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Chapter 8: Irony

Sakura felt like she has been walking for hours. A pale hand wiped away a stray sweat drop from her brow caused from the blazing sun. Where the hell was she? She was walking on water and no strip of land is in sight. She sighed and continued her pointless journey to nowhere. At last, after what felt like a million hours, land was in sight. A lush green forest was up ahead and Sakura was more than relieved to stop constantly pushing chakra from her feet. She began sprinting towards solid ground.

Suddenly, her surroundings altered. The water she walked on stripped itself of its deep blue color and was replaced with a bottomless pit of blackness. The sky's beautiful cerulean taken over with menacing blood crimson and the once happy sun was blocked by a malicious black moon. The moon looked as if it was a black hole ready to consume her. Sakura took a step back, feet still on the black waters. She examined the area, her eyes landing on the now monochromic grey trees.

Sakura thought about running away, but before her feet even processed the thought of moving, she was immobile and strapped onto a cross.

"What the fuck?! Where am I?!" She screeched.

The world's most notorious ninja appeared before Sakura. He raised a katana over his head gracefully. "In the world of Tsukuyomi, I control time, space, and all substances. For the next seventy-two hours, you will be repeatedly tortured over and over again. Starting now."

Pft, as if genjutsu, even if it is Tsukuyomi, would get to me, Haruno Sakura. The pinkette inwardly hmmphed in cockiness.

Just then, another shadow appeared next to the older Uchiha. Sakura's eyes bulged.

"Sasuke, move out of the—!"

Itachi stabbed his little brother repeatedly while the poor boy curdled muffled screams as if his lungs were filled with fluid and his throat was raw. Blood squirted from where he was stabbed onto Sakura's monochromic white face. She began trembling that the wooden cross she was nailed to began creaking.

NO! He can't get to me… HE CAN'T—

"Give up, Haruno." In the same second, she was now surrounded by fifty Itachis and fifty Sasukes. All of which repeated the same action. Same blood splatter, same blade going down, same swift movements, but all equally torturing. Then Sasuke began talking.

"Sakura… Not only are you annoying, but useless as well. I thought you became stronger… YOU'RE WEAK!" Then the process repeated itself.

Sakura shrieked bloody murder.

-Page Break-

"I see…" Sasuke's face was solemn yet serious. Itachi explained the whole story to his little brother. Now, he did not have to lie to him anymore. Hopefully, his idiot kid brother would not react negatively and destroy an already destroyed Konoha. Then he would take matters in his own hands. Their only problem is to keep that masked bastard from trying to brain wash Sasuke and basically ruin the world. If Itachi wasn't a master of hiding his true emotions, he would be sighing. If Itachi wasn't a master of hiding his true emotions and suppressing them, he would probably be swinging a Samehada-sized weapon at random things.

"Niisan… It's alright." Sasuke gave him a curt nod. That was more than Itachi could hope for.

"Very well, Sasuke."

The Hyuuga that was guarding Hinata's still unconscious self could sense the sudden spiking of the pink headed medical ninja on the ground not too far from him. He then eyed the Uchiha brothers with his Byakugan.

Uchiha Itachi… What did he do to her? More importantly, what is he doing here?

Itachi and Sasuke felt eyes on them. Both turned their gazes onto the Hyuuga that looked like he was giving all his attention to the Hyuuga heiress. The Hyuuga Branch member flinched, the brothers taking note of this. With a jolt, Hinata snapped open her lids revealing her moon orbs to the identical one in front of her.

"Ko-san!" Hinata cheered.

"Hinata-sama! You're awake!" Ko remarked happily. The Uchiha brothers were now at her side. Ko looked at them incredulously.

Damn, they're fast… I didn't even sense them move.

"Hinata-chan, are you alright? Are you hurt at all?" Sasuke hovered over her hurriedly. He looked incredibly cute all worried-looking, as if he was a mother worried about her child, Hinata, getting a boo-boo or what not. He even went so far as pushing her down, gently might I add, when she tried to get up on her feet. Ko watched him, brows nearly hiding behind his hitaite.

"Yes, Sasuke-kun, just a l-little sore." Hinata beamed him a reassuring smile. Hinata watched Itachi kneel on one knee and stared at her straight in the eye. Their faces were only a breath away and their noses brushed against the tips. A tinge of red coursed through her cheeks.

"Don't ever run away like that ever again." Itachi ordered. Instinctively, Hinata bobbed her head up and down, too enthusiastically. Sasuke noticed this creepy closeness and was immediately upset with it. A ghost of a smirk appeared on Itachi and Hinata's all knowing Hyuuga eyes caught a glint of mischievousness in his obsidian ones.

