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Chapter 1: Out of Kindness

To say that the battle between the two brothers was very heated is a complete and utter understatement. Uchiha Sasuke. Born into the Uchiha clan with his brother Uchiha Itachi. As a child, their family was slaughtered. Who would be the murderer? His own brother, Itachi. After years and years of vigorous training, Sasuke had enough hatred to bring the fight to Itachi.

Raising his lightning blade, the sky above him cracked as the lightning covered the sky.

"Come!" A dragon-like figure emerged from the lightning and Sasuke diverted his hand towards his defenseless brother. "DIE!"

The blue electric dragon headed straight towards Itachi. The intense ear piercing bird sounds of the jutsu rang all throughout the forest.

-Page Break-


Hinata snapped her view to the sky. Thunder clouds just over the mountain. Her eyes widened at the view she was seeing. Very bright lightning was attacking said mountain. Gasping, she put her fingers to her lip.

"G-guys… Look…" she pointed her shaky finger towards the gloomy sky up ahead.


With a very annoyed Naruto, he attempted to bonk the irritating Akatsuki member upside the head, only to have his fist pass through him. Tobi then sloppily kicked the fox boy off the tree branch they were both just occupying.

"What the hell is this guy?!" Kiba growled as he an Akamaru tried to attack him again. "Fang over fang!"

When Kiba had little success, Hinata turned her gaze towards Captain Yamato and Kakashi with panicked eyes. She had to help them somehow. She was on this mission for a reason. She must retrieve Sasuke at all costs. She wanted recognition. Even if it sounded selfish of her, she will do anything to grab their attentions. Specifically Naruto's attention... Shaking away the thought and the blush, she returned her panicked daze towards the copy-cat ninja.

"Kakashi-sensei… Did you…"

"Yes, Hinata, I saw."

"We need to go now, Kakashi-sensei." Hinata pleaded. "I can slip out from under Tobi. I can retrieve Sasuke, I can—"

"Hinata, no! It's too dangerous and—"

"Naruto, she's right. I will go with her, so don't worry." Yamato put a hand on Naruto's shoulder. As much as the jinchuriki hated it, he knew they were right. "Keep Tobi busy. Hinata and I will locate Sasuke, but we will not move until the rest of the team arrives. Got it? Now, Sai, Shino, Kiba, Naruto," Captain Yamato called out to them. "give us a distraction."

"Yes, Captain." Naruto then moved away and created four shadow clones, each pair making a vortex of circular motions all condensed into a sphere in his palm. "RASENGAN!"

"Super beast scroll!"

Kiba twisted and turned with Akamaru, creating the first diversion. "Fang over fang!" Tobi was distracted, however, Naruto went straight through him once more. Sai's jutsu had not affect either. Shino lifted his arms and a black cloud of thousands of parasitic insects engulfed the poor Akatsuki member.


Hinata and Yamato sprinted towards where the thunderstorm was. It was now getting clearer in said area. Activating her Byakugan, she was shocked to say the least.

"Black flames… It is surrounding them. A large amount of chakra is eminating from there."

"Black flames? It must be the Amaterasu Kakashi warned me about."

"Amaterasu?" Hinata glanced at the man next to her, Byakugan still activated.

"Yes. It is said that these black flames will incinerate anything and everything in its path. It will not disappear or extinguish on its own until everything in its path is destroyed."

"That sounds so terrifying…"

"Yes. It makes Itachi that much more powerful. So once we locate them, we do not engage in battle, alright? Whether be it Itachi or Sasuke. We will wait for the others."

"Yes, sir."

The black flames of the Amaterasu was now visible in front of them. Obviously, extinguishing the flames would be pointless. Yamato made an earth hand seal. "Earth style: planet splitter!"

At that, the earth in front of Hinata began to move apart, creating a tunnel like passageway, away from the Amaterasu.

This jutsu… Is so powerful… Itachi-san must really be something to fear.

-Page Break-

"The Susanoo…" Sasuke sneered as he watched his bloody brother limping towards him, hand oustretched.

"My eyes… They're my eyes." Itachi kept one eye open, crimson liquid was pouring out of the closed one. Overusing his Mangekyou Sharingan had these effects to him.

