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Chapter Eight.

Harry tries not to fidget too much. He doesn't know why he's nervous, but he is. He jumps a little when Neville's hand suddenly settles on his knee, a firm press pausing the bouncing. "Sorry."

"It's fine, love," Neville says, looking away from the road to give Harry a quick smile. He doesn't blame his Omega for being nervous; he is too. He eyes Harry from the corner of his eye, catching him chewing on a thumbnail. "I'm nervous, too," he admits, hoping it'll put Harry at ease. Or at least distract him.

Harry stills and slowly turns towards Neville. "Really?" Neville nods and Harry exhales loudly. "Why?" If it's for the same reason, maybe he won't be so worked up...

"Lots of reasons," Neville says after a moment. "I'm worried we won't find the perfect place, mostly."

Harry huffs softly. That is one of the few things he isn't worried about. It figures... They're parking in front of a large house moments later. He looks out the window and frowns slightly.

"Too big," he murmurs, leaning a little to see the entire house. He climbs out of the car and glances around, taking in the neighborhood. Even though the house is big, the yard (front and back) are tiny. Barely any room for toys and a jungle gym for their pups. He smiles when Neville takes his hand and heads up towards the front door.

Before they can knock, it's opened by a tall brunette dressed in a well tailored pantsuit paired with high, designer heels. A tiny, polite smile is on her face as she waves them into the spacious foyer. It takes only a moment for Harry and Neville to sort out that she's an unmated Beta. She sticks a hand out towards Neville, "Hello. Neville? I'm Pansy, we spoke on the phone."

"Yes. Hello. Pleasure to meet you, Pansy," Neville says politely. He keeps his grip light and drops the Beta's hand after two shakes. He gently pulls Harry forward. "This is Harry."

Pansy nods at the Omega, another small smile making her lips twitch. She looks at Neville and hands him an information packet. "It's a fairly new home, built in two-thousand nine. There are four bedrooms and a full-size basement."

Neville merely nods and hands the papers to Harry. He has very little in the way of demands for their future home, but he knows Harry has ideas and wants and he's happy to let him make most of the choices. He looks around, taking in the parts of the house he can see.

"How big is the yard?" Harry asks, shuffling papers around, eyes flicking back and forth as he skims the information listed. He can't see anything about the yard size, just numbers bragging about the square footage inside the house.

Pansy looks at Harry briefly, quick enough to miss if one isn't looking, and looks at Neville when she answers, "It's about an eighth of an acre."


Neville's brows wrinkle as he looks at the Beta. He's not sure he's liking her so much, especially if she's going to ignore Harry's questions and only address him. It's already grating on his nerves and he's not all that sure how long he can stay his usual calm. He's learned there not much else that can set him off like some stereotypical raging knot-head than his Omega being mistreated in any way.

"Is the kitchen modern?" Harry asks, looking through the papers again. The pictures are in color and everything looks... grey. Blah, boring and dull. Stainless steel. It's all very posh but he's not sure he likes it. He knows they can just walk through and look, but he doesn't think he wants to waste the time. The yard is tiny - too tiny for Neville's greenhouse and room for pups to run and play.

Pansy hums and looks to Neville when answering again. "Oh yes. Remodeled just last year," she says.

"Right," Neville says dryly. He doesn't give a shit. Harry asked and he's growing annoyed the agent isn't answering Harry directly—even if his Omega is too busy reading and flipping through papers to notice. He takes a few steps down the hallway, expecting the agent to follow. Thankfully, she doesn't. She stays with Harry, looking at him with a politely blank face.

"Miss Parkinson," Harry starts, shifting so he's next to the agent and not in front of her, "Is this right?" he asks, pointing to something on the paper.

Pansy looks down at where the Omega is pointing and nods. "Yes. There is a pool."

"Oh. Oh, no. No no," Harry says, handing the agent the papers and stepping towards the door. "Thank you, but no. Can we see the next house?" he asks, already opening the door and stepping outside. He knows there are several on the list for the day and he's eager to get started.

Pansy nods and nearly jumps when Neville brushes by her. She's a little surprised the young Alpha isn't doing anything but walking by the Omega, an arm slung casually (adoringly, not possessively) around the Omega's slim waist, their heads bent together as they talk. She'd assumed the Alpha was the usual sort, but when he showed little interest in the details, leaving it up to his Omega to ask questions, she'd realized that wasn't the case. She mentally shrugs, happy enough to deal with the pleasant Omega instead.

Harry looks through the window as they pull up to a small, cozy looking bungalow. It's the third house of the day and the first one to give him hope. The second had been just like the first; all smooth marble, tiny yard but boasting large square footage inside. He didn't like it and they hadn't bothered to get out to look at it. Pansy gave no indication she cared when they didn't even get out of the car, waving her on to the next property. Apparently, she was mellow enough to just go with it since she was getting paid no matter what, and just waved them to follow her to their next destination.

Harry hurried from the car as soon as it was in park, catching up with Miss Parkinson just as she got the door open.

