Hermione Granger: The Witching Hour

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Bold = the game speaking

Normal = normal

Italics = Hermione's thoughts

Hermione's Stats

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stats

Strength: 4

Perception: 7

Endurance: 6

Charisma: 7

Intelligence: 9

Agility: 8

Luck: 5


Alteration: 28 + -

Athletics: 23 + -

Barter: 21 + -

Enchant: 29 + -

Evocation: 29 + -

Healing: 23 + -

Knowledge: 35 + -

Magical Theory: 32 + -

Mind Arts: 37 + -

Persuasion: 21 + -

Physical Combat: 15 + -

Research: 37 + -

Stealth: 29 + -


Potential Polyglot: Elder Futhark


Jeans x 3

T-Shirts x 3

Trainers x 1

Muggle Books x 178

Muggle Pounds x 100

Galleons x 60

Plain Bag x 1

Level: 1

XP: 330 / 500

She was numb, and she was glad about it. The hollow sense of emptiness was blocking her from feeling what would undoubtedly lead to a nervous breakdown. Why, why, why oh why did her parents sign a contract like that? Why would they do this to her – to themselves! While Hermione may not have trusted the goblins after the incident with Griphook, and she still had her certainty that the goblins did not trust wizards, she at least respected their sense of honour – however bloodthirsty it may be. It was this sense of honour which would not allow the goblins to lie to a client.

Discovered Arcane Nankaina Curse: +100XP +1 Perk Point

You are closer to discovering your background!

Hermione barely considered the games notice and returned to her rather jumbled thoughts. Further evidence which suggested that the Arcane Nankaina curse was genuine was the look in the goblins eyes. It had almost seemed afraid before its anger manifested. Her belief that the goblin was telling the truth was not sufficient for her though. She had to know for sure! She had to know who her family was, how could her parents betray her like that... But they were never your parents at all were they? The empty feeling was fading, with pain and anguish rapidly rising to the front of her mind. Just as she was about to completely break down, the game intervened.

Mind Arts Check 39/30 PASSED +50XP

As soon as the words faded Hermione felt herself considerably calmer than she had been before. While still not happy, she could feel her newly found Occulmency skills filing away the bad memories and clearing her mind. While she was still feeling bad, she felt as if she could behave normally. She would deal with the newly raised questions in private, where nobody would hear her cry. Then the moment came.

"There you are Hermione! We've been looking everywhere for you, Professor McGonagall as well! Where have you been?"

Despite being calmer Hermione could not help the retort that came out of her mouth. Ever since she had realised that she was adopted, and especially since the inheritance test results she found herself scrutinising everything that her parents said and did. Years of love and trust had been erased in just a few days, and this was reflected in her words.

"I was just looking around by myself. My twelfth birthday is in a few months and I do not need to be fussed over like a child!"

Despite her hurt and anger at her parents she could not quite stem the flash of guilt she felt when they turned away and looked at each other. Despite her rudeness the expected reprimand never came, instead her father smiled gently and ruffled the top of her head.

"Alright, alright, we know that this is a new and very exciting place. It's only natural that you would want to see it by yourself. You are a responsible girl Hermione so we will trust you to buy your school equipment on your own. Professor McGonagall assures us that Diagon Alley is perfectly safe. How about we return to the Leaky Cauldron for lunch at one o'clock? That would give you three hours to explore to your heart's content."

Looking at their encouraging smiles Hermione wondered what had happened. Why were they allowing her to go by herself? Still, no matter how strange an occurrence it was, it would also be extremely beneficial for her to go on her own. After all she might be able to pick up some useful books in Flourish and Blotts, books that would be far too advanced for an eleven year old Muggle raised child to understand. Yes, going alone was her best option. Completing her train of thought she nodded in agreement and Professor McGonagall spoke up.

