"Why did you keep his presence secret!?" Raikage yelled at me.

"I needed to get answers from him and I knew a fight would break out if the other villages knew." I said in my defense.

"Or maybe you were planing on using the Kuromaho's power to one up us." Kazekage inquired.

I sighed inwardly. We had bigger things to worry about instead of why I kept a prisoner! Like the fact the Kuromaho plans to throw this world over!

"I apologize that I kept this secret, but nows not the time to argue about this. The Kuromaho are still out there and are planing to destroy all the villages and bring chaos." I said.

"Hokage is right." Mizukage spoke.
"We can argue about this later. Right now, we must figure out a plan to stop the Kuromaho from sending this world into another hell hole."

I felt as if a weight has been lifted off of me. I had one of the Kages understand, which meant I had a better chance at getting the rest of them to understand as well.

"But the question still stands. Why did you keep him a secret? Were you planning on using him to hold more power against us?" Tsuchikage asked. I shook my head frantically.
"Not at all Tsuchikage! We agreed to keep each village at equal strength! It's just that, I knew if word got out than a fight would break out on who keeps the prisoner."

"Well of course we would fight! I deserve the prisoner since his clan destroyed part of my village!" Raikage yelled.

"Are you forgetting that they also attacked my village as well? If anyone deserves to keep the prisoner it's me. You'll probably kill him before the week ends knowing your methods of toucher." Tsuchikage shot back.

I quickly tried to defuse the situation at hand by trying to get them both to calm down. Honestly, I sometimes think I'm dealing with a couple of children...

"We aren't Kirigakure! We know how to control our people!" Raikage yelled.

"What do you mean by that?" Mizukage asked offended. "Our people are just brave! Unlike your rock headed people!"

"Kages please calm down, we need to stop arguing and figure out what to do!" My pleas went through deaf ears. I turned my head to notice the Kazekage sitting there calmly... But with amusement written all over his face.

I decided to turn to him for help.
"Kazekage, you must help me calm them down, or we'll never figure out a plan to stop the Kuromahos intentions!"

"I could always make this predicament better." Kazekage said.
"Or I could always make it worse..."

"No! No! Making it worse might cause years of grudges against each village! How about we make it better, yeah?" I asked as politely as I could.

I never realized the Kazekage was like this...

He stood from his place and cleared his breath. I assumed he was going to yell but... I assumed wrong. Instead, he sent a large gust of sand straight at the other Kages.

I nearly had a heart attack! He just attacked the Kages and that was a sign of battle! We're screwed!

A combination of lightning, water, and earth shot back. Both Kazekage and I got out of the line of fire. When the dust cleared up, all you saw we're three angry Kages.

"Now that I have your attention and mouths closed, Hokage would like to say something." Kazekage spoke calmly. Unaffected by the glares that now pointed at me.

I swallowed a lump in my throat and began to speak.
"The Kuromaho are moving fast. We read his memories and know what they plan on doing. We need to figure out a plan to throw them off."

"We will now sit back in our chairs and discuss this like leaders of the 5 great villages." Kazekage said taking a seat. Everyone else followed in his example and I continued speak.

"I have shinobi of my village investigating their latest hideout, underground the fake village we blew up. When the prisoner awakens, we'll get more information from him and try to get him to assist us in stopping his clan. He doesn't seem to be very fond of them so it might just work." Before I could continue on about what he is and what he's done I was stopped.

"What do we do with him afterwards? Where will he be placed?" Raikage asked calmly for the first time that day.

"I reckon we allow him to stay in Iwagakure, to be tested." Said Tsuchikage.

"He must be executed for his clans crimes and Kumogakure is the right place to do it!" Raikage all but yelled.

The screaming match was about to start and my anger had risen. We just barely sat down after that last fight! I slammed my hands on the table and stood from my seat.

"Enough! We will figure out what to do with the prisoner after the Kuromaho are annihilated. If he helps, than in afraid I cannot allow your villages to execute or use him as a sciance rabbit. Right now, we must figure out what to do right now!" I looked at them fiercely, to let them know I was serious.

"But the prisoner should-" I quickly cut off the Mizukage.

"The prisoner will be your last worries when we're all forced back into war!"