"Oh," Harry breathed, taking in the entrance hall. It's small, much smaller than the previous two, but not in a bad way. It's cozy but big enough they aren't crowded awkwardly. He holds out his hand for the now familiar pages and gives the Beta a smile when she doesn't even look at Neville anymore. He hadn't noticed at first but Neville mentioned it in the car. He didn't think Pansy was anything but polite, so he didn't care if she was the sort that was a little old fashioned. He isn't going to hang off Neville's arm and just smile prettily.

Thankfully, Pansy seems willing enough to answer his questions directly now. Not that it would have stopped him from asking, he's just happy he won't have to come off as some mouthy Omega prat.

Neville wanders down a hallway, leaving Harry and Pansy to their talk. This house is smaller, only three bedrooms, but it feels nicer. Cozy and more comfortable like a proper den should be. He presses against the wall when Harry and the agent walked passed, not even sparing him a second glance. He smiles a little, pleased. Their dark heads are bent together as they murmur at each other, Harry's voice bright with excitement that the agent returns with a subdued sort of excitement, both pointing at things on the print-out Pansy had prepared for each property.

"Oh wow," Harry says, lowering the paper and looking around the kitchen. It's bright and sunny, like a proper kitchen should be. A large picture window over the sink facing the backyard appears to be responsible for the bright lighting. He looks around, taking in the expanse of white washed wood and subtle red accents. The appliances are all new and bright white. It's a lovely kitchen; he can already see himself cooking and baking in here. He moves around to peek in cabinets since the house is empty and he won't feel like a snoop. Spacious. He runs a hand over the granite counter-top, sharing a grin with Pansy. "I like this one."

Pansy nods, smile twitching on her lips for a moment before getting back into agent mode as she explains the house was built in the 50's and most of it had been renovated two years ago. "That includes this kitchen," she says, waving a finger around the space. It's bright but in a good way, the large window over the sink making the place warm and welcoming. She bets the little Omega is already imagining himself making cookies or something...

"I really like it," Harry whispers, leaning towards the agent with a small smile. He looks through some drawers, pleased probably more than he should be to see built-in dividers in most of them. "What do you think?" he asks Pansy, eyeing the sunny kitchen before looking back at the Beta with curiosity.

"It's nice," Pansy says with a non-committal shrug.

"Nice? Just nice?"

Pansy laughs, unable to help it. Harry is making a face at her and she's a little annoyed with herself to feel like squeezing the Omega's cheeks and ruffling his messy hair. She doesn't like being open and friendly, but Harry is just too warm and adorable to resist. "Nice," she says again, firmly as she nods once. "I won't be living here, it really doesn't matter what I think."

She hides a scowl, wishing she'd managed a hint of scorn in her tone (because, really, why did the Omega care what she thought?) instead of sounding like she wanted to give him hot cocoa and groom his wild hair. It's off-putting, quite frankly. But she can't manage to take her annoyance out on the Omega and offers a tiny smile when he glances at her again.

"True," Harry says. He looks around thoughtfully, chewing the inside of his cheek. "Do you think Nev'll like it?"

Pansy smiles again, feeling less annoyed with herself. "I'm sure he will if you do," she says honestly. "I've sorted out by now that he's perfectly happy as long as you are. He hasn't done more than give cursory glances." Harry looks pleased and displeased at the same time. It's kind of adorable to see the Omega torn, as if he's annoyed his Mate didn't give more input but pleased to have the main say. "What does he want?"

"Room for a greenhouse and a master bathroom," Harry says absently, looking around at the cabinets again. He isn't thrilled with the white but that can easily be painted or replaced.

"Well, there isn't a greenhouse on the property but there is plenty of yard space for one," Pansy says, remembering the details. "And there is a master bedroom with an attached en-suite," she adds. Harry looks pleased and she relaxes a little, leaning against a counter. "Are you planning for pups soon?" she asks. She knows it's a personal question, but most people buy homes with the future in mind. A newly Mate-Bonded pair would definitely be looking forward.

Harry hums happily and feels a warmth bloom through him at the very thought. It takes a moment to tamp down that inner Omega practically gibbering with glee at the idea, and he smiles. "Not any time soon, but yes. We're to be married," he says, wiggling his ring finger and showing off the band. His smile grows when the Beta's eyes widen just enough to let him know the stoic woman is impressed. "I'm hoping to attend school in the fall."

"Ah!" Pansy is strangely pleased to hear that. Both of her parents are Omegas, a very odd pairing that most people think abnormal (and are quite vocal about it; as if it's any of their freakin' business), so she's very pleased to hear about another Omega doing something they want to do. Even if it's easy to see pups will most likely come sooner rather than later, regardless of their careful plans. She hasn't seen such a devoted Alpha in ages and she can't imagine he'll be content for long without a pregnant Omega to dote on.

"This home is only about a half hour from two of the local universities. Which are you going to?"

Harry feels himself blush for some reason. He studies his shoes before looking back up at the Beta. She looks interested instead of merely making polite conversation like he would've expected of her only an hour ago. "I only just applied," he admits.

