each one of their souls.

It was one of those moments that looked like time had held still, that the Earth had stopped moving, just so that little special moment could last a lifetime.

The wind that was softly blowing made the air seem lighter and the sun brighter, the colors of the wind dancing on the trees.

My hands were moving softly, and the words seemed to come out of my mouth, my voice in a gigantic chorus with the crowd. Yet I couldn't hear myself.

And then the time stopped and all I could see was dark auburn.

She stood there, in the middle of the mass of bodies, shinning like Sun. The wind was blowing on her waist long wavy auburn hair, she was all pale skin and soft curves, her smile so bright that it could make a man blind.

She looked like an angel, with her long silk skirt, as blue as the sky that was above us, and a gray embellished cami crop top, together with a pair of turquoise earrings and necklace, she looked like an angel. The vision in the Oasis. The one and only thing I simply could not resist.

She was softly dancing to the sound of the music, her hands moving up and down in the air, her eyes were closed and her smile was content. She looked easy and at peace.

I just needed to touch her, just for a minute, before she could disappear again.

Soon I left the dark wood piano bench, and grabbed my Fender Guitar, walking to the front of the stage, my fingers sliding over the guitar, making sounds that I had never heard before. She was truly my Muse.

The song picked up its tempo, the bodies jumping up and down, dancing along with each new chord I created. They seemed to follow every word I sang, and even if I couldn't hear myself, they sure could, their eyes filled with the same emotion I had when I first wrote this song.

But like always, in the blink of an eye my Muse was gone, her empty spot still left in the middle of the crowd, like the eternal hole that she left in my soul the moment we said our goodbyes.

All we ever do is say goodbye.

I was tired of this, tired of being left with an empty spot, a bleeding heart and a hole so deep in my soul, that felt it would never be filled again. No matter how much I tried. I put my guitar down, and for some reason the music kept playing and the people continued dancing, even after I left the stage.

I ran as fast as I could through the long green grass, passing through the wild flowers and old trees, wondering where she could have gone.

She was always gone, gone away from me.

The sun was shining so hard, making it hard for me to see, and yet I caught the sight of her blue skirt blowing on the wind. I ran up the hill, following anywhere she would go, I would follow her if that was what would make her be mine one more time.

Suddenly she stopped in the middle of a wild field of white and purple wild flowers, and stood there, waiting for me. Never had she looked more perfect and flawless. Yet such perfection seemed so unreal.

She held her hand so I could reach it with mine. Her pale and soft skin felt as velvet as the first time I touched them.

"I've been waiting for you," she said with a soft smile, her hair going crazy with the way the wind was blowing it against her face.

"I feel like I've been chasing you forever," I told her, holding her face in my hands, seeing her cheeks become slightly red from the sun or my stare, I wasn't sure. She used to blush all the time for me.

"That's because you have," she said with a small laugh.

"Where have you been?" I asked her, so scared that she would fade away one more time in my arms.

"I've been right here with you silly," she said, touching my green plaid shirt , on the spot where my heart was.

"I don't want you to disappear again," I said, holding her so tight in my arms that I was afraid it might end up hurting her.

"I won't go anywhere, remember?" she said, pointing to the ring finger on her left hand, where a platinum Vintage Art Deco diamond ring sat.

I softly touched the ring, moving it between my fingers, seeing the pale skin under it, showing she had been wearing it for a while. She was engaged.

"When is big day?" I asked her, feeling my heart constricting inside my aching chest.

"Why don't you tell me silly, you are the one that doesn't seem to have your head on a date. You know, Edward you have only one responsibility in this. How could picking a date to be so hard?" she said with a smile.

"Why would I do this?" I asked confused.

"Because you are a very bad fiancé," she said, before putting her arms around my neck, and giving me a deep kiss. My hands held her softly, my fingertips touching her cheek, my tongue softly meeting hers in this so familiar dance. It was like we had never been apart.

But it had been years since this had last happened, ten years to be precise, so how could I be here, kissing the girl of my dreams, to which she said I was supposed to marry soon?

This could only be a dream, I knew deep down I would never have that chance, not after ten years apart. We now had different live and lived in different worlds. We just didn't belong together anymore.

I wasn't that 19 year old lost boy, that had two loves in his life: music and Isabella Swan.

