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Trembling hands pulled the bolt of the door, he heard the thunderous sounds as he the fat whale of a man come running down the stairs "BOY!" he had turned around and used his wand to fire a spell at him knocking the fat down as he ran from the house. His bare feet hit the wet pavement as he heard his uncle scream his name in the street, he didn't look back he didn't need to knowing how angry Vernon was that he was running from him, there was a loud popping sound that sound like a cork from a Champaign bottle being popping.

Something hit him in his back he could feel the burning pain, he stumbled a little before he corrected himself and kept going, if he stops he will die he was sure of it. He dropped his glamour as he couldn't hold it up any longer; he needed to go somewhere safe somewhere he could heal. He could still hear his uncle trying to keep up with him, Harry briefly wondered the muggles in the streets would call the police, the pain started to spread though his body making his legs weak, his body screaming at him to stop as he rounded the corner.

Harry ran into the man who he knew has been following him since he left Hogwarts that summer, he had walked out in front of him and had the teen collide into him, the amber eyes man looked down at him, a look Harry never thought he would see on this wolf's face it was worry for him for Harry, "What has those muggles been doing to you?" he asked to him as his large hands grabbed his arm,

"P…Please." Was all the dark hair teen said before collapsed into the large man's arms, the wolf picked him ups and feels the bullet wound in his back, the blood was thick in his hands and made his growls as he had to use his own wand to heal the boy there and then before any more damage's could be done.

A large man came running around the corner holding a gun, huffing and puffing his face bright read and covered in deep scratches, the fat man froze as he see the amber eye man holding the limp teen in his arms

"Let him go I need that fre…" his words died on his tongue as the man snarled at him, making him take a step back

"The boy is coming with me." He growled

"Fine then give me the baby!" he pointed to the bump, he wolf growled again

"You dare to cut my cub and take his child, I will feed you to my pack you worthless fat pig, I'm sure your fat would keep them warm though the winter!" He could smell the werewolf on this boy, he was one of his wolves and this horrid muggle hurt him.

"How dare you! I am a normal human being it you lot and your freakiness that has ruined my normal life!" Vernon yelled pointing the guns at the wolf. The silver hair wolf walked up to the muggle man and pulled the knife from his belt

"You are nothing but shit you're the freaks!" he snarled as he pushed the knife into Vernon's stomach, his eyes widen in pain as he felt the wolf being's the knife up to his chest "If your luck someone might find you!" he said as he stood back and let the man fall into the floor.

Harry woke up under a bed of furs, he whimpered in pain as he turned onto his back and moved his hands and let his touch bump and feels the baby move under his skin, he let out a sigh "You had a night of it Raven." Came the dark guff voice, Harry turned to look at Fenrir, the teen sat up wincing slowly before he settled down and looked back at the large silver hair man

"You saved me?" Harry said looking confused at him, Fenrir nodded

"Your my pup I can smell it, but I wanted to know when I bite you?" he asked, Harry bit his lip as he rubbed his bump "I remember all I bite and turn, but you I don't?" The teen looked back at him

"Do you remember the fight you had with Remus?" he asked, Fenrir nodded "I got caught in the middle." He said you bit my arm and before running off,

"I thought I bite Remus that would explain why he hasn't come back." He said looking back down "Who is the father?" he pointed to the bump, Harry looked down as his bump

"I don't want to talk about it." He said

"Tell me it's not your uncle?" he asked, the green eye teen snapped his head up and looked at him


"Then why can't you tell me?"

"Because he wasn't a good man, he lied to me and drugged me, I don't want anything to do with him."