"I have your Hogwarts letter here with the list of required items. I am also giving you a map of Diagon Alley with the shops you need to go too marked on it. If you get lost enter one of the marked shops and ask for directions. Am I understood?" Hermione replied promptly - she could not afford to offend her future head of house after all. She also had respected the transfiguration teacher greatly, a feeling which continued to be strong.

"Yes Professor,"

Her mother smiled as she handed Hermione a pouch of Galleons, saying that this was enough for her school supplies, with some extra to cover an additional book – or two.

Diagon Alley: UNLOCKED

Received Hogwarts Letter: +20 XP

Gained 100 Galleons

NEW QUEST: Shopping for Supplies: Buy everything on the list!

Hermione quickly scanned the list, to check if anything had changed.


Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore
(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorcerer, Chief Warlock,
and Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards)

Dear Miss Granger

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.
Term begins on September 1. We await confirmation of your acceptance by no later than the 31
st of July

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress

First-year students will require:
sets of plain work robes (black)
plain pointed hat (black) for day wear
pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)
winter cloak (black, with silver fastenings)

All first year students should have a copy of each of the following:

The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)
by Miranda Goshawk

A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot

Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling

A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch

One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi
by Phyllida Spore

Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
by Newt Scamander

The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection
by Quentin Trimble


1 wand
1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)
1 set glass or crystal phials
1 telescope
1 set brass scales

Students may also bring and owl OR a cat OR a toad.




This time Hermione knew that the cards that appeared in front of her was just a random way of allocating stat points. Therefore she quickly reached out and tapped the nearest one to her. This resulted in an extra 2 stat points, giving her a total of 16 to spend. The question now was what should she spend her points on?

The main options for her to choose from were simple. Either she chose to raise her Barter skill, since she would now be purchasing her school supplies on her own. That would be good to keep her costs down and have money to spare for later. The other options were to bring up her lowest stats or focus on her highest stats. The problem was, in her mind, that her highest stats were the ones that she had focused on in her previous life.

Considering that, she thought that the best option would be to bring up the lowest stats – especially since that would include the Barter skill. She would have preferred to have chosen Healing, or increased her Mind Arts skill to be on the safe side at Hogwarts though. So Hermione reluctantly placed 6 points on Physical Combat and the remaining 10 went to Barter. Once her stats had faded away Hermione was left facing the perks screen, and she was rather surprised to see several new options that she could pick.



A Fistful of Galleons

+ Your level (2) x 100 = you gain 200 Galleons

10 Ranks

A Sense of Style

20% off at Madam Malkins Robes for All Occasions – for life

Careful Calligraphy

You will have flawless handwriting

I Can Fly!

You gain a Cleansweep 5

+5 to Athletics

Charmed, I'm Sure

+4 to Persuasion

+4 to Enchant

Violence is Always the Answer

+10 to Physical Combat


Way Too Mainstream

Your familiar can be any animal

Eidetic Memory Stage 1 of 4

Your memory is improved

Potential Polyglot

Learn a language of your choosing in 1 year

1 Rank Left

Intensive Training

+1 to any S.P.E.C.I.A.L stat

5 Ranks


+4 skill points every level up

The perk that Hermione was drawn to in particular was the "Overachiever". If she chose that early on she would gain a large amount of extra skill points over the course of the game. Though she did not know how many levels there were in the game, even if there were only 10 levels in total she would still get an extra 32 skill points upon reaching level 10 – since she was level 2 now. Compared with the other options which only offered small immediate benefits, the choice was clear. Overachiever was picked.

However when Hermione had been panicking earlier she had forgotten the message that had appeared, which had not only notified her that she was closer to discovering her heritage, but had given her an extra Perk point. This time Hermione was only able to see the perk options that cost 1 perk point. Like before none of them seemed vital.

"But if I had to pick one I would choose "charmed I'm sure". I know it only gives an immediate bonus, but perhaps having an immediate bonus would be helpful, I have got long term covered with the "Overachiever" Perk after all."

