What He Never Had

By Jezaray (formerly JeZeBeL)

NOTE: Yes, I am QUITE aware that Harry is some sort of impossible creature mutt. No need to tell me this. Most of the story was written a long time ago, so just try to enjoy it and not take it too seriously!


Uncle Vernon grumbled as he pulled up in front of the train station. "Be quick about it." He ordered.

"Going, going…" Harry pacified him. Well, I wasn't expecting a goodbye, was I? He thought. It's not so bad; just don't think about your so-called 'family'. You have a better family anyway— Ron and Hermione.Sometimes, in his mind's eye, he could see his real parents as they would have been dropping him off. Wishing him well, telling him they'd be expecting him at Christmas, telling him to have fun and try not to get into too much trouble before you learn something useful- see? I'm doing it again.

Uncle Vernon popped the trunk, and Harry hauled out his stuff, carefully removing his owl Hedwig from the back seat.

The car sped away, and Harry grabbed a trolley and headed in. Leaning casually against the wall between platforms nine and ten, he slipped into the secluded wizard platform, nine and three quarters. This is where I belong, alone or not.

Craning his neck, he didn't catch a glimpse of either Ron or Hermione in the bustling crowd. Ah, well, I'll just stake a spot on the train and find them later, he thought and climbed onto the Hogwarts Express.

A minute later he was standing outside the train again, watching for his friends. Ah, there they are.

Hermione gave him a big hug, and from Ron he received an equally huge grin.

"Come on, I already have a compartment for us," Harry said. He felt very happy and complete.

With a lot of heaving, they all helped each other get their trunks onto the train and settled down.

"Did the muggles treat you all right this summer, Harry?" Ron asked.

"Okay, I guess," Harry sighed.

The train started moving, and Harry's mood lifted again. "Thanks for the gifts, though, they really cheered up my summer."

"Well, we weren't going to send you old socks for your birthday, were we, Ron?" Hermione said slyly.

"I sure hope not!" Harry exclaimed. "Hey look what Sirius gave me-"

Harry Potter.

"WHAT?" Harry jumped up. That voice— it sounds like my own thoughts. It's definitely not out loud. But it's not me, either!

Harry Potter, you have places to go.

The voice was male, and very insistent.

"Hey!" Harry yelled, not paying attention to Ron or Hermione, who were watching him with wide eyes.

"Harry, what's wrong?" Hermione asked anxiously.

"What is going on?" Harry asked miserably, panicked and unable to process her question. Someone grabbed at him, trying to get his attention.

Now! This was a chorus of voices, yelling in what was almost a grunt of effort.

At that word, Harry Potter blacked out.

Back at Hogwarts…

Madame Pomfrey, Dumbledore, Ron, Hermione, and almost all of the professors were crowded around the still form of Harry Potter lying motionless on a bed in the infirmary. The feast and sorting were over, and they had all come up to see what was wrong.

"Now, calm down, and tell me exactly what happened." Dumbledore said sternly. Hermione burst into tears again, her red eyes barely able to squint open, and Ron shifted nervously from foot to foot.

"Everything was normal," Ron told them, for what felt like the tenth time. "We met Harry by the Hogwarts Express, and went inside. We were talking, and Harry started to say something, but then he started yelling, and when we asked him what was wrong he didn't answer. We grabbed at him, but he knocked us away. Then he just stopped and tilted his head to the side, and his eyes went wide, and he passed out."

Hermione nodded, muffling herself behind her hands.

Madame Pomfrey looked extremely distressed. "I can't find anything wrong with him; he's just not there," She explained.

Harry was cold. Air brushed over him, and he shivered.

What happened? You there— voice, where am I?

Then, suddenly, he was warmer than he had ever been in his life. Warmth rushed into his soul, and he was deeply comforted. He curled up in this warmth, extremely cozy. Everything just fit an inner instinct told him everything was fine. It's like I've been here forever… He thought lazily. Another part of himself had surfaced and joined with him without thought.

Then he heard a loud, muffled, strange and somehow deeply familiar voice.

"Harry's moving again, James…"