Hey guys! I decided to post my many various story ideas as challenges for anyone to take if they have the nerve, creativity, and...well balls to. ^_^

This is the first challenge!

The Kitsune Yonnin(Naruto only) Naruto/Kushina

Summary: When the soon to be Sannin leave for Ame (Rain), their sensei Hiruzen has them bring along a young Uzumaki prodigy by the name of Naruto. He shows just as much promise as the three older Konoha Nin during the fight with Hanzo, so instead of naming them the Sannin, he calls them the Yonnin! Watch what happens when Konoha has four incredible shinobi with affinities for the Toads, the Slugs, the Snakes, and the Foxes.


1- Kyuubi MUST be female and Head Summon of the Fox Clan

2- Naruto is to be paired with Kushina (but NOT in an incest way!). If you wish to add more females, then the limit is four; NO MORE!

3- Naruto must be proficient in seals, genjutsu, and ninjutsu with a decent level in either taijutsu or kenjutsu

4- Naruto must be older than Kushina (even if only slightly)

5- (Choice) Naruto will either have Kushina as part of a Genin Team or as an Apprentice