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Lauren pulled up in front of Bo's house and waited in her car for another minute before getting out. She always made sure to keep a distance from anyone. Her whole life fae have flirted with her because of the fae species she was. For the longest time she chalked up majority of her suitors to this and always kept emotion out of it not wanting to go through heart break over and over again repeatedly. There was only one time that she cared and it didn't end so well. From that moment she made sure to keep her heart under lock and key. The pothien couldn't say she was in love but she did love the woman. To her there was a huge difference between loving someone and being in love. Being in love was the strongest of them all it is when you give all of yourself to someone heart, mind and soul. Loving someone could be with your whole heart maybe even your mind but not your soul. To Lauren falling in love is something that could happen to someone once if it was to happen at all. She wasn't cold just a skeptic.

Now she found herself caring for this newly arrived, knack for trouble, unaligned succubus. The fae doctor slanted forward against the steeling wheel of her car. Bo was just supposed to be intriguing to me. I was just supposed to help heal her and now I am worrying that she found out the one thing I don't want her to. The one thing I don't know how to explain. Why do I care so much? The blonde fae was never one to believe in fate. To believe that destiny was written in the stars. Maybe that was what appealed to her about science. That was based solely on facts on things that could be proven. She was awoken from her thoughts as she heard a noise to her right. Looking up she saw Bo gazing at her from the door of her house. The brunette must have seen her outside and was now standing there. She looked so beautiful standing in the doorway with the moonlight hitting her face so perfectly. Breathless! Lauren shook the thoughts from her head as she took a deep breath getting ready for the inevitable battle.

"I was wondering if you were going to come in," the succubus was smiling but there was a touch of flirtation in her voice. This immediately made the pothien feel better if the brunette found out her secret the last thing she would be doing is flirting even a little bit of it would be unlikely.

Bo was inside when she happened to pass by the window seeing Lauren inside her car. She watched her for a few minutes before going outside. She didn't know why she wasn't coming in. It seemed that she was deep in thought. The succubus couldn't peel her eyes off of her. The fae doctor was gorgeous and whenever the brunette gazed at her it was like she was in a trance. The way her blonde hair seemed to shine and highlight her face perfectly, her warm brown eyes that were so appealing, and that amazing smile. Even if you wanted to be mad at her there was no one that wouldn't melt under that smile. The succubus went outside never taking her eyes off of the pothien. She wasn't trying to rush her; the brunette just wanted a better view instead of the one she was getting through the window. When she saw her getting out of the car she asked her if she was planning on coming in almost forgetting why she called her there. It was easy to get lost in her beauty.

Lauren flashed that killer smile at Bo as she walked past her heading inside the house. "Where is Kenzi," it wasn't the first thing she was planning on saying but she couldn't help but notice the tiny human missing. Usually wherever the succubus was the goth was right behind her.

"Kenzi is with Dyson and Hale at the Dal. We can go there if you miss them," she gave a warm smile knowing that the blonde had no intention of leaving. Bo could see her aura and it was showing her that she was happy right where she was.

The pothien playfully hit the succubus seeing the way she was looking at her. "Not nice using your fae abilities on others," the doctor repeated the words Trick often used on her. The way the brunette was gazing at her she knew Bo was checking out her aura. Lauren also knew it would be burning warmer than usual because that was the affect the brunette had on her. It was more than just the type of fae they were but the blonde still was in denial about that as much as she could deny it.

Bo was standing in front of the doctor. She put her hands on the both sides of Lauren's face as she stared deeply into her eyes before moving in to kiss the doctor. Feeling the pothien's body against hers made the heat in her rise up. They just fit each other so perfectly and every kiss was magnetized. Every little touch was electric the brunette could almost feel the currents run through her body. She knew it had to be the effect of the pothien species. She pulled out of the kiss before it led to other things and right now as much as she wanted to tear the fae doctor's clothes off she called her there for a reason. She was plastered against the blonde before peeling herself off of her before saying, "I found out some information for helping that dark fae. My mother is still alive."

Lauren was flooded with relief. It was about Bo's mother not about her the Oracle told her something about her family this was good. No it was better than good it was fantastic. "Bo that's incredible, who is she?" As relieved as she was that the information wasn't about her she was happy that the succubus was getting some much needed family details. Which reminded the blonde fae that she was going to have a little chat with Trick, if he was Bo's grandfather the brunette deserved to know.