Unexpectedly, Itachi smothered her soft lips with his, crushing them with his attention, and his hand securely behind her neck. Hinata was stunned and her face became beet red. Ko was gaping at the scene, watching the innocent Hyuuga Hinata locking lips with the dangerous Uchiha Itachi. Both were heirs of their clans, both polar opposites. The irony was very real.

However, Uchiha Sasuke let jealousy course into his veins. Jealousy activated the hidden anger and hatred that Itachi caused. Yes, he had forgiven him for the slaughter of his family for it was not his fault. But now he was filled with childish hate fueled with naïve anger. Consequently, he crossed his arms chibi-style and pouted, his bottom lip sticking out.

Itachi released his beloved nurse and smirked at how red she turned. Her face radiated so much heat that he could probably go weeks in a blizzard with her as a heat source. Hinata began poking her index fingers together and darted her eyes away from the devilishly handsome man that just kissed her for the second time today. Her face de-blushed and she stopped her finger poking and faced the man before her.

"Ano, Itachi, what happened?" The famous Uchiha murderer's mask of stoicness returned.

"You fought Pein and he nearly killed you. You should not have ventured out onto the battlefield against someone with the likes of him. He is very dangerous, Hinata. You are very lucky Sasuke and I were there to retrieve you before he delivered the final blow."

"O-oh, forgive me…" Her opalescent eyes fell in shame.

"However, you gave the Kyuubi container a reason to beat Pein. As of now, Naruto is still battling him. At this rate, maybe, just maybe… He will save the village."

Hinata perked at the good news. Happiness returned to her face. Now noticing the Uchiha avenger still pouting behind his older brother, she approached him with gratitude.

"Sasuke-kun, thank you so much for saving me." Sasuke stopped pouting and slightly flushed when she came in to embrace the boy. Sasuke was so flustered with her touch that he forgot to hug her back. Hinata took a step back and approached Ko. She frowned when she noticed a deep gash in his left arm."

"Ko-san, you are injured… Let me help you." Hinata held up a pale hand already radiating green chakra while Ko pushed her away.

"No, Hinata-sama. I am not worthy—"

"Ko-san, I am the heiress, future head of the Hyuuga clan, I order you to give me your arm immediately." Hinata said firmly complete with a stern expression. Hesitantly, Ko offered her his injured arm while Hinata happily healed him then bandaged it in a neat bow. Itachi raised a brow as he observed the heiress heal this branch member. He returned to his sitting position on the rubble. Sasuke followed suit, his flustered expression hidden behind a pout again. "There we go, almost as good as new."

"Arigatou, Hinata-sama." Ko gave her a smile of gratitude before his brows crinkled over his Hyuuga eyes. He lowered his voice. "Demo… Why is Uchiha Itachi here?"

Who does this fool think he is? I am right here, does he honestly think I can't hear him?

"Ko-san… It was an S-rank mission. There is no use in lying to you now so… They," Hinata nodded her head towards Itachi's general direction "are my mission. I was to protect and heal them as their nurse until the council came up with a decision with what to do with them. Only father and Neji know of this, but I am certain it does not matter anymore."

Hinata was more than relieved when Ko nodded his head in understanding. Hinata noticed something off about Ko. Something pink glinted every time his head bobbed down. Then a sudden spike of chakra awakened her ninja side and her Byakugan flared towards the offending chakra. As fast as she ctivated her bloodline it deactivated as she rushed over to the unconscious body of Haruno Sakura.

"Sakura-chan!" Hinata frantically observed her body and gave a standard procedure, checking her heart rate, breathing, etc. She began mumbling to herself again. "She is clearly unconscious… Genjutsu, maybe? From the looks of it it's a strong one too… Wait."

Then a click. Itachi inaudibly gulped and a drop of sweat traveled down his temple.

Genjutsu? Who do I know can perform strong genjutsus such as—

"Itachi…" Hinata's eye twitched. Her usual soft spoken voice was soaked in irritation. It's as if Hinata was Kushina and Itachi was Naruto, and he was about to get the lecture of a lifetime. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!"

Obviously, Itachi was panicking on the inside. He hid it very well and responded calmly and quietly. Even Sasuke was interested in the sudden ruckus.

"The pink haired one played a trick on my brother and I. I was offended of course and she was punished. The Tsukuyomi she is under will not kill her, just torture her mind a little bit. If she is as strong as I depict her to be, she will come out unharmed in about an hour." Itachi explained, hoping to calm the raging side of Hinata.

The Hyuuga female flushed, partly because she was previously infuriated that Itachi put her under a genjutsu and partly because she was embarrassed because she yelled at him.