"Well, I'm sure you'll hear from one of the best," Pansy says reassuringly. She gathers herself and her papers. "Now, onward." She hooks her arm through Harry's and leads the Omega through the house, pointing out things of interesting as she shows off the rest of the house. Harry makes the appropriate interested noises, murmuring design ideas as they wander. By the time they're stepping out in the backyard, she's pretty sure the couple have found the house they want.

Neville watches Harry walk around, his eyes roaming the property line and looking around. "There's a deck," he says, pointing towards the back of the house. It isn't very high but it looks like it would be a lovely spot to relax outside. And he's just pleased to see plenty of space for a reasonably sized greenhouse. He slides a hand around Harry's waist when his Omega sidles next to him, pulling him close and places a nuzzling kiss on Harry's temple. "Well?"

"I like it," Harry says softly, nodding. "Should we keep looking? In case we find something better?"

Neville shrugs. "I dunno, how many did Pansy have left to show us?"

"Er," Harry's nose scrunches up as he squints one eye in thought. "Two more. But she said she can keep looking for us until we find something, so I'm sure we could keep looking."

Neville hums softly and looks around the yard. It's spacious and he can already see a glass building in the back and maybe a large swing-set by the house... He slowly shakes his head. "I like it, too." He chuckles when Harry gives an excited little bounce.

"Good. C'mon, I'll let Pansy know," Harry said, kissing the nearest spot he can reach on Neville's jaw before unwinding himself from his Alpha's hold and practically skipping over to where the real estate agent is. "I think we're done looking," he says to her, the moment he's close enough.

Pansy nods, smiling a little. "I figured as much." She looks to where Neville is staring off, probably mentally measuring out the yard, and feels a bit of a jerk for having to say "I'll need to speak with your Alpha" to Harry. "Financial things and all that," she adds apologetically.

"Yeah, sure, I get it," Harry says, waving a hand dismissively. He's probably meant to be annoyed at having Neville being referred to as 'his' Alpha, in this regard, but it's true. And he's pretty sure Pansy doesn't mean it in a negative way, especially since her professionally courteous expression cracked for a moment and she looked sorry as hell for saying it. He shrugs, not taking any offense because at the moment Neville handled his own finances. He nearly squirms happily knowing that's something he'll probably happily take over once they've married. "He's pretty much the brains with that sorta stuff any way."

Neville joins the pair after a moment. "The place feels like it's been empty for awhile."

"Yes," Pansy admits. "The owners bought something across town and emptied the house hoping it would sell easier if it was ready to live in right away. The neighborhood is going through a... change of sorts." Neville's eyebrows go up and she nearly sighs. She has a feeling the couple won't be walking away once they hear, but she knows it's something she has to disclose now that they've asked. "Progressive, I suppose you could call it." She points down the block to a large modern-looking home painted a light taupe with dark brown trim. There are a few toys in the yard, obviously left behind by rambunctious pups.

Harry follows Pansy's fingers and then takes a look around the neighborhood. It looks like there are more than one young family around. He doesn't see any problem, though. "OK," he says slowly. "We were planning on expanding our little pack someday, as well. And... Well, it's not like we have to worry about older, retired packs complaining about noisy pups, right?"

"No," Pansy says, smiling a little again. "There are quite a few young families here. That house I pointed out is an Alpha couple. Two doors down is a lovely pair of Omegas." She knows; she'd sold the Omega couple the house 6 months ago. They'd been a little nervous living so close to a pair of Alphas, until she'd mentioned they were fully mate-Bonded and wouldn't be a problem. They, like most, assumed the pair were merely living together to save expenses.

It takes a few moments for the words to sink in and then Harry smiles widely. "Oh," he says, looking back at the house with a new perspective. An Alpha pairing isn't exactly considered normal. An Omega one even less so. "Are there... erm, a lot of those?" he asks, hesitantly, and feeling unsure if he's asking a rude question or not.

"Is it an issue?" Pansy asks coolly.

"No," Neville says, leveling the real estate agent with a flat look. "It isn't."

He knows Harry wasn't asking because he's uncomfortable. A look at his Omega shows that he's looking a little more excited, actually. He's aware of the issues some couples face and he's pretty sure Harry is looking forward to meeting others that don't hold onto outdated social norms. He, personally, is looking forward to younger couples they could socialize with. Harry doesn't have many friends outside his pack and he's hoping that can change.

Pansy nods curtly but she's relieved. She clears her throat, "If you're still interested, we can get the paperwork started and you can be in by the end of the week." Harry nods, grinning at her and she smiles back. "Well, then, in that case, let's go to my office."


"Oh. My. God," Draco screeches, coming to a stop just inside his father's study. His hands fly up to cover his eyes and he makes a few exaggerated gagging sounds. "Can you not do that here?"

Remus slides off Lucius' desk, snickering as he adjusts his pants. "Relax, Cub. There's nothing to see." Although, a few more minutes and his young Omega might very have actually been traumatized. The overly-dramatic little priss. He laughs when Draco eases into the room, nose twitching, as he warily looks between him and his father through the gaps in his fingers.

