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...This kind of just came up after I decided to look up a table of 100 prompts from somewhere-I can't remember where, but this particular prompt was no. 62 in the list, called 'Fingertips' (hence why the first chapter is named as such). I'm not sure how this will go, but hopefully it will be alright...

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1. Fingertips

He felt fingertips curiously ghost over his forehead-who was it that was touching him? Who could be nearby? Why was the ground so soft underneath him, yet firm?

He moved-oh, there was a solid floor underneath this bedsheet or blanket, whatever it was-and then he lay still as he felt a complete, petite hand touch his bare face. There was the sound of someone inhaling, before a sharp exhale followed.

He knew he couldn't keep his eyes shut forever. Whatever was touching him probably knew he was awake, after all. He slowly let out a breath, telling his trembling heartbeat to steady itself, before he opened his eyes.

A soft pair of translucent irises made contact with his vision, before it zoomed out to reveal a porcelain face, perfect pink lips pressed gently together as the it examined his face. He felt perfectly perplexed at the appearance of this creature-was it human, or was it something else? He could not say for sure, and he slowly stretched himself out of a lying fetal position (he hadn't realized that he had been sleeping on his side earlier) as he tried to make sense of exactly what was going on in front of him.

As he sat up, he saw the creature float further away, its long, pale tresses shimmering in the patch of sunlight that glimmered from the skies above.

"Wait." He managed to say after a moment, getting into a crouched position in an attempt to be on eye level with the creature. "Wait...please."

The creature stopped moving. It stared at him again, floating in place as if thinking about something carefully.

"Where-" He had to stop himself, to compose himself, before he started to speak again. "Where am I?"

The creature floated closer to him, swirling in circles around a few times, before it giggled a bit and floated away again.

He let out a sigh. "That doesn't help...I seriously would like to know where I am-unless I am merely dreaming, and you are a figment of my imagination?" He questioned, standing and brushing the dirt off his trousers (as far as he figured out about his surroundings so far, he was in a forest...or at least, in some forest-like underground place).

The androgynous humanoid floated closer to him again, studying his appearance carefully, before rapidly floating away.

"Wait!" He broke into a run, but it only took two steps on the twisted blanket for him to fall flat on his face. The creature let out another high-pitched giggle, ringing like bells, before it flew even further away. He let out a sigh as he got back onto his feet, before picking up the blanket. Just because it was partially dirt-covered didn't mean that it would not be useful-he was sure that he might need it sometime later.

Gazing around the space before glancing at the patch of sunlight ahead, he took a deep breath before starting to advance across the dirt ground. There was much that he did not comprehend, like a sort of wonderland, and if that was the case he might as well try to figure out what was going on. Was this a dream, or was this real?

Then again, it seemed far too realistic (and far too dreamlike, too) to be a reaction to any of Azuma's Japan breads, so he decided to assume for the moment that this place was indeed real.

The soft singing of birds caught his attention, and he looked up to see them flying by, outside of the strange underground cavern where he somehow fit in despite his height. (Then again, the cavern he currently was standing in was quite large-he bet that even the Kayser brothers would fit inside.) If this was a cavern, and above him was a hole of trees and such, did that mean that he actually was underground and that the surface was above? Or was this the surface, and above was another world?

...This was getting far too perplexing for him to figure out. He was letting his mind wander for far too long-this wasn't going to help him.

He heard footsteps from above, and some of the dirt ceiling above crumbled to the ground. Backing away from the hole, fearing for his safety, he saw a shadow appear in the light. The shadow was unfamiliar at first, but as it came closer and bigger, he was sure that he knew which person had that exact shadow's outline. He was willing to take a guess.

"Adenauer-san?" He called out. "Is that you?"

There was no response, before the shadow shrank onto its knees and a familiar face peeped through the hole, staring at him.

"Meister?" She asked as the look on her face turned towards surprise. "What are you doing in that hole?"

