"Invisible threads are the strongest ties."

Friedrich Nietzsche


With heavy breathing, and rapid taps upon the cobble stone flooring, a young ginger raced against time with a large grin painted upon his pale face. Laughing hysterically the young ginger slipped around a corner with a stumble as he spotted his friend.

"What are you DOING!?" He laughed before gripping the hand of a fair maiden who didn't appear much younger then himself.

"Why must we run!?" Struggling to keep up the pace of her friend, the young strawberry blonde couldn't help but snicker at his goofy smile.

"I did something that I shouldn't have done that's why!" He crackled as the two of them bolted passed countless of beautiful arched windows. "Where are they?" He yelled in confusion.

"Down in the garden!"

Dodging the cracked and jagged stones, as well as the miscellaneous plant vines that grew upon the ancient walls of the dying castle, the couple ran down the hidden staircase and through yet another corridor.

"This place is a bloody maze!" The ginger bellowed in a slight panic.

"Where are you going?! They are this way, Godric!" Laughing at the confusion of her friend's face, the girl instantly took lead and pulled her friend to the left as he started turning right. Suddenly being yanked back, the ginger let out a panicked sound before following the girl without question. Tightening his grip upon her, the two turned into a beautiful garden with magical flowers everywhere.

Spotting two figures in the distance who seemed to be within a heated debate, Godric seemed pleased, "This will never get old." He chuckled before raising his voice higher, "RUN YOU TWO!"

The two figures stared at the ginger oddly, remaining in their spots.

"And WHY do we need to do that?" A raven hair woman argued before she crossed her arms. Her gaze was disproving of the couple who were wasting their time by running around and making an abundant of noises for no reason. "We are supposed to be seeing if this palace is fitting or not."

"Questions later! Run now!" Godric chuckled as he wrapped his arm around his loyal knight as well as his best friend. Placing him into a head lock, the knight with short black hair seemed very irked.

"Ric! Release me this instance and, I beg you to, inform us why we must run?"

Just as the words were spoken, the ancient building started to rumble. The north wall of the aged building crumbled like powder when a large burst of fire strolled through the air, taking the oxygen straight out of the chest of the teens who remained in the garden.

Seconds after the fire vanished and a roar of a demonic creature was heard echoing through the endless corridors of the crumbling castle, a rather proud grin grew upon Godric's face, "Did you know that dragons aren't ticklish?"

It's the dawn of a new day, and the sun's peek over the horizon as a signal to all of the people within Valley Broad that it was time to start their new day. Nothing ever changes in this small quiet village. The fathers and sons would go out into the fields to pluck their harvests as mothers and daughters would care for the home and hearth of the town. Out of the many families that resigned in Valley Broad, one particular family was out casted and banished to the out skirts of the town because of the rumors that unfolded about the family being witches.

Within a small run down cabin that was meant for two remained a young girl with strawberry blonde hair that naturally curled at the tips. She was fair skinned and wore tattered hand-me-down clothing from her mother and relatives.

"I love you mum," the young maiden whispered to a pile of stones that rested under a willow tree. Placing a radiant yellow rose in front of the ruble before standing up with a smile upon her quivering lips, "I've been doing well and I've been continuing to do what you have taught me." Chuckling, the girl flipped her hair behind her shoulder before inhaling a deep breath of the morning's fresh air. Finding peace within the rustling grassy field a much weaker voice emerged within the distance.

"Young Helga." A crackly voice whimpered.

Startled by the voice, the younger lady turned with a peaceful expression, "Lady Margret, how may I help you today?" Making her way through the field, the young child chuckled before wrapping her arm around the older woman's arm. Slowly the two of them walked through the tall grass back to the willow where her mother's grave was at. Assisting Margret as she struggled to sit upon the floor next to the grave stone, the older lady seemed rather weary.

"My stomach has been hurting again, dearie." Margret sighed

"No problem, Ma'am, you know I have just the remedy for you." Grinning happily at the older woman, the young maiden strolled over to her miniature herb garden that was growing a few feet away from the willow.

"You always do my dear. You always do." Smiling contently, the older woman rested her head upon the tree's trunk while watching the clear sky above, "You and your mother always know how to fix people right up and make them feel better." She chuckled before continuing on, "Young Helga, do you know about Hogwort?"

