Chapter 2 – Neon

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New Hampshire, 2003.

Clint's Pub

Like almost every week I was at Clint´s with my usual gig, I was part time waiter and part time performer, since I had to pay for my living somehow. Not that cleaning tables and serving drinks was my dream job, it was far from it, but the hours were flexible and it was an opportunity for me to put my music out there.

When I first told my parents I wanted to be a musician, I was fifteen and they laughed it out, expecting it to the just a phase of my teenager years. But when I decided to attend the Berklee College of Music shit really hit the fan – my father was a prestigious lawyer back at Chicago and my mother an architect – being an artist for then was not a realistic occupation. They tried really hard to make me quit the idea, telling it would be ok to have a hobby, but that I needed a real plan for my future. It was an endless source of fights at my home, the only person to support me was my little sister Alice, which had artist dreams of her own.

So after years of discussions, we reached an agreement, if I would do a main major in something else, I could do my minor is arts or music. Since my parent´s would be the ones to pay for my way through college it didn´t seem such a bad idea at the time. I was an average student, but with my SAT and a generous donation on my parents name to the new library, I became one of many Dartmouth students.

But what I didn't expect was that me majoring in Economics would take so much of my free time, so much that I barely could dedicate myself to my real passion which was music, so after a semester I was ready to quit. I had very little time to practice, to write the lyrics that were always running through my head and to go deeper inside my major in Arts.

So when I told my parents I was thinking of quitting they threated to cut me off, that I would to get on my own two feet if I gave up college, so I told them to I wouldn't give up, just do less classes. Off course they found out I was dropping all the politic and economic classes and attending only the arts, so let´s say my founds were also cut short after that.

It was on that moment that I decided to try to do things on my own way, so when I saw the add asking for waiter tables at Clint's I didn´t think it twice. It was exhaustive but it paid the bills and at the time it was also a great way to meet new ladies.

Clint's was like most college bars, filled with drunk students, an always crowded and full of life. It had a Irish style, a European pub feeling, that most people that came here didn´t stop to appreciate. I like most students was a frequent costumer, always coming to watch a game with my friends and try to get a new hook up. But I never had imagined I would one day spend most of my free time working here.

I still remember the day Clint came up beside me when I was cleaning the counter and asked me if I was the owner of that guitar case laying on the floor. I said yes, wondering if he would be to pissed to be for bringing it here after class, but he did surprised me asking me to fill out on the guy that was going to play that night.

That night I sat o that stall - only with my acoustic guitar and my voice - and for the first time people actually stopped to listen to me. I played an old cover of Stairway to Heaven, and soon I had a list of songs that people on the bar wanted me to sing. So once in a week I would put my waiter apron at side and grab my guitar and do the thing I most loved on the world. To play.

From once in week, it became twice and soon I played from Thursday through Sunday, for at least one hour. After a few months my small show that was filled with covers and orders from the audience, became mixed with my own writing, and after a while my songs were being sang by the crowd. I will never forget the feeling of euphoria that listening to them brought me.

It was in one of those night that my life changed for good.

I just had received a text of my girlfriend Bella saying she wouldn´t be able to come to see me play on the bar that night, since she had to stay late on the library to finish one of her English assays. She was very focused and dedicated, so she speeded more time studying than actually living her college experience, but she always said she was keeping her eyes on the prize, that one day all her effort would be worth it. So I guess we can say I was expecting her abscess in here, she even tried to come support me from time to time, but a noise college pub filled with drunk people wasn´t exactly her thing.

I really wanted to show her my new song, I had finished it last night but she had fallen sleep before I could come home, and left before I had woken up. She worked part time on the library and spend the major of her time in classes, but I can´t complain, she still made enough time for us to be together, she just was to exhausted those past few days because of her final exams. Bella oppositely to me took college really serious, so she gave her blood to keep her scholarship. Her family was very simple, her dad a cop and her mom a pre-school teacher, and she still had a younger sister that was still in high school. So she couldn´t afford the risk of losing her one ticket to her success.

With Bella on my mind, I walked to the small improvised stage, that was close to the tables, on the opposite side of the bar. I took my acoustic guitar from its case, turned on the microphone, removed my leather jacket and sat on the dark wood stall. It was late, so the bar was at full swing, and some of my regulars were arriving with their beers to watch the show.

