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Wind whistled through loose panels, a cold draught whooshing throughout the shack - an eerie sound that made the darkness outside feel like it was closing in. Wisps of dark hair flittered in front of Bo's face, some strands sticking to her lashes. She couldn't see. She couldn't focus. She was staring at something in front of her, yet seeing nothing. The light dangling from above highlighted her head like a halo.

A breath, a whisper, her lips moved, her mouth attempting to form a word, but all that came out was air through teeth. No one had ever run out on her before. She was a fae - a succubus! - who naturally pulled people in. Crowds would feel her presence before she sauntered into a room. They'd stop, stare, wait a moment, then go back to their business, but always chancing a glance her way whenever they could. She was the forbidden fruit that everyone desired.

Was Tamsin playing hard to get? Bo dismissed the thought as quickly as it came with a shake of her head. No, no, that wasn't it. She said they'd cheated? But how could you cheat when your heart is set on one person, and that one person was her? It was stupid to…oh, wait.


Bo sat up a little straighter, hands resting in her lap. Lauren was her girlfriend. Is her girlfriend, her human, her doctor her…everything. Bo blinked. Well, she used to be, what had changed? Bo shot up. She paced the room. Back and forth, back and forth, thinking, no, digging through her memories of the past week to remember how this could have happened so quickly. Bo plonked down on one of the kitchen stools. How? When? Her thoughts easily drifted back to her new obsession and her lips curled into a coy smile.


Bo sighed wistfully, folding her arms on the kitchen island in front of her and delicately resting her chin atop her hands. She inhaled a smile and exhaled a happy hum. Oh, Tamsin. The doctor was forgotten. Bo couldn't help it, how could she? She had no control over her heart. It kind of…lead itself these days, and Bo was entirely okay with that. Absolutely okay with it.

A faint orange glow emitted from her skin, an ambient glimmer pulsating softly around her. She loved Tamsin's smile. The light surrounding Bo grew brighter, reaching out, touching the darkness that gently ebbed. Bo felt warm, so very warm. But where was she? Where was Tamsin? Why did she run? The light shrank away and the darkness flooded the room, engulfing her. Bo shivered. She was alone. She did not like it. Where had her lover gone?

Bo started to get angry. Her heart hurt, it yearned, he beating muscle dictating her next actions. Bo moved to the front door with speed, not bothering to look for her jacket and exiting into the cold winds uncaring.

Bo's foot floored the accelerator and her little yellow Camaro sputtered noisily, the engine roaring in protest and coughing up fumes, leaving a smoggy trail behind. Luckily the roads were clear tonight: no Sunday drivers. Great. The Dal was only five minutes away, but five minutes then felt like a lifetime.

Tamsin was at the Dal, Bo could feel it, feel her. She took a hand off the wheel and snatched her hand to her chest. Something was not right. She glanced down to her chest then back up to the road. It was painful, so painful. She grimaced. It was as if someone was pinching her insides and not letting go.

The sign at the Dal is brightly lit and welcoming as usual. Bo leaves the Camaro haphazardly, she doesn't care how it's parked, and lightly jogs to the entrance. She pushes the double doors open with a little too much force, making them bang into the walls and startling the one occupant inside.

"Aw, god dammit…" Bo recognises that voice instantly, eyes drawn towards the woman. Kenzi has a glass in hand and is staring disbelievingly at her top. She sweeps her arm out wide. "I only just bought this. God dammit!" Kenzi bangs the glass down onto the bar, the liquid sloshing inside, and sighs as exaggeratedly as she can.

Bo walks to the bar, picks up Kenzi's drink and finishes it off, not once acknowledging Kenzi's penetrating stare boring into the side of her head.

"Uh, oh, hi Kenzi, how are you? How was your holiday?" Kenzi sasses, trying to pull a reaction out of her long-time BFF with her stare, but getting none, she continues for her own personal sake, "Oh, fine, thanks for asking Bo, it was greeeeat!" Faux-answer complete she leans back on her stool, crossing her arms with an eyeroll. With Bo's silence still hanging in the air, she begins again with her overenthused sorority-girl voice, "How come your back home so-"

"Is Tamsin here?" Bo interrupts, already knowing the answer, but asking anyway, maybe out of some twisted form of etiquette, and turns to face Kenzi who looks as blank as a board.