"Oh… What kind of genjutsu is she under?" Hinata recollected herself.

"Hm…" Itachi walked over from his seat on the ground and whispered into Hinata's ear, making sure she was out of hearing range of his younger brother. Of course, Sasuke quirked a brow. A fit of giggles arose from Hinata's lips, even Ko chuckled a bit. He picked up some of the conversation. Itachi smirked deviously. All three looked at the pouting Uchiha still sitting on the rubble with amusement.

"What?" Sasuke was clearly annoyed.

"O-oh, nothing, Sasuke-kun." The indigo-haired woman covered her mouth with a hand, hoping to keep in the laugh that is just dying to come out. Of course, the joke is especially cruel but it was very ironic. "Demo, Itachi, you must undo it now. Please?"

Itachi stared at her bubbly face and big round eyes. "Fine."

Suddenly, a hoard of ninjas and civilians began running at them. None of them cared who the hell was in their way and made a stampede. Ko carried Sakura away as Itachi did with Hinata, Sasuke leaped straight into the air with ease. The three ninjas landed safely away from the animals. Hinata was back on her feet and Sakura was laid against a huge piece of debris. Itachi quickly dispelled the jutsu and the pinkette slowly opened her eyes, revealing emerald stones. With a sudden jolt, she stabbed a finger into Itachi's face.


"How dare you play an idiotic joke on me? Do you not know who I am?"
Itachi sneered. Itachi doesn't sneer? Well, he sneered in a very Itachi way.

Sakura flipped her bubble gum hair and crossed her arms with a 'hmmph'. "It was funny so shut up."

How irritating.

Just then, Kiba and Akamaru, followed by Ino, flash stepped next to them.

"Hey, Hinata! Naruto's back!" The wolfy grin was stretched across his face.

"REALLY?! NARUTO'S BACK!" Sakura chimed in. Ino smirked.

"Are you deaf, Billboard Bitch? Second to Naruto, Kiba's the loudest!"

"WHY YOU, PIG-WHORE!" Sakura and Ino bumped foreheads, both raising their fists up to each other.

Dear Kami, they're like twins… I remember those two. Itachi shuddered at the memory of having both Ino and Sakura as his nurse while Hinata was gone to get his eye medicine. He felt completely sorry for Sasuke.

The Inuzuka ignored the quarreling girls and tugged Hinata by the hand. "Come on, Hinata, let's go see Naruto!"

Hinata flash stepped behind Kiba and Akamaru while the Uchiha brothers flanked her. The two rivals were lovingly stalking Sasuke's back. When the whole group finally made it to the herd of people, they all jumped to the front. A lot of people showed up to greet the village hero.

Hinata and the rest made it in time to find Kakashi carrying a beaten up boy clad in orange. The whole village erupted in applause and cheers. Ninjas, the Konoha 11 mostly, ran up to the jinchuuriki and gave him high fives and praises. Seconds later, he was being thrown into the air while the crowd cheered his name. Hinata was more than proud of Naruto for overcoming his obstacles.

When Naruto was let down on the ground, Hinata ran up to greet him. But instead, Sakura got to him first. A flash of pain ran through her. Sakura punched him upside the head, then hugged him, tears streaming down her face.

"Naruto, you idiot!" The blonde seemed to have hugged her back, nuzzling his whiskered cheek into her cotton candy locks.

What the fuck?

Hinata was not really one for swearing but this time was appropriate enough.

WHAT the fucking FUCK?

The pair stopped hugging and Naruto took Sakura by the hands. "I didn't think I could do it without you, Sakura."


Hinata's left eye twitched as the two began embracing again. Itachi felt a very small amount of killing intent radiating inside of Hinata. A very small sliver but killing intent nonetheless. Her fists were balled so hard that her knuckles were snow white, her cheeks tinted with red fury, her chest heaving up and down. Oh, she was definitely pissed. Itachi quirked a brow when she took off running towards the blonde and pinkette. Itachi took a step forward.

Was she going to attack?

Instead of the obvious, Hinata ran past the two, bumping shoulders with Sakura for good measure, and running into the forest, mad as hell. Itachi ran off to follow Hinata, his shinobi clothes fluttering from the speed of his legs. Sasuke stayed and scowled so hard at his baka teammates that he was surprised he didn't get a headache. Naruto goofily glared back.

"Jealous, Sasuke-teme?" Naruto flashed his good guy pose. Sasuke 'pfted' and began walking away into the crowd that paid no attention to the Uchiha or even Itachi.

Wow, oblivious pricks.

"Oi! Didn't you hear me—"

"I heard you, baka. But I'm not the one jealous." Sasuke teleported elsewhere.

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