Madara's POV

I woke up at early sun rise still feeling a little sore from the last war. Yes I Madara Uchiha , eldest daughter to Tajima Uchiha, and Kosaki Uchiha, was forced to be a child solider in order to protect the clan. I wasn't always fighting in war, no, but when my last brother died 3 years ago that's when my younger sister Izuna and I became warriors. Both Izuna and me were now pretty much living our lives as boys. All our girl stuff were gone. Kimonos? Gone. Jewelry? Gone. Ribbons? Gone, all gone. They were all replaced with armor, swords, and scars from the battlefield. We even had to cut out hair. Mine was now all spiked up like many of the boys in our clan, Izuna's was only spiked from the back creating a duck like illusion. My mother was so angry with my father, she was telling him that is wasn't fair Izuna and I had to change our whole lives just to fight in a war that was nothing more than just pride. She was angry because she had just lost her last baby boy, and her husband was telling her that her last children were to go out in war where there chances of coming home were so slim. Yes, needless to say they fought all night and of course my father won the argument, if you can even call it a win, his daughters were going out to war. I got out of my futon to head for breakfast, just glad I can spend today in peace.


I was really starting to get agitated...Why wont this stupid rock skip to the other side! Ugh, I've been trying to get at least 1 rock to skip to the other side. Not a single one made it! I was suppose to spend this day in peace but these stupid...skip-defying rocks, wont make it to the other side! I bent down to pick up another rock. "This time, I'll make it for sure." I said to myself with confidence. Just as I was going to skip this rock, another skipped all the way through the creek and to the other side. I turned to see a boy probably my age. "You need to throw with a little more passion, that's all there is to it." He said with a grin on his face. I just stared already not likening this kid. "Duh...I already know that...If I really wanted it to get to the other side. it would already be there." I just couldn't stand someone being better at me at something.I gusse being a girl disguised as a boy brought this trait on a girl at war made me feel like I had to be better than all the other boys. "Whats your name." I said in a demanding voice. "Well you can say im your rival in rock skipping, but mine made it to the other side and didn't drown." Yup...I hated this guy...with a little more passion..." I asked what the hell your name was!" I can feel my arm twitching to punch his grinning Izuna was right, maybe I do have a violence problem...oh well too late to change it. "The name is Hashirama,best if I don't give you my last name." "Well Hashirama, take a good look cuz i'm gonna make it to the other side!" I felt so confident, like I was going to make it, like I can shove it in that kids face that I made, that he wasn't better at skipping rock than me..."splat" I can already feel the embarrassment. So I did what I usually did, had an angry outburst."WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM! ITS SO OBVIOUS YOU STOOD BEHINDE ME TO MESS ME UP! I CANT EVEN TAKE A LEAK WITH PEOPLE AROUND ME! THATS HOW WELL AWARE OF MY SURROUNDINGS I AM!" It wasn't like I was lying, I really cant pee with people around because I was a girl. I looked down to see the Hashi...whatever kid sitting all curled up, looking very depressed. I started to feel bad about making him like a depressed how I hated this side of me, the caring one. I looked down at him and sighed." don't need to get all see I have this bad habit of making excu-" "No need to explain," He cut me off. " Your ego is just so big that nothing can ever be your fault." This little..."I CANT TELL IF YOUR BI-POLAR OR JUST A JERK!" I growled out. "GAHAHAHAHA! ONE THING YOU CAN TELL FOR SURE IS THAT YOU'RE NO MATHCH FOR ME IN ROCK SKIPPING!" I felt an awful tick on my head. "MAN YOU'RE GETTING ON MY NERVES! LEAVE,NOW!" I screamed at him. "If ya say so." he turned to leave and without my consent my arm shot out to grab his shoulder as I screamed for him not to leave. He turned towards me, "Well what is it, make up your mind." I stared taking in his looks. His skin was darker than my clansmen, his clothes were very ugly, and I've seen mops with better hairstyles them him. Poor kid will never get a woman. But something interrupted my train of thought.

We both caught sight of the body floating in the river we were just skipping rocks into. The kid I was with quickly ran across the river to get the body.

"You're a shinobi?" I asked stupidly, of course he was a shinobi at his age he should of already been in countless wars. "It seems the war is heading here already." He said seriously. "Best if you head back uuuhhhh.." "Its Madara,not giving your surname his a basic code of conduct." I said. "Heh, I thought you were a shinobi, until next time then." And with that, we both left back home.

****BACK HOME****

Just as I walked through the door, my baby sister launched herself at me. "Madara! Where were you? I was looking everywhere for you but I couldn't find you! Izuna said,or more like yelled. "Sorry Izuna I was relaxing." After seeing that body just floating around in the river a while ago I cant help but worry even more Izuna's safety,for both of our safety. Today it was that guy, tomorrow it can be Izuna or me,hell it can be both.

"You mean laying up on some tree like a sloth." Izuna teased me.

"More like a hawk." I said jokingly.

"What were you doing all day, hanging out with father?" Izuna was a daddy's girl. She always listened to him and agreed with him, she sought to please father so he can be proud, and proud he was, of the both of us.

I sometimes envied the relationship between my father and younger sister, but it wasn't the bad kind of envy, more like the "I wish I could do that" kind of envy. Especially when I see them being Father and Daughter, not Captain and Solider. I did sometimes get this happy feeling when I would see Izuna sitting in my fathers lap, and my father reading aloud what was in the scroll he was holding, usually it was jutsus and how they worked, or the shinobi history.

As Izuna and I chatted, we heard our mothers voice calling us for dinner. People always told me I was just like her, not only did I have her looks, but I also apparently had her "crazy" side. She had long black locks that were spiky and a little unruly, pale skin as white as snow, eyes as black as night, and on hell of a fist.

The story is, when my eldest brother just turned 4, the Uchiha elders, or as my sweet mother would call them, "Good for nothing old goats", held a meeting demanding that my eldest brother head out to war. It was unfair, what were they expecting? Adding a 4 year old boy and making the Uchiha unbeatable because of that? Idiots. Of course my parents objected and the clan goats just went on about them being selfish and how it wasn't their choice to make, and my mom got fed up. She stood from her place and yelled at them. She was not going to have her first child out in war so early. When she did that one of the elders had told my mother, "Sit back down you dumb woman, you have no say in what your child shall do!" And that meeting ended with my mother punching him square in the face, knocking him through the wooden meeting room wall, and out in the open. My brother was safe, my mother got a new nickname, and my father and mother had an inside joke. All in all everything was great.

****TIME SKIP****

After dinner I went to bed. Izuna laid next to me. I knew that tomorrow we would have to prepare for war. I was still scared...Ive been in war for 3 years and still cant get rid of all the fear I get. I wished that we had a better world. A world where instead of greeting each other with swords to our necks...we greeted each other with smiles, or just a simple wave. Why was there so much war? Because clans get into fights? It was sad to think that...when children get into fights, they stay mad at each other for a little while, but than they are together playing, smiling, and sharing their toys with one grudges held...and pride dosent matter...

Sighing, I shut my eyes and went to bed...

If only it was so...