June 2002

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Author's note: Sequel to "A Last Request" and the last of the 4 part series. let me know what you think! Feedback to: Jademax@hotmail.com Thanks for reading!

Those Who Dare To Dream

The gardens of the Jedi temple were serene, peaceful and conductive to meditation. Their lone occupant, a handsome man, couldn't seem to find peace. His Padawan had yet to check in, to report his success in his mission of escorting Senator Amidala home to Naboo. He was worried, his meeting earlier with Master Yoda and Master Windu having brought it about. There was no telling what Anakin Skywalker would do outside the reach of the council.

Ob-Wan Kenobi had never before found it difficult to find peace, but this day it eluded him. There was too much going on in the galaxy. He rested on a bench near a waterfall in the middle of the gardens, staring at the water as it rained down from above. His thoughts drifted, refusing to become silent, and stopped on the one thing, the one person, that was guaranteed to make him loose his focus. Sabe. He groaned, rubbing his forehead. She must think him dead now after the last message she'd received from him.

He picked up a rock and tossed it into the pool. His arm ached where he'd taken the sabre slash from Count Dooku, reminding him he wasn't up to doing even that yet. Damn recuperation time, it left him too much time to think.

"Master Kenobi."

He froze. He knew that voice. Slowly, he turned his head. Standing in the shadows of a tree, face obscure by shadows, was a woman dressed in pilot's gear, a helmet under her arm. "Sabe?"

She stepped into view, her hair pulled back from her face in a series of braids, the metal faceplate that covered most of her face in clear view. She wasn't smiling, and Obi-Wan could sense her nervousness. His gaze wandered down over her body, encased in the synthetic leather flight suit of the Nabooian pilot. She was trim, walking with the grace of a dancer, or trained fighter, and just the sight of her made his blood heat. "Hello Obi-Wan. It's been a long time."

He stood, fighting a grimace. The Jedi healers had done what they could for his arm and leg, but they still ached. Secretly he thought they'd left him underhealed to tech him a lesson, "Sabe." He inclined his upper body to her in greeting, "What are you doing here?"

She lifted her helmet, "Padme sent me a message on her way home. She told me about what happened on Geonosis. Are you alright?"

He nodded, taking a limping step towards her, "I'll heal."

She moved towards him, waving him back to the bench, "You're injured, Obi- Wan, sit before you fall."

He chuckled, doing as she said, "Same Sabe," he teased, a sparkle of humor coming into his eyes, "Still issuing orders."

She favored him with a half smile, sitting next to him as she placed her helmet on the ground by her feet. "Old habits die hard." Not looking at him, she kept her gaze on her hands, folded in her lap, "I thought you were dead."

Against his better judgement, Obi-Wan reached out with one hand and gently lifted her chin until he could look into her brown eyes, her soft voice distressing him more than it should have, "You received my transmission, then?"

She nodded, her hands twisting together, her eyes glazed with moisture, "I didn't want to live," she admitted, "The thought of never seeing you again, of never being able to talk to you."

He searched her eyes, seeing the truth in her words, knowing the truth of her feelings. "I'm sorry, Sabe. I didn't mean to cause you pain. When I'm healed I was planning on coming to Naboo to see you."

"I guess I saved you a trip."

They laughed awkwardly together, Obi-Wan's hesitantly caressing her cheek with his thumb.

She turned her head and placed a kiss in his palm before covering his hand with hers, "I've missed you."

He was at a loss. Here was the woman he'd been dreaming about, the woman he knew he could never have, holding him with her eyes. She must have seen his confusion for she moved to pull away. Against his better judgement he pulled her closer, applying pressure to her fingers to keep her close. "Don't go."

Her eyes roamed over his features, "We can't do this, I don't know what I was thinking when I came here," she admitted, "You're bound by your code, you told me that. I must be crazy to think I could ever compete with it."

He searched her eyes, "If I wasn't, what then?"

Her smile was slight, but genuine, "Do you expect an answer, Master Jedi, or shall I take that as rhetorical?"

His smile was soft, "I mean it, Sabe. If I were free to do as I please, what would you do?"

"I'd hold you and never let go."

Obi-Wan slid his hand from her face and, in a surprise movement, pulled her close to him, into his side, hugging her close. "You're right about my commitment, Sabe. I have been a Jedi for my entire life, brought up to their ways, their rules. I find myself willing to risk everything to have you, even for a short time. Is that wrong?"

She lay her head against his shoulder, "We could keep it a secret," she ventured.

