7. Prophecy

Monica let out a sigh as she sat in her room by herself, thinking over the past couple of events.

First she and her friends ended up in a weird world somehow with no idea how they got there.

Then they ended up living in this underground kingdom place, and there were alternate versions of the people they knew.

And now Meister was injured and stuck in his room with who-knows-how-many Koichi attending to him.

This was definitely not the ideal situation that anyone wished to be stuck in. At all.

Monica knew that she couldn't just sit here and do nothing. Surely there had to be something that she could do to help Francesca with the whole problem of Sophiera going and trying to kill her. Right?

There was a knock at the door of her room, and the patissiere queen quickly rushed over to open it.

Her boyfriend stood there, pausing before speaking.

"Are you alright...?" He hesitated, before speaking. "You don't seem yourself lately...and same goes for the General Manager."

Monica paused, before shaking her head. "I'm just...concerned for everyone. For Meister, Francesca, everyone." She hugged Kai quietly. "I mean, we can't just stand here and do nothing about this situation. We have to do something."

Kai seemed surprised at being hugged so suddenly, but he didn't push her away or anything.

Before he could say anything, though, that was when Kanmuri rushed over to them.

"F-Francesca needs us in Meister's room right now!"

What greeted their sight as soon as they got there was Meister, who appeared to be covered entirely by thorny vines. Thicker vines wrapped about his torso and arms, as well as his legs, but thinner, smaller vines covered the rest of his being, some of them even brushing against his bare face but not entirely covering it. Some thin vines even wrapped about strands of his long, blond hair, helping to pin him entirely to the bed. Meister himself had his eyes closed, unconscious, though his face was pale.

Monica stared, before turning to Francesca, who was standing by and staring in horror.

"Wh-what happened to him!?"

Francesca bit her lower lip, mumbling to herself. "It must be the prophecy..."

Kai blinked a bit in surprise. "Prophecy?" He repeated.

The older woman nodded. "Yes, a prophecy. I didn't realize it until now, but your sudden appearances, Sophiera attacking, and now this..." She paused, before speaking. "According to the prophecy, four individuals will appear from another world. One of them, more physically injured out of the rest, will be forced to stay behind and face his haunted memories on his own, as thorns will restrain his being. The others, however, will journey through this realm and help each other face their old memories. And when they return to their fallen friend, he may become the foe that undoes the others..."

"What?" Kai stared. "You mean that the General Manager is going to become our enemy!?"

Monica shook her head. "That can't be...he can't become an enemy!"

Francesca shook her head. "It only said that he 'may' become the enemy, not 'will' become. There is a difference."

Kanmuri winced. "So he has a fifty-fifty chance of him becoming an enemy. It's not the best of odds..." He then glanced at Meister. "But this might be the only way to free Meister. We have to face whatever may be haunting us..." He paused, turning to Monica and Kai before speaking. "For Meister, it's his own family-because it got so broken up. This place is some twisted reflection of his memories because of that. Monica, Suwabara, what haunts you the most-actually, I won't even bother asking. I understand if you don't."

Kai seemed to nod, acknowledging Kanmuri's respect for his personal issues. Monica bit her lower lip, unsure, before speaking up.

"So...all of us will have to face our worst memories?"

Kanmuri nodded.

"Unfortunately, yes." He turned to Francesca. "Is there any time limit to this prophecy?"

Francesca nodded. "You have only thirty days from now. If you three don't conquer your memories, he-" She glanced at Meister worriedly. "He'll die instantly."

Monica nodded quickly. "We got this, Francesca. We can do this...right?" She turned to Kai, who appeared to have doubt in his eyes. When he didn't respond, Monica tried to get his attention. "Kai?"

"Oh?" Suwabara looked up at her, pausing before nodding. "Yes...we can and we will."

What Monica was worried about was that the memories could undo them first before anything else could.