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The "A" Word: Epilogue

"Mum stop pacing you're making me nervous." Samuel snapped trying to get his bow tie just right, Molly couldn't help but feel a bit scared. Her one and only son was getting married and he was no longer going to be her baby. Yes, she realized calling a twenty-four year old man her baby was ridiculous and Sherlock often reminded her of that, but she couldn't help it. "Everything will be alright, you know."

Molly sighed and walked over to fix the bow tie that was giving Samuel so much trouble, she had to admit he looked happy. She remembered the events that brought all of them together and couldn't help the single tear that slid down her cheek.

"Mum! This is a happy day, no tears!" Samuel wiped the tear away and Molly smiled ruefully, for having such a rough beginning Samuel turned out to be an amazing man. He followed in his father's footsteps and became the world's second consulting detective, while he worked at getting a degree in pathology. Molly argued with Sherlock that it would help him in his chosen career. Samuel didn't care what either parent wanted for him, he just did what made him happy.

"Where is your father?" She asked suddenly, as she thought about it she hadn't seen him all morning.

"Probably trying to figure out what kind of flavor the wedding cake is without actually tasting it." Samuel had purposely left out that tidbit, he knew it would drive his dad mad not knowing every single detail. There was a soft knock on the door and Molly went to answer it. John was standing on the other side looking smashing in his old Army uniform.

"Can I speak with Samuel?" Molly smiled and gave the doctor a quick peck on the cheek.

"Of course but don't be too hard on him, I think he is a little nervous." She said and winked at her son before disappearing out of the door. John walked in and shutting the door behind him.

"Samuel, I love you like a son. You know that, but what I want to say is that if you hurt my baby girl in any bloody way I will hunt you down and kill you. I'm a good shot, just ask your father." John's bottom lip was quivering and Samuel smiled at him, he knew that John was having issue's letting go. Mary was the oldest of three children and being the only girl she happened to be John's unofficial favorite.

"Uncle John, I would not purposely hurt Amelia. I love her too much." John nodded with his hands in his pockets. He looked around the room and Samuel couldn't help but chuckle, "Besides I think my father would kill me if I hurt Amelia. Sometimes I wonder if he loves her more than me."

John shook his head with a smile, it was a known fact that little Amelia had somehow soften the consulting detectives cold heart at a young age. Molly figured it was the moment the little girl wrapped her tiny finger around his and smiled up at him.

"Well that is what I wanted to say. That and I love you." Samuel smiled and closed the gap between him and the shorter man.

"I love you too." He said pulling John into a manly hug, "I will take good care of Amelia."

John smiled and left the room, he nearly ran in to Sherlock on the way out. Sherlock clapped John on the back and entered the room.

"Are you ready? Everyone seems to be settling down so I figure it is time to go. That and your mother told me to tell you to hurry up and get out there." Samuel shook his head and laughed, leave it to his father to sound so emotionally unattached. The two men walked to the sanctuary, he asked his father to stand up with him.

"Red Velvet cake with a white chocolate buttercream." Whispered as the wedding party began their walk down the aisle. Samuel looked at his dad and shook his head and Sherlock frowned, then the bridal march sounded and Sherlock began to open his mouth for another deduction but one look at Samuel's face shut him up. He wasn't listening, instead his attention was on the woman walking toward him.

Amelia Watson had grown in to a beautiful woman, she had long blonde hair that fell down her back in ringlets. She had bright baby blue eyes that reminded Samuel of the sky. Sherlock studied his best friend, John was trying hard to keep from crying and Sherlock had to restrain from rolling his eyes. Why do people cry at weddings? He thought that was the most ridiculous thing ever. He snuck a peak at Molly who was in the front row next to Mary dabbing her eyes. Of course she would be crying.

The ceremony went by in a bit of a blur and before anyone knew it the Holmes and Watson family finally became one. Molly was watching her son and Amelia begin their life together and she couldn't be happier. Amelia was a beautiful woman inside and out, she took after her father in many ways. She was studying to become a doctor and still had a lot of school to go through.

"Molly..." Molly looked up to see Sherlock looking at her with a mischevious look in his eyes. "I may have messed the cake up."

"Sherlock what did you do?" Molly's smile was replaced by a frown so fierce her husband shifted nervously.

"It was really Samuel's fault, he wouldn't tell me what flavor the cake was. He knows how I am!" Molly got up and put her hands on his cheeks.

"Sherlock, what did you do to our son's wedding cake?" Sherlock bit his lip and looked sheepish, almost like he was five again. "Sherlock..."

"I took a piece, it was just a little piece. They probably won't even notice." Molly stared at Sherlock with her mouth hanging open, she tried to be mad at him but she really wasn't surprised. This was Sherlock after all, mentally the man was still the same age as the when she married him. She couldn't complain though, he made her life interesting and she loved him dearly for it.

"Dad!" Sherlock winced at the sound of Samuel's voice above the music, Molly couldn't help but giggle.

"Sherlock, I think he noticed." She whispered loudly causing Sherlock to roll his eyes and pushed him toward the direction of the happily married couple. Molly laughed at the scowl on Samuel's face, she saw laughter in Amelia's eyes. She knew right then that Samuel made the right choice in a bride, Amelia knew how to take Sherlock and she would need a lot of patience to deal with her new father-in-law.

Molly's eyes traveled to the cake and she slapped her hand over her face. there was a chunk missing from the bottom tier. How did Sherlock not think anyone would notice?

"At least life won't be boring for them. Not when Sherlock is involved." John commented causing Molly to laugh, that was the understatement of the century. Life with definitely wasn't boring with Sherlock Holmes, and Molly loved every moment of it.

I always thought it would be cute if Sherlock's son and John's daughter ended up together. I couldn't help it, besides I wanted to show everyone that Samuel grew up to be a very happy man, someone who had plenty of love and support. :) I hope you all enjoyed the story! Thank you so much for the encouragement you all have shown me!