"Seriously. Gross guys," Draco whines, his hands falling down to his sides once he sees it's safe. God. Parents were not supposed to get freaky on desks and shit. Ugh. There has to be an age limit on that kinda stuff, right? Of course, he'd have to be so old he couldn't move to not fondle his Alpha, but that's beside the point. No pup should have to see their parents doing that.

Lucius chuckles and rises from his seat, now that his son's presence and hysterics have successfully chased away his erection. "What can we help you with, pup?" he asks as he idly smooths his clothing.

"I forgot," Draco grumps, flopping onto the sofa with his arms crossed. "All I can think of now is... Ugh!" he trails off, flailing his hands about.

Remus gently smacks the back of Draco's head, snickering again when the Omega squawks with indignation and immediately moves to fix his mussed hair. "Don't be a prude. What did you want?"

"Oh!" Draco says, sitting up, his hand dropping from where he was artfully rearranging his hair. Now that he's here, he's feeling like a bit of a tattle-tail... "I overheard Harry and Neville talking."

Remus nods his understanding, moving to sit next to the Omega and patting his arm. Draco flops over, settling his head onto Remus' lap with a dramatic huff, a hand over his forehead. Honestly, how Charlie puts up with his cub's antics, he can't imagine. But it does speak of deep affection and commitment, though, so he really can't complain.

"...And?" he prods when Draco doesn't say anything else.

Remus shifts a little when Lucius settles next to him, his arm resting behind him on the sofa but quickly dropping down to rest on the nape of his neck. He suppresses a shiver; he has to remind himself they're not alone, and he's got a pouting cub resting his head in his lap. They'll have to return to their Bonding celebration later. He gently cards a hand through the Omega's fair hair, making a soft noise of comfort when he realizes most of Draco's distress is genuine.

"Nothing," Draco mutters. It's not like he wants to keep his pack-brother from being happy, but did he have to leave already? It feels like the little runt just got there... "Are you going to let him move out without being married first?" he asks, tilting his head back to look between his father and Remus. He sucks his teeth when they both give him a look, almost a scolding look he hasn't been given since he was young pup bringing mud-pies into the house. "Damn."

Remus can't help chuckling softly, patting Draco's head. "You wouldn't like it if we pulled that on you, now would you?" Draco's pout deepens but he shakes his head a little, huffing softly with resignation. He hums in satisfaction and relaxes against Lucius, content to just sit with his Alpha and cub. It's a lovely, quiet moment and it feels like too long since their cub allowed such immature behaviors like grooming and snuggling with his parents.

Naturally, it doesn't last long. As soon as he feels Lucius chest expand with an inhaled breath, ready to speak, Remus prepares to pull his hand away so it doesn't become entangled. Few things sets his cub off like mussed hair...

"Have you asked Harry about his wedding plans?" Lucius asks, obviously addressing Draco.

The Omega sits up quickly with an excited gasp. "No, I haven't! Oh god!" he cries and jumps up, rushing from the room muttering about tailors, wedding magazines and calling caterers.

"You did that on purpose," Remus murmurs, leaning back into Lucius and snuggling closer. As much as he wants to be irritated at the happy pack moment being ruined, he really can't begrudge his beloved wanting his full attention at the moment. He lifts his face enough to kiss along his Alpha's jaw, feeling the gentle rasp of fine stubble against his lips. He feels Lucius' chuckle reverberate through his chest and smiles.

"Perhaps," Lucius concedes, sliding a hand into Remus' sandy hair and gently pulling his head back for another kiss. "He did interrupt, after all," he murmurs lowly against his Mate's lips.

Remus just hums in agreement and pleasure as Lucius' lips leave his and travel down his neck.


Harry glances up at the muffled curse and scuffling noise just outside his room. He opens the door and nearly laughs at the sight of Draco. His pack-brother's arms are full of magazines, bits of fabric draped over his shoulders and his cellphone in his mouth. "Draco?"

Draco scowls at Harry and pushes past the other Omega to drop everything onto the bed. He yanks his phone from his mouth, throwing it on a pillow before turning towards Harry. "You almost got away with it," he accuses, jabbing a finger sharply towards Harry.

"With what?" Harry asks, sounding and looking utterly confused.

"Planning a wedding, without me!" Draco huffs, throwing his arms up. He crosses his arms over his chest and glares at his pack-brother. "As if," he sniffs.

Harry snorts softly and closes his door. "I wasn't trying to do anything of the sort. We just haven't started planning, is all."

"Haven't started—!" Draco sputters, flailing around. He pulls a face that screams 'scandalized' and glowers when his pack-brother has the audacity to laugh at him. "Harry! You're to be married in, like, two months!"

"Seven weeks," Harry corrects, grinning widely and nearly going breathless for a moment. Seven weeks and he'll be married. Oh wow... He's lost in his own little world of giddy warm feelings of happiness before he realizes Draco is poking at him, a scowl on his face. "What?" he says, rubbing at his upper arm where he'd been viciously poked. Draco's fingers are freakin' pointy and he can put some strength behind them when he wants to.

