Before you start reading... please note that this is a crossover between the PJO series and the Little Mermaid with my little spin on things. Hope you like it! :) Please comment!

Chapter 1

The Prince

A seahorse scampered into the open area, snuffling a bit before beginning what he had to say in front of the King "I announce our beloved Prince Perseus, son of Poseidon, is finally home!"

Percy gave an annoyed sigh before entering the throne room. He just really arrived back home, barely having time to take a load off and forced to appear in front of his father. His fins were dreading every inch he swam, for they had to swim miles to get back home. Also, the shining gold armor was digging into his bare chest but he put on a brave face. He smiled and swam into the throne room, ignoring the chariot that he was supposed to enter with.

"Percy!" his father, King Poseidon himself, cheerily smiled at him "How is the colony in the Pacific doing? Did you get rid of their shark problem?"

"Yes." Percy nodded obediently. He looked carefully at his father's trident; it glowed blue and gold, truly powerful. His father would probably not have to swim as far as Percy did to get rid of some lousy sharks in the Pacific. Heck, Percy doubted his father did not even have to get up to take of the problem; the trident can do the work. Percy did not get why he was forced to travel to faraway lands, representing his father all the time when his father could get rid of the problem in a snap.

"Did the sword I gave you come in handy?" Poseidon looked absolutely thrilled to hear all about Percy's quest or was it because Percy was finally home after months of being away?

"Riptide sure did come in handy when slaying the sharks. I am sad that I killed them but they terrorized dozens of merpeople—" Percy gripped the hilt of his sword that was slang over his waist. Percy received Riptide a year ago, for sixteenth birthday, with his father's blessing and already it slain many creatures. Riptide was stained with their blood now.

"Yes, it is truly upsetting when some creatures turn against us…" Poseidon paused, agreeing in every way of what his son said "But we must do it for the better of the sea. Evil is reserved for those humans up above but down here, we can find peace."

"Father, why do you send me on these quests? I understand that—"

Poseidon held up a hand, still smiling sweetly "Son, you must prove yourself. You are my eldest so the luggage of the throne befalls upon you. One day, my trident will be in your hands and you will be ruling all of the sea but first, you must prove your strength with your sword. Your sword is no ordinary sword either; it belonged to a great hero."

"Who?" Percy was deeply interested who this sword belonged to. If it did belong to a great hero than why did his father trust him so much with it?

Poseidon chuckled from his son's curiosity "He was a human actually. He accomplished many great tasks with the sword at his hand and with it, he became a god. He was arrogant and selfish like most humans who tread on the land, but he had tremendous strength. To be a king you must be like him—"

"Minus being a jerk part—" Percy commented.

His father agreed "Obviously."

They both were silent for a while and Percy's stomach felt like he ate too much of rotten seaweed. He realized how much he missed being here. For months he felt homesick and now he was back in friendly waters. The very waters he grew up in. He started to noticed every familiar detail, how his father's throne was on a seashell-like platform, how his throne was made completely of stone (Percy wondered how his father is able to sit in it all day look and not get your scaly buttock from not getting sore), how the beautiful silk banners of a trident hung where the three exits to the circler dome, and what Percy most loved of the throne room was the water-colored painting of Poseidon and his mom. Percy never met his mother before. She apparently died at childbirth but Percy still had siblings from more previous marriages. Her name was Sally, but that's all his father would tell him.

"Well, I'm sure you want to retire." Poseidon drew the conversation to a close. He slowly rose from his throne. Percy's father was not very old. He looked mid-thirties but the gray streaks in his black hair from long hours of politics made him look much older. His sea green eyes sparkled with his kindly smile as he looked at his son. Poseidon's skin was tanned from the fragments of sunlight that seeped through the water and from hard work years before Percy was born.

"Thank you," Percy said with a too much of a relieved tone. He was tired though.

"I will see you tonight." Poseidon grabbed his trident.

Percy's eyes widened "Tonight? What do you mean?"

Poseidon put a hand on his shoulder "The whole kingdom is throwing you a banquet. It is for your accomplishments of course."

"I don't want a banquet." Percy protested "I just want my bed."

Poseidon took his hand off his shoulder "You have to get used to it, Percy. When you are king, you cannot disappoint your people."

Percy managed not to curl his fists. He was exhausted and sick of ever going attention. He just wanted to curl up in his bed, go to sleep and then meet his best friend, Grover and explore the outskirts of the kingdom where he could get away from attention. Percy just sighed. It would not be wise to get his father in a bad mood when he was so happy at the moment. He started to swim away to his chamber in the left side of the palace.

"Maybe you'll meet a mermaid at the banquet!" he heard his father yell at him.