Kenzi scoffs. Bo narrows her eyes at her. This isn't a game.

Kenzi looks nervous. She glances at the cellar door, drawing Bo's attention there. Kenzi clears her throat and stutters out, "Errr, nope. No, she isn't." It's a lie, and they both know it. She shifts slightly where she's sat.

Bo clenches her jaw and grinds her teeth, jutting her chin, and turns her head to the cellar. She can't even look at Kenzi, she can't believe she lied. What has she got to hide?

"Bull," Bo manages to reply and makes her way to the door. Tamsin's down there. Soon, soon, they will be reunited. The thought sends butterflies fluttering around in her stomach. With the promise of her love downstairs and the pull getting irrefutably stronger, she takes a long stride towards her prize. She's close, so close!


Bo was grabbed by the wrist and hauled back towards the bar by none other than a very aggravated-looking Kenzi. A bar stool clacks, rolling around on its legs, and wobbles until it comes to a stop. Bo blinks repeatedly, shocked by the daring move.

"Kenzi…" Bo hisses in warning.

Kenzi's bent forward, arm stretched awkwardly in front of her, hand gripping hard to Bo's wrist. She takes one step forward to allow her arm to resume a more natural angle and looks up through her bangs.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Bo's silent as she stares at her trapped wrist. Kenzi watches, waits, anger shining through her clear blue eyes. Bo isn't amused and neither is Kenzi. There's something brewing between them. Something that they've never directed at each other before. Kenzi can see Bo getting irritated, her temples ticking and the brown in her eyes changing to piercing blue.

Kenzi releases her grip, annoyed, practically throwing the hand back at Bo, and sniffs a bit too loudly whilst wiping her hands down her front. She feels like she is going to cry. Her emotions are stretched too thin. First Tamsin, now Bo's acting strange. Again.

"Why did you do that?"

"Why do you need to see her?" Kenzi retorts not a second later.

Bo chuckles humorously. "So you admit to lying?" she says with a sickeningly sweet smile.

"Errr, yes. Well, why did you ask the question when you already knew, hm? And how do you know she's here? Did Tamsin go to see you before she collapsed?"

Kenzi looks hopeful for a second, thinking maybe Bo knows what happened. And then her face falls at Bo's troubled expression. Kenzi's pulse races with worry.

"What is it?" Kenzi steps closer, putting a comforting hand to Bo's forearm, all the previous irritation gone and concern taking its place.

Bo is pale. Kenzi's pulse picks up.

"Tamsin…"Bo's mouth is open. She looks like she's in shock. "Tamsin collapsed?"

Kenzi nods, gradually getting closer and wrapping an arm around Bo, holding her.

"Yeah. D-man and I found her not to far from here in an alleyway."

Bo's cold, Kenzi can feel it on her skin.

"She's uh, she's okay though… She's down there with Dyson." Kenzi rubs a hand up and down Bo's arm. Why does Bo look like she's seen a ghost?

"Dyson?" Bo whispers and Kenzi nods again.


All is quiet, the bar empty with nothing but candlelight flickering, making shadows dance around the room. So silent, so… Bo tenses, startling Kenzi, who jumps a safe distance away from the one arm hug.


Bo goes to move again. She's fast, but Kenzi reacts just as quickly by latching onto Bo's wrist again and holding fast. Bo grunts and yanks at her arm, making Kenzi fall forward and kick the barstool over with a loud bang into Bo. The bookshelf rattles as they bump into it, knocking books and old ornaments from the shelves to crash to the floor.

Kenzi feels guilty. Trick will be furious, but the thought is soon long gone as she struggles to maintain her grip on Bo.

"Argh Kenzi!" Bo grabs her tightly by the arms. "Why do you keep getting in my way?!"

Kenzi clings as hard as she can. She won't let go. She can't let go. She needs answers! A surge of adreneline gives her the strength to hold on, to fight.

