Infinite Stratos: The big sister, the little brother and the rabbit!

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Escape! But first do something else:

"Stop I'm begging you! Pleaseeeeeee!" The orange-haired operative of Phantom Task, Autumn. A cold and merciless assassin, is now drooling whilst begging with a very pathetic voice.

Meanwhile, the one who turned the merciless Autumn into a begging whore, Ichika, is still very busy making Autumn beg and weep as he fucked her.

"Please stop! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

Autumn started apologizing like a little girl who is being admonished by her parents.

Autumn's mind is being mushed by the Ichika's forceful thrust in her ass. The pleasure that courses through her body melted her mature behavior and replaced it with a helpless actions of little girl being abused.

Weeping, begging and crying, Autumn resembled none of her true manner now, all that she is today is Ichika's feeble sex slave.

"Do you think that I'll forgive you this easily… I still haven't forgetten what you did to me during the festival."

Ichika used this rare opportunity to let out all his frustration on Autumn and this frustrations of his became the perfect fuel for his relentless lust that is now taking total control of Ichika's mind.

Ichika violently tightened his grip over Autumn ass, his nails starting to dig in on the latter's soft flesh. Though it hurts Autumn, more so than the pain, it is the unexplained pleasure of the rough touch that heightens the pleasure that is starting to subdue Autumn's mind.

"I-I was only… ah… acting on orders…ah… of my superiors! It was not my fault!" Autumn tearfullu begged Ichika with a slutty voice.

"I don't want to hear that from you!" Ichika suddenly thrust so hard on to Autumn that his stiff cock began to go deeper into Autumn and then released a hot wave of cum into her ass.


Autumn's eyes blanked out when her ass was filled by Ichika's hot cum. At the same time, Autumn cummed uncontrollably because of the unbearable sensation of her ass being drilled so deep in a very harsh manner.

"I admit it! It's my fault! I'm so sorry!" Autumn was finally broken. Her mind has blanked out and the only thing she can clearly sense is Ichika's cock thrusting and rubbing her insides.

"It's all my fault! Please punish me! Please!"

"You're really asking for it!"

Ichika started off another violent assault on Autumn's ass without any hesitation. Pulling it out and then ramming in back so violently. Autumn began to crumble because of this treatment; her hidden masochistic side has been released and allowed to rein Autumn's senses.

"It's so big! But it's so good!" Autumn's eyes rolled back again, tears just flowed out of her eyes and her tongue stuck out while drooling. It was no longer deniable that she is beyond the point of no return, like Squall, she is now a slave to Ichika.

"Heh! Don't get carried away." Ichika started pounding on her even more.

That caused Autumn to lose her sanity in great extents, her body is now unconsciously responding to Ichika's roughness in fucking her. She would shake her hips herself indicating that she can't resist the pleasure, wanting Ichika to go rougher on her.

The room became filled with the loud smacking of Ichika's skin with Autumn.

"Noooo! Please it's too deep! You'll break me!" Autumn began squealing again when the thrusts began to dig even deeper to her. From a blank mess, her head began to spin now, she then felt very light as if she was flying in the clouds.

This sensation was so foreign to Autumn who had only known sex through her female partner Squall, but now, Squall and her have experienced a new kind of pleasure, one that made them lose themselves completely.

"Kuh!" Ichika went even rougher now as he approached his climax, that however made Autumn squealing and moan even louder than she did. Her words began to slur because the pleasure began to hammer her brain to a mush.

But that is just an understatement compared to what will happen to her if Ichika cums inside her this time.

Ichika raised Autumn's hips higher and unleashed a hell of thrusting into Autumn ass.

"Kuh!" Ichika couldn't hold it in anymore and then…


Minutes later…

Ichika sat at the floor while leaning on the bed. He is trying to catch his breath because he just fucked two unbelievably hot and not to mention insane and sadistic killers.

"…I kinda lost myself there again and then I began to rape these two… just like what I did to Chifuyu-nee and Tabane-nee…"

This situation strongly reminded Ichika about the time when he did the very same vulgar things to his big sister Chifuyu and too his childhood friends big sister Tabane.

Ichika scratched his head furiously, trying to flush out those thoughts that might trigger his libido again.

Though these two women that he just violated are his enemies and by all means terrorists who would kill without hesitation, they are still women to Ichika and he has been feeling this powerful sense of guilty after doing Squall and Autumn.

On top of that, he got so engrossed in fucking the two that he just forgot his original plan of escaping.

"Now I forgot what I was planning… that blonde was too good, her boobs were just too soft and firm also her pu- WAIT! NO! STOP THINKING DIRTY THINGS! Anyway it's all the fault of that Autumn woman her ass was just too- ARRRGH!"

Ichika can't think straight or thinking normally at all because the images and the sensation from his sex earlier with the two [Phantom Task] commanders distracted him greatly.

"I'm sure everyone will be very worried if they knew I'm kidnapped. I must get out of here somehow."

Ichika started dressing up himself and began to brain storm for a plan to escape this terrorist vessel.

"Think Ichika. How can I escape this place? Break out with Byakushiki, but the problem is I can't, but somehow I can't deploy [Byakushiki]."

Ichika tried off a few times to deploy [Byakushiki] but there is seemingly a powerful disturbance that renders him unable to deploy his IS.

"Well without [Byakushiki], what good am I against the trained killers guarding this place."

Just when all hope seemed lost, Ichika's eyes wandered to the two women still dazed on the bed. Then an idea just hit Ichika.

Looking at Squall who has a blank expression on her face while lying there on the bed with her legs spread open for him to see and Autumn who is lying prone with an equally blank expression to Squall showed her perfect ass to him.

"I know… Fuck these two again…. NO WAIT!"

