The grammar has had a huge overhaul, and I've elaborated a hell of a lot more in order to draw people in easier. The plot is still the same, but I think this is much easier to enjoy now. Also, the lemon has been moved to my adultfanfiction account under the username Shadow15.

When ten-year-old Belphegor awoke to a wet spot in his pants, his first thought was that he had wet the bed, something he hadn't done for a few years now. However, upon further investigation, he discovered that this wasn't urine; it was something he had never seen before – it was a sticky white fluid that seemed to cling to both the material of his sleeping pants and his flesh, leaving behind a cold, dry feeling in his nervous system.

Bel crinkled his nose up as he pulled his soiled pants off and throwing them in the corner – he didn't know what it was or how it had got there, but he was too embarrassed to ask Squalo – one of the Varia members he was closest to - what it was; he didn't want the white-haired teenager to make fun of him as the silver-haired male often did for various reasons.

Maybe I should ask Lussuria? Bel shuddered visibly at the thought, the hands that were slipping new pants onto his scrawny body tightening their hold on the fabric in uneasiness; he didn't like the idea of talking about this with anyone. He's kind of creepy… And Mammon probably won't know because he's a baby. And no way am I asking Levi.

Bel frowned, worried that he may be sick; he had never heard of white liquid being ejected from one's body before, but he was too embarrassed to ask about it; he didn't quite understand why, but it felt as if this was a personal thing he shouldn't talk about.

With a mental note to burn his dirty pants, Bel made his way downstairs for breakfast. On the journey there, he soon distracted himself with the smell of pancakes, having never been the type to over-think; he found that it didn't do him any good to stress himself out about things that probably didn't matter in the end and was better off focusing on other things that didn't dampen his good moods.

Nearing the kitchen, Bel could hear the chatter amongst the other members of the Varia. He grinned playfully as he slowed his pace, creeping as quietly as he could into the room. He found the other members seated at the large dining table and, as he had hoped, Squalo had his back to the boy. His plan of scaring the other quickly faded as he became annoyed by the sight of the Rain Guardian sitting in what was the prince's chair, it having been chosen specifically because it was closest to the heater.

"Here's the little brat," Squalo mumbled as he felt tiny hands push at his heavy body, a clear sign that the ten-year-old wanted him out of the chair. Turning to face the blond, he sneered. "What?"

"You're in the prince's seat." Bel pouted, trying to shove the older boy again, but he was too weak to move him. "That's the prince's seat."

"I don't see your name on it, brat," Squalo said he turned back to the plate of pancakes in front of him.

"Now, now, boys," Lussuria fussed as he handed a plate to Bel. "I'm sure you can sit somewhere else for the morning, Bel."

Bel pouted again as he took the plate and moved to sit beside Mammon. He stuck his tongue out at Squalo before he turned his attention to his food, eating quietly as he listened to the others talk about things he found tedious.

They're rather boring today, Bel thought to himself, wondering if he should make things a bit livelier – perhaps throwing his knives at Squalo for target practise would cure the monotony of the situation.

Yeah, and if I can hit him, imagine all the blood… Bel laughed to himself at the mental image of his senior bleeding out, staining the marble floor beneath them red. And then – w-what?

Bel glanced down at his lap as an unfamiliar feeling stirred in his stomach and groin. He couldn't describe how it felt other than that his groin suddenly felt restrained, as if his pants were just too tight for him – but why would they suddenly be too tight? It wasn't as if his pants were shrinking, or he had hit an impossible speed with his non-existent growth spurt.

Why was this morning full of surprises?

Looking to make sure no one was watching, Bel slipped his hand beneath the table, not quite sure on what he wanted to do other than give his lower parts room to breathe; he felt uncomfortable with the sudden tautness.

Bel slipped his hand into his pants, grasping his member with only the intent to pull it out into fresh air, but the surprising wave of pleasure that ran through his body at the touch was vocalised by a squeak from the blond.

All chatter stopped as Bel whimpered again seconds before he stood up and ran from the dining table in a blur, leaving behind his stunned comrades.

"What was that about?" Squalo questioned, his grey eyes blinking as he tried to understand what had just happened.

The others voiced their confusion while Squalo chased after Bel, hoping the younger would tell him what had happened; he worried something that had been said at the dinner table had upset the boy, but he didn't know what; much worse had been said and even done in his presence, and Bel had only ever laughed in glee.

It was Lussuria who had gone after the youngest member, his motherly instincts kicking in.

"Bel, dear?" Lussuria had stopped by the boy's bedroom, having heard the door slam closed just after he had reached the personal quarters. Knocking on the door, the man spoke again, worry laced in his voice. "Bel? Are you feeling okay?"

"Go away!" Bel replied in a slightly breathier tone than usual. "Leave the prince alone!"

Lussuria frowned, wanting to go in and talk to the younger, but the door had been locked; he found this out when he jiggled the doorknob.

"Did something happen?" Lussuria called through the door.

Bel just called out again for him to leave, giving the older male no choice; if Bel wanted him gone, there was no changing his mind.

While Lussuria sulked as he left, inside the room, Bel was confused; why the hell was his penis standing upright, and why did it feel so good to touch it?

I definitely can't mention this to Squalo or else he really will tease me, Bel thought to himself as he wrapped his hand uncertainly around his length, not sure what was happening but knowing that it felt great – even better than when he had stabbed his twin brother to death, and that had been an amazing high.