"All the more reason to plan now!" Draco says archly. "Look, I know you probably want something simple-" He sneers a little when Harry smiles serenely and nods encouragingly. "I knew it," he mutters, making a soft sound of disgust. "No doves?" Harry snickers and shakes his head. "No ice sculptures?" Harry shakes his head again, lips twitching with amusement. "Not even a huge wedding party, everyone wearing coordinating tuxes?" he asks, tossing his hands up in defeat, knowing he'll get another bloody 'no'.

Harry slowly shakes his head, patting Draco's shoulder. "No. I don't have that many people to fill out a wedding party. I'm happy with something small. Neville is too, since he doesn't have a big pack either." He'd feel bad about ruining Draco's plans, but he knows the other Omega will make good use of everything for his own wedding. (Which, he's quite sure would happen even if Charlie only proposed so Draco could have a lavish wedding.)

"Besides," Harry says, gathering the messy pile of magazines into an orderly stack, "The money we save on the wedding, we can spend on the honeymoon."

He's looking forward to that; Neville had readily agreed to a long honeymoon so they could travel. He's always wanted to see what all the fuss was about beaches. He doesn't know how much sightseeing they'll actually do, though, he muses with a blush. They hadn't planned it that way, but he'd be nearing a Heat when they left for their Honeymoon.

"True," Draco concedes with a soft grumble. "Is there anything at all I can do?" he asks, begging with his eyes to have at something. Anything!

Harry purses his lips, thinking. He knows it's meant to be his (and Neville's) day, but he can't bear to see Draco looking so put-out. He hadn't realized until now how much the other Omega would enjoy planning something like this. "Well, we haven't picked out our tuxes. And I guess we could use a good caterer..."

"Yes!" Draco hisses, punching he air. He grabs Harry into a fierce hug, pushing away after a few wiggles, pats and sways so he could gush at his pack-brother properly. "You will not be sorry. Ohmygod," he breathes in a rush, already envisioning the couple getting measured for hand-tailored tuxes. "We have to get you both to André! Now!" He hopes they didn't wait too long; it could take ages for a perfect, exquisitely tailored tuxedo. "Call Neville! Have him meet us there!"

Harry just follows after Draco as the other Omega runs from his room. He sends Neville a message, smiling like a dope when Neville immediately responds, letting him know he'll meet them. He feels a wave of affection for his Alpha at that; ridiculously pleased Neville just went along with it instead of ask questions. He waves a hasty goodbye to Remus, rolling his eyes at the Beta's amused smirk as Draco drags him outside and shoves him into his car.


Harry jumps when the curtain on his dressing room twitches aside. His hands fly up to cover his exposed parts but fall away when he realizes it's only Neville. And does his Alpha look amazing in a tuxedo. He stares, mesmerized at the way the fabric clings and smooths across a broad chest and shoulders. He wishes there isn't a jacket in the way of letting him see Neville's tapered waist, developed chest and smooth belly. He considers asking, maybe, for a manly twirl so he can see the back...

"Neville," he breathes, eyeing his Alpha unashamedly. He finishes dressing, doing up his pants and sliding into the matching jacket. He hasn't put the tie on yet, but he's pretty sure he'd just fumble with it; his hands are shaking slightly, Neville's close presence already affecting him. Besides, the look his Alpha is giving him pretty much guarantees he wouldn't be wearing it long.

Neville nods, occupied with staring back at Harry. His Omega in a tuxedo is a mouth-watering sight. And it isn't even properly altered yet. The cuffs and legs are a bit too long but that doesn't detract away from the over-all look. The charcoal color is doing wonders for Harry's coloring; his skin looks edible and his eyes are bright.


Harry shivers at the deep tone, unconsciously swaying forward towards Neville even as he lowers his head and looks up at his Alpha through his lashes and fringe. He doesn't mean to present submissively, almost demurely, but he can't help it; Neville looks ready to eat him in the best way possible and he just reacts. He clears his throat, "What're you doin' in here?"

"I wanted to see how your tux fit," Neville says absently. Harry' warm scent is overpowering in the small space and he's having a very hard time controlling his baser urges. And Harry's 'come-hither' look isn't helping any, either. He groans softly when his Omega shifts closer, his hands running along the lapels of his tuxedo coat. He looks down, mesmerized as slim fingers straighten and smooth, picking off specks of lint that only Harry can see.

He knows it's just the Omega instinct to groom but it just makes him pant softly with arousal and slide a hand around Harry's waist. "Stop that," he chides gently, knowing if Harry continued they'd do more than just groom each other.

"I can't," Harry whispers, reaching up to adjust Neville's hair, grooming him with gentle adoring touches and then fixing his collar and bow tie. He hums happily when Neville's face presses into his neck and his fingers stop their grooming motions to sink into the brown strands, gripping lightly. He wants to pull away; he can already feel heat flashing through his body, pooling low, and he really doesn't think this is the time or place.

