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It has been awhile since I have posted anything on. Some people might be disappointed that this wasn't a new Fate/Seal Night chapter. Do not worry; I will post an AU about what I plan to do about that story real soon.

Anyway, in celebration of the new IS anime season, I have decided to make this story. It will follow the anime and parts of the manga. I plan to have Minato transfer right before Charlotte does. This will be kind of a harem, but at the same time it won't, because by the end, Minato will only take one as his own, unless you guys decide otherwise.

Anyway I plan to give Charlotte and Laura to Minato while the rest go to Ichika. Because of this, I need more girls for team Minato and at least two more for team Ichika, and because I am so lazy, I have decided to let you guys make an OC for this story. I will make an application listing all the things I need to know about the OC and post it later on. Don't stop you from send an idea for me early though.

Anyway let's begin The IS: Orpheus.

If only I hadn't bumped into her. If only I had moved aside. If only I hadn't grabbed the object she dropped. Then maybe, just maybe, I might have lived the rest of my renewed life like normal.

A boy with azure blue hair is walking down the busy streets of Japan, his face down, a shadow cast over his eyes. He wears a school uniform that attracts the stares from passing people. The uniform isn't from a school around there. In fact, the uniform isn't from any school in Japan at all.

His old school was torn down years ago.

His friends, the same ones that had stood beside him during the most crucial part of his life, had all moved on and lived their lives.

He had just been released from the seal by his savior, Elizabeth, when she had told them that his friends no longer walked the earth. Even Aegis, who was machine, had worn down and passed on as well. Everything he had held dear was gone.

Was the boy sad? Of course, but he was satisfied as well. He had learned from Elizabeth that they had all lived their lives to the fullest. None of them had regrets. This news was able to bring a smile to his face.

This was his first day back on Earth. The third day would find him being dragged off to an undisclosed location by a crazy woman with mechanical bunny ears.

Then again, I was never a normal guy to begin with, so maybe I didn't deserve a normal life. After all, I had carried Death inside my body for 10 years, fought inhuman with mythical being that came from within my psyche, I even became the second Messiah for god's sake.

I am anything but normal. Of course I would never have a normal life.

But then again…

On the third day back on Earth, the boy had been wandering the streets of a city. The city's name eluded him. He was walking aimlessly, paying no attention whatsoever to his surroundings. He was looking back on all the memories he had back when his friends were still alive. The song "Memories Of You" playing from his earphones.

Had he been paying attention, he would have seen a certain genius girl, lost in her thoughts as well, walk right out in front of him. Caught up in his memories, he only noticed this girl when she squealed from bumping into him and falling on the floor. The object that had been in her hands now fell right in front of the boy's feet.

"Sorry!" The boy said as he bent down to retrieve the object.

The girl, in a brief flash of panic, reached out to stop him. Her hand stopped and her eyes widened as the object emitted a flash of light as the boy's hand came into contact with it.

The IS core that had been giving her problems had decided to start working only when this boy had touched it. The core had reacted to this boy.

Maybe I didn't want a normal life…

Bright, was the word that popped into the boy's head as the object in his hands started to light up like a Christmas tree. He didn't know what in the it was, but as soon as he touched it, it had reacted.

He looked towards the girl to find her staring back at him in slight amazement. What had attracted more attention to him was the fact that she had a pair of mechanical bunny ears on her head.

The girl on the other hand had different thoughts running through her mind. The IS core that wouldn't respond at all to her, had worked for the person in front of her, a boy no less.

Her eyes sparkled at all the possibilities and challenge of making an IS suitable for this particular core. But to do that, she needed the boy. He would not escape her….

The boy watched as the girl slowly stood up and stalked towards him in a slow, scary manner. He had a very bad feeling about this….

He started to look around for an escape route, but realized that he had unconsciously walked into an abandoned lot.

He looked back at the girl who was not only arm's length away. In the boy's eyes, a hint of fear of what was going to happen.

"I need you….to come back with me….to my lab…." Was the last thing the boy heard before his vision went dark.

The sound of two footsteps echoed off the walls of the narrow corridor. The first set walked confidently and fast. The second set, a little clumsy and trying to keep up with the first person's pace.

"So….Can you tell me where we are now?" Our favorite blue haired Messiah, Minato Arisato, said as he stumbled once more.

"Can't do that." The girl replied curtly.

Minato sighed and stumbled once again. He was getting a little irritated now.

"Ok, fine. Can I at least take this blindfold off now?" Minato asked.

As soon as she declared that she needed him to come back to her lab, she stepped forward and blindfolded him. She proceeded to drag him away to what seemed like a pod like…thing.

It was uncomfortable to say the least. The pod thing was only meant for one person, but the girl didn't mind. She just sat on his lap without an ounce of shame or embarrassment whatsoever. He tried to protest what was happening, but it fell on deaf ears as the girl mumbled about 'improvements to the core', whatever that meant.

After they had landed, he was dragged off again until they had arrived to a building. He again tried to protest, but she just ignored him this time. After that, it had led them to their current situation.

"Hmm. Okay, you can take it off now, were here anyway." The crazy woman, as Minato had decided to name her, said.

Minato reached up and ripped the blindfold off his yes to reveal and huge set of doors in front of him.

"….Didn't you say we were going back to your lab…?" Minato asked.

He had expected to see test tubes, machines everywhere, an anatomical model in the corner. Plus, he doubted a lab need a giant set of doors.

The crazy woman looked back at him and for the first time since he's met her, she smiled.

'This is my lab." She said and laid her hand on a device on the wall.

The doors flew open and for the third time in his life, Minato, our resident male kuudere, was surprised. He was surprised at the sheer size of the lab. He was surprised at the contents of her lab. He was right about the machines, but these weren't just any machines. These were the machines Elizabeth had told him about.

Then, something in his mind clicked. This girl, this crazy woman, was…

'Welcome to the lab of the genius, Tabane Shinonono!" She announced and spread her arms out.

Minato could only stare at her. He had just met the most wanted person in the world….by accident.

He had a feeling that it would be awhile before he would ever see daylight again.

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