Infinite Stratos: The Big Sister, the little brother and the rabbit

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Just another day:

Chifuyu woke up from her sleep. Chifuyu felt very groggy since she drank too much last night, she was so drunk that she can't even remember what she did the night before.

"Uuuuuh! No work today but why do I feel that I'm so exhausted?"

Chifuyu felt that her head was throbbing really bad, she felt like she wanted to throw up.

"What the hell happened?"

Chifuyu sat up on her bed.


Chifuyu felt a little chilly and knew why when she looked down on her body and saw the absence of clothes.

"What the!?"

Chifuyu covered her exposed body in an instant.

"Why am I naked?"

Chifuyu's voice became louder as her confusion increases.


Chifuyu looked at the blanket beside her, oddly enough the blankets were breathing.


Chifuyu's consciousness is still blurry and her mind is still in a half-awake state that she didn't react violently at the obvious situation that she is not alone on her bed.

"Who is th….."

Chifuyu pulled the blanket off and it was revealed that she was not alone on her bed, in fact he two more occupants of her bed is her friend and the creator of the IS, Tabane Shinonono and her little brother Ichika Orimura.


Chifuyu froze when she saw the scene what's even worse is that this two are naked like her.


Chifuyu had a blank look on her face and it wasn't long until she remembered what happened last night that led to this outcome.

(Last night before the morning)

"Geez it's 9:30pm already! Chifuyu-nee dinner's ready."

Ichika ste the table ready and placed the dishes he cooked for him and his sister.

"Yeah, yeah."

Chifuyu finished up her beer and got up from the sofa and sat down on their dinner table.

"You really should eat first before drinking, Chifuyu-nee."

Ichika worriedly looked at his slightly drunk sister.

"Don't worry about me."


The two clasped their hands and thanked for the grace they have today.

Chifuyu took the chopstick and help herself for some rice.

"Well Tonkatsu today. I thought you were going to prepare something more "healthy"."

Chifuyu gave her little brother a smile as she took four pieces.

"Well Chifuyu-nee did say she wanted something different, so I think this could be a good choice."

Ichika took his part of the dinner.

"Well you're choice is good."

Chifuyu smiled at her little brother. Ichika also smiled back at his big sister.

"Well, did you get enough rest Ichika? Its vacation today so why don't you try and rest yourself since you always face rigorous trainings in the academy, not to mention those girls that are following you around."

Chifuyu started eating her dinner.

"Well I guess I can but I still have to manage the house, there's a lot of cleaning to do here since the two of us are in the IS academy."

Ichika took a bite of his tonkatsu as he looked around the house.

"This would go well with a good drink Chifuyu-nee."

Ichika smiled at Chifuyu as he went to the kitchen and took out something from the cupboards. It was a wine bottle, Shafer Vineyards, a very expensive wine from California.

"What the!? Where did you get the money to buy that?"

Chifuyu was shocked that her brother was able to acquire an expensive drink.

"I have my connections."

Ichika decided to throw a teasing voice at his sister, but it horribly backfired.

"Oh really then how about I make puke it out."

Chifuyu placed Ichika in a choke hold, which led to Ichika disclosing how he got the wine in the first place.

"I got it when I agreed to do an interview with some health and food magazine."

Finally getting what she wanted to know, Chifuyu released her brother from the choke.

"Geez, you don't have to choke me like that Chifuyu-nee."

Ichika rubbed his neck that was choked earlier by Chifuyu. He then set down the wine on the table after he opened it.

"Of all the prizes why pick a wine?"

Chifuyu curiously stared at her brother.

"Well, I wanted Chifuyu-nee to drink something more…um… expensive."

Ichika shyly turned away as he told his sister his reason.

"Really, you know I don't mind drinking normal beer. In fact I think they are good."

Chifuyu ate a piece of tonkatsu.

"Well…. I just wanted Chifuyu-nee to enjoy a drink that is more suited to her."

Chifuyu couldn't help but sneer at her little brother shyness.

"Or maybe you put some drug in here that will knock me out and then what will happen after I got knocked out? Can I expect myself naked and then tied to a bed?"

Chifuyu teasingly grinned, Ichika nearly fell of his chair.


Ichika blushed heavily.


Chifuyu laughed hard after she saw the flustered face of her brother.


Ichika finally knew that he was just being messed with, so he slumped back on is chair and proceeded back to eating but with an exhausted face.

