Oh goody! I'm a girl! Then he fainted.

And so it continues….

Matt woke up in a familiar scenario…his boy cave. But how did he end up here? Was of it just a dream? Was Genevieve still on his phone? Did they have the codes? All of these questions and many more went through matt's head. He needed answers! He jump out of his couch and ran to the kitchen to talk to Asha only to find Keith David in there drink coffee.

Mister Keith David; do you know where Asha is? Matt notices the sqeekness in his voice. And is there a cold going around?

Keith David sighs at the kid and gave him his mug. Matt gave Keith David a confused look on his face. He then looks at his reflection on the mug…the image he saw was a girl.

I'm a woman aren't I? he ( or she ) asks.

Yes. Keith David tells her.

( with the other saints in the lab )

Kinzie will these changes be permanent? Asha asks the redhead geek. Asha was trying to duck tape her tail to her right leg (Being a furry not easy!). but it still found its way free.

Hopefully not! I might be able to change you back once we find Genevieve. Until then you're stuck like that. She tells her.

I'm fine like this! In fact I can get used to it! The boss says. He was drinking a beer watching kinzie play on the computer. Asha just face palm.

Boss! I never argue with you on anything, I just normally go with your stupid plans. But now, I have reached my limit! She tells him, in the background you can hear pierce chuckle at her comment. What is so funny?

You sound like you going to leave the saints! Woman you can't go anywhere! He tells her.

No but I can certainly KICK YOUR ASS! Asha charge at pierce only to have Johnny grab her and pull her away from him. It's your fault I'm like this you blubbering idiot! She shouted at pierce trying to get out of Johnny grasp but her efforts were futile. After a while she stops struggling and Johnny let her go.

Look I know your pissed at pierce, but beating him up won't change you back. Johnny tells her.

Anyway! Kinzie interrupt them. The codes Genevieve gave you guys were only 2 out 5. Those are not even enough to power up the machine. If we don't find-AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! A horror scream was heard from the room next door. Then a very loud thump. Everyone rush to the kitchen to see what had happen. They found Matt knock out on the floor and Keith David staring down at him, shaking his head in disappointment.

Again…Kinzie says staring at matt.

I just hope he won't be out of it for the next 48 hours. Kings says a bit worried. He then look at Asha. How come you're not worried?

How so? She asks.

Matt been asleep for 2 days now! And you perfectly okay with it! Kings says pointing to matt.

Because this happened a lot when he was in the MI6. Asha tells King. I remember this one time he fainted after watching a girl get rape by a tree in the movie Evil dead ( I closed my eyes when that happened! ). I had to carry him home! And he fainted when we cut open a zombie and had to pull out its guts….now that I think about that was disgusting.

So…is anyone going to wake him up? Kinzie asks.

I got it. Johnny tells her. He pick up Keith David coffee mug and spills coffee on Matt. matt spun up quickly.

Why'd did you do?! He yells at Johnny.

Because your woman. He tells her. Matt just nods at his comment. He then looks down at himself…he's a woman! A busty curly haired woman! Matt was quiet.

You okay? Asha asks him. She walks up to him.

Yea! I mean I'm use to all this craziness! So I'm a girl….this will be Experience for me! Matt smiled at Asha. He knew going into an upset fit will not solve this problem. All he could do was smile at her. Well then, he started. I think it's time that I get to work! Kinzie, if you could please tell me what's been happening while I was out. And like that matt took his leave with kinzie behind her.

( 3 days later )

It's been 3 days since the incident with Genevieve and the geeks still couldn't locate her anywhere around the system. The two were getting frustrated. Not cause of the missing codes! It the fear of not knowing what Genevieve was planning. Genevieve had the power of destroying the mother system of the computer. Genevieve even had the power to hack into the ship gas tank and kill everyone in their sleep. The thought of not knowing what she planning scares them. Because of this they hadn't eat, sleep, or even left the computer for 3 days. And everyone knew the stress was propyl killing the two geeks. Especially matt, being a new born woman he didn't know what to do with himself nor how to take care of himself fully. And with all the work he's been doing with kinzie he doesn't even have time to dress himself in proper wear. All he has been wearing was a giant purple T-shirt that went to his knee's he got from Shaundi, along with some panties. The boss was getting worried so he thought of something.

(Boss, Pierce, and Johnny)

The 3 guys were at the pool table playing a round. Johnny been pissed off lately because Asha has been avoiding him and he didn't know why. And on that Pierce was always near him so that was extra annoyance.

I wonder how matt doing in there? The boss asks his two friends as he watches the white ball roll around the table.

Propyl about to have a sugar rush with all the coffee they been drinking. Johnny answers, hitting the white ball only to get it in the hole. SHIT! He yelled.

Calm down it just a game. Boss tells Johnny.

I win! Pierce says.

Congatufuckinglations! Johnny yells at Pierce.

E'h man! Just because you're having problems with your girl doesn't mean you can burst out in anger at me. Pierce tells Johnny, and he was right! ( for once ) Johnny was being avoided and it was pissing him off!

Fuck you pierce. Johnny tells him. Pierce was about to say something back but the doors to the lab opened cause the guys to see who was coming out. It was matt and he looks like shit! He (or she sorry I still don't know if I should call matt a she or he) walks past the 3. He gave them a wave hi and headed towards the kitchen to make more coffee. The 3 guys followed her.

Dam girl you look like shit! Pierce tells matt.

Thanks I feel like shit too. Matt answers, her voice was low and tired. Her skin was very pale to the point you could see the black rings under her eyes and not confuse them with her eye shadow. She rumach through the refrigerator but she didn't pull anything out. She closes the refrigerator and went to the phone.

Hello? She talks on the phone near the microwave. Yes, can you get me my servant?...Yes get me some coffee cream, sugar, and two boxes of cigarettes. She then hung up the phone.

You smoke? The boss asks.

I do now; it takes away the feeling of hunger. She answers the boss before walking passes him to get to the lab. Call me when the deliver gets here please. She then disappears behind the doors.

Okay! That's it! They need to get out of there! The tells to the two.

Good luck! Knowing kinzie she's not going to leave her post! Johnny tells the boss.

I got a plan! You'll see! The boss tells Johnny.

( an hour later )

All the stuff matt order came and the boss made them their coffee with a little something special in it.

Coffee! The boss Yells from behind the door. The doors open to let him in. the area look like a mess! Ash traces everywhere, filled up trashes with flies everywhere. The two geeks were at the computer typing something with a bunch of heliogram screens everywhere. Matt turn to the boss.

Thank you love! Matt said as she took the coffees out of his hands.

You can leave now! kinzie tells him. The boss leaves silently but not before giving his matt a kiss on the cheek. This cause matt to blush and smile. It made kinzie wanting to puke.

Matt gave her a cup and drank hers. After they finish their coffee they went back to work, but instead of feeling awake they felt sleepy.

He drug this didn't he? Kinzie asks matt. She gave her a nod before falling asleep. Kinzie followers her in slumber a few seconds later. The doors to the lab open reveling a happy boss and a floating CID.

I do not believe that you needed to as humans say-spice the drink. He tells the boss as he scans the two girls to see if they are in need of medicine.

Aw they'll be fine! He tells the floating drone. Besides my baby needs to get out of this technology hell hole…and also get away from kinzie.

Kikkie: how was that!?

Matt: im a girl!

Asha: im a furry!

Boss: * nowhere to be found *


Matt: plz review.