He nearly whimpers when Neville's large hand cups his bum and he feels the heated stirrings of arousal going through him kick up a notch. He whines softly, mortified at the very idea of staining his new trousers with slick before they're even his. He wriggles, intent on getting away, but it only has him rubbing against Neville's body and bringing them flush together. The material of their trousers only adds to the slide, feeling fantastic against his body.

"Shit," Neville grinds out, using both hands to hold Harry still, pressing his Omega's lithe figure against him. "I shouldn't have come in here," he mutters just before he bends down and kisses Harry, gently pushing until he's pressing his Omega against the mirror. Harry makes a soft sound of pleasure and it goes right through his body and to his groin. Mating in public isn't exactly accepted, but it does happen. Sexy mates and raging hormones make it hard for even the most rational Alpha to hold back. Exceptions are usually made if a Mate is in Heat (or Rut). They're in a private enough area, it shouldn't be a problem... As long as no one is foolish enough to interfere.

He presses their hips together and claims Harry's mouth in a kiss, tilting his head back and growling softly with pleasure (and a little dominance) when Harry easily submits with a soft, pleasured whine. He licks along Harry's bottom lip and growls lowly when his Omega nips in retaliation; it fans the fires to see his Harry enjoying himself and giving as good as he's getting. The slight sting is eased by Harry's tongue and he groans softly as his bottom lip is pulled between his Omega's perfect teeth once again. His hands are pulling at buttons and easing between layers of fabric to get at his Omega's soft skin. He gives the round bum in his other hand a squeeze, his fingers sliding slightly towards the middle and pressing.

Harry slides a leg up Neville's, hooking it around the back of his thighs so he can press closer, grinding the growing bulge in his trousers against Neville's. "Are you just going to tease me?"

"No," Neville says with a growl, undoing Harry's pants with jerky, hard motions—not giving a toss if he rips the fine fabric—and letting them pool at his feet. The sweet, heady scent of Omega assaults him and he pulls Harry into another kiss, nipping and licking at his pinking lips and down a slender neck. He slides a hand under Harry's boxer-briefs and groans loudly when his fingers are immediately drenched in sweet slick. He should probably care they might've ruined Harry's new pants, but he doesn't. They're probably safer on the floor, anyway, even if they're going to be a wrinkled mess.

Neville kicks the fabric away and slides a hand down the damp underwear again, dragging the pads of his fingers over a heated furl of slicked muscle. Harry makes a soft keening noise and arches his hips backwards, silently begging for more. Neville groans softly when two fingers sink in with a soft wet sound and Harry moans softly, burrowing his face against his chest in an effort to be quiet. He pulls away from Harry's heat just long enough to shove his underwear off and down his gorgeous legs, chuckling lowly when Harry gasps softly and kicks them off with a desperate sound.

Harry gasps at the sudden blast of cool air over his heated skin. He fumbles with Neville's pants, suddenly—irrationally—annoyed at the complicated fastenings. He should probably protest before they get too far into it, maybe point out they're in a fairly public place and anyone can walk in. He fists his Alpha's shirt, distracted from his task and nearly popping the buttons as he pulls at the fabric. He's so past the point of caring about where they are when a large, warm hand wraps around his cock and Neville's fingers slip inside him at the same time. The dual points of pleasure has him shuddering and whining out a long moan, hitching his leg up Neville's hip when two fingers become three and wiggle.

"Neville," he whines softly, "someone could come in." The growl from his Alpha, that he can feel and hear, has him shivering in pleasure and arching against Neville's chest. He rubs himself against Neville, feeling soft fabric whisper against his heated skin.

Neville mouths at Harry's neck, his hands possessively wrapping around his Omega's hips, finger tops digging pleasantly into the meat of his cheeks. "They wouldn't dare," he murmurs lowly. Anyone with ears and a nose will know what's going on and interrupting will be extremely stupid. And dangerous. He backs Harry up until he's flat against the mirror again, his Omega hissing quietly as the cool glass hits his heated skin. He hitches Harry up a bit, firmly holding his Omega up with a firm grip on his bum and hips. "You're mine and they know it."

"Yes," Harry breathes, nodding emphatically. He's pretty sure Neville will be embarrassed later for 'going Alpha' but he doesn't mind; it thrills him to know he can get his mild-mannered Neville to such a state. He can feel the bulge in Neville's trousers pressing against his heated skin and he wriggles, whining lowly. He doesn't really care if he's making a mess of the pants, either.

He wriggles until he's put down and he's quick to turn around, pressing his front to the cool glass and presenting himself to his Alpha, arching his back, hips canted out invitingly. He looks over his shoulder, angling his head so he's gazing at his Alpha through his lashes in a way he knows drives Neville to distraction. It works, he can see his Alpha's chest heaving as he moves closer, a hand wrapping around his hip possessively.

