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…Minato didn't know how he got into this situation. Well, he was warned this would happen, but he didn't expect it to be this bad. What should he do? He didn't want to push the girl currently clinging to his arm…in her sleep. What he also didn't want to do is wake her up and send her back to her own bed for two reasons; One, she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, and two because even if she somehow managed to get back to sleep, she would, unintentionally, sleepwalk back into his bed. So, it was basically pointless, a lose-lose situation.

He was brought out of his thoughts by movement on his left side. He looked down and stared into the face of the little librarian he had met this afternoon. Henaru Shizaku, if he remembered correctly. Well, she was currently in the process of snuggling up against him, hugging his arm.

…Really, how did this happen…Oh yeah! It started back when he learned that he would be fighting Ichika earlier today…

Ichika looked at his hand, then gave a challenging smile. "Yeah. May the best pilot win."

They both looked away from each other when they heard an angry humph. They both looked over to Houki, who had continued to pack her clothes and belongings, quite angrily if Minato had to say. And he was sure he could tell exactly why she was in a bad mood.

"Houki, are you still mad? I mean, I know having to move out suddenly is a bit…" Ichika started, trying to calm the angry Aunt.

"I'm fine, Ichika. I'm totally fine." She said sternly, not looking towards Ichika.

Minato sweat dropped at the sight. This was just sad. Was this boy really that dense? Though Minato really couldn't talk, he was just as clueless about Yukari's and Fuuka's affection toward him. To make matters worse, it was Junpei who told him about the two. Minato was pretty sure those two were the only girls that had fallen in love with him that he knew…right?

Anyway, he did feel bad about making Houki, his new relative, move out so suddenly. Maybe there was some way to let her stay a little longer…Well, best way to go about it is to just ask.

"Hey, Orimura-sensei, is it all right if Shino-or rather, Houki-san, can get a few more days to move to her new room? It's near the end of the day, and I doubt she'd be able to get everything to her new room before night fall." Minato asked.

Both Ichika, and Houki stopped arguing, and looked over to Chifuyu. She turned around and stared at Minato.

"Since there is now two male students at this academy, there is no reason for female students to have to share a room with a male student. This problem should be corrected immediately." Chifuyu argued.

"I see, but this also might have an impact on Houki-san's studies tomorrow. As I said, she won't be able to move into her new room until nightfall, maybe as early as early tomorrow morning. Being up that late at night could distract her from her studies." Minato argued back.

Ichika and Houki both looked from Minato back to Chifuyu.

"While that is true, she doesn't need to do it all today, just the bare necessities she needs for a good night's sleep. Then, tomorrow she may move her remaining stuff. Also, she doesn't need to do it alone, I'm pretty sure that you two are pretty free today and tomorrow after the fight." Chifuyu added.

Ichika winced when he heard he and Minato now had to help Houki. Though he didn't mind helping her, he just hopped her luggage wasn't that heavy. Houki on the other hand was overjoyed that she now could spend today and part of tomorrow…with Ichika…Other than that, she was surprised that Minato was trying to help her. Why? Was he trying to suck up to her now that she was his new Aunt? She hoped not. Maybe he was just trying to be friendly. Or, god forbid, he knew about her c-cr-crush on Ichika. She started to turn red at the thought of it.

"True, that solution might work, but I doubt Houki would sleep well, knowing some or her stuff would be in a boys' room. I doubt she would have time to take all her clothes and…toiletries." Minato said.

Houki blushed at the thought of having Ichika looking through her u-underwear, and looked away from Ichika when he looked over to her. Ichika sweat dropped, he had only wanted to reassure Houki that he wouldn't do that kind of thing.

"Then the only thing you need to do, is have the decency to not look through a women's belongings. I'm sure Ichika wouldn't do such a thing." Ichika cowered under her sister's cold stare and nodded. "But I'm not so sure about you." Chifuyu narrowed her eyes at Minato.

Minato sighed. He had gotten this far, so he wasn't backing out now. He didn't feel right making Houki leave so suddenly, so he wanted to make sure to get her a few more days to pack and move things, but it seems Chifuyu is more adamant on her leaving as soon as possible.

He sighed once more. He didn't want to do this, but Chifuyu-sensei had left him no choice. He was going to have to play…the family card.

