Long time, no see! I'm going to jump right in, starting with a catch-up to refresh our memories! It will be a short chapter as I'm easing back into writing. I still hope you like it! Unedited, sorry! Please read A/N at the end… Enjoy!

So far on "Unlock My Heart"…

*After giving Kurt a Dom order to kneel and Kurt leaving, Blaine learns a hard lesson on how to not be a domineering Dom and to concentrate on being a Soul mate instead.

*Kurt meets Sebastian, Joining with him to get over his sub sickness, then kissing him. Feeling guilty, he admits all to Blaine. Grandpa Jim tells Blaine to give Kurt time and show Kurt that he is willing to change for Kurt.

*After a sensual Joining and fun date that reminds them of their friendship and affection for each other, Kurt is kidnapped by Sebastian. He was tied up and hit but fought hard and obtained his freedom for a moment. Blaine finds him and through a Dom order, was able to help Kurt get out of Sebastian's grip.

*Still living at home with Burt, Kurt awakens with a nightmare and begs to be taken to Blaine.

*After asking Blaine to Claim him through lovemaking, Blaine turns him down, not wanting such an important step to be taken because of a traumatic event.

*They begin kissing passionately and love opens in their hearts, misconceptions of Doms and subs are erased. Pure love flows through them. When they part, they realize they can feel the other's emotions.

*Kurt looks at the lock on his wrist and sees it has closed, confirming that they had fully Claimed without having to have sex.

*Blaine worries that Kurt's love is false, but Kurt assures him that through the Claiming, all of his issues and fears were lifted away, allowing him to see Blaine's pure love, his soul. It was easier to love him than fight against it, because his Soul belonged with Blaine. It was his natural state to love him.

*Time passes, Kurt is healing from his ordeal. He takes up yoga which kills Blaine with lust, seeing him in different positions. Blaine comes into the room and sees Kurt kneeling in the Child's pose and his Dom side cheers. Kurt smiles, feeling the emotion through their open Marks. He tells Blaine he doesn't mind that his submissive pose makes him happy.

Chapter 23

As the new school year comes upon them, Kurt and Blaine are still in the throes of their love for each other. After the first week of school, Kurt is feeling stress over the amount of homework. Blaine helps Kurt take a step back to rest himself or eat when he is low on energy. Kurt easily agrees and takes steps to make sure he is taking care of himself. Blaine can't help but marvel over the beauty of Kurt's submission and realizes it comes along when Kurt needs it, not when Blaine is demanding it. Both of their natures seem to flow through the open Marks, never putting one of them above the other.

Kurt slowly gets over his fears of new people after the experience with Sebastian, and begins making friends with Blaine's friends as well as people he has met on his own. He enjoys the bully free atmosphere and is never teased or laughed at. It builds Kurt's confidence and he finally feels ready to audition for the Warblers. He is accepted immediately and he is brought into the fold of a group of boys who treat him like a loved family member. It is very different from McKinley and the drama of Glee club. Though he misses his friends and the weekly assignments, the dedication to practice and rehearsal (even with plenty of goofing around… Jeff) pushes him and makes him excited for performances and competition.

After yoga, homework and dinner, Kurt and Blaine always come together, snuggling on the couch with tea. Sometimes they watch a movie or mock a silly reality show, most times they are curled into each other and share about their day. They discuss in depth about the different feelings and emotional nudges they get from each other. Kurt managed to send a burst of lust to Blaine during a challenging dance routine during Warblers. Blaine got him back by holding him down and tickling him until his face was bright red. He thought it was so adorable, Blaine would then lead them into a hot and sensual make out session.

They both knew that they were nearly ready to take the next step in their relationship. Without the stress of the kidnapping or Blaine's antiquated views weighing on them, the physical aspect of their relationship was able to flourish naturally. Many an evening they would either rut against each other through their boxers or if one of them is tired or needs rest (the Marks let them know), even a simple goodnight kiss could land one of them in an unnecessary late night shower.

With Kurt's passion for yoga, Blaine returns to his favorite physical activity, aside from Kurt, and began boxing again. It was an interesting feeling through their open Marks. Serenity and peace coming from Kurt and aggression and single-mindedness coming from Blaine.

What Kurt didn't let Blaine know was that sometimes he would cut his yoga routine short and spend time on his knees, head bent, and hands on his thighs. His breathing was deep and meditative. Without a negative attitude towards submission, Kurt was able to pursue the position that he had once hated, though even then, there had been a feeling of rightness. With Blaine feeling the same peace from Kurt that he did during yoga, he never knew. Not until Kurt was ready for him to know.

That day happened after a particularly satisfying boxing match with David. The fellow senior had been teasing Blaine about his height, or lack thereof, and Blaine had challenged him to a match. It didn't take long before David was crying out that Blaine was the tallest of them all. The guys watching them laughed as Blaine raised his arms, jumping around the ring, declaring himself the victor.