I took a sip of my Heineken, and put the guitar on my lap.

"Goodnight everyone, I am Edward Masen and I'll be the entertainment tonight" I said, receiving claps and some screams from the crowd.

My fingers soon started to play the chords of the guitar, the sounds of my new song become to form, it was very complex performance with insane accords and catching lyrics.


When sky blue gets dark enough
To see the colors of the city lights
A trail of ruby red and diamond white
Hits her like a sunriseShe comes and goes and comes and goes
Like no one canTonight she's out to lose herself
And find a high on Peachtree Street
From mixed drinks to techno beats
It's always heavy into everythingShe comes and goes and comes and goes
Like no one can
She comes and goes and no one knows
She's slipping through my handsShe's always buzzing just like
Neon, neon
Neon, neon
Who knows how long, how long, how long
She can go before she burns awayI can't be her angel now
You know it's not my place to hold her down
And it's hard for me to take a stand
When I would take her anyway I canShe comes and she goes
Like no one can
She comes and she goes
She's slipping through my handsShe's always buzzing just like
Neon, neon
Neon, neon
Who knows how long, how long, how long
She can go before she burns away
AwayShe comes and she goes
Like no one can
She comes and she goes
She's slippin through my handsShe's always buzzing just like
Neon, neon
Neon, neon
Who knows how long, how long, how long
She can go before she burns away

The crowd was moving in the sync of the music, the girls were trying to look sexy shaking their bodies, the crowd clapping their hands on the rhythm of it and even if it was an acoustic version it caught the public attention. It would look great when I got the time to make a version for my guitar, and even work with the other instruments, like a good bass line and some drums.

It was a hit, people shouted and clapped at the end of the song, making me feel like I could fly. I decided to keep going with some covers from classic rock bands, like Queen and Bon Jovi. The chicks always digged the 80s song.

I played for another hald an hour, when I made a small break, to go take a leek and get a fresh beer from the bar.

"Edward, you were amazing" Lauren, a regular at the bar said, trying to push her tits way to close to me for my liking.

"I love the new song" her friend with ginger hair said.

"Thanks girls, I am glad you are enjoying the show' I said, trying to walk to the bar to get my beer.

"You so should try to make a record, don´t you think Amber' Lauren said to ginger head.

"Totally" Amber said back with a smile, the girl looked sweet, but I could see that there was only air between her ears.

"Oh my, why had I never thought of that" I said with sarcasm, it wasn´t the first time people had tell me this. But it was really hard to get on the music industry, especially if you are in middle of New Hampshire.

"You know, you are a rock star, you so should be treated like one. And if you like, the three of us can make this night worth of one" Lauren said, trying to run her hands down my chest and look seductive.

"Ok ladies, it was great to chat with the two of you, but I got go to the man´s bathroom' I said, removing Lauren from my personal space.

I left a very annoyed Lauren and a confused Amber behind me and walked to the bar to finally grab my beer.

"Rough groupies" Clint asked me with a smirk, handing me my cold Heineken.

"You have no idea, no matter how many times I say no, Lauren keeps coming back" I said annoyed, before taking a huge gulp of beer. Damm I was thirsty.

"They are right you know" a guy with a southern accent said.

"Excuse me' I asked confused, looking down at the man beside me, tall, blond and young. Wearing flannel shirt, jeans and cowboy boots, he sure wasn´t from around here.

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"Jasper Whitlock" he introduced himself, offering his hands for me to shake.

"Edward Masen" I said, shaking his hands.

"You were really great there, it's that your composition" he asked, taking a slip of his burbon.

"Yeah" I said confused.

"I am sorry, I know I am being weird, but I work with music and I can say you can do amazing things out there" he said with a smile.

"And exactly what you work on" I asked him.

"I am a music producer. Here, take my card" he said, giving me a card.

"There is only your name and phone number on it" I said, wondering what this guy deal was.

"It´s an independent label" he said, finishing his bourbon.

" How old are you? Twenty and something? I can´t imagine what kind of experience you may have" I said, feeling slightly disappointed.

"Well, till a few months ago I worked with Sony Music in Nashville, first I had an internship and then I started to scout new talents of country and blues artists" he explained.

