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WARNINGS: language, sex, dub-con, D/s, light BDSM

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Kurt woke up on his sixteenth birthday to a stinging pain on his wrist. He'd been expecting it and knew what it was, so he didn't bother to look. He snuggled back into his pillow, keeping his wrist out so it wouldn't sting from rubbing on the material.

Everyone in the world, on their sixteenth birthday, received the Soul Mark. It was a way to not only know if the person was Dominant or submissive, it was the way one would eventually find their soulmate. The Soul Mark was a tattoo-like black band that encircled the right wrist. Everyone got the black band. Under the wrist is where things differed. On the inside of the wrist, one would either get a skeleton key or a padlock. The people with a skeleton key were Dominants or Doms. The people with a padlock were submissives or subs. The marks looked real, like the key or lock was right there. The best tattoos didn't look as good. Everyone experienced a change to their mark upon meeting their Soulmate. The black band around the wrist would adopt white letters spelling out the Soulmate's name. If you were a sub, your mark would change again once you were claimed by your Dom. At first the Mark was the padlock, but it isn't 'locked', the lock is open. When you were claimed by a Dom, typically through sex or a deep and true admission of love, the padlock would change and close. This would indicate that the sub is claimed and not to be talked to or touched by anyone unless given permission to by the Dom.

Soulmates were the most important thing in society. The fear of prison or retaliation kept people from harming Soulmates, especially subs.

Subs were cherished and loved by their Doms. They were cared for and most times pampered. In return, the sub supported and encouraged their Dom, served them, made themselves available at any time for sexual intercourse or anything else the Dom wanted or needed. Subs were never abused as it would physically and mentally scar the Dom for the rest of their life. The few cases of sub abuse were dealt with by the death penalty, fatal retaliation from the subs family, or even suicide. However, though abuse wasn't tolerated, punishment was not just tolerated but expected. Subs were to behave in a manner set forth by their Dom. If they misbehaved, they were to be chastised. Chastisements were anything from lectures to 'grounding' to spankings and in extreme behavior problems, whipped.

From the age of sixteen forward, everyone was on the lookout for their Soulmate. Every day you would see people shaking hands, touching fingers, even the not-so-subtle high five. It was known that once you touched the hand of your Soulmate, you would find their name written into your band. If you met your Soulmate before the age of eighteen, you were free to move in with your Dom and their family or just the Dom. No permission was needed from the parents. Even if the sub was unwilling or scared for some reason, they were still to follow where their Dom went. Banks would grant home loans to Soulmates under eighteen, though you were likely to have interest rates through the roof. Most underage Soulmates stayed with the Dom's family until high school graduation or age eighteen, whichever came first.

Kurt had been looking forward to getting his Mark because most of his friends already had theirs. They were treated differently, like they were more mature or worldly because they'd received their Mark. After you received your Mark, your school classes would change. Before then, everyone learned together. After the sixteenth birthday, everyone was separated by Dom or sub. The classes then aimed the lessons specifically tuned for the group they were teaching. Doms would learn everything from Emotional States of Subs to Punishing Through Love to Sexual Education for Doms. Subs, on the other hand, had classes from Cleaning: From Linoleum to Hardwood, Cooking For the Finicky Dom, and Pleasing Your Dom In and Out of Bed. These kinds of classes were paired with the normal reading and writing. Most subs went to college as well, though the class offerings were different. Once claimed, a sub would need explicit permission from their Dom in order to go to college. Most claimed subs didn't attend college, but stayed home in order to please their Dom.

Kurt knew he would send his sub to college if the sub wanted to. For the subs benefit, not his own. He intended to be a good Dom, treating his sub with love, fairness and as much equality as he could. The laws didn't allow for equality across the board. But behind closed doors, he could treat his sub as he would want to be treated. Unlike most Doms, he would never require his sub to call him Master or Sir, he thought it was demeaning. His name was Kurt and that's what he wanted his sub to call him. He wouldn't expect lovemaking until the sub was completely ready. Hell, he wasn't even ready for sex, why would he expect his sub to be? As for punishing, that would just never happen. It was sick and cruel to spank your sub just for making a small mistake. What happened to compromise? If a sub didn't sleep well and was in a bad mood, why should he be punished twice? Once for showing a bad mood and once for not sleeping well. Yes, if a sub didn't allow adequate time for sleep, they were punished. It was ridiculous, all the rules that were set forth for subs. He would be a different and new kind of Dom.

"Hey Kurt! You awake son?" Burt called from downstairs.

"Yeah, Dad," Kurt replied loudly.

"Get your Mark yet?" his dad continued to yell.

"Yeah, Dad," Kurt repeated.

"Okay, well, your birthday breakfast will be ready in a few minutes, bud. If your Mark is sore, rub some aloe on it," Burt said.

"Thanks, Dad. I'm gonna take a shower, then I'll be down!" Kurt smiled at the conversation. They could hold long talks simply by hollering at each other across the house from each other. He also appreciated how his dad hadn't insulted him by asking what his Mark was. They both knew Kurt was a Dom, just like his dad was.

He got out of bed and stretched, groaning at the feeling of his back popping. Opening his closet, he got out the outfit he'd already picked out. Black skinny jeans, light blue tee, gray vest. He was wearing a t-shirt so his Mark would be readily visible. He, Puck, and Mike were going out for a Dom's lunch during school. Words couldn't express how excited he was to finally get on with his life. The Mark made everything possible. Even finding his Soulmate.

In the shower, he shampooed and conditioned his hair before taking a loofah to the rest of him. He was running the loofah down his right arm when he turned his wrist over, pride stretching a smile across his face. Looking at his Mark, he dropped his loofah.

What was supposed to be a skeleton key, was a very noticeable padlock, open and waiting for a Dom Soulmate to claim him.

What? What the hell was this? Kurt thought. How? Why? He was a Dom! He always had been! He was a take charge kind of guy, he was comfortable giving instructions and having them followed. He had a ton of ideas and opinions on everything and people listened to him. How the hell could he be a sub?

Unbidden, tears began streaming down his face, mixing with the water from the shower. His life was over. Kurt slid down the side of the shower, sitting on the floor with the hot spray hitting him in the chest. Forget things like the Dom lunch he'd had planned. Forget the fact that his school schedule was going to change. Forget all of that. This mark, this gray and black padlock signified that someone out there had the power to make Kurt do whatever they wanted. Whether Kurt wanted to or not, he would be stuck obeying someone else, hell, everyone else, for the rest of his life.

He didn't know how long he sat there, the water slowly cooling. His skin was pruning but he couldn't bring himself to care.

"Kurt! You gonna use up the last of the hot water? Get your butt out and get downstairs!" his dad called to him.

"Yes Dad!" Kurt yelled and automatically stood, turned the water off, and got out to dry himself off. He was halfway dressed when he realized what had just happened.

"No," he groaned, new tears falling. He'd received his first order as a sub and his body had acted on autopilot, eager to obey. This was how the rest of his life was going to go. Obeying someone else. Bowing to their every whim.

His life was over.

. . . . . . . .

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