The screen faded once more and Hermione was back in Diagon Alley, watching her parents walk towards the Leaky Cauldron with Professor McGonagall leading the way. She still found the fact that she was being allowed to shop alone bewildering. "Why would the Professor leave a student that was to the best of their knowledge Muggleborn, alone in Diagon Alley?" Giving a mental sigh she added the question to her new, and extraordinarily long, list of things that would probably never be answered. Instead she looked once again at her Hogwarts list and decided to buy her wand first. Wands tended to be expensive, but their price could vary greatly and she wanted to be sure that she could afford everything she needed. Once she had bought her wand, only then would she budget for the other items.

So she glanced at the map of Diagon Alley which was hovering in the corner of her vision. There were several locations highlighted with gold exclamation marks, and which were labelled with store names. She was familiar with most of the names, Madam Malkins, Ollivanders and Flourish and Blotts being among them. What was currently confusing her were the grey blocks in-between them. In the end Hermione decided to approach the grey area and was surprised to see that as she came closer the grey area faded and the box was replaced with a label saying "Quality Quidditch Supplies". A sigh of relief escaped her mouth. The grey area was simply places that she had not explored yet- not a sign of dementors or some other form of danger.

Pushing back the memories of dementors, and the pain that they had caused her in the past Hermione entered Ollivanders. Once again she found herself staring at the tiny and wizened old man who was peering down at her from his perch on a stepladder.

"Hello and welcome. You are Miss Granger I presume?"

"Yes... but how did you know my name"

Hermione was confused and frightened by this. She had not told him her name so how did he know? Surely it could not have been Legilimency. But what if it was? What if Ollivander had seen into her mid – and knew she was from the future? Luckily an answer was quickly provided.

"I am sent a list of all the pupils who are to attend Hogwarts, along with a reference picture for identification purposes. A person may only purchase a wand after providing official Wizarding identification, something most 11 year olds do not possess, let alone Muggleborn children. Therefore so that they may buy their wand immediately the school provides me with the necessary information."

That actually made a lot of sense to Hermione, after all buying a wand was important, and a wand in the hands of an escaped death eater would be incredibly dangerous. Wands were extremely powerful and even a toddler could do untold damage with one so it made sense that records were kept of who bought a wand.

"Ah... I see. That would be safer I suppose."

"Indeed, now are you looking for a compatible wand or a custom wand? For a compatible wand we test various wands that are already made. This is the standard option. A custom wand is considerably more complex and more expensive. Using an alethiometer, the customer determines the compatible ingredients and selects the combination that will give them the wand they want. This frequently results in a more powerful wand, as the wandcrafter is able to use rare ingredients that would otherwise be too costly to use in a compatible wand."

A screen appeared in front of Hermione.

Which wand type will you choose?


Even though it would cost more, Hermione tapped on custom. She needed a wand that would be suited to her, and if it was more powerful than her previous wand then she might have a better chance at making a difference to the future. She would take no chances when it came to the safety of the people around her. Picking up the alethiometer handed to her by Ollivander she watched as the three arrows spun, before each landed on a separate wood. These woods, Ollivander explained were the ones that were best suited to her magic, and that she should choose one of them.

Choose a Wood

SAKURA - +10 to Evocation
VINEWOOD - +10 to Research
BEECH - +10 to Magical Theory

It was quite surprising for Hermione to discover that her wand material would affect her skills, and they all seemed to provide good bonuses. It was so hard to decide, but a decision had to be made and in the end Hermione chose Sakura Wood, or cherry wood as it was known in England. The first screen faded and gave way to the next.

Choose Type of Sakura Wood

STANDARD: 10 Galleons - No bonus

ANCIENT: 35 Galleons - +5 to Evocation
MAGICAL: 15 Galleons - ?

Immediately Hermione knew that Ancient Sakura was out of the question, she just could not afford to spend 35 Galleons on the wood for the wand, as well as pay for the wand's core and crafting. The magical wood intrigued her though, as did the question marks next to it.