"Neville," Harry murmurs, wanting—needing—to yank his Alpha into another kiss. He manages to get a hand around the back of Neville's neck one he's close enough, licking into his Alpha's mouth in a heated kiss, and nipping along Neville's reddened lips as he pulls away. "Get your pants off and get in me," he demands. His hands press against the mirror when Neville presses close, chest firmly against his back as large hands circle his waist in a possessive yet gentle, adoring hold.

It drives him completely wild, both his libido and that gibbering Omega center in his brain, and he arches backwards again. He whimpers softly when one of his Alpha's hand leaves him, leaving his skin feeling too cool.

Neville chuckles breathlessly and manages to get his pants undone, one-handed, and down without losing his grip on Harry. He grunts when their heated skin presses together, the hot-slick-wet sensation of Harry's slick trickling down his pubic bone nearly makes him black out with potent want. He doesn't get a moment to react before Harry is reaching behind himself and gripping him in one hand.

"Fuck," he breathes, head dropping so his forehead lands on the back of Harry's neck. He hadn't expected that. He makes a guttural groaning-moaning-grunting sound when Harry teases the head along his slick cleft. His Harry has become quite the saucy little Omega... and he can't find it in himself care. Not when His Omega arches so prettily, causing the leaking tip of his cock to catch briefly at his slightly-puffy rim, and makes the most arousing sounds. They both shudder, hips slamming together at the sensation.

"Sometime today," Harry mutters, trying to get Neville to move already. He he runs two fingers along himself, gathering up excess slick before reaching back and grabbing at Neville's cock again. He smears as much as he can onto his Alpha's cock, mostly just because he loves the feel of Neville, soft-hard and warm-hot in his palm. It's become one of his favorite sensations... second only to being filled by his Alpha. He spreads his legs and shifts his hips just enough to have the flushed head brush along his heated body again. It's a tease, both for himself and Neville, and he gives a breathless laugh when Neville's grip on him tightens with a soft growl.

It's one of warning and frustration and he's no longer in the mood to tease. He presses his face against the mirror, the cool glass bliss on his flushed cheek, and moans as he works himself down onto Neville's cock. He's expecting his Alpha to take over, but Neville doesn't; he's letting Harry do this on his own and it's surprisingly arousing. It almost makes him want to slam his hips back but he goes slow, savoring the pressure and sweet friction as he's slowly filled and stretched.

Neville growls lowly, his hands settling one Harry's hips—because he needs to touch—but doesn't make any move to rush his Omega along, not when he can tell how much Harry is enjoying the control. The breathy, soft moans coming from his Omega are almost too much, though. He bottoms out and has to still his Harry's hips, intent on giving his Mate time to adjust.

A roll of those sinful hips has Neville sliding out in a slow, maddening drag and Harry makes a gurgled sound. He immediately tightens his hold, gently but forcefully stilling the slim hips in his hold, afraid his Omega might've rushed too fast. "Harry?" he whispers, leaning forward and petting sweaty hair back, willing those green eyes to open.

Harry's eyes slowly open and he turns his head just enough to see Neville. He feels amazing, pleasure tingling through him; almost too hot but in a good way. "Hmm?"

"You alright?" Neville asks, bending his head down and placing a line of kisses along Harry's nose and cheeks. The angel is awkward but he refuses to move. He cups at Harry's cheek, staring into lust-glazed eyes and feeling much better about Harry's comfort level. His Omega honestly looks moments away from orgasm.

Harry hums and nods, nuzzling into the hand on his cheek before moving his head just enough to kiss and lightly nip at Neville's palm. "Oh yeah. Be even better if you moved," he says slowly, opening his eyes to glare playfully at Neville. He braces his hands on the mirror when his Alpha grunts and is quick to comply, his hips moving immediately in a fast, hard rhythm. It's perfect and his head falls back with a loud moan, bouncing a little as he lets it rest on Neville's shoulder. "Oh god," he pants out.

He doesn't know if it's the thrill of being where they are or the insanely arousing way Neville let him start, but he's already so close. His hands fist against the mirror and his eyes squint closed as he pants against the mirror.

"Close already, love?" Neville asks between thrusts and panted breathes. He smirks when Harry nods with a whimper and wraps a hand around his Omega's cock, flicking a thumb over the leaking slit. Harry bucks into his hand with a gasped moan. He moans softly when Harry's hips circle, trying to fuck himself backwards as well as into his fist. He strokes again, thumbing the sensitive little dip, smearing pre-cum, on the upstroke. He's rewarded with Harry cumming two strokes in, his body bowing and tightening around him as his Omega whimpers his orgasm.

Three more thrusts and he's right behind Harry, fingers tightening on his Omega's hips. It takes all of his effort not to shove his knot into his Harry right there but he manages to hold back as he cums. It's a right mess, moans appreciatively and rests his hands over Neville's.

Harry wrinkles his nose as he leans away from the mirror, trying to avoid the stripes of cum on the glass. "Ugh," he groans softly as the sensation of copious amounts of Alpha cum leak down the back of his thighs. He hears Neville groan as well, but for a completely different reason... He should've known his Alpha would enjoy the sight of his messy, leaking Omega. He glides two fingers through the mess, hiding a smirk when Neville makes a choked moaning sound and swats his hand away.