"I assure you Orimura-sensei, that I wouldn't do such a thing. Especially to my new aun-relative." Minato switched words after he felt a death glares to his side. "But it is precisely that reason I want to give her more time to move. It wouldn't be a very good first impression if I suddenly showed up and kicked her out of her room on a sudden notice. Since we're family now, I don't want to be a burden on Houki-san right from the start, since Okaa-san had also asked her to look after me as well. I want to be on good terms with Houki-san, so I asked for you to give her more time." Minato finally finished, his eyes never once leaving Chifuyu's.

Both Ichika and Houki looked at Chifuyu. She was still staring, no, more like glaring at Minato, yet, he wasn't budging an inch. No falter, no hesitation, just determination. Ichika had to give the guy props. Any other guy would have broken down by now, and apologized to her. Even Ichika himself might have, yet he just continued to give Chifuyu the same monotonous stare.

After a few more seconds, Chifuyu closed her eyes, looked down, and sighed. "All right. I'll allow Shinonono-san to have two more days to pack her belongings and move. But only two more days."

Minato gave a small smile at the compromise, but in his head, he was picturing himself, silently raising his fist in the air while a bell was dinging, and a voice was echoing, 'Minato wins!'

Houki looked at Minato as he nodded to Chifuyu's compromise. He did that for her? Well, they WERE family now, so maybe he was trying to just look out for her. Maybe he wouldn't be so much like her sister after all. Minato looked over to her and gave her a thumbs-up, to which she responded with a small smile.

"Thank you, Minato-san." She said and bowed.

"Yeah. Anytime. And, if you do actually need help moving the boxes, I'd be glad to help." He suggested, already going back to his regular, emotionless face.

"I'll keep that in mind, but I think Ichika and I will be enough." She said.

"Eh?! When did I agree to help…? Well, whatever. But are you sure you won't ask Minato to help? We could get it done faster." Ichika asked.

"No. He already gave me two more days to move out. That's quite enough for me. Besides…it will just be…the two-" Just as she was about to finish her sentence, Ichika interrupted in what he thought was a good idea.

"I know, why don't we invite Cecilia or Rin? With their help, we can get it done even faster." Ichika said, smiling.

Minato gave a dry laugh as he sweat dropped when Houki told Ichika to just forget about the whole thing. Seriously, did he need to spell it out for him? His attention was brought back to Chifuyu when she cleared her throat.

"Since Shinonono-san is going to be sleeping here for another two days, under your request, you will be sleeping in what would have been her new room. I can't very well allow a female student to room with two male students." Chifuyu said.

Minato nodded. "I understand. Let me just get a change of clothes and some other stuff."

Chifuyu nodded and Minato moved to his luggage. He was strange in her opinion. He had come, literally, out of nowhere, and was now part of her friends family. She didn't know whether to trust him or not, after all, he could just be using Tabane for IS purposes, but there was something about him that just screamed for her to trust him. He was…interesting to say the least. Not many men could take the heat, or should she say cold, of her glare like that. Yeah, he was interesting all right.

"Huh? Chifuyu-nee, why are you smiling?" Ichika said, all of a sudden.

Chifuyu snapped out of her thoughts to find to two corners of her mouth had turned upward for some odd reason. Not wanting to talk about this subject she turned and narrowed her eyes to her little brother.

"It's Orimura-sensei." She said strictly, then gestured Minato to follow her when he was done grabbing the things he needed.

Ichika scratched the back of his head. "But, we're not even in class…"

They walked through the dorm hallways in silence, which was strange. Where were all the girls? Though, he didn't need to ask, he could feel their eyes on him… Minato constantly tried to shake away all the urges to shiver in fear. If you show fear, your as good as done for. A piece of advice given to him from Akihiko-senpai. And good advice it was.

Finally, after what fell like hours and hours of stares that felt like he was being undressed, they finally reached the room where he would be staying. Chifuyu knocked on the door and Minato heard small footsteps coming toward the door.

The knob turned and the door opened to reveal, what a shocker, a girl. She was of average height and didn't seem to stand out in any real way. She had short curly, blue hair which came down to her shoulders. Her bangs were parted midway and she had green eyes. She was currently wearing a pink sweater and some jeans, which was a little strange. Was she going out?

"Ah. Orimura-sensei! What can I do you for? Hmm?" the girl looked at Minato questioningly. "Is this that new transfer student that has the whole school up in blazes?"

"Kudou-san. Well, due to Shinonono-san's request, Houki Shinonono won't be able to live in this room for the next two days. Since this was his request, Shinonono-san will be the one to live here until Shino-urgh. Until Houki-san is able to fully move her belongings here." Chifuyu said.

