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Alright, I know it's been more than a year but I never marked the series complete just in case inspiration struck. Which one is this, movie mavens?

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Chapter 37 –Rescuing the Lady

"No, I have absolutely no idea why toilets are called "Johns". A man's irritated voice floated out of the motel window as Mervyn was standing nearby unloading his trunk. "And what the hell are you dressed up as, Sam? You look like a stick of asparagus."

There was the sound of a struggle. "No, you freak, I'm not putting those on. You're out of your mind."

It had looked like every other motel off the I-9, a flashing neon sign read "Spring Festival Motel with a fancy feathered arrow pointing at the office. It had been a long, miserable drive with an angry lady in the passenger seat. Marion was thoroughly pissed at me and instead on calling me Rottingham for some reason. Suddenly marrying me had become the most disgusting thing she could think of. I thought we had worked this all out. Even if she claimed this Robin guy was her one true love I had offered to save the guy from being arrested for treason in exchange for the key to her heart, among other locks. What more did she want?

The guy was an outright traitor, claiming that Senator John was conspiring to overthrow the government: plotting a coup against our globetrotting present, Richard Lionheart. Why this crap was ruining my wedding plans I had no idea. Well, maybe I did, but who cares? Robin was safely in jail, I had the lovely lady tucked up at my side and soon, in my bed. Who was going to stop me?

There was a crash and this giant of a guy swung over the balcony and dropped in front of me waving a freaking sword. He looked ridiculous. He was wearing green tights. They made him look like a giant elf.

"Unhand Marion, Rottingham." He barked and lunged with the damn sword straight at me, slicing my tie in two. I watched the piece of silk flutter in the air and like any other reasonably intelligent man when confronted by a raging maniac, I ran. Behind me I glimpsed another man wearing green tights pull Marion from the car and lead her away. While watching the action to the rear I ran into another guy at the end of the lot. Looking up I recognized Richard. The Lionheart was back in town and here I was, firmly tied to Senator John. I was screwed.

Richard roared. "The stench of that traitor John permeates the air of the county like an over flowing toilet. From this day forth all privies are to be called Johns in his honor."