I can't do anything… I don't have any chakra left and Itachi just sealed Orochimaru's chakra from my body… Even with a limitless amount of chakra, I can't get passed that damn Susanoo.

Sasuke desperately threw kunai knives and paper bombs in hopes to slow down Itachi's ultimate defense. The older Uchiha didn't seem to be fazed by this. He continued his stumbling towards his younger brother. Sasuke, running out of options, unsheathed his sword and pounced directly at his brother, only to be forced back with the same force applied. His sword flying the opposite direction of him, Sasuke felt his back connect with a concrete wall behind him and slid to the rubble under him. Fearing that his death was near, Sasuke took a glance at the wall he was flung at, only to find the signature Uchiha fan was engraved on the dull, grey wall. A flash of heart-wrenching memories passed before his eyes. Snapping back to reality, he averted his eyes from the fan and tried to focus on his brother, who was now standing in front of him. Too shocked to even look at into his eyes, more memories flashed. This time, it was of his friends from Konoha. The same friends that he betrayed. The same friends he tried to kill. The same friends that were trying to bring him back. The avenger mustered all the strength he could to finally look into the eyes of Itachi, seeing that he did not want the last image he would see be the fuzzy memory of the bloody faces of his parents. The charcoal eyes in front of him was suddenly filled with content.

"Sorry, Sasuke... but this is it." Itachi. Uchiha Itachi. The man who killed his entire clan at age thirteen. The man who mercilessly killed his own best friend to gain power. The man who joined the infamous Akatsuki organization. Itachi… was smiling. Both eyes were closed. Itachi looked as if he was at peace. Sasuke was too frightened and confused to apprehend what was happening. He only stared at the two bloody fingers being raised to his eyes, only to have them nudge on his forehead. His fingers then slid off as Itachi collapsed to the floor next to his brother's feet. Not even looking at his brother's body, Sasuke collapsed next to Itachi as well.

My brother… Is now dead.

-Page Break-

The clouds hid the sun once again. The rain was mercilessly pounding onto the two ninjas.

"Captain Yamato… What should we do?" Hinata's brows furrowed in concern as she stared at the two unconscious Uchihas on the ground. She stared at them, not too far, behind some debris.

"We wait."

"But Captain… They're both…" Hinata gulped. "Th-they're both dying…"

"No, Hinata. We must wait. It could be a trap."

But it wasn't a trap. And Hinata knew it. She could feel the depleted chakra from both bodies. Itachi's chakra signature, however, was more faint than Sasuke's. He was fading from the world quickly. For some unknown reason, Hinata couldn't help but to want to help the S-class criminal. She felt the familiar sting in her eyes as she watched someone helplessly dying in front of her. Something about letting death overcome a person without her doing something about it seemed very wrong. Her mind was telling her that Itachi is a monster and the world would be better off without him but her heart was telling her that Itachi was a human and that he had the right to live. And leaving Itachi there for dead meant that Hinata might as well take a kunai and stab him in the heart.

"No, Captain Yamato. I must do something." Hinata's eyes were filled with determination. Before Yamato could make a move and restrain Hinata, she was already running towards the unconscious brothers.

About three feet from the two men, she gave them both a once over before kneeling down next to the weaker one of the two. She scanned Itachi's body, Byakugan activated. Yamato was right behind her tail.

Well, at least it wasn't a trap.

Hinata began muttering to herself. "His body is incredibly weak… Received many blows… His right arm seems to be singed… And his eyes… His eyes… The ocular muscles were strained too much… He's nearly blind." Hinata made a deep frown. She didn't even acknowledge Yamato's remark on how she should have tend to Sasuke first. Itachi was suffering a serious case of eye strain. It was unlike when she overused her Byakugan those many years ago, oh Itachi's case was much worse compared to Hinata's experience. Itachi's breaths were slight and his heart beat was inhumanely slow. He was dying.

How awful… Having to have deal with these pains constantly… He's been ill for a while too…

Moving her hand, she placed her right palm on his solar plexus and her left hand was covering over Itachi's eyes. Pushing as much energy out of her palms, she began to heal the older Uchiha. Soft green chakra was appearing before her eyes. The burns on his right arm seemed to have healed rather quickly and was now treating his internal wounds. She could feel his strength slowly recover in his body. However, she could feel that the strain in Itachi's eyes were not decreasing.

