I am SO SORRY again! Though my family is up on our flu shots, we all got sick anyway. One kid with bronchitis, one with a sinus infection, and a sinus infection for me as well. Between all of us, we are a house full of miserable people. I have not given up on this story and will not do so. The updates will be slow as I get back into the habit, but I WILL keep writing, have no fear. So, though it may be a short chapter, let's get on with it….

. . . . . . .. .

Last time on "Unlock My Heart":

Kurt applauded loudly before going and pulling Blaine into a passionate kiss. He clasped the hand Blaine had his Mark on and squeezed their Marks together. They were once more plunged into a world all of their own. It ended just as quickly as it began, Kurt beaming at Blaine.

"I love you, Blaine."

"I love you, too, Kurt," Blaine said, leaning forward to kiss his Soulmate once more.

. . . . . . . . .

Life seemed to improve dramatically for Kurt and Blaine. Though Kurt dealt with nightmares, a fear of cars, and meeting new people who were obviously Doms, he was slowly healing. With their new connection through the Claiming, Blaine was able to feel and even anticipate when Kurt would have difficult moments. He was able to prevent panic and keep Kurt feeling safe and secure.

Over the weeks leading up to the new school year, Kurt met many of Blaine's friends as they moved into the dorms and most of the Warbler's. He was invited to audition for the group and he immediately began preparing the perfect piece.

With Jeff's encouragement, Kurt took up yoga, finding it calming. Learning from different websites, he spent hours in the morning meditating and stretching his body into what Blaine considered, very painful looking contortions. When Blaine would gasp or moan when his own muscles would protest at a particular pose Kurt performed, Kurt would simply smile serenely and complete the movement. Jeff had wanted to learn the poses with Kurt but was chased away within days when Kurt's flexibility far exceeded his own.

Blaine gave Kurt his time when he asked for it, which was becoming more often as the yoga helped relax him. His anxiety over being alone was slowly abating, but Blaine always stayed nearby in case Kurt needed him. Blaine was determined to be exactly what Kurt needed and nothing more that could be construed as stifling or hovering. He was constantly checking with Jeff, Nick and Wes, though, to see if they thought he was being what Kurt needed. They quickly grew sick of his constant questions and pointed him back to Kurt. Nick hinted strongly at the concept of communication and Blaine rolled his eyes and flipped him the finger.

One afternoon when Nick and Jeff shoved Blaine out the door after affirming, again, that he wasn't dominating Kurt or pushing him into anything, Blaine returned to their apartment. Opening the door, he gasped in shock.

Kurt turned his head slightly and offered Blaine a serene smile. "Hello, Blaine," he said.

Blaine could feel the peace coming through the Marks. "He.. hello, Kurt," he stammered, turning his head, trying to make sense of what he was seeing.

Kurt exhaled deeply and giggled lightly. "It's the King Pigeon Pose, Blaine, or Kapotasana, as it's really named."

"Uh huh," Blaine said, stepping back and realizing that his Soulmate was in a perfect triangle. The front of his body was pointing out and upward with his head resting between his feet. It was like he had knelt down and just bent over backward until he met his own feet. Blaine's back started to ache. Then he really looked at Kurt, the tight yoga pants, the interesting pose pushing his pelvis out and giving Blaine a fascinating view of his Soulmate's leanly muscled frame. He swallowed hard, trying to keep his eyes off of a very visible part of Kurt's anatomy. But he couldn't help it, the t-shirt Kurt had on was pulled firm over his abs, his tight ass was taut, and his, well, Blaine quickly averted his eyes and made his way into the bathroom. He suddenly felt the need to take a shower. He considered taking care of his very, very frustrated body, but somehow, he didn't want Kurt to feel him doing that through the Marks. Kurt's yoga time was important to him and he didn't want him to become uncomfortable if his Soulmate suddenly felt the need to shower every time Kurt wanted to meditate. Instead, a cold shower and thoughts about the upcoming Warbler meeting helped calm his body down.

When he left the bedroom, he stumbled, his Mark on fire, his Dominant nature choking him. He fell against the wall as he saw the beauty before him.

Kurt was kneeling in a pose Blaine remembered seeing on Kurt's favorite website, Balasana, or Child's Pose. Kurt had told him he always finished with this pose because it calmed him and centered him. But he had never witnessed him in the midst of it.

Blaine felt tears burn in his eyes. Kurt was kneeling, his head flat on the floor in front of him, and arms outstretched, palms down on the floor. He could see Kurt's chest expand and contract slowly as he relaxed into the pose, his eyes closed and face tranquil.

Though he had been fighting every part of his Dominant side, Blaine could not fight the exquisite allure that Kurt portrayed in what he could only see as a submissive pose.

Quietly approaching him, he knelt quietly next to Kurt, not wanting to frighten him.

"Kurt," he breathed.

Kurt's eyes fluttered open and took a moment before focusing on Blaine.

Blaine held out his hand as it looked like Kurt was going to move. "No, please, stay," he said.

Kurt peered at him, his mind still floating in the tranquil abyss that he always found when he finished his yoga routine. "Something wrong?" he whispered, blinking at him slowly.

"Oh no," Blaine rushed to assure him. "I know I am learning about the, um, different side of me," he began.

Kurt smiled sweetly. "Blaine, I can feel your Dominant side practically cheering through the Marks."

Blaine's face lit on fire. "I should have figured. I just didn't want you to think…"

"I can feel your intentions are pure," Kurt said softly, his eyes blinking slowly.

"Good, um, thank you. I just had to tell you how absolutely stunning you look right now. The strength in your body, the serenity you are exuding, you are just so damn beautiful, I can barely catch my breath. Ever since what happened to you, the fortitude and courage you've shown. And this, I know you are not submissive to me, but Kurt, you stagger me with everything that you are," Blaine said, tears sliding down his cheeks. He slid closer, gently running his hand down Kurt's soft hair, down his neck, smoothing his way down Kurt's extended spine, stopping just short of the curve of his ass.

Kurt gave a soft gasp at the touch, his eyes closing. Both of them could feel the devotion and longing surging between the Marks. Blaine continued touching him, feeling Kurt's muscles and soft skin under his clothes.

"Blaine," Kurt finally said, slowly rising to a kneel.

"Yes?" Blaine answered, still lost in his love for his Soulmate.

"I don't mind that my submissive pose makes you happy," Kurt whispered shyly.

Blaine stared at him stunned. Shaking his head at the way Kurt continued to make him happy, he couldn't hold back anymore. Moving forward, he took Kurt in his arms, holding him gently, knowing he was still coming out of his meditative state. Kurt snuggled into him, resting his head in his favorite spot, right between Blaine's chin and shoulder.

Neither moved for a long while, content to just be.

. . . . . . . . .

I know, I know, I know this didn't push the story any further, but I haven't written in a while (though I did complete the 50k challenge of NaNoWriMo!). I will keep working at this until I'm back into my stride. Thank you all for your support, kind words, inquiries, and patience. You all rock, just so you know.