After a cool shower, he headed back to his apartment, eager to see Kurt. He could feel an odd mix of peace and nervousness coming from his Soulmate. It wasn't worrying, just confusing. He wanted to share his victory, so he jogged the rest of the way, unlocking the door and stepping inside. Slipping his shoes and coat off, he turned to find Kurt.

What he saw, not five feet in front of him, made his heart pound into his ribcage and all the blood rush from his entire body and into his pants.

Kurt knelt there, back straight, head bowed, hands on his knees and though he couldn't see all of his Soulmate's face, but knew his expression was serene.

As beautiful as it was to see Kurt in such a pose, that wasn't the only thing that was beautiful. Kurt was kneeling there before him, completely nude. Blaine had seen glimpses of his Soulmate's body over the past weeks. Running, giggling to the shower, shaking his naked ass at Blaine. A flash of nude hip when he was changing.

This, however, this was beyond anything he had ever fantasized. Kurt's lean muscles were visible, his arms and hands strong, yet soft against his knees. His naked chest showed his soft pink nipples were already pebbled, making Blaine drool. His gaze continued down, admiring the V of Kurt's contoured abs. He couldn't help it, his eyes were drawn inevitably to the slightly erect cock settled between his legs. Blaine had held that cock, stroking it to orgasm, he'd rutted against it, wondering what he looked like. Now, here he was. Kurt's cock long and pale, like the rest of his skin, but flushed pink at the tip where Blaine could see a tiny drop of fluid that instantly made his mouth water. Kurt was completely shaved, including his soft balls cradled under his now hard cock. Blaine had never thought about doing anything more than 'manscaping'. Now, however, he was a firm advocate of shaving.

Finally, he got control of his brain, his upper brain, and choked out, "Kurt."

"Hello Blaine," Kurt's voice was soft and sweet. His head remained lowered, his breathing deep and steady. He was much calmer than Blaine was at the moment.

"Look at me, beautiful," he managed, desperate to see Kurt's eyes.

Kurt's head raised and Blaine gasped at the absolute peace in those blue green depths. He hadn't been able to feel it through the Marks, but underneath that serenity, a deep hunger blazed.

"I need you," Kurt said softly. "Will you have me?"

Blaine yelled at his cock to not explode at the words coming from those beautiful pink lips. He had to make sure Kurt was ready. He gazed into those endless eyes and could find no fear, pressure, anything that might deter him.

"Yes, my love, I will have you," Blaine finally answered. He held out his hand and Kurt took it, rising smoothly. He had to concentrate to get them to the bedroom, there was no way their first time would be on a couch or kitchen table or up against the wall. Though all of those scenarios would be waiting in the wings of his mind.

When they reached the room, Blaine turned to Kurt, wanting to touch him.

"May I undress you?" Kurt asked, still at peace, but showing more need than before.

All Blaine could do was nod. When had Kurt turned into this stunning siren, passionate, and in control?

Kurt slid his hands under Blaine's loose t-shirt, slowly pushing the material up, his soft hands brushing against Blaine's warm skin. The shirt fell to the floor and Kurt's hands moved to Blaine's sweat pants. Blaine moaned, clenching everything inside him so he wouldn't come. Like the shirt, Kurt's hands disappeared under the material of his pants and boxers lowering them down Blaine's body. The kicker was Kurt lowering himself with the pants. He didn't pause in his chore, tapping Blaine's foot to slide the pants off and repeating it on the other foot.

Kurt then knelt up, his face directly in front of Blaine's full, heavy cock. A shudder rippled through Kurt's frame, the first sign of not being in control. "May I?" he asked, his voice much deeper than usual.

Blaine moaned. "Oh, god, yes."

Without hesitation, Kurt licked a long stripe up Blaine's cock. This time, they both let out deep groans. It only got worse when Kurt dipped his tongue into Blaine's slit and lapped at the fluid leaking from it. Kurt was surprised he liked the taste. He had hoped he would. He loved everything about Blaine, now he knew he even loved the taste of his cock.

Looking up at Blaine through his lashes, he gave one last kitten lick before running his tongue over the head.

"Will you take me to bed now, Blaine?"

I know, I know. Cruel cliffhanger. But I had to guarantee you all would come back! : ) So, I feel I should share why I haven't written in so long. I was going through a major depressive streak and took up the hobby of cutting. It got so bad, I had over 500 cuts. I ended up on suicide watch and am now covered in scars. I am happy to say that I haven't cut in almost a month, though on the bad days, I start thinking about it. Anyway, I was too depressed to write, and I am sooo sorry I kept you all waiting for so long. I get irritated when my stories don't update and I don't like doing it. It was necessary though. But I am back and though I don't think I'll be able to manage daily updates like before, but I will update at least a couple times a week. I am so happy to be back to the place where I can write. It's my therapy, my joy, my freedom. Sorry for the short chapter. I want to ease back into it so I don't get too stressed. If you are still reading the story, thank you so much for your patience and I'm sorry if I let any of you down. Until next time…. Oh, as for the story? Happy days don't always last forever….