With Dumbledore dead Voldemort could set about taking over the world, with the luck of his phoenix on his side he was clear to win. Harry was sat with his mates listening to them argue over who the father was to Harry's next child, Pads Jr was sat on his lap looking between the two wolves "Guys?" Harry called out as they turned to look at him "It's twins ones yours and the other one is yours." Harry smirked they stopped talking and they dove onto him holding him between them and kissing him, Pad's Jr squealed happily.

Snape stood in Harry's office, he looked drunk and the teen wasn't impressed as he sat down rubbing his bump as he looked at the man "Is there a reason you're here pissed out of your skull?" He asked

"Well, I thought... I thought as you have twins on the way you will let Pad's Jr come to live with me." Harry looked at him with a shocked look

"Have you pissed away your brain cells Severus? Do you think I will give up my son to you? Look at you your drunk you can barely stand and you reek of cheap perfume and booze do you think I will let my son be around a man like that?" Harry said as he stood back up walking towards the door

"POTTER GET BACK HERE I HAVEN'T FINISHED!" Harry's hand was on the door handle when the teen turned around

"Don't think I don't know what you said to Remus, you don't care about me only my son. You should be bloody grateful I let you see him after what you've done!" The teen yelled at him, the dark hair man let out his own growl as he grabbed Harry by his arm pulling the teen to the sofa in the room and pushed him down.

Fenrir was already running to Harry's offices, he could feel his mate panic and anger he had pushed Luicus and few other Death Eaters out the way as he ran out of the Riddle manor. Time he got to the room he found Remus pinning Snape to the book shelve as Harry sat on the floor pulling at his ripped robes "YOU SLIMLY SNAKE HOW DARE YOU ATTACK HIM!" Remus snarled

"REMUS!" Fenrir growled as he walked into the room, but the blonde wolf didn't move "Put him down." The older wolf tried again

"R...Rem...us." Harry said, this made the blonde wolf turn to look at Harry "D...Drop him." The teen hissed as he covered his bruised shoulder, Remus snarled at Snape and dropped him hard onto the floor before walking over to Harry and scoped him up and held him close to him "F...Fenrir." Harry whimpered the large wolf knelt by Harry and nuzzled him licking at his cut cheek "Take him to Tom."

"In one piece?" the silver hair wolf asked

"I didn't say th...at b...b...but a...live." He shivered in Remus hold.

Tom was in just coming though Harry's home when he was Fenrir drags Snape by his ankles down the hall, he stood there looking at them wondering what is going on when he Fenrir stopped and looked at him "What is going on?" Tom asked seeing the angered wolf

"He attacked Harry." He snarled, Tom looked down at Snape

"Take him to my manor and lock him in the dungeon." He said

"My Lord… I…"

"Seveurs there is nothing you can say that won't make me want to kill you." He said as Fenrir carried on dragging him.

The Dark Lord walked to Harry's offices where he found Remus healing him with his wand "My Phoenix are you okay?" He whispered seeing Harry holding himself

"Yes Tom I'm okay." He told him, Remus didn't seem to think so as he carried on healing him,

"Did he rape you?"

"No!" Harry answered back quickly "No…" he said again "…no he didn't get the chance to." The red eye man touched the teen's cheek and leaned into kiss his forehead.

"I will make him suffer for hurting you my Phoenix." He told him as he stood up and left the room. Harry looked to Remus

"You not okay, I can feel it." He tells him, Harry gives him a weak smile

"I know, but I don't want Tom to know."