The room became silent, they were all obviously shocked by what they have seen of me. The Kazekage cleared his throat. "Shall we begin?" He asked.
I nodded my head in agreement.
"We shall."


"This place is pretty fancy."

"I know, hard to imagine all this was just underground."

"I wouldn't mind living down here."

The Konoha ninjas ah'd at the scenery before their eyes.

Though I couldn't blame them. This place was pretty nice looking, but in a medieval kinda way. Can't imagine this place was ever lit so bright, considering how far apart the candles were. Lucky for us, we brought lamps to brightened their underground palace.

"Get that out of my face, Hikaku! Don't you know my eyes are the most important part of me?!" Suisuke yelled as Hikaku waved the bright lamp to his face.

Unfortunately, I had to bring some unwelcome guests, namely some unwelcome Uchihas...

Don't get me wrong, I can work with Uchihas but not Izuna and the triplets from hell. Izuna makes my blood boil by thinking he's smarter than me. I who has created some of the best jutsus! And the three siblings couldn't take orders from anyone else except for their clan heads, if i told them to do anything they would question and undermined me than go ask Izuna who would always tell them to do something else. Always. Just in spite of me... Damn Uchihas

"Are you done yet? We already finished our area and found some sort of paper." I quietly sighed and turned around to face Izuna.

"We're just about finished here. We found nothing that could help us locate them though." I said.

"Maybe you would have been finished already if your two team mates weren't goofing off." Izuna said pointing at Suisuke and Hikaku who were now trying to slap each other with their lamps. Or more like Suisuke was, Hikaku just blocked his attempts.

"Maybe if your clan trained their shinobi properly, they would actually do their job correctly." I said feeling a little annoyed that Izuna made me look bad.

"Maybe it's just your leadership skills." He said back.

"Can't you keep a couple of idiots under control? Is it to tasking for you, Tobirama Senju?" Itsuka said from behind Izuna. I felt my blood start to boil when I saw Izuna's smirk.

That arrogant smirk I wish I could punch right off his girly looking face...

"You should know better than to talk to someone who is far more powerful than you with such disrespect." I glared at Uchiha girl. She looked back at me before turning her head to the side. "You are far more powerful than me, no doubt on that...but at the end... Your still a Senju and that alone is a good enough loss for me." She said the last line turning her head back at me.

It took pride and respect not to pummel this girl into the floor.

I would never hit a girl no matter how annoying she got. That was something my mother taught me and my brothers when she still lived. She'd always say, "Hitting a girl is as if trying to prove your strength by ripping a flower from the ground."
Plus, nothing would be more embarrassing for a man than if he hits a woman.

I let out a breath to calm myself from letting them know that they were getting on my nerves.

"Why don't we take a look at what you've found instead of having this meaningless conversation." I said between gritted teeth.

"Fine. But it's only half a paper and burnt up." Izuna said pulling out the paper that was indeed ripped in half.

I took it in my hands and examined it carefully.

This made no sense to me.

"We'll have to see if the prisoner will help us understand this. Send this to Madara by hand and see if he could get the prisoner to explain this. We'll meet in a short while, but get going now." I handed the paper back to Izuna and was pleased to see that he nodded his head and turned to leave.

That saves me one more headache.


"So you want me to take sides on this matter and are hoping I choose yours?" Asagi said.

I nodded my head to his question.
"If you don't choose us than we'll have to kill you. We've already read your memories leading up to when you threw yourself at our trap, we know your not on good terms with your father nor your clan."

Asagi looked deathly bored until I spoke of his father and clan.

"They are complete fools who think whatever they like is the way the world should be. Now that there is peace, they want to put it back into war all the while showing off." Said Asagi, a hint of anger lacing his words.

"So you agree on the peace in the lands?" I asked him.

"I agree someone should stop them." He said back.

I stared at him for a moment. He does seem to genuinely dislike his clan but he also seems like he isn't interested in helping us.

"So what your saying is, you hate your clan." I said.

"I hate idiots."

"Hn...Likewise." I agreed.

"I don't have any interests in helping you nor my clan. I simply want to beat my father." Asagi said.

"Don't you think it's rather impossible? He's probably a thound years older than." I questioned him. It seemed highly unlikely for him to beat his father.