"From Jedi?"

"Surely there is a way for you too keep secrets from each other? You don't tell one another everything, do you?"

Obi-Wan chuckled, "You're right, of course. Could we live like that, Sabe? Stolen moments between missions?"

She pulled away, looking into his eyes, "I'm not tied to anything Obi-Wan. Wherever you were to go, I'd be willing to go with you."

"And live a secret life?"

She smiled, "How is that any different than what I have done in the past?"

He lifted his injured hand and traced the side of her face covered by the metal plate. She ducked her head away from the touch, but he pursued, "Please, Sabe, don't hide from me."

She ducked her head again, trying to get him to stop by pushing his hands away, "I wish I was as you remember me."

He watched her solemnly, "You've nothing to be afraid of. Please, may I?"

She sighed, then nodded. This was Obi-Wan, he wouldn't do anything to hurt her. She forced herself to stay still as he gently traced the metal, feeling uncomfortable with his scrutiny. "Hideous, isn't it?"


"Don't patronize me, I know what I look like," she pulled away, rising to her feet, "Naboo is primitive by many medical standards, and with the blockade they were unable to treat me correctly. I've had to live with this for 10 years, Obi-Wan, to live with people's sympathy, their disgust." Her voice dropped as she bowed her head, "I only wish I could be beautiful again. I wish you didn't have to see me like this."

He stood, ignoring his injuries, and pulled her into his arms, "You are beautiful, Sabe, on the inside, and on the surface. I know what the Naboo had to deal with, I was there, remember? For what they had, they did very well." He placed a gentle, impulsive kiss on her forehead, "Would it make you happy, truly happy, to have your looks back?"

She pulled away, not understanding, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, if I can find someway to heal you, would you take it?"

"I don't understand. There is nothing any medic can do now. It's been too long."

"The Force is a powerful ally, Sabe. It can do things no one person could accomplish, no matter what the technology. Do you trust me?"

"I'm here, Obi-Wan. If I didn't trust you I would never have come."

Taking her hand in his, he motioned to the bench, "Lie down."

She looked at him questioningly but did as he said. "Will this hurt?"

"No. Close your eyes." Carefully, Obi-Wan placed his hands on either side of her head. He was about to attempt something that Jedi healers were loathe to try, even in groups for its difficulty. Closing his eyes, he placed his forehead to hers and sank down into the presence of the Force.

For several hours, Obi-Wan was in his trance-like state, Sabe's consciousness with his, curling about his Force signature like a synth rope. He called upon the energy, the power, and the mystery to heal her. Asking not for himself, not for his own injuries, but for those of his fellow soldier, his kindred spirit, who had lost so much in doing her duty. A duty she was no longer able to perform, one she was hoping to return to. They were immobile, seeming statues to anyone who would enter the garden. The lights of Couruscant dimmed, passing from day to night, and they remained as they were.

Sabe could feel something in her body, something reaching out to touch the presence she associated with her Jedi. Her Jedi, the man who was willing to live a double life, to take the biggest risks, to restore her. Her heart swelled, and she unconsciously wrapped herself around his presence, refusing to let go. The new day was dawning when Obi-Wan's eyes finally fluttered open. Pulling back, he collapsed to the ground, feeling drained. Now he knew why the healers didn't like to call upon the Force for injuries such as hers.

He watched for a few moments before her eyes fluttered open and she took a deep breath. "Obi-Wan?"

"I'm here, Sabe. How do you feel?"

She pushed herself to a sitting position, her hands going to her face. They froze. She spun to her feet, her eyes wide, "How did you.?"

Obi-Wan looked at her. She was whole again, her skin healthy and pink, her hair covering her entire scalp again, her ears peeking out from beneath the fall of crimson tresses. He smiled, "The Force is my ally, Sabe, it can do many things, including healing of that magnitude."

She went to him, crouching and pulling him into a hug, "Thank you, Obi-Wan, there is never anything I could do, or say to express how much I owe you."

He hugged her back, his head on her shoulder, "I would do anything for you, Sabe. Anything. You owe me nothing."

She pulled back, helping him to his feet, and wisely deciding against an argument with him. He didn't look as if he could stand, let alone stand up to her. "Let's get you to your quarters, you look exhausted."

Leaning against the strong young woman, he directed her towards his room in the Jedi temple. They walked down the silent halls, feeling very alone. There were few Jedi left in the Temple, and the halls seemed too silent. No one was up yet. Sabe helped Obi-Wan climb the flight of stairs to the second level and finally stopped by a single door as he keyed it open. Helping him inside she lay him on the bed. His hand reached for hers, "Stay with me?"