"Mr Ollivander, what is special about magical woods, all wands are made from magical wood? Are they not?"

"No," Ollivander replied "In fact it is quite the opposite, magical woods are those which grow in places rich with magic, a sacred grove, or forest for example. Magical woods have the potential to be even more powerful than Ancient woods, however they are also extremely picky about who they will match with – which is why I do not use them for compatible wands."

"In that case may I see these magical woods?" Hermione asked. Ollivander nodded before disappearing into the maze of shelves before coming out a few minutes later with a large box with a strange feeling about it. Upon examining the feeling Hermione came to the conclusion that the strange feeling was the magic emanating from the woods inside the crate. No sooner had she finished her musing when she felt a pull from the alethiometer, which had started to glow. Hermione felt drawn towards a certain piece of wood. It was smooth and wand shaped as well as being completely plain, but somehow it felt right, almost like it belonged in her hand. Reaching out she picked the stick up.

You have chosen Magical Sakura: +5 to Magical Theory, +5 to Evocation


Hermione felt like cheering as she selected yes. The magical wood was not only 20 Galleons cheaper than the ancient wood, but it also gave her a better boost in stats. The choice was obvious. Following Ollivanders instructions, Hermione turned the dials on the alethiometer. The symbols representing the various woods disappeared, and were replaced by an assortment of possible cores. Once again she started the alethiometer and watched as it landed on not three, but four potential cores for her wand.

Choose a Core

PEGASUS FEATHER: +7 to Athletics – 13 Galleons

PHOENIX FEATHER: +7 to Evocation – 20 Galleons

SIREN HAIR: +7 to Alteration – 23 Galleons

UNICORN HAIR: +7 to Healing – 15 Galleons

This time Hermione did not even have to think about her choice. She was set on the Siren Hair. For some reason it called to her more than the others. It was also the most expensive core at 23 Galleons, but she did not mind. She could feel the hair reacting with the wood in her hand – they were calling to each other, wanting to make each other complete.

Once the Siren hair had been selected, the final stage was to make the wand. She paid Ollivander 50 Galleons before leaving; the extra Galleons were the cost of the time that Ollivander would spend crafting the wand. Since crafting a wand would take a few hours she would come back before she left Diagon Alley. Ollivander had assured her that it would be ready by then.

LOST ITEMS: 50 Galleons

QUEST UPDATE: You have obtained a wand! +50XP

QUEST BONUS: You have obtained a custom wand! +100XP

The next shop Hermione went into was Madam Malkins. After placing her order for the standard work robes, the hat, the gloves and the winter cloak she was quickly measured for size and then told to come back in an hour, when the tailoring charms had been done.

LOST ITEMS: 18 Galleons

QUEST UPDATE: You have purchased school robes! +30XP

So far she had not seen anybody that she recognised in Diagon Alley, and she was secretly grateful for that. Despite her newfound skill in the mid arts, she did not think that she was mentally prepared to face her old classmates. Having seen them lying lifeless on the ground tormented her endlessly, and while she had resolved to save them from that fate, she also knew that she needed time. She needed time to recuperate before she saw them; so that she would not break down in tears.

By this time she had reached Flourish and Blotts. Near the entrance bundles of Hogwarts books were being sold, the complete set of first year books cost 12 Galleons, though she would wait until she had finished browsing the other books to buy it. After all 8 books would be rather heavy to carry around the store with her. Glancing around the store she noted the numerous sections on the various subjects taught at Hogwarts – and the more advanced topics as well. After she had finished choosing the books she needed she staggered back to the cashier, burdened by 12 books; which were all thick and heavy. The books that she had picked out in the end were...