The two finished their dinner; Ichika took the dishes to the sink.

"Ichika, wash those later."

Chifuyu called him back to the table.


"Drink this with me."

Ichika looked a bit shocked that his sister would invite him to drink with her.

"Uh, but I'm 16."

Ichika tried to weasel out but all logic and reason is meaningless to Chifuyu.

"Come here Ichika."

With a bit of sternness on her tone, Chifuyu completely shut out Ichika's escape routes. Ichika sat and he was greeted by a glass full of the wine.

"Go ahead."

Chifuyu told him to drink as she took a gulp of the wine.


Ichika looked at the glass and hesitated for a bit.


Chifuyu exclaimed as she finished the glass in one go. A faint blush appeared on her sister's cheek.

"I have to admit, this is really good!"

Chifuyu smiled at Ichika.

"Glad to hear it."

Ichika smiled but Chifuyu leaned closer and looked at him with a pressuring stare.


Ichika knew what Chifuyu is going to say.

"Drink it."

Chifuyu cracked a playful smile at Ichika. Ichika just gulped and prepared himself to drink the wine.

"Here goes."

Ichika drank it in one go.


Chifuyu asked Ichika.


Ichika had a slightly soured face before he answered his sister.

"Well, it wasn't bad."

Ichika forced a smile, but deep inside the taste of the wine seemed very new to him.


Chifuyu giggled a little when she saw the blush appearing on her little brother's cheek.

"Now, now, now, don't look at me like that."

Chifuyu smiled at her brother who was becoming a bit dizzy now.

But outside the house of the Orimuras, a certain woman wearing an Alice in wonderland attire stood before the gate of the house.


The woman hummed as she pressed the buzzer.


Chifuyu and Ichika turned to the door when they heard the buzzer.

"Who could that be?"

Ichika stood up but she was stopped by Chifuyu.

"Let me deal with this."

Chifuyu knew this feeling, her spine just tensed up in a different way. This could only mean one thing, Tabane.

Chifuyu went to the door and opened it and was not surprised that her assumption was correct.

"Hi Chi-chan!"

Tabane greeted Chifuyu with a big smile. But Chifuyu had a scowl plastered on her face.


Chifuyu closed the door in an instant.


Ichika just gaped there.

Minutes later…..

Ichika opened the door for Tabane after convincing his sister to let her in. Right now Chifuyu, Tabane and Ichika and sitting on the sofa.

"Well here, Tabane-nee do you want to drink this wine too."

Ichika placed one more glass for Tabane.


Tabane smiled as she took the glass of wine.

"So why are you here Tabane?"

Chifuyu asked Tabane with a frown.

"Geez, I came here to visit since I got nothing to do in my lab. Besides Houki-chan chased me out of the shrine when I showed up while she was bathing."

Tabane faked her sobbing as she relayed to Ichika and Chifuyu what happened to her.

"So when your little sister chased you out because of trespassing you came here to us instead."

Chifuyu frowned even more.

"Eeeeeeh? Chi-chan is so mean. She doesn't want me to come here! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Tabane's fake crying didn't have any effect on Chifuyu but to Ichika it may have worked.


Ichika looked at Chifuyu.

"(Sigh), Alright already!"

Chifuyu reluctantly conceded.

"YAY! Chi-chan!"

Tabane jumped up and hugged Chifuyu.

"What the! Hey let go!"


"I said let go!"









Tabane is now sobbing because she received a ton of hits from Chifuyu.

"Stay here and don't do anything troublesome, I'm just going to change my clothes."

Chifuyu went upstairs.

"Ahahahahaha! You and Chifuyu-nee really are friends."

Ichika just laughed at the interaction of the two.

"Well, I may be the only person who can withstand her smacking besides you Ikkun."

Tabane also smiled at Ichika.

"Hey wait I made a chocolate cake today it should ready by now I'll just get it."

Ichika stood up and went to the kitchen.


With her alone in the living room Tabane's eyes sparked, clearly she was up to no good.

"I'll just replace this with this and then me, Ikkun and Chi-chan will surely have a heart-to-heart talk."

Tabane giggled as she replaced the wine on the coffee table with another bottle with contents that she made herself; coincidentally the bottle she made was identical to the bottle of the wine so it was unidentifiable.


Tabane giggled but she didn't know that the outcome of her little gag would soon lead to something more.