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They were under attack.




Well, not really in the normal sense, but they were all prepared and armed as if they were under attack by a force of enemies in which they had never seen before.

A comrade, that is. A comrade with special powers to boot.

"Now, now ~ Kitten," Tony put his hands up in the universal peace gesture and flinched inwardly when her fierce glare suddenly turned onto him, "All you need to do is calm down."

Kagome let out an impressive growl for a human and took in his Iron Man armour with narrowed eyes, "Why are you telling me to 'calm down'?" She said in a rather frightening monotone voice as blue sparks flickered in her hair from her agitated spiritual power.

"We don't want to have to put you down," Natasha warned and she surveyed the destroyed room in a cool manner, "Stop this now."

The teenage girl snorted at the words, "I would like to see you try," She taunted uncharacteristically, feeling her anger get the better of her, "You know this was never supposed to happen."

"Miss Kagome, it was just a mistake," Steve pleaded, hoping their combat medic would calm down and relax, "I'll fix it if you let me."

The Avengers in the room immediately went to the floor when a large shower of sparks seemed to electrify the room and even though they knew it wouldn't actually harm them since they were normal humans, they still were wary of such an impressive display.

Luckily, Bruce was out otherwise they might have had two problems they didn't need to deal with.

"Higurashi, it was just stew!" Clint stated loudly, "Hell, I'll buy you a whole fridge-worth's if you just stop this now!"

Kagome began to say something when the door opened and Thor quickly came in with excited blue eyes, "Lady Priestess, what has you so upset? I am sure that even my comrades can sense this sheer amount of holy energy from Asgard!"

The Avengers minus Kagome all groaned when they noticed what he was holding in his hands.

"Thor," Kagome turned to him and the sky-blue in her eyes seemed to darken into a stormy grey that honestly scared the hell out of them, "Is that my oden?" She said in her calmest voice.

"O-den?" Thor repeated the foreign word and looked down at the food he had just been eating before sensing all her spiritual power going wild, "What is that, Lady Priestess?"

"Well, that answers that," Tony blinked, wincing when Kagome hissed like an angry cat and leapt on Thor, knocking them both out of the room and sight, "I'll definitely never take Kitten's little treats again."

The rest could only agree in silence.