A/N: It's really short, but I'm kinda blocked right now, so I figured I'd give you what I have and hope that the creativity starts flowing again soon. Also, this is a scene that I've been picturing since I started writing this, so I'm really excited for you guys to read it. :)

Santana was sitting at the table when Kurt and Blaine exited their room, now fully clothed. She forced down a smile at the way Blaine was cutching Kurt's hand as he stumbled along behind him, like it was the only reason he was standing right now.

Kurt sat down at the end across from her, his eyes narrowed. Blaine stood behind him for a minute, looking between the chair beside him and the floor nervously. Kurt leveled a glare at Santana before turning to face Blaine. Blaine looked down at him, worrying his bottom lip and swallowing.

"She already knows, pet, you can kneel if you want to."

Blaine's eyes darted to Santana for a second before he nodded slowly and kneeled beside Kurt, hiding his face in his thigh. Kurt rubbed small circles into the back of his neck, trying to calm Blaine's shaking, but it didn't work.

Santana sat up straighter, placing her hands on the table. "There are claw marks on the table down here that weren't here before. I can only assume Blaine made those while you blatantly ignored my request to not have sex on the shared surface," Blaine blushed a bright red and Santana winced, "The table, Kurt, really? We eat here."

"I'll sanitize it," he bit out.

"You could have bent him over the couch, or in the shower, or even the fire escape if you have an exhibitionism kink in there somewhere, but you chose the table," she sighed, "and I don't think you even let the poor boy come afterwards. That is one strict cock cage you have him in."

Blaine flushed even brighter, squeezing his eyes shut and gripping onto Kurt's leg, needing something to ground him and hide him from the embarrassment.

Kurt almost growled at her, "What do you want, Santana?"

She thought for a minute, watching Kurt carefully. She couldn't see Blaine from where she was and she figured they both would prefer to keep it that way. "How long?" she finally asked.

Kurt's steely gaze never let up, "Senior year."

"Our senior year or Blaine's?"


"Good, so you guys have a pretty good handle on what you're doing then?"

Kurt's eyes narrowed further, "Of course."





"How often do you play?"

"As often as we need it," Kurt was leaning over the table, steadily glaring at Santana when Blaine whined below him. He sat back immediately, directing all his attention to his sub. "What is it, baby?"

"That was wrong, Sir," Blaine said quietly.

Kurt cocked his head to the side, "What was wrong, beautiful?"

"Your answer. That's not right anymore. We play all the time now. Right? 24/7. Sir and pet always," the last sentence was whispered and Kurt was almost positive Santana hadn't heard it.

Santana let a soft smile tug at the corner of her lips as she watched them interact. This really was what they needed.

"Of course, sweetheart," Kurt replied, scratching his scalp, "You're completely right about that." He turned his attention back to Santana, "We just started a full time relationship."

Santana's eyes widened. "How do you expect to pull that off?"

"We've been hiding it from you guys for years, it won't be too much different."

Santana scoffed, "You hid it from Berry, yes. I've always been a bit suspicious. You acted just a little too vanilla on the outside for their not to be some kinky shit going on behind those curtains," Kurt turned his full fledged bitch face on her, "Also, Blaine's always seemed like such a perfect little lap dog for you—"

"Hey!" Kurt snapped at her, slamming his fists down on the table and standing. Blaine jumped beside him a little, looking up at his Dom with wide eyes. "He's not an animal. Him being the submissive does not make him anything less than me. In fact, he is so much stronger than I could ever hope to be because of how willing he is to let me have control! I could never do what he does every day, and I am so proud to call him mine. So until you fully understand the dynamics of our relationship, back the fuck out."

Kurt glowered at her with clenched teeth for a minute before turning around and pulling Blaine gently to his feet, "C'mon, Blaine," he hissed, trying to calm the rage boiling in his body as he led Blaine back to their room. Blaine glanced back just in time to see Santana's small nod of approval.

Blaine sat on the bed, grimacing slightly at his sore muscles, and watched Kurt pace the length of their room, fuming. "I can't believe the nerve she had. To talk like that. To say those things. To call you—"

"She didn't mean it," Blaine cut in quietly.

Kurt paused mid step, almost rotating on the spot to look at him. "What?"

Blaine looked up at him shyly, "She didn't mean it," he repeated, "it was a test…"

Kurt's eyes narrowed in confusion, "A test?"

"Yeah… she was testing you, Sir."

Kurt shook his head in disbelief, "Testing me? On what?"

Blaine shrugged, "I don't know, but whatever it was, I think you passed."

Kurt glanced back at the curtain before sitting next to Blaine on the bed, "Do you think she was gauging how well I treat you? Seeing if I would stand up for you? Protect what's mine?"

Blaine smiled, snuggling into Kurt's side and kissing his shoulder, "That seems most likely, Sir. And I quite liked your response as well, if that isn't too bold to say."

Kurt wrapped his arm around Blaine's waist, tugging him close to his side, "And every word of it was true."

Blaine hummed happily, "Now, didn't you say something about a massage earlier?"