The girl, Kudou, opened her mouth in protest. "Eh?! Are you serious?! I don't know if Shizaku will be able to handle that…"

Shizaku…It can't be…

"Henaru Shizaku?" Minato asked, trying to confirm his suspicions.

"Eh? Do you know her?" Kuduo asked.

"Well, I ran into her in the library. At the very least, I'm acquainted with her." Minato told her.

"Hmm…" The girl adopts a thinking pose. "Well…Did you talk to her?"

"Yeah. I asked for a recommendation, and she gave me this book." Minato said, pulling the book out of the small bag where his clothes and some belongings he brought along. "She asked me to give her my thoughts on it once I was done reading it."

"Wow. If you can get Shizaku to ask you to do that, then I guess you'll do. Plus, I guess you're telling the truth since, Shizaku just returned that book." The Kudou girl said.

"Then, there won't be a problem?" Chifuyu asked the girl.

"Well, I don't know, but if this guy is telling the truth, then I think there won't be." She said smiling.

"Then I leave it to you to explain things. Good night." Chifuyu replied curtly before leaving.

What was with that? It felt like he was being left out of something…

The girl offered her hand for a handshake. "I'm Suzuki Kudou, nice to meet you…or it was nice meeting you."

"Er. It was nice meeting you? What do you mean?" Minato asked as he shook the girl's hand.

She gestured him inside and the walked through the girl…when the door, Minato let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Man, those stares out there were…he didn't even want to recall it.

It was then Minato noticed two suitcases near one of the beds. Suzuki walked over and grabbed the handles to one of them and moved them near the door.

"Well, what I mean is, I'm leaving this Academy." She said, turning to look back at him.

"Eh? Seriously?" Minato said.

"Hehe. What's with the shocked voice? Not everyone is cut out to operate an IS. I just learned that a little earlier than some of the people here. Plus, my family needs me right now." Suzuki said, walking past him to what Minato assumed to be her bed.

"I see." Was all Minato could say.

He walked over and put his bag near the bed Suzuki was currently sitting at. When he looked at her, he found she was giving him a puzzling look.

"That's it? 'I see.' You're not going to ask why my family needs me, or whether or not that was all a lie?" Suzuki asked.

Minato stared at her for a few seconds before turning away and asking back, "Do you want me to?"

Suzuki's eyes widened slightly before she gave him a small smile. "Heh. You're a strange guy. I like you. I wish we could have met earlier. I have a feeling we could have been good friends."

"Is that so. Why do think so?" Minato asked, curiously.

"No reason, just a feeling, I guess." Suzuki said, before giving a small laugh. "Anyway, let's move away from my story, you're going to need to know a few things about your roommate for two days."

"Henaru-san?" Minato said.

"Yeah Shizaku. You see, she's got this…quirk about her." Suzuki said after struggling to find the right word.

"Quirk." Minato questioned.

"Yeah. You see, Shizaku can't sleep alone. Whenever she does, she begins to have nightmares. She's never told me what they're about, but they must really spook her. Anyway, she told me that her older sister used to sleep with her when they were younger, and for some reason, whenever she sleeps with somebody else, she doesn't have those nightmares…You see where I'm going with this?" Suzuki asked, narrowing her eyes a bit.

"…You don't mean…" Minato really hoped he was wrong.

"You probably got it spot on. I need you to sleep in the same bed as Shizaku, so that she won't have nightmares." Suzuki said with a serious look on her face.

Luckily, or unluckily, Minato didn't have to answer because of the door opening. Both Minato and Suzuki looked towards the door to find Henaru's Shizaku's small body open the door and walk in.

"I'm back." She said in a monotonous tone, similar to Minato's own voice.

She hadn't looked up or even seen Minato in the room, so she took of her shoes and placed them at the entrance and turned around, about to grab a change of clothes for a shower, when her eyes were attracted to something…blue. The same blue she had seen at that lot, and in the hall way, and in the library, but now also in her room…

With a robotic-like motion, she raised her hand and pointed at Minato. "Wh-What are you doing here?" She asked, a little shock evident in her voice.

Minato, having had a little more experience being a kuudere, kept a neutral face as he raised a hand in greeting. "Yo. I'm your new roommate."

The room got quiet. Quiet enough to hear the wind blowing…behind a closed window.

"EH?! Wh-what do you mean n-new room mate?" She asked, trying to reel back her emotions.