"He is just like any human. If you give him a fatal wound, he'll die. No different than you or I." I nodded my head as he caught my interests. This information he's revealing is saying I have gained some sort of relationship with him.

"We might live longer and have a lot of chakra that isn't of ordinary color, but you'll find that only few are capable of executing a mission of brining back war." Asagi said, going back to his bored look.

"It only takes one person to execute such a mission." I said back at him.

Asagi stared back at me.
"And how awful would it be if that one led the others. I swear, they are just as mindless as puppets."

"What else can you tell me about your clan?" I pried for more answers.

Asagi just gave me a lazy smirk.
"I've already told something about myself. In return, I want some information from you."

I quickly glared at him. "I am not required to give you any information." I snapped at him. He expression did not falter.
"I'm not asking for top-secret. Every question I ask and you answer, I'll give you information about my clan. Call it a game if you want."

"I can't give you information on the Uchiha nor Konoha-"

"I could careless about that." Asagi cut me off. "Now, lets begin."

"How many family members do you?" Asagi asked.

That caught me off guard. I never thought he'd ask personal questions like this.

I hesitated before answering. I'll get more intel from him if I do.

"7." I said. He nodded his head and waited for my question.

"How many hideouts do you have?" I said for my turn of questioning.

"We've only ever had a few. We've rarely felt threatened e ought to move. I remember only moving near 5 times. I know not on the latest hideout." He answers.

"Are you happy with your life now than when there was war?" He spoke his turn. I shot my eyes straight to his. This question shocking me for a moment.

"Yes...I am... And that is why I want to stop your clan from bringing back war." It was the honest truth.

Recovering from that question I took my turn. "What is your clans usual plan of attack?"

He took a moment to answer, but answered nevertheless.

"They prefer to do surprise attacks. Usually their first attack his huge and alarming." He answered.

I braced myself for the next personal question I knew he was going to ask.

"How many family members are dead?"

I didn't like this at all. He was giving me the heavy feeling I tried so hard to get rid of. I didn't want to discuss this but, I was getting better intel than we've ever gotten since he's been here. I couldn't let emotions stop me from doing my job.

"5." I answered.

He looked incredulously at me. "You only have one family member left?" He asked. I ignored him in favor of asking the next question.

"Where are they now?" I wanted to end this game.

He hummed silently, in mock thought. "I don't know. If I had known their latest hideout than I might of had a thought, but since I don't I can't give you any information."I narrowed my eyes at him. That wasn't the answer I was looking for.

"How did you feel when you lost more than half your loved ones."

I stayed silent. Not wanting to answer him, I already have the information I need. I stand from my place and walk away, but not before hearing what came out of him next.

"I felt frustrated because I didn't know what to do."

I stand still, listening to his words.

"Losing someone you hold dear to you is like a double edged sword... In the end, you both bleed."

I agreed with Asagi... Wether one bleeds in the battlefield or one mourns for him in his casket...no one can get out uninjured.

"You to huh...it's tough to think about them being here right now, if only the thought of peace wasn't so ludicrous to our elders..." It was true, peace could have been sought out earlier than this, and I hated thinking that.

"I lost A mother an older brother and two friends who were like brothers to me... Both my mother and elder brother were taken as war hostages. A month of trying to get them back only to end up with there corpses thrown into a lake. My friends passed away due to childish innocence and the mistake of playing in the woods..." Asagi spoke and for the first time, had a desolate look. His eyes were downcast and his fingers slowly tapping the table.

"I know those feelings, I lost three of my brothers and both my parents...you can only really lie to yourself to ease the pain...but its still there..." I said. My hand toughing the handle to exit the room.

"How awful is it...to love someone death could touch..." Asagi spoke.

"Hn...awful..." That being said I quickly turned the handle and left.

As I was walking I was in deep thought. People always said it'll get easier but it doesn't. You still get heavy thought when they cross your mind. The only way you can stop that from happening is by erasing any thought of them.

It dosent matter how old you are, be it 20 or 200, its never easy losing someone you love.



Anyway enough of laptop drama, this chapter ended a lil sad but fear not! I have an idea for my next chapter!

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