He blinked, before he spoke up again. "...I don't know how I got here, honestly." He admitted, fingering the blanket in his arms. "There was some other humanoid being with me moments ago, but it left suddenly. I'm not sure if it was trying to lead me somewhere or not…"

"Well," Monica started, "I guess I should be thankful that you weren't able to follow it, otherwise I doubt I could have found you."

He nodded once. "True." He agreed. "Do you know if there is anyone else here?"

She shook her head. "I've only been awake for at least half an hour. I haven't found anyone except for you!" The patisserie queen pouted a little bit. "I can't even find Samurai-boy, and all I remember before I ended up here is that we were on a date in the park!"

Meister bit his lip, touching his own face with one hand before speaking. "Odd...I don't remember anything from before being in this place. Perhaps I was going to sleep early, considering that I am not wearing a mask." He guessed, shrugging lightly.

An awkward silence ensued between the two before Monica spoke up again.

"Er, so, do you want me to pull you out of that hole, or should I just hop in there?"

He let out a sigh. "I don't believe that you pulling me out would be the smartest idea, considering that I'm most likely going to be too heavy for you, and-"

A loud boom thundered into existence, and both of them went silence. A second, similar noise followed, and Monica disappeared from his view.


There was silence, before the booming continued. It was only then that Monica spoke again.
"What-what is that!?" He heard her scream in surprise. "It''s huge! What the heck-is it a giant or something!?"

"Is it going to step on you!?" Meister managed to say, despite the question sounding slightly ridiculous. "Because if it is, I think it would be a good idea to get in here and avoid being crushed! I'll catch you!" He extended his arms after throwing the blanket over his back.

"Um...okay!" The patissier hesitated for a moment, before she literally threw herself into the hole. She nearly let out a scream, but Meister managed to catch her in both arms for a moment, before his knees failed to support the sudden weight. Both landed on the dirt ground, groaning in slight discomfort. "...Uh...thanks…"

"It's no problem." Meister replied, helping her up before they heard another boom. The earth above them shook, and the dirt began to crumble again. "We shouldn't stay here- it could be dangerous." He murmured quickly, picking up the blanket and turning towards the patissier. She nodded in agreement, before the two heard a soft tinkling noise coming from farther into the cavern.

The androgynous creature appeared in front of them, smiling, before it started to fly away from them again.

"There it is again." The Pantasia GM muttered quietly, before he turned towards Monca. "Do you think we should trust it?"

Monica glanced at the space above her, booming louder and louder, before looking as far into the cavern as she could. "'s either that or we get crushed. Your choice." She explained quickly, before the two broke into a run.

The crash of debris and dirt resounded behind them as they ran, neither one looking back at the destruction edging towards the two. Neither one paid attention to what lay ahead, however, and the next thing they realized was that they were both falling only moments later.

Both let out frightened screams, and Meister grabbed the blanket, and wrapped Monica in said blanket and his arms, trying to brace for the impact. Instead of hitting solid ground, they found themselves landing on something soft and squishy, like a waterbed, before they rolled off and landed on grassy but firm ground below.

Monica didn't lie down for too long-she brushed the blanket off herself as she turned to check Meister. The GM was not unconscious, but rather alive and groaning in pain.

"Are you alright?" She asked quietly, glancing at his injured forehead (there was a scratch there, probably from falling, and she felt guilty for not having anything to help him patch it up with).

"I'm fine." The older man croaked, coughing a little as he struggled to sit up with her help. "Just...a few bumps, I think…"

"I think you should just rest." She told him quickly, helping him lean against a nearby wall. He nodded once, before he dared to look up. "I know. We fell pretty far…"

He nodded again, before turning towards her. "...I do hope it's a dream, now." He let out a sigh as he shook his head slightly. "Because at least if it's a dream, both of us will not be injured, bruised and bleeding in reality."

She grimaced a bit, before she tore off a piece of the blanket and did her best to apply pressure to the cut. "I hope so, too."

Neither one had any idea that things could only get worse.