Ichika slapped himself to rearranged him thoughts.

"I can use these two as my ticket out of here."

Ichika smiled with hope, he just found his hope in getting out of here.

(Scene Change)

[Phantom Task] submarine, bridge.

The female captain of the submarine received a sound-only transmission from Squall who is still in cellblock 89.

"What is it commander?"

[Opened the cellblock…. Hmmm!... 89….. and prepared…. A small craft…. Because….. I …..and…. Autumn…. Will take the prisoner somewhere, ahead to the base.]

The captain of the submarine, suspiciously frowned her brows.

"Is there something wrong with your voice Commander?" The captain asked.

(Scene Change)

Cellblock 89.

"N-Nothing… it's just me and Autumn had a little fun here, that's all."

Actually that was just a lie; the true reason for her gasping voice is Ichika's fingers digging themselves deeper into her violated pussy.

Squall is just putting on her usual voice but her expression right now looked like she was ready to faint.

Courtesy to the fucking she got from Ichika, her body was a sensitive mess, onetouch from Ichika alone is already enough to make Squall horny and even make her cum.

(I'm sorry for this [Phantom Task] commander but I just have to get out of here and you and you're friend here are my ticket and insurance.)

Ichika justified his cruel action with a serious face.

Though if an outsider were to see him do this, forcing the wasted Squall to answer a call and controlling her words by fingering her sensitive pussy, they would just think that Ichika is one big sadist.

[Alright then… The reserve Pods are ready for you. Though this is a bit of a deviation to protocol… why so suddenly transport the prisoner by yourself?]

After a short while of silence, the commander of the submarine finally agreed but still expressed her doubts on this little unorthodox order.

"N-Nothing it's just that… Huummmph…. It's just that… it would be easier that way…"

Squall that was her last strength in maintain her voice, any other more from here would nothing but just wild moaning and whimpering.

(Shit! I may have done it too hard.)

Ichika got the hang on fingering Squall that he forgot tone it down so that she won't wildly wail in pleasure like when he was fucking her earlier.

Ichika removed his fingers and allowed Squall a breather.

[Alright then, your call.]

Luckily the transmission ended before Squall loud moan resounded when she came.

Minutes later the cell began to unlock and the bars are now open.

"Good… now comes the hard part…"

Ichika was a little nervous but he knew that there is no going back now. He turned his attention to Squall and Autumn who are still laying dazed on the bed.

(Scene Change)

Walking by the halls of the enemy vessel is Ichika, Squall and Autumn.

On first look, it looks like that Squall and Autumn are leading Ichika, but what is really happening is that Ichika is the one controlling the two.

Both his hands are fingering Squall and Autumn from behind. Because the body and mind of Squall and Autumn still haven't toned down from the height of pleasure, they are still easily controlled by Ichika's actions.

Though a bit half-baked for an escape plan it is the only one Ichika has.

(I just hope that nobody will notice.)

Ichika though was a little nervous that some operatives might come their way and see what he is doing. But luck is finally on his side today, the hall that they are walking on is empty.

"Not that much people… good…"

Ichika is using Squall and Autumn as his guide through this misleading halls of the enemy vessel.

Finally Ichika arrived at the location he is intending to go, the Pod reserve sector, where his ticket to escape is waiting for him.

But he will hit one snag here though…

"Commander, the Pod is ready."

A female operative is waiting here; she was the one who prepared the Pod.


Ichika felt that he is going to get caught here so his fingers in both Squall and Autumn's pussy dug deeper.

"Good work! Now you can leave."

"And don't sneak any looks to your side."

Squall and Autumn commanded the operative to leave without looking anywhere, luckily all the operatives here will faithfully do what their superiors tell them to, so she left without even looking anywhere beside forward.

"I can't believe that worked… Now I can escape…"

But before entering the Pod, Ichika thought of the odds first. Seeing that he is still within firing range of the vessel even though if he managed to escape, Ichika slightly wavered in this little plan of his.

But then another idea hit him.

"You two enter the Pod."

Ichika applied more strength on his fingers that are still lodged into the pussy of the two.



And so, in the end it was just not Ichika that escaped but also Autumn and Squall in tow.

(Scene Change)

The commander of the submarine patched a direct line to the Leader of [Phantom Task].

"Mistress, the boy has escaped with Commander Squall and Autumn as he's hostage."


Though a little strange for a reply, considering that their prisoner just got away with two of their commanders as his hostage, the leader still found this situation somewhat amusing or rather because this was a part of her ruse after all.

"Those two will make good toys for my son until the time that we will take him back."

The commander just raised her eyebrows and just made a knowing smile.


"Anyway just return to base."

The transmission ended, leaving some of the operatives that heard the conversation between the commander of their leader totally confused.

(Scene Change)

The next day, IS academy.


An angry Chifuyu is currently stomping her way towards her brother's room. She is angry because her brother skipped class.

"That idiot Ichika… he probably slept too much…"

Chifuyu's angry presence began to emanate a scary surge around her frame, her thoughts began to cook up what punishment to give her little brother.

She finally stood before Ichika's door and then kicked it open.

She was expecting that Ichika would be surprised because of her sudden and violent entry but in the end, she was the one who got shocked instead.

"C-Chifuyu-nee…. Um…. Good morning…."

Ichika greeted her in a sloppy manner. Though that was not the reason why she was shocked, the reason is Ichika naked on the bed with two naked beauties diligently sucking and licking his dick with slutty smiles on their faces.

"What the….."

"I have a totally believable explanation for this…"

Ichika was trying to clear this up but Squall and Autumn decided to derail his efforts.

"This thick dick is so delicious…"

"I want to be ravage by this again…"

Chifuyu's anger shot up to scary levels.