"That part I don't know but it's a start I know she is alive. My mother is alive I have a chance at finding her. At finding out who I really am," the brunette was overjoyed when she talked about her mom. There were so many things she wanted to ask her. To know why she gave her up to human parents knowing she was fae? Why she did it to begin with? If they were alike at all? The possibilities were endless and Bo was happy that there was the chance to ask her if she could locate her. Besides Kenzi the pothien was the first one that she wanted to share the news with.

The pothien saw the expression on the brunette's face. She looked elated. It warmed the blonde fae's heart to see the succubus that thrilled. The blonde loved Bo's smile. It was the perfect smile. The scientist in her knew there are 43 muscles in the face, most of which are controlled by the seventh cranial nerve. Most people called this the facial nerve Lauren knew the correct term and preferred to use that. This nerve exits the cerebral cortex and emerges from your skull just in front of your ears. It then splits into five primary branches: Tempral, zygomatic, buccal, mandibular and cervical. These branches reach different areas of the face and enervate muscles that allow the face to twist and contort into a variety of expressions. With all that knowledge it surprised the pothien how Bo's smile amazed her more than knowing all of that. It also seemed like the brunette's eyes had a sparkle to them that Lauren never saw before. The blonde fae knew that Bo was having quite the affect on her. Bo literally had her enchanted. "That is great news Bo so how do we start our search for your mom," the doctor moved towards the succubus as she asked her.

The brunette was ecstatic when she was telling the blonde fae the news. Watching the way Lauren viewed Bo she noticed no one ever looked at her the way the pothien did. It was the way she did it like the succubus was the most fascinating person in a room. Lauren's gaze alone made Bo's knees weak. To most people it was just a look but there was so much more behind it. Different facial expressions can show thousands of messages. It shows someone your emotional state, feelings, and mood. Her stare showed the succubus how much she meant to the pothien whether she wanted to admit it or not. It made her feel like she could do anything if Lauren was by her side. The succubus grinned just thinking about it. Bo got all this from being under the pothien's eyes. In moments Bo had Lauren back in her arms. For tonight she was done with talking. Tonight she wanted to just feel the pothien, to kiss her, to feel like she was just hers.


Lauren shot up as she heard her phone continuously ringing. "Frigging ringer," she mumbled to herself as she was holding the sheets against her tilting over the side of the bed feeling for her phone. She heard the ringing behind her making her drop back onto the bed as the succubus was holding the pthien's phone. For a second Lauren felt her heart drop till she saw the number on her phone showed the Light Fae Compound. She kissed Bo as she took the phone, "Dr. Lewis speaking," her voice was so professional you would never be able to tell she was naked wrapped in sheets at the unaligned succubus's house.

The brunette couldn't help but beam as she listened to the fae doctor talk in the phone. She loved listening to her talk all professional. It was so hard to believe this strong older fae was here with her. That out of all the fae she could have she picked the succubus. It was her bed the pothien chose to be in. The succubus couldn't help but wonder why she was the lucky one. She watched as Lauren threw the sheets back getting out of the bed completely naked while still on the phone. Bo was using all her inner strength from jumping out of the bed and pulling the blonde fae back into it with her. As soon as she saw Lauren getting dressed she knew it was serious. "Everything okay," she waited till the blonde hung up before asking.

"I have to go medical emergency. No rest for the head doctor of the light fae," Lauren headed into the bathroom already familiar with the brunette's house.

Bo was trying not to sound pathetic, "Can I come I would love to see you at work. See what you deal with," she didn't want her time with Lauren to end. The fae doctor was still such a mystery to her. What did she do when she worked? What did she do when they weren't together? The succubus knew in time she would get answers but no one is patient to questions that they want to know the answer to yesterday.

The pothien had the toothbrush in her mouth as she stopped brushing her teeth holding it between them. The blonde was contemplating taking Bo. It wouldn't hurt for her to see what she does. This was hard for her space was good between them. They were getting comfortably close and that could be a bad thing. There was this part of her that didn't want to say good-bye to the succubus till most likely later. Thinking of that made her decide almost immediately. If she had Bo with her then there was no way she could put her life in danger, "If you want to come then I think you should."

Kenzi burst into the room, "I would love to go with you guys on bring a human to work day thank you so much for asking." Her eyes were closed with her one hand over her eyes as she swung her other arm around with her hand out trying to feel around.

The pothien watched Kenzi with amusement. This human was truly like none she ever met. "Kenzi I'm dressed and Bo is covered," she was laughing a little at her actions, "You are always more than welcome to come with us. I will wait downstairs." As she passed the petite human she said quietly, "Maybe you will be back on Team Lauren?"

