Glow In The Dark

Set after "The Asset" ep.03.

Grant was stressed.

And when Grant was stressed he became the last human on Earth you'd ever want to communicate with or even being in the same universe with – let alone a compact plane flying above deep waters.

Ward was on edge because he'd pulled a muscle in his arm, and although he was very much used to pulling muscles and having a bone snapped or two, he still always got anxious over the fact he had a disadvantage.

He hated the idea of being weak, or having something the enemy could use against him. The subconscious side of Grant knew he could handle it, but the forefront of Grant's mind would not let him rest or even begin to wind down.

He was pacing the plane at precisely 11:22pm, contemplating what to do. He'd already soaked his sore arm and wrapped it carefully into a support band, but the thing he knew he had to do the most in order for it get better was to rest, but God forbid Ward to ever to rest.

He decided he'd go sulk in his bunker and read another book from his pile high stack; so with his eyebrows knitted and tense shoulders he made his way down through the 'bus', until something caught his attention while passing one of the open bunkers.

Skye was kneeling on her bunk with her hands pressed to the ceiling; her iPod in the far corner playing some soft, unrecognizable indie music that she happily hummed along to.

The scowl on his face almost completely disappeared as he turned to face her – her body turned away from him. He took in her ample curves as she reached up to the ceiling, and the way the tanned skin of her back became visible as her shirt lifted – and how he desperately wanted to touch her warm, soft skin.

He knocked on the entrance of the bunker before leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed.

"Sup" Skye smiled brightly; before reaching for some foreign objects out of a bag propped up on her shelf. Ward quirked an eyebrow at her as Skye then turned around and flopped down on to her bed.

"What exactly are you doing"? Grant asked, a little more sharply than he'd have liked. Skye tilted her head to the side; one eyebrow lifting higher than the other.

"Why so stressed, Ward"? Skye chuckled, jiggling her dangling feet over the edge of her bed. Ward sighed frantically, feeling a migraine coming on.

"It's nothing, just a pulled muscle" Grant pointed to the arm in question; wincing after putting it back down by his side. Skye frowned slightly while fumbling with a little object in her hands. "Now, what are you actually doing"? Grant felt the impact of stress and fret starting to take action, with a throbbing head and tired limbs.

"Well, it's quite embarrassing" Skye looked away from Ward, totally covering the item she had in her hands. Grant couldn't stop the curious yet amused grin creep on to his face as he took another step into the small room.

"I'm your S.O, Skye. I'm sure you can tell me" Grant watched her intriguingly; he watched how her long hair fell around her face, and then how she slowly tucked a few strands behind her ear. Skye looked up at him after a few seconds of silence; meeting his curious and deep chocolate eyes. She'd never confess to him, but she loved it when he didn't shave for a day or two; he was a man who really gave stubble a good name.

"Ugh fine" Skye rolled her eyes before crossing her legs upon the bed. "I'm...I'm afraid of the dark" Skye admitted it so quickly that Ward had trouble making sense of it; but after it calculated in his brain he couldn't help but let out a throaty laugh.

Skye threw her little hula–girl figurine at him; which he easily caught even amongst his guffaws. "You're an ass" Skye huffed; her cheeks starting to burn.

She'd never seen Ward laugh so much in all the time she'd spent with him, so as much as she hated to admit it, she loved seeing him so happy. She loved the way his eyes crinkled, and how his warm and bright laughs filled the compact place around them – surrounding them like a beacon of pure content.

"That doesn't answer my question. Why were you kneeling on your bed and praising your ceiling"? Ward felt a little better after laughing, although his arm throbbed a little more now than before.

Skye hopped off her bed in one swift jump before standing beside Ward. "Look up" She stated simply; smiling sweetly. Ward raised an eyebrow at her, before doing as she said and looking up.

The rather small scale ceiling was plastered in faded green coloured stars and moons. "What do they exactly have in common with your fear of the dark"? Ward questioned, his eyebrows creasing as he looked down at Skye.

"Here, put the last one up in the little space there" Skye extended out her hand to pass him the last plastic star with adhesive tape covering the back. He glanced between the star and Skye a few times before rolling his eyes and taking the star.

He didn't have to reach that far to place the final star in place, and so when he'd done so he stepped back and waited for Skye to continue. "Okay, now lie down" Skye asked rather casually after turning off her iPod.

"What"? Grant's face contorted to show his perplexion. Skye sighed heavily before pushing his back in the direction of her bed. Ward exaggeratedly rolled his eyes before cautiously lying down on her bed; stifling a hiss as he knocked his arm.

Skye shut the bunk door and then flicked the light switch by her side. After an initial moment of complete darkness, the ceiling above Grant and Skye lit up with glowing stars and moons; illuminating just the space above them.

"It's a nice touch, Rookie" Grant let a small smile form on his lips as he stared at the glowing ceiling. He wouldn't say it out loud, but he thought it was a remarkable idea.

Ward suddenly felt uneasy as he felt the bed dip beside him. "Thanks, Robot" Skye sighed contently, before gingerly resting her head on Ward's shoulder.

Ward couldn't help but tense, but it made his arm ache and scream out in agony, so he forced himself to relax. He let her melt into his side while resting the side of his face on top of her head – he loved the way her hair smelled of apples.

Ward shifted her body gently so he could wrap an arm around her waist to stop her from falling off the undersized bed; she took the initiative of wrapping a leg around his as she settled her face into the crook of his neck – she smiled smelling the familiar scent of gun powder, cinnamon and his usual cologne.

"I really like stars" Skye mumbled into his neck, before yawning softly. Ward could sense she was bound to fall sleep soon, and he'd usually take that as a sign to leave, but he didn't feel like leaving; and most importantly he didn't feel like Skye wanted him to leave either.

With his good arm he lifted the comforter over the both of them before letting his good arm snake around her waist again. "Do you want me to leave"? Grant whispered, instantly regretting asking her in fear she'd say yes.

"Please don't leave" Skye murmured back as she rested her hand on his chest. Grant smiled while looking at the glowing ceiling; he felt relaxed having her steady, warm breathes fan against his neck.

Ward hadn't realized before he fell into a deep and well deserved sleep that he'd become renewed. His stress, anxiety and stubborn aching arm had dulled to the back off his mind as he lay there under the plastic stars.

For the first time in a while he felt at complete ease, all thanks to having Skye curled up by his side and glow in the dark, stick–on stars beaming down at them both; protecting them from the dark.