"The plant? Yes I do ma'am!" Helga laughed happily as she started to pluck some of the leaves off of different plants, "When I was younger I picked it out of the ground, not knowing what it was, and it burned my skin when the sap touched my hand. At the time, I thought it was an herb that my mother needed. I learned very quickly that it wasn't." With a snicker upon her face, Helga shrugged at the memory of her and her mother. After a bit, Helga stood up and traveled back to Margret only to wrap the plants in a cloth she used to hold the rose. Handing the herbs to the older woman, Helga couldn't help but smile at how honest the old lady was, "Make sure you grind them up before pouring warm water into a bowl. Only breathe in the herbs. Don't consume it and you'll feel better in no time; I promise."

"Thank you darling, thank you! You are an angel that God has sent down to us and help us in our time of pain!"

"Really, I'm not an angel or anything of the sort, Lady Margret. I don't deserve such gratitude from a remarkable woman such as yourself!" Feeling herself blushing from the complement, Helga subconsciously brushed her wavy hair behind her ear. "Since you're not feeling well, let me walk you back home. It's the least I can do for the woman who helped establish our village and acted like my second mother!"

"Can I not praise my beautiful angelic daughter while we are visiting her mother's grave?" The old lady chucked as Helga helped her off of the floor. Wrapping her arm around Helga's waist, Margret started to pull her away from the willow tree. "You know you've grown up into a beautiful yellow rose, love. You've grown much taller than these old bones could ever be, but you remind me of your mother when she, too, was younger." Noticing the smile upon Helga's face waver, the older woman knew she needed to act fast in order to keep the youngster from crying.

"So-" Margret coughed as the two lady strolled away from the outskirts and into the village's square where all the children ran around playing odd games and the mothers stood around gossiping about the latest news of the royal family, "When are you getting married?"

"Margret!" Helga gasped as she turned to face her second mother in shock.

"Seen a handsome young lad? If not, I'm going to kick your rump into a marriage who I see fit!"

Chuckling, Helga rolled her eyes, "Why? I'm happy with helping people. Besides, I don't want to marry someone I don't love."

"At this rate I'm going to be nothing but a pile of dust before you wed!" The two instantly broke out in laughter, knowing very well that marriage was something that Helga never seemed interested in. Especially since her family has always seemed to be an abomination to the village.

As the two ladies laughed their way through the town square with their arms wrapped around each other, the crowd of, usually, active people started to quiet down by the sight. Kids started being called back to their mothers or stare at the couple with a disgusted look. Mothers, on the other hand, turned their gossiping from the eligible prince of the kingdom to focus on the young girl who never ventures into town. It took a while for the two ladies to settle down, but once they did, they instantly noticed the unwelcomed vibes of the village folks that lingered within the air.

"I am grateful for your company, love, but I feel that you should return home. People here are judgmental and refuse to get to know the real you. I know who you are because we are alike. The real you holds a special gift within, and with that gift you will change everyone's future." Patting Helga's hand, Margret placed a soft kiss upon it and started to continue on her way home.

"I love you Lady Margret!" Helga choked out as a pained expression grew upon her face. Standing isolated in a town of judgmental people, Helga turned away and started to head back home.

"WITCH!" A child screamed as a rock flew in the air and barely missed Helga's head. Gasping from the shock, Helga stopped walking and looked around the town only to spot angry expression from every woman and child. Panic started to seep in her skin as Helga kept her back straight and started to walk faster through the town.

"Monster!" Another child screamed as another rock cut through the air and hit the young girl in the back of the head. Rubbing her throbbing head, Helga looked around struggling to keep a sense of composure.

Slightly screaming, Helga shook her head, "I AM NOT A MONSTER!"

"Not a monster you say?" A woman scoffed before stepping out of the crowd. She had crazy black hair and weary green eyes that seemed to pierce into Helga's soul, "Each person your mother and you supposedly treated have all DIED!"

"It is natural for people to die! It is a part of the life cycle! We do NOT kill! We heal! Why would you accuse me of such a thing?" The scene became over whelming as her head continued to throb in pain from the rock.

"I saw her actually doing witchery!" A woman pleaded within the crowd.

"So did I!" Another screamed. Before anyone knew it, a rally of panicking children and adults started to speak about what a disastrous monster Helga is and how she deserved to be killed because she was a devil's offspring. Some people started to talk about ridiculous stories that the devil impregnated her mother as other spoke how her father was killed by her and her mother for a satanic ritual. As the crowd started to gossip more about ridiculous stories, they started to become chaotic.