Bo raised an eyebrow as Lauren went past Kenzi down the stairs. The succubus grabbed her friends flaying arm till the goth opened her eyes from under her hand peeking through her fingers. The succubus smirked at her friend knowing she was up to something, "Team Lauren?"

"It's a thing between me and the doc. Don't worry Bo bo I got your back," she didn't go into detail as she went and followed after the doctor.

Lauren was impressed on how fast the two got ready and they were already pulling up to her patient's house. Kenzi loved the BMW and already asked the pothien when she could borrow the car to see what it could truly do. The blonde fae was already loving the tiny human. She was so unique how could you not. Her sense of humor was out there but it wasn't like anything Lauren ever encountered. When they got inside the house the goth decided to hang behind while the two went to examine the Aswang.

The brunette didn't know much about fae but just from looking at this one she could tell she was very sick. She listened as Lauren asked her if she ate anything different. Bo thought maybe she blacked out briefly because she could have sworn they just mentioned body parts. "I'm sorry you eat what?"

"Oh we eat human corpses," the Aswang smiled as she answered the succubus.

Bo couldn't have heard that right, "Um say what again?"

The Aswang chuckled a little as she talked to Lauren and the brunette, "She is new. We would never take a human life. We just use their dead bodies for our own nourishment."

The fae doctor knew that it didn't appear too good for the Aswang. The blonde said she would test what she ate to make sure that there was nothing in there. As the two went into the kitchen they watched Kenzi eating a big spoonful of the soup that the Aswang last ate. Both of their mouths dropped open as they watched the human eating away. Kenzi gazed up at them, "What?" Lauren explained to the goth that Aswang's eat dead human body parts and this was the last thing she ate before falling ill. The petite human jumped out of the chair while processing this new piece of information, "Not only does this Aswang have a very unfortunate name, but they also eat dead people! And nobody thought to mention this to me, like hey Kenzi watch out for random body parts or by the way foot soup!" She was pacing as she was yelling at the two of them. She knew she should have stayed home but she wanted to watch the pothien with her best friend to see them working together watching the older fae's behavior. Still going through what was told to her, "Worst case scenario I just ate toxic soup, best case scenario I am a toe sucking cannibal."

The succubus stared into the eyes of the woman she knew she was starting to fall in love with, "Can you help her?"

Lauren's heart sped up at the sound of fear in Bo's voice. The look in her eyes when she talked to her made the fae doctor want to turn into SuperMan and save the human by rewinding time stopping Kenzi before she took even a taste of the soup. As soon as the succubus asked her she knew she was going to do whatever she had to. "We need to find where she got the foot from. We will track down its original location." She stood in front of Bo putting her hands on the brunette's shoulders as she peered into her eyes, "I will make a cure for Kenzi. I promise I will not let her die."

Kenzi piped up from the corner, "I know I am always putting my foot in my mouth but at least it is my foot."

The pothien picked up her phone making a call before giving the succubus the information of the place that the foot came from. She drove the two of them to their car so they could investigate where the funeral place got the foot from while she headed to the light fae medical facility to have it set up for the Aswang and possibly Kenzi. While she was driving there she called Dyson, "Hey Dyson it's Lauren I need to ask a favor."

The shifter grinned into the other line of the phone he waited for this moment for almost half a century, "You need my help?"

"It's not a marriage proposal Dyson," she huffed into the phone. Lauren hated needing help she was strong and old. She never needed to ask for help most of the time she was capable of solving problems all on her own. It was what she was good at but since Bo she seemed to be doing a ton of things that she never did.

The wolf gave a light laugh, "I already sent out the wedding invitations."

Yup she was going to kill him. "Can you help or not?"

"Of course Lauren what do you need," this time his normal serious tone was back in place. The pothien explained to him what happened with Bo and Kenzi. The shifter remained quiet while listening to the fae doctor's story. When she was done explaining he finally spoke, "So you are saying that Bo and Kenzi are in trouble yet again but this time it happened under your watch? You're slipping doctor," he was entertained by this. Lauren was always on top of her game and nothing bad happened under her watch yet the succubus who had a hobby of getting in trouble was still able to do it even with the pothien. This story was going to be shared with many of the light fae.

The blonde fae was mentally slapping herself for calling him but worse for Dyson being right. "Please just stay at the facility with Kenzi. She is human at a fae medical center she is going to be uncomfortable."

