Mike awakened to the sound of giggling and rustling in his living room. He slowly sat up, dressed in a white t-shirt and black sweatpants that he frequently slept in. He yawned, reaching for his reading glasses on the tan nightstand beside his king-sized bed. He balled up his fists and pushed himself off of the bed. Somehow it hurt him just to move, maybe his age was catching up with him. All of the action and movements must have been wearing him down.

After taking a warm shower, shaving and brushing his teeth, Mike made his way back to his room. Once in his room he turned his attention to a dark, brown wooden dresser; then opening it. He retrieved a white button down shirt and black slacks, then getting dressed.

These days he was mighty busy. Mainly with all of the jobs that his boss Gus Fring had lined up. However, also trying to keep up with his spunky 10-year old granddaughter, Kaylee was a major task in his life. She was staying with him for the summer, attending a summer camp program Monday through Thursday. Mike made the point of picking her up at the same time each day, as well as talking with each of her camp instructors. Mike was certainly the epitome of a doting grandfather. Between taking her to camp, playing games with her, as well as running her to the park and wherever else her little heart desired he was busy.
Luckily Gus, despite his sociopathic tendencies and personality was nice enough to let Mike recuperate for the summer. After all, Mike was the best guy that he had on his team.
His joints ached and his bones felt sore and hollow. All of that hand-to-hand combat and gun toting action was creeping back up to him. But that is what he did best, being a former cop, turned assassin.
Mike walked into the living room, seeing Kaylee, dressed in her favorite pink top and bottom pajama set playing with her Barbie dolls. She immediately looked up at her loving grandfather and ran up to him; leaving her dolls in the dust.
"Grandpa! What are we going to do today?!" She asked excitedly, looking up at him.
A warm smile appeared on his face. "Well I don't know, what do you want to do?"
Little Kaylee put her index finger against her chin. "Hmmmm…," The girl mused, in a deep thought, then giggling. "I know!"
He crouched down to her height. "Tell me." He said, the smile not leaving his face.
"Can we go to the mall?" She asked, leaning towards him.
He chuckled. "The mall?"
"Yes!" Kaylee exclaimed, putting her hands on her hips.
"And what do you know about a "mall"?" He asked in amusement.
"Well, mommy used to take me every Saturday!" She said with a wide grin.
He sighed, then standing up. "Women." He said, with a low chuckle.
"Pleeeease, grandpa Mike!" Kaylee begged, clinging to his leg.
"Oh, okay," He said, rustling her hair. "Only because you're my favorite granddaughter!"
"I'm your only granddaughter, silly!" She said with a giggle.
He chuckled. "I suppose that you're right, but you're still my favorite," He said with a wink. "Get washed up and dressed while I make you breakfast and we'll go."
"Thanks grandpa!" She said, then blowing him a kiss before running down the hallway to her room.
He smiled to himself. Kaylee was the only person who could melt his cold and hard exterior. Being able to spend time with her took his mind off of all of the atrocities that had done. In the end everything he did was for her, he yearned to leave her a stable future; to protect her as long as he could.
He walked into the kitchen, opening the fridge and retrieving a carton of eggs, milk, and a pack of bacon. After getting a mixing bowl from the top cabinet he then began cracking the eggs and mixing a bit of milk in them. After mixing the eggs he cut open a pack of bacon, then waiting for the stove to heat up.
After finishing cooking Mike whirled around to see Kaylee standing attentively behind him. She wore a frilly pink t-shirt and a pair of jeans along with her favorite light-up princess sneakers. "What's for breakfast, gramps?" She asked.
"The usual, since I didn't get a request this morning." Mike answered sweetly in his rough, monotone voice.
"Tommorow morning then!" She yelled happily.
"Yep, just tell me when I wake up," He said, stooping down to her. " And I'll make you whatever you want."
"A cake?" she asked with a giggle.
"No…grandpa can't make a cake, sweetheart." He said with a chuckle.

After eating breakfast and clearing the table; Mike with Kaylee not far behind, left the house and walked out to his tan Cadillac. After buckling up Mike proceeded to drive to the mall.

