Bowser's Fanfiction

Author's Note: Hello fellow readers and authors! I just wanted to intervene real quickly to say that… well… wow! I didn't think anyone would actually review my recent one shot of Luigi's Fanfiction so I feel pretty awesome today! And now, I'm thinking of maybe putting these into a series! Yay! ^^ So, hope you enjoy Bowser's Fanfiction!

Disclaimer: I do not own Nintendo of any of Nintendo's creations.

"Once Bowser defeated that idiot little Mario and Green 'Stache, he then ruled the Mushroom Kingdom, the world, and even the universe! Every mortal was now under the awesome and terrifying Bowser's command! Every household and building had a very epic picture of Bowser and his awesomeness! And then, Princess Peach married him because she finally figured out that Bowser was the most handsome, coolest, most amazing Koopa she ever laid eyes on. And together, they ruled the entire universe, the end!"

Bowser then laughed evilly and terrifyingly as he closed his fanfiction and smiled evilly at the captured Mario bros.

"So, Mario and Green 'Stache, how was my epic and awesome fanfic? I know I don't need your opinion! I already know it's amazing!" Bowser spoke, grinning as he saw Mario look under the cage he and his brother were trapped in.

"It's uh… r-really good! It's… really… r-really awesome!" he stuttered, shaking a bit from the spicy hot lava underneath him.

"Meh…" Luigi spoke aloud, closing his fanfic book as well.

"Mine's way better."