Hi this is my first writing about the Mortal Instruments, I read all the books and fell in love. I've diyd to write this spin-off the books.

Disclaimer I don't own the Mortal Instruments nor did I create it.

Clary POV

Clary woke up alone again in Jace's bed, for the past two weeks this was normal. After the fight in idris with jace and Jonathan he really hasn't been the same jace she knew. Clary knew he blamed himself for not fully killing him or at least making sure he was died. Jace was injured how could he but to jace that ment nothing, he should have known and fought better, no harder. Clary this morning woke up in a different kind of mood besides the usual getting up making herself breakfast and sort chats with Isabella about Simon or with maryse. She decided to skip the routine and visit simon, she'll regret horribly later not eating.

Clary having moment of that would drive her mad and trying to talk to jace was unless and impossible. Jace only had sorrow in his eyes when he looked at her, yea they cuddled when she slept there but would it give up to wake up next to him. Clay sighed deeply before even knocking on the door, she knew faking a smile with Simon would be a hard task.

Finally reaching him to his door after an awkward chat with his about school and this strange bug simon had. Clary found out what simon was telling his mother about the whole no food thing. Simon didn't seem over joyed to see her either all wrapped up his game of course, clary hated the game it seemed disgustly real.

Simon noticed how quite she was and pushed her leg playful, smiling." Earth to clary..."

simon said jokingly, not looking at her.

" uh ummm..sorry simon what did you ask?" Clary could only think about how distant jace was with her and how much it pained her to her core.

"Clary are you ok?" simon was looking at her now. His face a little worried as he glared at her tiring to see through he eyes to her mind knowing he couldn't but tired anyway.

"Simon I fine you can stop looking at me like that i'm fine. Can I just sit here with you?" Clary said unaware of the pity on her face and eyes. Clary just wanted company with someone who won't pity the sight of her.

Simon fell in into the waters of clary's green eyes and wrapped his arms around her. Clary pulled away instantly not wanting to cry. The silence in the room comforted clary and made her actually home and a little relived also happy she got away.

Next thing she knew was that she was walking in the park holding hands with someone, feeling happy. She had never felt so happy and content and over joyed to be this person that the smile on her face was frightening. The boys hands were as cold as ice but yet she felt warm to his touch yet wanted him closer so he was. swiftly they were kissing, the kiss was completely different from jace's kisses, they lingered and passionate, she felt if he pulled she would float away or die.

"Clary? Clary? you can stay if you want but i'm going to call your mom ok?" simon spoke softly.

"Oh i'm sorry simon but no it's ok i'm leaving." She was up and out the room before she could even replied to him saying something to her as she left.

Clary thought she was dreaming about jace and wanted to rush him to him to see him as fast as she could. Before she could even turn the corner to the train station someone had grabbed her arm so it felt as if it was about to be flung off her body.

"Clary were are you rushing to?"

CLary hit the building when she tired to turn, her head felt like she was slapped with a twenty pound stone. Her vision was burly and she barely was who was in front her but she knew the smell, demon.