Eye bright… Eye bright will do the trick… It won't heal it completely, but the pain will disappear significantly. Hopefully, I still have some left back home...

After Itachi's breathing stabilized and his heart was beating normally, Hinata found herself feeling very weak. She used more chakra than she expected. She ran a hand into a long and insanely soaked indigo lock. Reaching within her cloak, she retrieved a lavender handkerchief from her pouch and began to wipe away the blood on Itachi's flawless face, using the rain as a source of a cleaning agent. Hinata wiped along his strong jaw line. She audibly gulped as she wiped more crimsons stains from his chin and soft lips. Maneuvering the cloth with skill, she cleaned the blood from under his eyes.

Looking over at Sasuke, she realized that she had to heal him too. But judging from her exhaustion and Sasuke's serious injuries, she concluded that she would run out of chakra before she could even heal a single cut.

"Captain Yamato. We must leave at once. Sakura-chan… She has to heal him now!" Hinata pointed to Sasuke's limp body.

"Alright, Hinata." A few hand seals later, Yamato made a wooden clone and Itachi was draped over its shoulder, as was Sasuke on Yamato's back. They began to trek back towards their team. Hinata did not notice when she dropped her handkerchief.

-Page Break-

"Sasuke triumphed in the battle. Uchiha Itachi is now dead." A venus fly trap man appeared next to Tobi.

"What! I don't believe it!" Tobi freaked out, fearing for his dear friend's life. However, all the ninja were ignoring him at the moment and were focused on the strange plant that emerged from a tree.

"What… What is that thing…" Sakura stared at it with utter shock and disgust in her eyes.

"Hey, spikey aloe guy! Tell us where Sasuke is!" Naruto yelled from the sidelines. He pointed at Zetsu some more.

"Spikey aloe guy…?" Zetsu sweat dropped. "What do you mean by aloe?"

"He looks like a venus fly trap… I will not fight against him. If he eats any of my bugs…" Shino shuddered and hesitantly took a step back.

"Wait, Sasuke really killed him…" Sakura hovered her eyes onto the floor.

Growing frustrated, Tobi repeated himself, only more loudly and more obnoxious.

"WHAT, I DON'T BELIEVE IT!" Now having the ninjas full attention, Tobi dropped his childish façade. "Kidding. It's just as I expected." You could hear the smirk in his voice.

"He just said that I'm an aloe plant…"

"Ignore him." His raspy voice sent shivers down all of the shinobi's spines. Their attentions were now back to the masked man. The plant seemed incredibly intimidating but now that this childish fool sounded menacing, they could have shit bricks. Hatake Kakashi nearly shit his bricks in his shinobi pants.

Kakashi stared into the hole of the orange swirly mask 'Tobi' had. Inside said mask was…

"Sharingan…" Kakashi gaped under his mask.

"Hm, I guess we have to finish this some other time." The masked man brought his arm over his head and began to disappear into thin air. Before his mask was fully out of sight, he bidded farewell. Well, a very informal 'later' to be exact.

Who is he… Kakashi thought with curiosity. Somehow, he knew that a very, very terrible outcome will occur.

"We have to find Sasuke befo—"

"SAKURA-CHAN!" Hinata burst from behind a whirl of bushes. The moon-eyed girl grasped onto Sakura's arm and began tugging. "You… must heal…" Out of the same direction, two Yamatos emerged from behind the leaves. "…Sasuke!"

They were heaving extremely hard, one held an unconscious Sasuke on his back, another had a figure over its shoulder. The ninjas were more interested in out-cold Sasuke than the mysterious shadow on the wood clone's shoulder. One of the Yamatos carefully placed Sasuke on the grass and without missing a heartbeat, Sakura was at his side, already using medical ninjutsu to heal his wounds. Hinata bit her lip and watched as color returned to his pale features. After what seemed ten minutes, Sakura healed the serious wounds. Her emerald eyes were wet and she was in tears.