Potions: The Complete Compendium of Ingredients, by Samuel Ambry

The Theory of Change: Transfiguration in Action, by Juliet Verengild

Advanced Arithmancy Equations, by Morgan Montabard

The World's Runic Dictionary, by Xavier Falenroy

Wizarding Ways: An Etiquette Guide, by Peregrine Pellinor

A Universal Guide to Astronomy, by Clarence Sovern

Elemental Spells, by Gloria Benedyct

Magic around the World, by Rafael Lois

Perilous Plants and how to Protect Them, by Miriam Juniper

The Dance of Death – Advanced Duelling, by Dmitri Gravinsky

Selected Charms and Enchantments, by Octavius Toren

Hogwarts: A History, by Bathilda Bagshot

These were all advanced books, but at least they would give her something to do while she waited for school to begin, Hermione thought. All together her purchases totalled 32 Galleons.

ITEMS LOST: 32 Galleons

QUEST UPDATE: You have bought your textbooks! +100XP

BONUS: You bought extra books! +120XP

After she left the bookshop, books held in a bag spelled to be a quarter of its actual weight for the next few hours, she entered a shop named Smoke and Hemlock Supplies. The purchases there were done quickly and she now had her cauldron, her brass scales, her glass vials and her telescope. These purchases further depleted her supply of money; in total they had cost 20 Galleons, leaving her with 40.

ITEMS LOST: 20 Galleons

QUEST COMPLETED: Shopping for Supplies! +300XP

Walking back along Diagon Alley, Hermione passed by where she had bought Crookshanks, the shop called Magical Menagerie. Even though she did not think that Crookshanks would be for sale, after all she had not bought him until third year in her previous life she wanted to have a look. It never hurt to check, and Hermione knew that she would never forgive herself if Crookshanks was there and she failed to notice him. She was so deep in thought that she did not notice the gold question mark over the shop assistants head until she had walked into them, apparently activating a new quest. As the assistant asked her to help the quest description appeared.

NEW QUEST: Ashwinder in the Alley

INFORMATION: An Ashwinder has escaped and had laid its eggs in Magical Menagerie. Find them before the store burns down!

This was a cause of panic for Hermione, had she possessed a wand and knew a heat detecting spell then she could have found the eggs with ease – they were red hot after all. However she did not have a wand, and since she was not about to be responsible for a fire she resigned herself to searching the Muggle way with the assistant – who turned out not to know a heat detecting charm!

The next ten minutes were spent methodically scouring the store for any hint of the Ashwinder eggs; but to no success. It was only when Hermione was pretending to examine the owl cages in order to look behind them that she felt a heat coming from directly above her. The eggs were there, and were about to ignite the supply of straw that they had been laid in! Hermione could not help it – she panicked. She had no means of stopping the fire, and the shop assistant was somewhere in the storeroom, searching there – too far away to prevent it from happening. Just as she was about to yell fire though, the game intervened.

Intelligence Check 9/7 +20 XP

Automatically Hermione found herself reaching for a bucket of water that was for the animals to drink, she then poured it over the eggs, resulting in a large cloud of steam – but luckily no fire. The shop assistant ran out of the storeroom and was thanking her, thanks that Hermione barely registered in her relief.

QUEST COMPLETED: Ashwinder in the Alley +30XP

750/1000 XP: 250XP to Level 3!

When the assistant finally managed to calm down she introduced herself to her and asked if Hermione wanted to purchase a familiar. After some deliberation on how to phrase her answer Hermione answered.

"I am thinking about purchasing a cat, could you show me the ones you have?"

"Of course, the cats are kept over here, away from the rats and the birds. To avoid accidents, you know. Are you looking to purchase an ordinary cat or would you prefer a part-kneazle?"

"I would prefer to see the part kneazles if you please."

"Alright, we will go to the back room, it is where the potential familiars are kept. But be careful, kneazles are like wands – even the part kneazles will choose who they wish to have as a companion."

Upon reaching the back room Hermione simply stared. She was quite certain that Magical Menagerie had not had this room before, but her thoughts were quickly drowned out by the noise the various creatures were making. Heading for the section where the part kneazles were, Hermione could not stop a grin of pure happiness spreading across her face when she saw a small ginger kitten curled up in a basket. Crookshanks was here, and mewing happily at her.