Suddenly as the sights and sounds grew suffocating, the black hair woman picked up a rock and threw it at Helga with all her might, "DIE DEVIL OFFSPRING!"

Racing towards Helga with much more force than a child's throw, Helga panicked and covered her face only to hear a crowd of people scream bloody murder. Anticipating for the painful collision of her flesh and the rock, Helga sat shaken at the thought of how painful it would be, but the pain never came. Uncovering her face, the young girl looked up only to see the rock levitating a few inches away from her face. The moment she realized what was occurring with the rock, she herself screamed and the rock tumbled to the floor.

"She a witch! A devil! GET HER BEFORE SHE KILLS US!" The black hair woman screamed before the crowd rioted and jumped the girl.

"You lazy bum! Get your dull arse out of bed!" Gripping the comforter of Prince Godric Gryffindor's bed, a young black hair male dressed in a metal plated knights uniform yanked the bedding off in order to try to wake the slumbering beast.

"Oh! Sod off, Salazar! I want to sleep!" Sounding rather childish, the ginger hair teen gripped the blankets under his comforter and cowered under them pretending his loyal friend didn't exist.

"Please, Godric. Just because you're covering your head doesn't mean I'm going to suddenly vanish in thin air." With a scoff, Salazar ripped off the under covers of the royal bed only to find his friend curled up in the fetal position naked.

"DEAR-," Throwing the cover over the prince, Salazar stepped away with a disgusted expression, "If you sleep nude it would have been nice to have a warning!"

As a grin grew upon the sleepy ginger's face, he sat up in bed with crazy hair, "You know you enjoyed the view. I mean all the ladies do."

"What ladies? The imaginary ones in your head?"

Instantly the grin faded on Godric's face as he slipped out of bed and started to dress himself, "You know, when I was on the farm I never had to get up this early!"

"I'm fully aware of that." Salazar snickered as he waited for his friend to tell him that the coast was clear.

Changing into more comfortable attire, Godric grinned, "I know you know but I'm never going to stop bringing it up!" He laughed before patting his friend upon his metal armored shoulder, "The coast is clear, I think you're allowed to uncover your eyes now."

"I'm sorry, I can't do that milord. I do believe I'm permanently blind." Opening his eyes, the knight pretended to act blind as he stretched out his arms and started to reach out in front of his body to try to find the wooden support beams of the elegant Gryffindor's bed.

Breaking out in a bellow of laughter's the two teens doubled over, holding their stomachs in pain.

"Come on, Sal," Godric demanded as he wrapped his stern arm around his friends shoulder, "Let's get some grub and head out on the road."

"Uh, you have to ACTUALLY do stuff today." Salazar stumbled over his own words as Godric gave him a mischievous smirk.

"And when have I ever listened to my father?"

"When he accepted you as his heir and took you in when your mother was dying..."

"Oh! Details! Personally I don't find speaking to pureblooded aristocrats all that enjoyable," Leaving his warm room, the two teens walked down a large corridor with windows upon both sides of the wall allowing them to view the village that resigned a hundred feet below. "Look at this place! It's gorgeous!" Admiring the views from the windows of his new home, Godric inhaled a deep breath, "I will admit it this place is nothing like Wild Moor, but it's a close second!" He chuckled before leaning upon the frame of a window and staring out into the clear sky and busy little town below.

Giving Godric a puzzled expression, Salazar stared at the arrogant prince for a few minutes before grabbing the nap of the prince's shirt and pulling him away from the windows and down the hallway, "How is our land second place to Wild Moor!" He laughed as Godric caught his footing and started to walk next to Salazar with his head held high and a stern back.

Giving Salazar a quick glance, Godric sighed, "Were you born here?"

"Yes, I was."

"And that's why you think like that. I was born in Wild moor. That's where my mother was and where all my animals and friends were and because I was raised there, I will always have a connection to the land. You, on the other hand, will always be connected here. Do you get it?"

Laughing at Godric, the young knight in training rolled his eyes, "Who knew words of wisdom could escape your mouth?"

"Hey! I can be smart every now and again!" Laughing in unison, the two traveled to the main dining hall of the castle.

"I've never seen the intelligent side of you before, Godric. Only the flirtatious and stupid side." Salazar snickered as he sat down next to the young prince at a large wooden table and started to grab pieces of the food that rested on the center of the table and scooped them into his own plate.