And I had asked her to come with me, to pick me, but instead she choose to leave me.

"This is not right," I said, pushing her softly away from me.

Her presence was too intoxicating, she still smelled like jasmine after a rainy night, and it was too much for me. I was overwhelmed with emotion. I loved her, I always had and probably always would. But she broke us, she was the reason we were not together anymore, the reason why I would never hold her in my arms or feel her soft plump lips against my own.

She would never be my girl again, not the one I was going to have children with and grow old and grey together. She was nothing more than a fantasy made by a broken hearted boy.

"Edward," she said with a pained look, trying to get me back, trying to hold me close to her.

"No, this is not real, nothing of this is," I said, letting go of her hand and walking deep inside of the woods, leaving her warm smile and lovely voice behind, calling my name, asking me not to leave her alone.

But the thing was that she was the one that had left me alone in the first place.

I wasn't that surprised when I woke up and realized that it was nothing but a dream, one that I had been having more frequently over the past few months.

Bella and I were an old story, the classic boy meets girl, falls for her, she doesn't give a crap about him, and in the end he makes the girl fall in love with him. We weren't together that long, we were very young and it was all very new for us. She was my first love.

Having a major heartbreak at the young age of 19 probably helped make me a little more bitter, a loner and a better musician. My very first hit was about our breakup, actually my first album was mainly about her, about finding and losing the love of my life.

Soon after Bella and I parted ways I ended up making my dream come true, making my songs reach the big crowd. The success did come a lot quicker than I expected and the success did make me lose my way for a while.

The mixture of bad friends, too much money and success ended up making me exactly the kind of man I hated and swore I would never be. I was an asshole for a few rough years, a mall slut and not a very good friend. But around three years ago it all changed, because I had a reason to, I found a new light in my life.

I looked down at the right side of my bed and there she lay, wearing one of my old faded Chicago Bears t-shirts, her long wavy blond hair all over her pillow, hugging tight on the covers. Meeting Megan had changed my life. I don't know where I would be and how I would have gotten through all the things that I had been through for the past couple of years if wasn't for her.

Which I guess is why it always made me feel like such a shitty person for having so many dreams about Bella. Bella was my past and Megan was my future, the ring on her left hand was proof of it, and yet my mind always brought Bella back to my life. She had been the major inspiration of my work for the past ten years, from love to sad songs, but it always made my chest ache after I wrote it.

Looking at the clock I saw it was four in the morning, and knowing there was no more chance of sleep, I quietly left the bed trying my best to not wake Meg. She had come back from Los Angeles and was exhausted after weeks of shooting. She needed some good rest.

I gave her a small peck on the top of her head and left the room, quietly closing the door after me.

I went to the my music room, which was nothing more than a regular bedroom that had sound proof walls and some of my guitars, a place that was my sanctuary and that I was spending more time in every day. I grabbed one of my music notebooks, the ones that had random ideas for future songs, and before I knew it I had written down almost all the song.

The soft melody that I had heard in my dream was so clear in my head, that I soon had written it all down, filing it with the lyrics that couldn't seem to get out of my head since the first time I had that dream. I had been trying to get the right words for the past couple of weeks, about what that could have meant, what she meant in it.

Soon my hands were over the acoustic guitar chords, and a acoustic version of the song was born.

Isabella Swan, the girl I loved when I was nineteen, the girl who had broken my heart had made me write another song about her.

And I always wondered if she ever heard me sing.

But that didn't matter now did it? All we ever did was say goodbye.

All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye

Just when I had you off my head
Your voice comes thrashing wildly through my quiet bed
You say you wanna try again
But I've tried everything but giving inWhy you wanna break my heart again?
Why am I gonna let you try?When all we ever do is say goodbye
All we ever do is say goodbye
All we ever do is say goodbye
All we ever do is say goodbyeI bought a ticket on a plane
And on the time we landed, you'd go again
I love you more than songs can say
But I can't keep running after yesterdaySo...
Why you wanna break my heart again?
Why am I gonna let you try?When all we ever do is say goodbye
All we ever do is say goodbye
All we ever do is say goodbye
All we ever do is say goodbyeWe say goodbye
We say goodbye
We say goodbyeAll we ever do is say goodbye
All we ever do is say goodbye
All we ever do is say goodbye