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It's been a day since I've seen the albino toaster. The truth, I liked his company. Even if he was a robot and he was a big flirt. It was nice to hang lose, not be seen as Maka, the leader, or Maka, the enemy.

I just didn't hope he was a robot, a human, so Black*star and Patty could except him. I started fighting more robots with Patty and Black*star as soon as we met up. It was just another day of food gathering and I haven't seen Soul.

They hate them most of all. If they met up with a robot "friend" everyday, then they would understand.

Patty's POV

I haven't seen Kid or Liz today. Liz is like a sister to me and Kid is… like a boyfriend I guess. He's a cute gentleman (as gentle as you can get for a robot)

Anyway, Maka and Black*star would be so disappointed. That's it, I'll tell them about them after we're done kicking some titanium ass! I shot a robot with my gun and it's head blew off!

"TAKE THAT METAL BITCHES!" I shouted as Maka finished off the last one.

Black*star's POV

Where the hell is Tsubaki!

Sure, she's a robot but, she is always insisting I'm a god so, it's only natural I take he under my godly wing!

She insisted on catching the food for me and so Iet her. To tell the truth, I've always met up with her and had a secret crush on her

Maka would laugh in my face if I told her! She would probably say,"gasp the all-mighty Black*star is in love with a robot! I can't believe you went that low!'

She's pretty mean when it comes to serious stuff

Maka's POV

And, it's only right if I tell Patty and Black*star!

I'll use blackmail if they threaten to tell ANYBODY!

In the corner of my eye I saw something white move

"hey birdie, been a while huh?"

Dammit! I'll kill that titanium freak!

"I told you to stay away from me!" I replied as I turned around

"as I recall, you said you'd tear me apart and then-"

"go before I take apart every screw in you one by one just so you feel the pain! And I swear! Even you can't feel anything, I'll make you suffer!"

Black*star started yelling and running with a weapon in his hands held up as he ran

Patty punched him

Thank god, I wouldn't know what to do if I lost the flirtatious robot

"well, I just wanted to drop by and say hi. Oh, and, tell the blonde and blue haired monkey they got visitors"

He turned around and started walking like a normal teenage boy would. My eyebrow twitched, he really hasn't changed.

I turned around to see three robots, one a tall boy around our age with black hair and blue eyes.

Another one, a girl with long blonde hair and light blue eyes like Patty's.

The last one looked sweet, a tall girl with long black hair and sad blue eyes

I saw something in the shadows and a man, not a robot! I didn't even recognize him! He had grey hair and blue eyes with prescription glasses on. He wore a lab coat and he said," I never thought I'd see another human again. This is Tsubaki, Kid, Liz, and the one who just left is Soul. Don't mind them, they're on the human side. Actually, I've been experimenting on them to make them human.

There's another threat you don't know about, one that can wipe out all human life. Be careful"

My jaw clenched," you mean, there is another threat other than robots. Something more powerful, another army? I guess the monsters with red souls?"

I guessed, I've only seen one once but, I destroyed it.

His eyebrow twitched," yes, they're called kishins. You're a smart girl"

I added," what are the ones with purple souls?"

" they're witches. I just came with my companions to tell you that message and warn you. Tell your father and Death, I said hi"

He went back into the shadows, on a computer chair?

I turned towards Patty and Black*star and said," you guys are friends with those robots?"

It was a long-shot but I took the chance to bring it up.

Patty said," I was going to tell you today, the truth is, Liz is like a sister to me and Kid is…"

I giggled and she added," don't laugh! I know you like the white-haired robot!"

I blushed and in my mind I heard Soul chuckle and say," oh, so you like me?"

I've been hearing his voice in my head these days. I think it's my imagination but, there must be a scientific logical explanation

"have you been hearing their voices inside your head lately?'

She and Black*star nodded and Black*star said," how did you know?"

" I've been to. There must be a special connection between us and them. Anyway, we have to get back and tell Death immediately. "

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