Blowing his already messy hair out of his gaze, Godric seemed rather bummed, "Well, you've only known me for four months. I think it's alright that you don't know ALL about me. If you did, then I'd never be able to surprise you when I do something out of character!" Grabbing his own food, the two boys ate together in silence. It never occurred to them how much they were craving food until they actually shoved a large piece of ham into their mouths.

After filling their stomachs fat with all the food they could ever ask for, the two kids quickly slipped out of their seats and tried to tip toe out of the room hoping they wouldn't be caught. As they turned the corner from the main dining room and down several stair towards the stables, a stern hand rested upon the teen's shoulder sending shivers down the boy's spines. Slowly glancing behind them, they saw one of the very many men they were trying to avoid John Whence, the head knight of the kingdom and also Salazar's boss.

"Where do you two think you're scurrying off to so early in the morning?"

Looming over the children, John was a much older and much wiser man who had a few scars upon his face. His long blonde hair was tied back into a ponytail and his metal armor had the Gryffindor crest of a lion embroidered into it.

"Well…" Salazar coughed as he quickly tried to worm his way out of the situation so he wouldn't be punished by his superior.

"I demanded that as a knight of my family, Salazar Slytherin, has to protect me as I venture into the neighboring villages in order to greet their citizens and become accustom with their traditions!" Godric demanded as he placed on a poker face.

The older knight stared at the two children, who were struggling to keep their composure under pressure, before releasing their shoulders. "I know you're supposed to be doing other important matters today Godric, but because you're a child, I guess, I'll let you off the hook. You two have fun. Remember your training Salazar!" He demanded as the young boy stiffened into a serious composure. Accepting the task, Salazar gave his superior an expression showing he was ready for the field work.

"Also, before you leave, young prince I bear a gift for you."

"No bloody way! I get a gift!? It's not even my birthday!" Godric laughed as his stoic expression was quickly replaced with a goofy grin that took up most of his face.

Untying the sword upon his waist, John handed the sheath of the sword to Godric. "I had it specially made for you. You shall name it, you shall care for it, and you must vow to never use it for evil-"

Quickly interrupting John, Godric laughed, "But to only use it to protect the lives of the ones you'd die for. From this moment, this sword is a part of your life! I remember Salazar telling me about the oath all knights make!"

Placing his hand on top of Godric's head, John ruffled up his already messy hair as a smile grew upon his face, "I'm glad you understand the oath. Now you two have fun and be safe, you hear?"

"I vow on my life to protect him, sir!" Salazar demanded as he pounded his fist upon his chest plate.

"Oh lighten up, Salazar!" Godric joked as he pushed his friend causing him to slightly stumble. Grabbing Salazar's arm, Godric helped him gain his composure before laughing, "Yeah! We'll be safe! I promise. I just want to see what the villages look like."

"Alright, take two steeds and make sure you stay out of trouble. No one knows who you are young prince because you're coronation has not yet started."

"I know. I know!" The prince growled as he rolled his eyes, "I'm happy no one knows who I am because I can actually go to town!" Roughly tying his new sword around his waist, Godric grinned at John, "Besides, Salazar and I can be stupid and no one will judge me yet! It's a win-win situation!" He laughed before grabbing his friends arm and running away like a mad man.

Booking it down to the stables, the two kids picked their favorite horses and groomed them before hopping onto their backs. With a smile from ear to ear, Godric chuckles, "We are going to have an adventure! Fight bad guys! Save a girl! You know the usual! Got it?" Pulling his horse away from the stables, Godric kicked the heels of his shoes into the side of his white stallion as his horse changed from a walk to a gallop.

Groaning, Salazar tighten his grip upon the reins of his black horse before speeding after the prince. The two teens booked their way down the dusted trail of the stable into the forest that looked its way down the hill. The closer Salazar got the faster Godric pushed his horse as they dodged the trees and random stray animals.

"You'll never catch me, Salazar! Just give it up!" Godric laughed idiotically as he glanced behind his shoulder to watch his friend struggle to keep up. "Seriously, Salazar! Just give up before you lose to my mighty strength!"

At first Salazar didn't care about racing, he just wanted to make sure the new prince would be alright but the more they rode a surge of competitiveness started to bubble within Salazar's body. Gripping his reigns as tightly as he could, the young pureblood kicked his horse with all his might cause the steed to speed up. Using his brain to figure out a way to beat the newbie of the village, Salazar pulled the horses head away from the trail and up a smaller slope in which he knew held another trail. Once upon the trail Salazar then kicked his horse once again to turn from a trot to a gallop and sped neck and neck with his friend.