Dyson agreed just as the doctor pulled into the parking lot. She ran out of her car setting up as much as she could when Bo called her letting Lauren know the location the funeral place got the body from. The succubus also informed the fae doctor of the bad turn her best friend took. The pothien told her to get Kenzi there as soon as she could. The second she hung up with Bo she was back on the phone with Dyson giving him the location and making sure he did all he could on his part.

The shifter arrived at the Light Fae Facility moments after the succubus and her sidekick. The petite human looked like hell there was blood coming from her eyes. It didn't look good for her. He gave Lauren the information and handed her cards to get them into the place. The shifter let her know that he would retain the true scientist that was supposed to be going there while Bo and Lauren got whatever they needed to. He kept glancing back at Kenzi. The pothien noticed this, "Looks like I am not the only one falling for one of the duo."

Dyson snapped his attention back to the blonde, "That is crazy she is human. She won't even live that long and she will live even less if you two don't hurry." As much as the fae doctor wanted to argue with the shifter she knew he was right Kenzi's situation was going from bad to worse. She grabbed Bo and left leaving the wolf with the human.

He strolled over to Kenzi's bed feeling helpless. Just like the doctor he was used to being able to fix a situation by himself. Now he had to hope that Bo and Lauren would be able to get whatever they had to before the human's life was cut shorter than it was originally going to be. He sat on the side of her bed softly putting his hands through her hair. He grinned a little that she wasn't wearing a wig for once. Maybe the doctor was right maybe he was thinking of this human a little more then he should. The shifter never bothered with humans before he always believed fae were superior. Since the succubus came into his life and was constantly in trouble he has spent time with the two of them. Bo was hot and sexy but clearly falling for the doctor. Dyson also knew as much as Lauren was fighting it she was returning the brunette's feelings. The more time he spent with the two the more he laughed at the way the human was. She was unique to all others. Now all he wanted to do was breathe life into her.

Kenzi woke up freaking out about where she was. Not wanting to upset her more he told her they could go wherever she wanted he would take her and watch her. The last place he was expecting her to want to go to was a cemetery. He watched helplessly as her condition seemed to get worse. He called the last person he thought to call. When Trick answered the phone at the Dal the shifter told him about Kenzi and her worsening condition. Dyson wasn't sure how the Blood King would feel if he felt anything at all about the situation but was shocked when the older fae told him to bring the human to the Dal. Dyson didn't need to be told twice as he scooped her up in his arms bringing her to Trick.

It didn't take long for him to get her there while Trick used something to slow down the human's bleeding. He looked up at Dyson, "I hope they hurry up."

It was Kenzi who broke the tension, "I'm fricking freezing dude could you like wolf out and lie on my feet?"

Dyson smiled at her, "Maybe later." Now he just had to hope there would be a later. It didn't take much longer. Lauren's number displayed on the wolf's phone as he picked it up a little too anxiously. "Tell me you have the antidote?"

"I have it, we are headed back to the compound," there was relief in Lauren's voice. She was happy that Kenzi would live and she was even happier that she made Bo proud. The doctor turned her car around when Dyson explained how the petite goth didn't want to stay at the fae compound so he took her to the Blood King. She hung up the phone with Dyson as she booked it over to the Dal. Lauren got there in record time as they headed inside so the pothien could administer the antidote. She left the shifter and the brunette by the tiny human as she went over to Trick. "Are you Bo's maternal or paternal grandfather?" She knew for a fact he was at this point and now she needed to know how he was related to the succubus that was stealing her heart.

Trick sighed heavily as he contemplated telling his long time friend. "I will talk to you about this Lauren but not now. Today isn't the time," he answered as he nodded towards the human slowly coming to it.

The pothien went by Bo's side standing behind her putting her hand on her shoulder as she watched Kenzi. The succubus put her hand over Lauren's tilting her face into the doctor's hand. Dyson saw the exchange and the look of contentment on the pothien's face. It brought a smile to the shifter's face he wanted the blonde to be happy. He just didn't think she was capable of allowing herself to be happy. He put his attention back to the human as her eyes started to flutter open.

Kenzi was starting to feel better. She no longer felt like someone was sucking the life out of her with a straw. She gazed over at the shifter beside her, to her best friend, to the pothien standing behind her. She was definitely back on Team Lauren but knew she could take advantage of this opportunity. "What is your fae ability," was the first thing the human was able to ask as she locked her eyes onto the blonde's watching the smile creep onto her face.