Hermione purchased Crookshanks and the necessary supplies for a total of 15 Galleons, part kneazles were expensive after all. What surprised her was the message that appeared.

ITEMS LOST: 15 Galleons

GAINED ITEMS: Kneazle Kitten

Do you wish to make "Kneazle Kitten" your Familiar?


After selecting yes without a second thought a tutorial message popped up in front of her.

TUTORIAL: Familiars

Once a familiar is chosen the bond is permanent. Witches and Wizards may have 1 familiar; however there may be circumstances where another familiar can be acquired and equipped. All familiars will provide their witch or wizard with a unique bonus or skill. They may also assist in quests or combat situations.

FAMILIAR GAINED: What do you wish to name "Kneazle Kitten"

"Crookshanks" Hermione said, feeling the rush of power that seemed to be spiralling around her as the familiar bond formed.

FAMILIAR NAME: Crookshanks


Once again yes was selected and Hermione held Crookshanks close to her chest, hugging the kitten gently. Crookshanks responded with a rather loud purr for a kitten as he curled up in her arms.

You Have Gained Crookshanks! +200XP

Familiar Bonus: + 7 Perk Points at next level! (One off bonus)

Accompanied by Crookshanks, Hermione collected her school robes from Madam Malkins and adding yet another bag to her growing list of things to carry. Luckily the stores bags would make the contents weightless for another few hours, but still, carrying so many bags was a hassle in itself. The last stop that she needed to make was Ollivanders where Hermione received her custom wand. The feeling she got from this wand was distinctly different from her first one, although she had to admit she was not the same eleven year old girl who had bought the Vinewood wand with a unicorn hair core...

But this wand felt complete, like it was everything that she needed. Power rushed through her and an enchanting song filled the air along with bright sparks of light. As the magic died down Hermione saw Ollivander smiling at the wand as he said...

"What a perfect match, though a slightly unusual combination of materials it works amazingly well. Take good care of your wand Miss Granger; it is rare for such a wand to be created and rarer still for it to accept a witch or wizard. "

Hermione bid Ollivander farewell and walked to the Leaky Cauldron, where her parents sat at a table, listening earnestly to Professor McGonagall's explanation about the Wizarding world. Hermione chuckled at the current topic of Tooth Flossing string mints, and how they worked. However Hermione also felt an underlying sadness, her parents must have once known of the Wizarding world if they had signed the contract of the Arcane Nankaina Curse. She wondered if she would ever know what would motivate them to sign their lives away.

Forcing the sad thoughts from her mind, and putting a smile on her face she walked up to her mother and father and started chatting about Diagon Alley and how amazing it was. All she said was true, but Hermione still felt guilty, almost as if she was deceiving them – and they were deceiving her. As they exited into Muggle London, Hermione resolved once again that no matter what, she would definitely discover the truth.

Hermione's Stats

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stats

Strength: 4

Perception: 7

Endurance: 6

Charisma: 7

Intelligence: 9

Agility: 8

Luck: 5


Alteration: 35 + -

Athletics: 23 + -

Barter: 31 + -

Enchant: 34 + -

Evocation: 34 + -

Healing: 23 + -

Knowledge: 35 + -

Magical Theory: 37 + -

Mind Arts: 37 + -

Persuasion: 25 + -

Physical Combat: 21 + -

Research: 37 + -

Stealth: 29 + -


Potential Polyglot: Elder Futhark



Jeans x 3

T-Shirts x 3

Trainers x 1

Muggle Books x 178

Magic Books x 20

Muggle Pounds x 100

Galleons x 25

Plain Bag x 1

Wand x 1

School Robes x 3

Witches Hat x 1

Winter Cloak x 1

Protective Gloves x 1

Cauldron x 1

Glass Vials x 10

Brass Scales x 1

Telescope x 1

Level: 2

XP: 950/1000

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