"You should give up now, you newbie! You don't know these trails like I do!" Laughing alongside the ginger, the two instantly leaned forward to show that their race meant more than just friendly competition. It was now a race to show who was superior of the land and who ever won has instant bragging rights over the other.

Periodically glancing at Godric, to make sure he wasn't pulling some cheap trick or speeding ahead, Salazar instantly noticed a tree that was broken upon the floor. At the time it never occurred to Salazar about what could happen since he was so used to jumping over falling stumps.

"Godric!" Salazar screeched as he continued to race, "Watch out for the-" Turning his attention from the tail to the road Godric was upon he instantly noticed the missing ginger. In a surge of panic, Salazar pulled the reins back to force the horse to stop its gallop. Looking around the forest for any sight of a white horse or a ginger hair boy, Salazar saw nothing. Feeling his heart rate speed up, Salazar started to scream, "Godric! Where are you?"

Having a gut feeling that the young prince got injured, Salazar turned his horse around and wandered back to where the fallen tree trunk was at.

"Godric! This isn't funny! Where the bloody hell did you go!"

The road remained quiet for a while until a distance gallop was heard, and Salazar's heart rate started to lower.

"Salazar, what are you doing way back there? I was kicking your arse so badly and suddenly when I glanced over to your road you stopped riding and turned around. I came back to make sure you were alright."

"Thank god! Don't do that to me again you bastard!" Salazar growled before turning around and trotting back up to the ginger, "I thought you didn't see the tree and went flying!"

"Oh please! I rode horses before, I'm not some newbie to this! My mum had this beautiful white horse that I used to always ride."

Rolling his eyes, Salazar trotted up to his friend and started to venture the rest of the way down the hill and into the small village that lingered under the castle.

"Well, my young prince, welcome to our first stop." Both the boys chuckled as they strolled into town upon horseback. The more Godric watched the busy people, the more he seemed to be pleased by their daily life.

"What is in this town?" Godric questioned as he slipped off of his horses back and started to walk through the road, gripping his horse's reigns.

"In the town? Well there are houses; if that's what you're asking?"

"Oh come on! You know exactly what I'm talking about!" Godric laughed, "Never mind, just show me around the place already! Like you said before I'm a newbie to your home land; remember?" Godric snickers before shoving his friend off of his horse.

A muffled cry was heard from the back of a wagon that was on the move. Around the wagon there were three men and a few women. One particular black hair woman stuck out among the rest, her curly hair was tangled and her clothes were tattered and dirty. The woman's expression seemed tense and unenthusiastic about the muffled screaming.

"Ma'am, this isn't right. She's just a girl. Why do we need to take her to the king?" One of the men choked as an expression of guilt grew upon his face.

"Because," The woman snapped as he glared back at the boy, "she's a child of the devil and she is a monster! We can't kill her upon our land or that monster will come back to haunt us! This is why we are taking her to the king! He will deal with this devil offspring and purify our land once again! Do you understand now, you idiot!"

An expression of guilt grew upon the guys face as he nodded his head in agreement, "I'm sorry for questioning, ma'am."

"You should be! Now hurry up! We should reach the castle before dawn."

With a mountain of food piled into his arms, and a piece of bread sticking out of his mouth, Godric seemed over all pleased with the small town. While Salazar held a disapproved expression.

"I can't believe you threw your title around like it was nothing and people literally gave you most of the food they were holding at the time!"

After a series of different muffled sounds, Salazar turned to his idiotic ginger with a nasty expression, "I CANT UNDERSTAND A DAMN THING YOU'RE SAYING!"

Crewing the rest of the bread chunk, Godric released a rather large but pleased sound before nudging his friend's arm, "Relax. Nothing bad is going to happen besides it's free food! Here have some!"

Shoving an apple into Salazar's mouth, Godric's ridiculous grin returned to his tanning face once more, "As my loyal knight, and friend, you need to learn how to follow my lead. I mean one day I'm going to be king and everything is going to be at peace."

Biting a huge chunk of the apple out of his mouth, Salazar gripped the apple before rolling his eyes at the prince, "You won't be king for many more years. Hopefully by then you'll be mature enough to not throw your title around like it's no big deal."

"Oh please! What fun is it to be mature if I can get all the cute girls now?"