"Because Tamsin doesn't need to see you right now!"

"She needs me!" Bo pushes Kenzi, jarring her. "I need to see her!"

"No you don't!" Kenzi cries, trying to get Bo back into the corner, but she's too weak, she doesn't have the strength. She groans from the effort.

Bo's having none of it and has lost all patience. She pushes hard, too hard, sending Kenzi back towards the bar. Kenzi's stiletto heel catches onto a loose floorboard and topples her more as she flails, while her back hits the bar with enough force to knock the air out of her and send a glass shattering to the floor. Kenzi coughs, arms outstretched, using the bar top for support. She winces; that's going to bruise later.

Bo feels bad, sorry, but it's only for a split-second before the pull calls her like a sweet song. She follows her heart, literally, and dashes to the cellar door, whipping it open.

Kenzi wraps an arm around her waist, cringing from the pain. She thinks of Tamsin, thinks of how vulnerable she is, and it's enough to dull the ache. She pushes off the bar and jogs after Bo, a slight limp in her step.

In her haste, Kenzi manages to blindly latch on to Bo's arm again.

"Go back upstairs. Now!" Kenzi groans, pulling harshly at the limb.

"I'm not going anywhere, Kenzi. I told you, I need to see Tamsin!"

"But why?!" Kenzi said, sounding strained. Why is this so important to her?

Bo pulls her arm back harshly from Kenzi's grip and turns to face her, squaring her shoulders. "It's none of your business!"

Kenzi looks shocked, and glances behind Bo to see Dyson blocking Tamsin from view, making her feel a little more at ease, but tension flared immediately after. Bo's words started to repeat like a broken record in her head. It's none of your business!

"Of course it's my business! She's my girlfriend!"

A flash of blonde steals both women's attention and they stare, transfixed.

What is she doing? She should have stayed behind Dyson! Kenzi goes to move, but further analysis makes her stop dead. Tamsin looks ill, her skin wet with a fine sheen of sweat. And is that blood? Panic drives her back into an arm, which feels more like walking into a brick wall, and she rebounds forward a step.

"I need to speak to Tamsin," Bo says in a no-nonsense tone which riles Kenzi to no end.

"I need to speak to my girlfriend!" Kenzi's face is hot with rage. She is fed up, absolutely fed up to the max with Bo's bullshit and she cannot take it any longer. She snaps.

"Go home, Bo. Just go! I'm fed up with you running around all high and mighty. Get off your high horse and just, just disappear!" The outburst silences the room and she can see the look of complete shock on Bo's face, but she doesn't give a damn. She is done. She's had enough. But to her surprise, Bo speaks up, distressed.

"You have no idea what's going on with me right now! I cannot cope. I cannot do anything. I need to see Tamsin!" Bo explains, sounding desperate, almost pleading, like this was the only thing that would keep her from going insane.

Kenzi isn't fooled, but Bo looks pathetic, and she knows nothing she could say would deter her. Kenzi's eyes shine with all her frustration and anger. She goes to push Bo, but Bo blocks her, making Kenzi try again, but she is stopped a second time. The frustration is too much and she can feel hot tears rolling down her face.

How dare she, how dare she steal everything! What right does she have? She has no claim.

All four of them have moved upstairs. There was a long silence that followed after Kenzi's outburst and nobody moved. Nobody until Dyson intervened, calming Kenzi down with his comforting, brotherly voice. The situation was successfully somewhat diffused, enough that they'd managed to all make it upstairs in one piece. Tamsin was sat hugging her knees to her chest, looking small in the corner closest to the fire with Kenzi snuggled into her side, completely ignoring Bo's presence. She was sat opposite them both with her eyes fixed on Tamsin. It was like she was trying to take in everything about her and store it in her head like a never-ending movie-reel of only her. As lovesick as that sounds, that's what was plain for everyone to see.

Dyson quickly puts his beer down and slips into the chair beside Bo. He takes a sip, keeping a watchful eye on all three of them. He settles the bottle down again. Bo is a lot calmer now, she seems more complacent, more calm, more Bo.

