June 2002

Disclaimer: The character's aren't mine (obviously :P) I'm just borrowing them.

Author's note: I got to thinking tonight about what happened to Sabe. You don't really see her once she runs off to take the focus off Padme. I'm going on the assumption that Sabe and Obi-Wan got close when they were in the ship on Tatooine, friends if not something more, that just never stayed in touch. Since I've never found out what happened to Sabe, here's a (sad) little piece about what I think might have happened. also a "missing moments" kind of thing from AOTC. Feedback please!!

A Stranger From The Past

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight stood by the entrance to the Senator of Naboo's quarters, looking out into the airways. All was quiet. Earlier that evening Amidala had used herself as bait to try and find the assassin that was trying to kill her. In doing so, she'd almost been killed and now Anakin wouldn't leave her alone. A smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Same Anakin. He'd been all eyes for the Queen, and now for the senator. What am I going to do about him? Obi-Wan thought silently.

Leaning against the wall, he looked across the room. Anakin had finally fallen asleep on the couch, unintentionally, the stress of the fight and the nightmares of his mother combining into a potent drug. His nightmares were a point of worry. Most Jedi didn't have nightmares; they had visions. Anakin's dreams could in fact be a vision of something passed or something yet to come. He sadly shook his head. Obi-Wan had never had the chance to meet Shmi Skywalker, but Qui-Gonn had spoken often of her. Or at least, thought of her often. His head came up as the door to Amidala's bedroom opened.

The Senator from Naboo was belting her robe around her waist as she stepped into the main room. "Master Kenobi." Her voice was low.

"My lady."

She moved towards him, her gaze going to where Anakin was sprawled out on the couch, his lanky form covering most of it, his knees and feet hanging over one end. "Has he been sleeping long?"

Obi-Wan shook his head, following her lead and keeping his voice to a whisper. "Not long. Can I do something for you?"

Amidala pulled Anakin's Jedi robe from the back of the chair he'd thrown it on and gently spread it over him before turning back to Obi-Wan. "I need to speak with you about a somewhat. delicate matter."

Obi-Wan motioned for her to lead the way onto one of the balconies, the plexi-glass sliding upwards silently. She stepped through, the wind of the city catching the tendrils of her hair and making them dance. She glanced back into the room as Obi-Wan joined her, silently coaxing the glass back down by using the Force. She turned to him, one hand reaching into the pocket of her robe, "I was asked to deliver something to you by an old friend of yours."

Obi-Wan leaned against the railing, watching her, "An old friend? From Naboo?"

She nodded, "She was my decoy."

Obi-Wan straightened as if he'd been bitten. "Sabe." He breathed. He'd looked for her after the battle, after the ceremony for honoring Qui- Gonn. She'd been injured in the final assault on the palace and unable to take visitors.

Amidala was pulling a data card out of her pocket as she nodded, "I was asked to warn you as well. She is not as she once was. She has several major injuries to her face, and part of that is now cybernetic. I'm sorry."

Obi-Wan accepted the data card and slid it into his belt, itching to read it, "I take it this is simply not a text message?"

Amidala shook her head, "It is a full holo message. Recorded about three weeks ago when I last saw her before leaving for Coruscant. She asked me to deliver it to the Jedi temple if you were not here."

"I see." He swallowed hard, looking down into the many lanes of traffic, "Should I be wary of its contents, my lady?"

Amidala placed her hand on his shoulder, "I know you looked for her when everything had settled, Obi-Wan. She didn't want you to see her. She didn't want anyone to see her. She never told me what she put on that card, only that you needed to hear it. Anakin is sleeping; no one will disturb you. Good night Master Kenobi."

Obi-Wan acknowledged the silent command with an inclination of his head and allowed the plexi-glass to slide back up. He watched as Amidala walked past Anakin, taking the time to gently ruffle his hair, before going back into her sleeping quarters. He pulled the disk from his belt, turning it over in his hand. Sabe. Her name was like a forbidden fruit, one that had long ago been lost and thought forgotten, yet still had the strength to make his knees weak.

He pulled a datapad from his belt and hooked a small holo-projector to it, sliding the disk into place. He glanced back and, knowing he shouldn't but doing it anyway, silently let the glass slide down again. Thankfully these suites were equipped to give people on the balcony a little privacy should the need arise.

Obi-Wan flicked the power switch and placed the pad on the ledge. Sabe's image appeared and his breath caught in his throat. She was still beautiful, with long red hair that fell down over her shoulders to the middle of her back. Her smile was soft, sincere, yet held a note of sadness. Her features were cloaked in the shadows of a cloak, but she could still take it breath away. Her voice, when she finally spoke, was like a caress to his guarded heart.

"Hello, Obi-Wan. I know it has been a long time since you and I have had the opportunity to talk. This is mostly my fault. The day you and Anakin helped rescue Naboo from the clutches of the Trade Federation, several incidents befell me, which is why I did not wish for you to see me before you left. Little did I know I would never have the chance to see you again. I only beg that you allow me to explain."

"I was caught in a blaster fight with no cover and part of my face was badly burned by a series of close blaster shots. This could have simply been healed by a bacta tank, yet I was pushed from the top of the Naboo palace and the same part of my face was destroyed when I hit the gardens. I will spare you the details, and simply show you the results. I hope it will not disgust you as it does me. This is now my burden, the shame I carry," her image reached up and removed the hood. Even the blue-white light of the holo couldn't soften the harsh lines of the metallic faceplate. Her right ear was missing; the skin from just above it down to her throat was covered, or replaced, by a thin metallic plate with blinking lights that stretched over her cheek to her nose. Her hair grew only on part of her head, leaving the plate bare for all to see. Her smile was sad.

"I have lost much in my life, Jedi Kenobi, but my ability to protect the Queen as her decoy was at an end and that pained me more so than the loss of my looks. Even more so than that, was knowing that you would never be able to look upon me again. I have missed you these ten years, my friend, missed you terribly. More than once I have written you letters only to erase them. I miss our long talks, our discussions about the right and wrong of the senate. Most of all I miss your company and your smile."

Sabe's image pulled the hood back around her face, "I believe I am being too forward, but it had to be said. Amidala knows how to reach me should you wish to send me a message. I will understand if I do not hear from you. I wanted you to know, Jedi Kenobi, that there is one woman somewhere in the galaxy, thinking of you and loving you. Good bye, My Jedi Knight."

Her image winked out and Obi-Wan could only stare blankly at the spot where her image had been but a moment before. Slowly he reached out and disconnected the holo-projector from his datapad and put them away. He pulled the disk from the pad and slipped it into his belt. Sabe. Beautiful beyond words, be it with, or without, her injuries. Even in the recording, he could see the fire in her eyes, the love of life, and the sadness that came from losing all that she'd ever wanted. And she loved him. Obi-Wan stared off into the distance, his eyes unfocused, his thoughts on a time long ago when a young woman was posing as a Queen, and a Padawan was falling for her against his better judgment. He stood there, silent and unmoving, until morning.

Across the galaxy, a young woman was looking up into a darkening sky, counting the stars and thinking of tall Jedi Knight with hair the color of fire, and eyes that could melt her heart. A tear slipped down a cheek that felt nothing, as she silently said goodbye to ten long years of dreams.