"Wow. I've never seen Shizaku show so much…emotion." Suzuki said in wonder.

"No, I don't think that's something to be so stupefied about." Minato retorted.

"A-Anyway, Shizaku, the thing is…" Suzuki started to explain the circumstances behind what was happening.

After Suzuki was done, Shizaku went towards her bed and sat down on it.

"You only need to last two days, until Minato gets to be back in his own room, alright?" Suzuki said, trying to reason with Shizaku.

Shizaku sighed and finally resigned herself to her fate. "Fine. It IS only two days, right?"

"Absolutely. After that, I'll be out of your hair." Minato said.

He stood up and faced Shizaku. He then bowed and greeted her once more. "Once again, I'm Minato Shinonono, I'm in your care."

Shizaku only nodded before standing up and grabbing some clothes from her drawer, although she hesitated with a male in the room. Once she did that, she headed straight for the shower. She closed the door, and made sure that both Suzuki and Minato could hear the lock click into place.

"A-ahaha. I guess she's a little shy." Suzuki said with a dry laugh.

"Will she be alright?" Minato asked, a little worried.

"It's alright, Shizaku is nearly as tough as nails." Suzuki stated proudly, thumping her moderately sized chest.

"Heh. You seem to care about her a lot." Minato stated.

"Well, she reminds me of my little sister. It's the reason I'm okay with letting her sleep with me, since my sister used to do the same when she was a bit younger." Suzuki said, rubbing the back of her head in slight embarrassment.

"…Must be nice…To have a sibling." Minato pondered aloud.

"That's right, you're the famous kid of the genius inventor of the IS aren't you?" Suzuki asked.

"Please, she's more like a spoiled kid than a genius." Minato said.

They continued to talk for a few minutes, pretty much about anything that popped into their minds. Trivial things, such as sports, funny things, like pranks as kids. Stuff like that. To Minato, it was nice.

"Ah! This is bad, I might miss my flight home!" Suzuki said all of a sudden after she checked her watch.

Minato gave her a rare smile. "Well, I guess you better get going."

"Yeah, I guess I should." Suzuki said and stood up.

She walked towards her luggage near the door, and picked them up.

"Ah, here you go." She said, handing him his cell phone with her free hand.

Minato's eyes widened slightly. "When did you-"

"I took the liberty of adding my number, just in case you want to talk or something." Suzuki said, interrupting Minato.

Minato only shook his head and offered his hand. Suzuki looked at it before taking it and shaking it firmly. She let go, then, gave a quick glimpse to the shower door. The water had stopped a while ago, but Shizaku hadn't appeared yet.

Suzuki gave herself a small smile, before reaching for the handle.

"…Thanks, for letting me sleep with you all this time…" Suzuki's hand stopped as it grasped the knob.

She looked back at the shower door and saw Shizaku walking out in her pajamas, drying her hair with a towel. Suzuki smiled and gave her a thumbs-up.

"Any time, Shizaku. Bye bye!" She said before opening the door and leaving.

When the door closed, their was silence. Minato didn't know what to say to her. Should he console her, since her friend just left. Or does she not want to talk about it?

"I'm going to sleep already." Was what he heard.

He turned around to find her already in bed. But didn't she…Well, it wasn't like he was going to force her to sleep in the same bed as him. If she wants to, all she has to do is ask, so…

Minato shook his head of thoughts and went for his clothes as well. It was getting late, so he would take a shower and hit the hay as well. After all, he needed to be well rested tomorrow for the mock battle.

'You're not good enough…' 'Why can't you be more like your sister?' 'What's wrong with you?' 'Are you even trying!?' 'Why?! Why can't you be more like your sister?!' 'You're a failure.'

'Sorry, Shizaku, but I can't always be there to hold your hand or sleep with you. You need to grow up.'

"STOOOPP!" Shizaku yelled, but quickly covered her mouth.

It was just the dream. The same dream that haunts her every night. She needs someone. Someone to sleep with.

She looks towards the prone figure lying on the other bed, still sleeping, unaffected by her screams.

J-Just this once. To stop the dreams. Yeah, just this once.

And that's pretty much the rest of the day after that one point. And yet, he's still here, with a girl hugging his arm to death…

…Really, he needed to go to sleep, but for some reason, he felt like he couldn't …

Oh, he hoped he would have enough energy for tomorrow's fight.

Shizaku, still asleep, snuggled more into Minato. "…Warm…" She whispered in her sleep.

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