What the hell just happened? He takes another sip of his drink, swallowing loudly. Damn this beer is good, has Trick bought something new? He brings the bottle closer to his face, inspects, and nods happily at what he sees. Expensive, but this is getting him nowhere fast. It's a distraction, and a welcome one. He is still coming to terms with what Tamsin had said, her words weighing heavily on him. He knows he's not much help; he doesn't have the knowledge necessary to understand all this.

Dyson looks up to see Tamsin watching him. She looks exhausted; he can still feel how she had shaken. He frowns. He wasn't used to seeing her like this. Kenzi's drifted off, her cheek pressed firmly to Tamsin's shoulder. She finally looks at peace, which is good. She's been through a lot lately.

Bo hasn't blinked; well he doesn't think she has. She's got her elbows on the table and is resting her chin in the palm of her hand, looking like she's in a dream. Tamsin does nothing but frown at it. That puts a small smile on Dyson's face. That look is something familiar, something he's used too. Maybe Tamsin will be okay? Maybe we will all be okay? Things will work out, right? They always do.

Dyson hears Trick before he can smell him and he turns to greet the old man by raising his beer. Trick walks across the room, making the floorboards creak with his weight. He seems to know when to be quiet, he can sense it. The atmosphere just feels that way, oppressive. He notices the smashed glass and broken ornaments and can't help but tut and moan. Dyson would help him clear it up but he doesn't want to leave Tamsin's side, not right now, with Bo so close.


The word bounces off his tongue before he realizes he's said it. A whisper, yes, but Tamsin caught on, and her eyes flashed with light, though barely long enough to get Dyson to sit up straight. Tamsin shoots Bo a glare; she's too preoccupied with her daydreams. It's safe enough. She mouths the word 'close' again and Dyson nods.

Tamsin rubs her chest with her free hand and goes to mouth again. 'I feel better.' Dyson nods slowly, he's getting it. Bo hums contentedly making them both jump a little. Tamsin quickly checks on Kenzi, but sighs with relief when she finds her still sound asleep. That finally makes her crack a smile and she can't help but stroke Kenzi's cheek with the back of her hand and tuck a piece of hair behind her ear while kissing the top of her head.

Kenzi makes Tamsin happy. Seeing Tamsin happy makes Dyson happy.

They can hear Trick sweeping somewhere behind them. Dyson picks at the label on his bottle, slowly peeling it off. He wants to understand. He looks at Tamsin again and she glances at Bo then back to him.

"Close makes it better," Tamsin said quietly, her voice hoarse. She clears her throat for a second attempt, Dyson listening intently, "If we're close, everything's fine. I feel better." Saying it out loud further cements it and it makes more sense. Closeness, the bond. It played up and got worse because they were far away. The distance matters: they get distressed, they become needy and unfocused.

"Get me a bottle, would ya?" Tamsin asks, smiling a small smile. "I could really use a drink."

Dyson doesn't need to be told twice. He's already bent over the bar grabbing the first bottle of vodka he sees, and is back before two shakes of a lambs tail. He goes to give her a glass but quickly retracts it and gives her the bottle instead. Tamsin chuckles at that. Her partner knows her too well. She unscrews the lid with her teeth and takes a long draw from it.

Dyson can't help but wonder, "The holiday triggered all this?"

Tamsin puts up a silencing finger as she downs more of the bottle. Half of it is already gone. He doesn't blame her. Tamsin carefully puts the bottle down, licking her lips, and says, "It sure feels that way." She tilts the bottle in Bo's direction. "This one can't handle it because of what she is. Too much passion, too much love…" Tamsin thinks about what she just said and nods to herself, confirming it.

Bo's eyes light up. Did Tamsin just say something about her? She sees the bottle in Tamsin's hands and then looks up at her beautiful face. Bo wants to say something, but something stops her. She gets coy and starts to fiddle with the hem of her top, pinching it between her finger and thumb, feeling the fabric. She tries to speak again, but it's caught in her throat. She feels safe, feels at home, but dread, guilt and sadness wash over her and she's no longer coy, no longer dreamy-eyed. She's Bo, just plain Bo from before the bond.