"So, you worked for the country music branch of Sony" I asked shocked to actually be meeting somebody of the music industry, in here of all places.

"Yeah, for a few years, it was based on my sweet Nashville,Tennessee" he said smirking.

"Are you from there" I asked with curiosity.

"No, I am from Dallas, Texas. But I moved there when I got my internship after college" he said, grabbing a pack of cigarettes from his jacket pocket.

"You can´t smoke here pal" Clint said to him, pointing to the no smoke sign on the wall.

"Fine" he said, getting up and leaving to smoke outside, leaving me hanging there.

"What are you waiting for kid? Go after the cowboy" Clint said, mentioning for me to go after Jasper.

"Hey there, wait" I shouted, running after him, and not finding him outside.

"Lost something kid" he asked me, coming from the side alley, with a cigarette on his lips, the smoke blowing against the wind on the cold night.

"I sure as hell hope not" I said, lighting a cigarette of my own.

"Do you have a manager" he asked me.

"No, why" I asked him.

"Then you sure as hell better find one kid, cause you got a gift, a real talent. I am not talking about just the voice, but also your skills on the guitar, and the appeal to get a crowd insane. You are the kind of musician that can send an entire stadium on fire" he said sounding excited, I never heard anyone talking like that about my work.

"Thanks" I said, lost in words.

"Let me tell you something, I am a producer to a small independent label, but I still got some hot contacts. If you want, we can go to LA and talk to my guy at Columbia Records" he said, finishing his cigarette and throwing it away.

"Wait, what" I asked, everything feeling to unreal to me.

"You got the talent to make it big Edward, the point is, do you want to" he asked me, leaving me to wonder alone by my own dreams, desires and doubts.

Seattle, 2013.

JW Music Inc - Jaspers Studio.

I turned off the engine of my Audi R8, after parking it to the undercover garage of Jasper new studio. It was a nice small building with four floors and a garage for ten cars. It had a mix of modern and antique with the glass walls mixed with the red bricks. He had bought this place after he and Alice decided it was time to leave LA and go to somewhere they could start a family, without all the drama that Hollywood always brought to our life's, and what a better place to start a JW Music Incorporation than the place Grunge was born?

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For the past ten years Jasper and I had walked side by side, and since that moment he found me playing at Clint's I always had him to cover my back. So when my life started to spin out of control, my voice was gone and so was he, I decided to follow him and my sister to Washington state.

I know it sounds ridiculous since all I wanted was to go to LA and make my dreams come true, make a record and play my music to as much people as possible. But fame has a price that sometimes is way too high. In the middle of the concerts, writing, recording , where also partying, sex and lots of alcohol. It wasn´t the best life style, especially if you make a living from your voice.

But I don't regret my decision for even one second, after I left LA I felt like I was me again, the same Edward that cleaned tables at Clint's, the only difference was that I had a few Grammys awards on my living room.

" good evening" Tayler said, from the front desk.

"Night Tayler, is Jasper here" I asked him, hoping he would still be here even though it was pretty late.

"Yes sir, he is working on studio B" he said, looking from the computer screen. "Thanks" I said, walking up the stairs to the studio B.

Jasper had put all his heart and soul on this place, it had four separately studio rooms, so he could have a higher profit from more recording artists. It was a nice place, with a rich amber walls that gave the place a different glow. The recording space was very nice, inside it could fit a grand baby piano, drums, plus the guitars and bass. Because of it, it was comfy and always made me loss the notion of time when I was there.

I had been working the past three months on my sixth album, but so far I wasn´t very lucky on it, the lyrics were getting right with the melody and everything sounded a mess. Jasper had been very patient on me, especially since this one would be the first one since I lost my voice, and after many painful treatments with Botox on my vocal chords. My voice wasn´t the same as before, what frustrated me to no end, which also made my creativity blocked.

It was a disaster.

I opened the studio B door, to find Jasper over the recording table, trying to mix together all the sounds of the latest recording artist. It sounded like a mixture of punk and pop. It was awful.

"That's crap" I said, sitting beside him, closing my eyes on the sound of the unturned guitar.

" Yeah I know, but I got to make them look less shitty" he said, trying to change the volume of the bass.

"They are still shifty" I said, wondering how could this people have the guts to try to get to the market when they sounded like a drunk version of a garage band.