"Oh, Sasuke-kun…" She wiped all evidence of tears from her face with a bloody hand. Gratefully, she turned back to the now tired-out Hinata. "Thank you, Hina-chan…"

"Good job, Hinata! I didn't know you had it in you!" Kiba and Akamaru rejoiced. Shino grunted in agreement.

Kakashi sighed. "You two should have stayed put… But if you hadn't Sasuke wouldn't be here right now." The timid girl raised a dark blue eyebrow. "Long story short, Tobi and another Akatsuki member were about to go retrieve Sasuke after they stalled us long enough for them to finish their battle."

The pinkette looked at the pale-eyed girl once more in gratitude. But her smile seemed to have transitioned into a confused one once she noticed the Hyuuga was now panting. Her pink brows were knotted together and she put a pale finger on her rosy lips. "Hey, Hinata-chan… How come you ran all the way back here to have Sasuke healed when you could have done it yourself?"

All eyes were now on the shy girl. Noticing all the attention on her, Hinata felt super uncomfortable, causing her cheeks to flush a few shades of pink. Her hands aimlessly began fidgeting with each other and her two index fingers began to poke one together. Her moon-orbs were glued to the ground, her fringe covering her eyes.

"A-ano… Sakura-chan… You s-see…" Hinata couldn't get the words out. Thank Kami for Yamato though.

"Does this answer your question?" Yamato's wood clone slumped Itachi's limp body on the ground next to Sasuke's. Yamato sighed. He used a disappointed tone. "Out of the kindess of her heart, Hinata decided to heal Itachi first, being that his injuries were beyond worse than Sasuke's. Hinata, you shouldn't have saved him. Sasuke wouldn't have wanted it."

"I-I… I d-didn't…"

Shame. Hinata felt shameful. She didn't mean to hand back the life of a killer, she was only trying to save a person's life. Hinata valued the life of a person, shinobi or civilian, enemy or friend, killer or not. Itachi was no different.

Then she heard the roars of her friends.

"Hinata! Why?!"

"He is a murder you shouldn't have saved him!"

"…killed his family!"

"Sasuke will be furious!"

"You're an idiot…"

Hinata's eyes snapped up to that last comment. Sai's comment.

"You're a real idiot, Hinata-san. I thought Naruto was until now. A real shinobi will bring down their enemy no matter what. You, on the other hand, decided that it was all dandy and let a killer live. And not just any killer… You let Uchiha Itachi live. Tsk, tsk… Just what you should expect from the failed heiress of the Hyuuga clan." His fake smile topped off his speech. Of course, it was incredibly reckless of Hinata to heal a missing-nin but Sai was way over the top. "I read in a book that one should always point out the mistakes of others in order for them to learn they had done wrong. In your case, Hinata-san, you have completely ruined everything." The fake smile plastered on his face did not lighten the mood.

Hinata bit her trembling lip and held back tears that were forming in her eyes. Shino and Kiba were burning holes into Sai's head with their death glares. Naruto was about ready to punch him in the gut until Sakura stopped him, shaking her head. Yamato slapped his forehead. Akamaru was maliciously growling at the painter. Hinata whipped her body around and her hair followed. Kakashi finished creating a seal to keep Itachi and Sasuke from running away if they were to wake up. Tears rushed from her pearl eyes down her cheeks and disappeared into her hair.

"Let us go back to Konoha now, please." Hinata choked, trying to sound as unfazed as possible.

The seven leaf shinobi, plus one nindog and two rogue leaf ninjas in their grasp, zipped through the forest.

-Page Break-

"Where are they?" The raspy voice of Tobi demanded. "Where are the Uchihas!"

"I don't know! They were just here when I left! I swear! Look... Their blood is still on the floor!" Zetsu cowered in his plant shell.

The masked man grunted in aggrivation. He was grumbling some very colorful words until something caught his Sharingan wielded eye. Picking the object up in his hand, he examined it carefully. It was a cotton cloth. Not any cloth though. It was a lavender handkerchief. And engraved on the handkerchief was the two letters 'HH' and the yin and yang symbol. The man smirked underneath his orange mask.

"Zetsu. You know of the Hyuuga clan, correct?"

"Hyuuga? Of course."

"That's good... Because I'm planning on paying them a visit in the near future." He clenched the faint purple hankie in his hand.

"Hai, Madara-sama."

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