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The "A" Word: Chapter One

Sherlock Holmes wanted to make his wife happy and he was failing, he watched the sadness seep into her soul. It started almost two years ago when Mary gave birth to Amelia. Molly wanted a baby, she wanted to be a mum so Sherlock tried to look up options online. Apparently it was illegal to purchase children, so that option was out. He then began to look in to another option.

That was how he ended up in Alana Kensington's office, a social worker. Sherlock had a few questions before he approached Molly with the idea. He wanted to make sure they would approve them, he was under no illusion as to how difficult he was. He worried that they would deny them because of the way he was.

"Hello Mr. Holmes." Alana walked in and Sherlock recognized her, she wasn't overly pretty but she has long silky black hair that made up for it. He studied her face and ran it though his memories before getting a hit.

"Ah, buried alive with ants." Sherlock said causing Alana's face to light up, she held her hand out and Sherlock took it.

"You remember me. I owe you my life." Back before Sherlock met John, he had a case that involved a woman being buried alive by her boyfriend. The boyfriend then killed himself leaving no clues to her location. Sherlock had found her just in time.

"Of course" Sherlock snapped before he remembered he was supposed to be pleasant.

"I need a favor." He said putting on his best smiled reserved for getting what he wanted.

"Anything Sherlock! Anything and it is yours!" Alana said sitting down behind her desk, there was a questioning look on her face. She was curious as to what Sherlock could possibly need from her.

"A Baby, I need a baby."


Molly wanted to go home, she wasn't have the best of days and now she was in her office hiding from an overly friendly lab technician. Molly missed Bama, she was a little of the weird side but at least she didn't hit on her all day long. Landon Winters loved women, it didn't matter what ethnicity she was, her size or even her marital status.

"Dr. Holmes you have a body in here that needs your attention." Landon said with a smirk, he was a strange looking man. His brown eyes were too small and his nose too large. It baffled Molly how he was able to get so many women to go out with him. "After your done attending that body, I have another one that you could check out."

Molly ignored the wink that Landon sent her and rolled her eyes, if he didn't stop soon she was going to file a report. She didn't dare tell Sherlock, the man got jealous when John had dates she would hate to see what he would do with someone hitting on his wife.

"Landon I have asked you not to flirt with me. It is unwanted and I do not think my husband would appreciate it." Molly snapped as she stood up, she tried to skirt around him without touching the man but he was standing right in the doorway. Molly just squeezed by Landon when the morgue doors opened and Sherlock, followed by John.

"Molly I need a body! Particularly a big one!" Sherlock took a look at Landon and his eyes narrowed. "Who are you?"

Landon raised an eyebrow and put his arms across his chest, he was obviously not going to be bullied. Sherlock didn't like him, he didn't like the way he looked at Molly.

"Sherlock, John, this is the new lab technician Landon Winters. Landon this is my husband, Sherlock Holmes and his colleague Dr. John Watson." Sherlock looked at Landon's outstretched hand and sneered before turning and leading Molly to the morgue with a hand on her lower back.

"He is charming." Landon murmured earning a snicker from John, "What are you laughing about?"

"Nothing but I think I may need to warn you, he once threw a man out of a window because the man hurt our land lady. He wouldn't think twice about doing something worse to a man that won't leave his wife alone." John explained leaving a rather white faced Landon behind.

Molly wheeled out a body for Sherlock before attending to her own work. Molly looked down at her paperwork and frowned, there wasn't much information. She lowered the sheet, it was a gruesome sight but not something she wasn't used too.

The two of them worked in silence, well for the most part. Sherlock kept mumbling to himself as he did his experiments. Molly looked up at him and giggled, Sherlock was on the table straddling the man with his hands around the throat.

"Do I need to be worried about this?" Molly asked biting her lip, Sherlock looked over at her and winked.

"No." Sherlock he said looking past Molly and glaring at whoever was there. Molly turned around and saw Landon watching the two of them. John was leaning against a counter looking at his phone, obviously bored.

"This was a simple one." Molly remarked and zipped the body back up, she sent the fingerprints off to be identified before handing the labs to Landon. "What are you working on?"

"Just disproving a suspects story. I really came to talk to you about something important." Sherlock stated before jumping off the table, he pulled his gloves off and walked over to Molly.

"Did you want to wait till we get home? I'm almost off." Sherlock shook his head, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to her office. He pushed Landon out of his way as he went.

"What is so important that you can't wait till we get home?" Molly demanded putting her hands on her hips. Sherlock pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to her. Molly glanced down at it and gasped.

"Adoption? I don't understand." Molly looked up at Sherlock and was startled by the proud smile on his face.

"I went and talked to a social worker about adopting a baby. She said she knew a few pregnant women that were looking to put their baby up for adoption." Sherlock explained, Molly wasn't sure what to say. She was a little upset that he went ahead and did this without talking to her but then she felt a sense of excitement bubble up.

"Are you serious? I don't know what to say." Her voice was soft and she felt tears begin to well up. She had always wanted to be a mother. Was this her chance? How did it even work?

"Alana said that the mothers will want to interview us as a couple. I promise I will be on my best behavior." Molly stared at Sherlock, what he did was sweet but she was under no illusions. Even on his best behavior Sherlock was hard to handle. She walked over to him and ran her hands up his chest and looped them around his neck.

"Who is Alana?" She asked as Sherlock's arms went around her waist, he pulled her close. "Should I be jealous?"

"Alana is the social worker, I saved her life once and she owes me. She is going to smooth the way as much as she can." Sherlock explain and Molly laughed, of course Sherlock would find an easy way of doing things.

"Do you know that they do home checks? I don't think they will think arms in the fridge are a good thing." Molly could have laughed at the look of horror on Sherlock's face. He hadn't thought of that. He wouldn't be able to bring any parts to the flat

"I have changed my mind. We are not adopting!" He exclaimed and Molly laughed, she pushed a curl out of his face.

"Too late Sherlock." She smiled and gave him a kiss, "There is no going back now!"

Sherlock saw the light return to Molly's eyes, it was worth every change he had to endure. His Molly didn't look sad anymore.

This is the sequel to The "C" Word, after I finished that story I began to wonder how Molly would handle being infertile. Sorry if the characters are OOC but this will be hard to keep them in character. REALLY HARD!