Tamsin can see it clear as day, and hope touches her and it touches Dyson too.

"What's going on? Why, why can't I control this? What's happening to us?" She swallows. This is hard for her. Her throat is tight. Realisation is dawning. Bo looks frightened, like a scared little lamb. She shrinks away.

Dyson sits a little closer, rests his arm on the back of Bo's chair. He's there for Bo. He's always there for Bo.

Tamsin takes another drink and then sets the bottle aside. She doesn't want Bo to feel like this. Heck, she doesn't want anyone to feel like this. They will figure something out. This can work. They just have to keep close. Be close…

Tamsin stretches her arm out and rests her hand gently on top of Bo's. The touch surprises Bo at first, but then it comforts her. Tamsin's thumb delicately brushes over her skin. It's like they've done this a thousand times. Comfort, affection.

Tamsin relaxes and smiles, truly smiles, for the first time since this mess began and Bo returns it fully.

"I think we need to make some arrangements," Tamsin says, coming up with a few in her head. "I'll talk to Kenzi, let her know that I'm okay. That we are all okay." She raises her brows at the both of them to see if they understand. They both nod and she goes on, "Bo, I think you and I need to have a little chat…and once we have, I'll need to come clean to Kenzi."

Tamsin presses her lips together and holds Bo's hand a little tighter, as if asking for reassurance. Bo squeezes silently, letting her know she'll be there.

"I…" she sighs, gathering herself. "We can do this, we'll be okay. We just need to be close…that's all. That can't be too hard, can it?"

This brings a chuckle out of Dyson. He stands and asks if Bo would like a drink. She does, and he goes off to fetch one, though this time he takes his time in returning, knowing that both women need time to figure things out between them. He disappears into the keg room.

Bo watches him leave, and then her attention is back on Tamsin. She bites her lip. She has so much to ask her, so much to say. Questions are buzzing around her head. Where does she start? She finally settles on one. She looks down, unable to meet Tamsin's gaze which is so inviting right now, so open. It makes her feel like she can ask anything and she'll answer honestly.



"Are you, err, are you the one? I mean," Bo hesitates, fidgets on her chair. She doesn't know why she has suddenly become so flustered. "What I mean to say is, are we forever? Like what they say in fairy tales?" Her face flushes bright red. She knows it's a stupid question, but it's the only way she can word it.

Tamsin laughs and it's the sweetest sound she's ever heard. It's contagious and makes her smile wide, showing her teeth.

"I guess you can say that." Tamsin feels giddy. Saying it makes it sound all the more real. She gets lost in the thoughts for a second, but the heat beside her draws her back to the present and she turns to look at Kenzi. She sighs and runs her fingers carefully through Kenzi's hair. Bo watches, the happiness inside her slowly fading.

"I'm sorry. I'm so, so, sorry," Bo says to her friend. Tamsin sees her eyes shimmering. Bo blinks and the tears start to fall. Her heart breaks. "I'm so sorry Kenzi, I'm so, so-"

"Shhhh, shhh… It's okay. It's not your fault," Tamsin consoles her and Bo's crying harder, covering her face with her hands, her shoulders shaking.

Dyson returns with concern written all over his face. He settles Bo's drink on the table and bends down, enveloping her in his strong arms. He knows it's not much but it's the best he can do. He rubs circles on her back and Bo sobs into his shoulder, wetting his shirt.

Bo's cries aren't loud but it's enough to stir Kenzi from her slumber. She mumbles incoherently, blinking the sleep from her eyes, and slowly sits up. She sees two figures blurred in front of her, so she rubs at her eyes again. This time she can see: Bo and Dyson. The next thing she hears is Bo sniff and that's enough for Kenzi to overlook what had happened earlier and push it aside, for the moment. She gives Tamsin's arm a little squeeze and she jumps up, rounds the table and joins in with the hug.

She doesn't know why Bo's crying, but she has a feeling Tamsin will let her know.