"You only got food, you arse."

"Well food is the next best thing! It doesn't cry when you break its heart!" Ripping another portion of his bread off, Godric continued to speak which a stuffed mouth, "I'm a heart throb. I can't go comforting all the ladies I see."

"All you see right now is food." Salazar laughed as he took another bite of his apple, "You seem rather beat. Do you wish to go home?"

With a small lazy nod, Godric started to make his way back to the post in which they tied their horses to, "We did a lot today," the ginger yawned after swallowing his food, "I'm ready for bed. Let's return to the castle."

"Sounds like a good idea, milord-," stopping mid-sentence, Salazar noticed that the young prince seemed to be looking off into the distance. Following his gaze, the black hair boy instantly noticed a few kids who seemed to be abnormally skinny and in tattered clothes. Quietly, Salazar watched as his friend walked away from the prosperous street to the small children. A small smile couldn't help but grow upon his face as the idiot gave the children more than half of his food.

"You sure do find ways to surprise me, young prince."

Untying the two steeds, Salazar waiting for Godric's return and once his friend placed his remaining food in the pouch that the horse carried, the two boys acted as if nothing had happened. With smiles upon their faces, the two kids turned to head back on the trail they arrived on until a loud commotion started to arise inside the heart of the city.

"What's that?" Godric questioned as he started to head into the heart of the town.

"Whatever it is, it doesn't sound very good." Salazar sneered as he followed Godric. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Salazar had a strong feeling that whatever was occurring wasn't going to be good.

"Move! Make way!" The black hair woman screamed, "We need to see the king! We have a devil in our presence who needs to be killed!"

Instantly the crowd started to whisper and cower at the thought that some form of a devil was resting in the wagon. A few brave souls tried to get closer to the wagon to see what the beast's form was, but their imaginations instantly got the best of them and they all cowered in fear.

"Make way! We are in a hurry!" She screamed once again before being forcefully halted by two boys upon opposite colored horses.

"Move, brat! This devil needs to be-"

"Who are you?" Godric questioned with a stern expression.

"W-What?" The lady questioned in response before becoming angered, "Did you not hear me! This devil needs to be killed and you brats are-"

"WHO. ARE. YOU!" Godric yelled causing the woman to step back startled.

"I am Juanita Shaw from Valley Board. My family crest is-"

"And what are you doing?" Godric interrupted once again, this time his expression seemed pissed.

"ELIMINATING THIS WITCH!" Juanita argued, "Who are you to yell at me, you brat! Move out of the way before I force you to!"

"You dare threaten royal blood?" Salazar questioned before moving his horse beside Godric, proudly showing off the lion crest upon his armor.

"He is not royalty, he is a-"

"My name is Godric Gryffindore! I am the son of the king and the heir to the throne! Now, release the person you have tied up in the back of your wagon."

Without hesitation, all three of the men untied Helga and quickly threw her out of the cart.

"What are you doing, you fools!? She is a demon! You saw what she could do!" Juanita hissed before gripping Helga's hair and dragging her in front of Godric and Salazar.

Trying to speak grateful to Godric, Juanita slowly bowed her head to the prince, trying to hide her upset emotions, "She did magic, milord! This thing needs to be dealt with."

"Salazar!" Godric commanded, as he turned to face his friend, "Take the girl, we'll speak to the king about her. Thank you for informing us, Lady Shaw. You may return back to your home in peace."

Longing to argue back at the brat, Juanita bit her bottom lip as she grudgingly released the girl to Salazar. Helga was a complete mess. She had bruises all over her body, her hair was sticking up in every direction imaginable, plus she was dirty from head to toe. None of that really bothered Godric, the only thing that really ticked him off was the marks she had around her wrists and ankles from the ropes that tied her, as well as the dry blood that was under her red nose. The girl's blue eyes were completely blood shot from all the crying she must have done during her travel to the castle, and at one point, Godric actually thought the poor girl peed herself. He felt sympathy for her. He knew first-hand how she felt and hearing an older woman, who seemed roughly around his mother's age claim, she is a witch was ridiculous. Nevertheless, Godric never allowed his expression to waver as he turned his horse away from the crowd and started to ride. Without question, Salazar followed quickly behind with the girl sitting behind him. Despite not wanting to be on the horse, Helga gripped Salazar's waist desperately as her eyes began to water up once again. She had a feeling this was going to be her last ride before being sentenced to death.