"They may be, but they will help me pay the bills" Jasper said, and I knew he was right, since he had lost many of his high paying clients when we left LA. Some were still pretty fitful and always came here, or Jasper would go to LA or NY to produce their music. But business were though, and in this economy, we couldn´t risk it.

"I am sorry Jazz" I said, feeling guilty for not being able to help, after all whitout a new album, there would be no money for my record deal.

"You know, your voice will come back to be like it was eventually. You are already way better, I mean, you can talk" he said, trying to cheer me up.

"Thanks for reminding me" I said with a sad smile, the last year had been shitty for my carrer.

"Sorry dude" he said with a apologetic smile.

"That's ok" I said, I was already used to this talk by now.

"You look like shit" he said, shutting of the sound.

"Yeah, it´s been a rough week" I said, running my hands over my tired eyes.

"Still can´t sleep" he asked me, knowing how much I had been going insane over my lack of sleep.

"Yeah, those dreams men, I just can´t go back to sleep after it" I said, wishing that SHE would just vanish from my mind once. "The ghost of Bella is still hunting you" he said with sympathy.

"Even after all those years, she can still fuck up with me' I said angrily, but I knew that it wasn´t actually her fault that my mind was twisted and still couldn´t let go of her memory.

"Have you told any of this to Meg" he asked me.

"And say what ' Hey I love you, you are my fiancé, but I can´t stop dreaming about my ex' no thanks" I said with sarcasm.

"Maybe you need to talk to Bella, get some closure, maybe finally then you would get some peace of mind" Jasper said with a calming voice, he and his Buddhist crap, always trying to make me see the other side of things.

"Nha, there is nothing left to say, I just need to get some good sleep. Maybe I need to make another visit to " I said with a shrug, maybe some sleeping pills would solve all my problems.

"Whatever you say man" Jasper said, understanding that I really didn´t want to wasn't more time talking about her.

Even if I wanted to leave Bella buried on my past, where she belonged, I just couldn´t let go of that song. Even if it was about her, or at least inspired by her constant presence on my nightmares, it was the first decent song I had wrote in the past few months.

When I lost my voice I was to depress to even think about writing, so I just stay hiding on my apartment playing my guitar and trying to pretend that nothing was wrong. I spent way to long in denial, and losing so much time. I didn´t want to lose more time, and I sure as hell didn´t want to make Jasper lose his.

"I may have something" I said to him, grabbing the folded white paper from my back pocket.

"What is it" Jasper asked with curiosity.

"Something I came up a few nights ago" I said, handing him the paper with the lyrics and melody written on.

"Midnight inspiration" he asked me, while running his eyes though the paper.

"More a nightmare inspiration" I told him, expecting anxiously for his opinion.

"Wow" he said, smiling, grabbing his guitar and trying to make the melody come to life.

"So, what do you think" I asked him.

" I think Bella may had inspired you one more time" he said, making small arranges on the song.

"Who said it was about her" I said to him, not wanting to admit she was being once again my Muse.

"What is about her" a feminine voice from behind me. Shit.

"Hey baby" Jasper said, getting up to give her a kiss.

" I knew if I didn´t come here to get you , you would never go home, you are working way to much Jazz" she said, running her hand through Jasper messy hair.

"Love you to Ally" I said with sarcasm, since she essentially ignored my presence.

" Grown up brother" she said, coming and giving me a peck on my right cheek.

"Me and Eddie boy were just trying to work on some new songs for his record' Jasper said with a happy look.

"That´s nice to hear, I was thinking you were losing your touch Edward" she said with a melodic laugh.

"First of all, Eddie really? Fuck you, you know after ten years this shit gets old. Secondly, I did not lost my touch, I was just on an artistic hiatus" I said to my annoying little sister.

"Really? I was thinking it was more like a life crisis kind of thing" she said to me.

" Baby come on, leave your brother alone, or you know how he will get" Jasper said, grabbing his things to leave.

"We are heading to have some dinner, why don´t you and Meg come with us" Alice asked me.

"Yeah, that would be nice" I said to her, grabbing my jacket from the back of the chair.

"We can work on that song tomorrow" he said, and in that moment I knew that things would be ok. Even if it was not like the way I wanted, I got my Muse back, and this time I couldn´t let it go.

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