Her free hand fingered her face, her restored beauty, and she nodded, climbing onto the bed with him and curling up beside him, "Anything, Obi- Wan."

He couldn't hear her, asleep as he was, nor did he feel the gentle kiss she placed on his forehead or her softly spoken, "I love you." He was unconscious, recovering from his immersion in the Force, allowing it to replenish him in ways only a Jedi could understand.


Sabe work later that day to a knock on the door and slid from the bed. Obi- Wan was sleeping, his breathing deep and even, and she smiled fondly. She wasn't sure how she knew, but his powers had been diminished by his act yesterday, and words would never be able to express her gratitude. Walking to the door as she tied new braids in her hair she hit the switch. "Master Yoda!"

The green Jedi Master was seated in his hover chair just below her eye level. "Sabe. Handmaiden to Queen Amidala you were. Good to see you, it is."

She nodded, "It's good to see you again Master Yoda."

"Come to see Master Obi-Wan, I have."

"He's sleeping," she fought the urge to blush, knowing they'd done nothing wrong but feeling as if they had.

"Wake him, you must. A disturbance in the Force there was."

"A disturbance in the Force, Master?"

They both turned to see an exhausted looking Obi-Wan pulling his robe over his white Jedi suit. His hair was awry, his eyes bloodshot. Lines of exhaustion and fatigue ceased his face, making him look much older than his years.

"Why here is she, Obi-Wan?"

Obi-Wan glanced at Sabe, "She's an old friend, Master Yoda, she came to visit."

"In the Temple, she should not be."

Obi-Wan fought a grimace. "Yes Master. What did you mean by a disturbance in the Force?"

Yoda glanced at Sabe, "Heal her you did, Master Obi-Wan. Felt it we did."

Obi-Wan stepped past Sabe and into the hall, motioning for her to stay in his room as the door closed on him and Master Yoda. "The healers could do nothing for her Master. I owe her much. It was the least I could do."

Yoda looked at him critically. "Attached to her, you are Obi-Wan. See this I can. Wish you to leave the order?"

"No Master. Sabe is a friend, nothing more."

"Wishes to be more, she does. Dying we are, Master Obi-Wan, more Jedi we need. Care for her, do you?"

Obi-Wan looked carefully at the Jedi Master, "I don't wish to leave the order Master Yoda, I know what will happen if I answer that honestly."

"Honesty. Tell me you can."

Obi-Wan grimaced, "I'm very attached to her Master. She is... special to me."

Yoda looked at him critically and then nodded, "Sense this, I can. Caught, you should not be, yes?"

Obi-Wan froze. Had Yoda just given him permission to have a relationship? "Pardon me?"

Yoda poked him with his gimmer stick, "The council I will not inform. Discreet you must be, yes?"

Obi-Wan's heart began to beat rapidly, and he bowed, "Yes Master."

Yoda nodded and flew off down the hall. Carefully reinforcing his mental shields, Obi-Wan stepped back into his room. Sabe looked at him, "Are we in trouble?"

He walked towards her, purpose written in every line of his body. Tired as he was, he was fairly humming with excitement. He'd been given permission to break the laws, the code of the Jedi. If only for a time. A time he would not waste or squander. She backed up a step or two at his purposeful advance and stifled a shriek as he swept her off the ground and hugged her tight. "Sabe."

She looked at him, wondering what had brought on this turn of emotion, "What is it, Obi-Wan?"

He looked into her eyes, bending towards her, "Do you want children, lovely?"

"I-I beg your pardon?"

His smile was soft as he stroked her cheek, "Do you want children?

"Someday..." she was confused, shocked. Why was he asking when they had no chance for a future?

He moved closer, until his lips were but a breath away from hers, "I love you, Sabe." He searched her eyes, "Would you be the mother of my children?"

She could only nod, her heart soaring as he grasped her hand in his and leaned in close, his lips sliding over hers, kissing her passionately. She felt something slide into her mind, blocking her thoughts from the outside world as Obi-Wan kissed her.

She saw; she understood.

Yoda had given them permission. Silently, as Obi-Wan carried her towards the sleeping room, she thanked the Jedi Master for his understanding. At last, she and her Jedi Knight were together. They could be together, in secret only, but they could create a child between them that would never separate them. Nothing, she swore, would ever tear them apart again.