They soon arrived at the mall after a 20-something minute drive. To Mike's surprise Kaylee was unusually busy, well they were in a mall; and the goldenheartered little sweetheart loved to spend grandpa Mike's money. Not that he cared. As long as Kaylee was happy he didn't care, if it were possible he would buy the moon for her.
After an hour and a half of blitzing the mall and trailing behind his overly-excited granddaughter he ploped down on a nearby bench in the food court with 4 different bags in hand. Meanwhile, Kaylee was sitting happily beside him licking away at her vanilla ice crème cone.
"Wow, you can go," He said with a huff, impressed at Kaylee's stamina. "Pop pop needs a rest."
Suddenly his carefree deameanor went south when he saw Jesse walking throughout the mall. Mike watched him closely hoping he wouldn't see him. He rolled his eyes seeing the troublesome young man make his way towards him. He was dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans along with white nikes.
"Mike!" He exclaimed, a little too excited. "How have you been?" He paused, seeing the cute Kaylee eating her ice crème cone.
"I'm fine," Mike replied stoically. "What is it?, you see that I'm on a lovely outing with this special lady here." Mike said, gesturing to Kaylee.
She laughed.
"This is Kaylee?" Jesse said with a smile, crouching down. "Hey, I'm Jesse," He said, shaking her hand. "I'm a friend of your pop pop's." He continued, barely being able to keep a straight face.
"Hi." She replied, bashfully.
"Sweetheart," Mike said, standing up. "Will you excuse me for a minute? I need to talk to Jesse."
"Okay!" Kaylee exclaimed, turning her attention back to her ice cream cone.
Mike pulled Jesse a few feet away. "Just what the hell was that back there?" He scowled.
"I was just saying hi to Kaylee," Jesse huffed. "I don't want to be rude to a kid, Jesus, Mike." He said, a bit annoyed about how defensive he was being.
"What do you want?"
"Nothing. I can't be in a public place?" Jesse asked, sharply, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"No," Mike retorted sourly. "We don't need to be seen together."

"Don't be so paranoid, old man," Jesse breathed, scratching the back of his head. "It's summer now and things have slowed down a lot, we're both off."

Mike leaned in to the young man. "And I want to keep it that way."

Jesse laughed. "You think I want trouble?"

"Well you're not who I'm worried about...," Mike mused, looking back at Kaylee. She smiled and waved at them; causing both him and Jesse to smile and wave awkwardly back at her. He then turned back around, resuming his tension with Jesse. "I'm worried about your troublesome handler, Walter."

"Handler?!" Jesse muttered under his breath. "He doesnt control me, you know?! I control myself..."

"Come on," Mike retorted with a sigh. "Gus and I both know- -"

"You and Gus," Jesse said with a laugh. "He's your handler, right?," He teased. "Since Mr. White is mine."

Mike snarled, grabbing at Jesse's collar. "Listen you!- -" He froze, looking back and seeing Kaylee making her way in their direction.

"No violence in front of little Kaylee." Jesse teased, wiggling out of his grasp.

"Grandpa...," Kaylee said in disappointment. Mike's heart dropped immediately, bringing his mood and compliancy back down. "Why are you being mean to Jesse?"

Jesse couldnt help but to smile at her innocence. "Yeah, Mike...why do you have to be so mean?"

Mike looked back at him, his fists tensing but not being unable to knock a few hits into Jesse like he usually could.

Kaylee walked up to Jesse. "Are you okay?! Grandpa Mike is pretty tough!"

"Ah, yeah," Jesse said with a nervous laugh. "I'm okay."

"Grandpa!," She scolded. "Please apoligize to Jesse!"

Mike's cold and stoic demeanor immediately gave way to a compliant and gentle grandfather. He bowed his head to her, as if he were a scolded pup; then turning his attention to the stunned and amused Jesse. "I..I'm sorry, Jesse." He said, sounding pitiful.

She smiled, kissing Mike's hand. "It's always nice to make up with a friend, or else you won't be friends anymore," She said sweetly. "Why don't you invite him to dinner?"

Mike nearly had a heart-attack. "Uh...Kaylee," He said, coughing in surprise. "I think Jesse has something to do."

Jesse smiled. He was loving this. Loving seeing Mike being scolded by his granddaughter and looking so helpless. "No I don't." He quickly said with a smile, folding his arms.

"Well since grandpa Mike is such a meanie, I'll invite you!" She exclaimed happily, grabbing Jesse's hand.

"Uh, alright!", He said with a grin, looking down at the high strung girl. "Looks like I'm coming over for dinner."

Mike sighed, not wanting to defy his granddaughter. "If you want Jesse to come over for dinner then sure." He said, barely getting the sentence out.

She giggled excitedly. "Yay! A dinner party with a guest! I love guests!"

"Awesome!" Jesse said, the smile not leaving his face. "You know, one of my really good friends has a son named "Brock". He's about your age," He continued. "I play games with him all the time."

"Like what?!" She asked excitedly.

"I usually play video games with him, he really likes that. I also buy him toys from time-to-time- -"

"I need to use the restroom for a moment," Mike said in anguish. "You stay here with Jesse for a moment," He said, storming off to the restroom. He sighed, splashing water on his face; then looking in the mirror. "Well fuck me." He groaned, walking out of the restroom and back towards the smiling Kaylee and Jesse.

Well that was that, Kaylee and Jesse: 1, Mike: 0