"Do you have anything to clean this up?" he asks Neville, turning a little.

Neville shrugs and shakes his head. He really hadn't planned spontaneous sex in the changing room... "No," he admits quietly. He can feel Harry blush and he turns his Omega around gently, nuzzling at his temple. It's a little sweaty and smells absolutely amazing with his Omega's sex-heavy scent. It's almost enough to have him twitch with interest. He spends a long moment just scenting and stroking along Harry's flank, humming happily and enjoying an intimate moment. He looks around and grabs Harry's t-shirt from the floor. "Here."

"What am I gonna wear?" Harry asks in a whisper, eyes darting around nervously even as he uses the shirt to wipe away what he can.

Neville shrugs again, smiling when Harry immediately begins wiping him down as well. Harry's ministrations are gentle and adoring and he swallows noisily, swamped with feelings and warmth towards his Omega. He pulls Harry into a gentle, loving kiss, humming softly with satisfaction and contentment when his Omega practically melts against his front. Harry is amazing and he's suddenly overwhelmed with how lucky he is. Maybe it's Omega nature to look after their Alpha, but Harry gives and takes care of him without thought and he's... so grateful.

"You OK?" Harry asks, leaning away from the tight hug a little. Neville just nods and he leans up to kiss his Alpha's chin. "Good. I've ruined my shirt... and I can't wear it out so I hope you've got a genius idea."

"I figured you could wear that shirt," Neville says, pointing at the button up Harry is wearing. They'd managed to keep it clean, just barely. There's a suspicious splotch along the hem, but it won't be noticable if Harry tucks the shirt in.

Harry nods. He's quite relieved they'd be able to do that; he's worn clothes out of a store before. He's rather relieved the shirt fit him well... "Yeah, OK." He spends a few moments straightening Neville's appearance and looks up at his Alpha with a warm smile. "Ready?"

"Yes," Neville whispers, feeling his chest tighten pleasantly when Harry beams happily at him. He peeks out of the curtain and looks around, making sure no one is close by. The changing rooms offered no privacy beyond a door, so anyone in the area had to've known exactly what was going on. Thankfully, the area is deserted and he pulls Harry out of the area and towards the registers.

They get a few looks, most are indulgent looks from older people. He ignores the sneer or two, well aware they're from other Alphas that are jealous of his lovely Omega. Harry is gorgeous, willing and warm. He doesn't blame them... But he'll still tear out a throat or two if they don't back off and put their hard gazes elsewhere.

The sales woman doesn't make any comments but the knowing look and mischievous twinkle in the Beta's hazel eyes is enough to have Harry blushing and look away while Neville pays for their suits and accessories.

Neville ignores the Beta, swiping his card and waiting for the transaction to process. He eases Harry closer, mostly just to calm his Omega's fidgeting because he doesn't want Harry to be embarrassed. He wraps an around around slim shoulders and Harry is quick to snuggle into his side and he smiles. "When will the alterations be done?" he asks the sales woman.

"Next week," the Beta says, pushing the credit slow across the counter for the Alpha to sign. She sneaks a quick smile at the Omega pressed against his side, offering a silent apology for making him uncomfortable. He beams back at her and her smile grows warmer. He's far from a pup but she finds herself fighting the urge to coo at him, anyway. No wonder his Alpha couldn't keep his hands to himself...

Neville nods approvingly, sliding the signed slip back. He narrows his eyes at the grinning Beta and grabs his receipt, leaving without a polite goodbye. He knows she wasn't flirting with his Harry, but he still didn't appreciate her looking at Harry like he was an adorable pup.


"We've found a house."

Neville's words brings dinner to a halt, everyone going quiet and giving the young Alpha their attention. He clears his throat, suddenly feeling nervous being the center of attention. Harry's hand finds his under the table and gives a reassuring squeeze. He gently squeezes back, feeling calmer. "I, er, just thought you should know."

"That's good, yeah?" Remus asks, leaning forward a little and squinting at Neville. The poor thing looks nervous and a little uncomfortable. He wants to go over and sooth him, but he stays seated, smothering the urge to console a full grown, Mated Alpha. Even if he does look a bit like a nervous, awkward cub right now.

"Yeah," Neville says, nodding. He clears his throat, giving Harry a small, warm smile before looking back at the Beta. "We found a nice one—roomy but cozy."

Lucius nods, wiping his mouth. He's aware of the young couple wanting to be somewhere private for Neville's pending Rut. He can only hope they hadn't made a hasty choice... "Nice neighborhood?"

"Yeah!" Harry says happily. "There are a few packs with young pups, already, so we know it'll be good for... erm... later," he trails off, blushing furiously and suddenly very interested in his peas. He sneaks a peek up and hesitantly returns Remus' warm smile, the Beta visibly pleased at the not-so-subtle mention of grandpups. Even Lucius looks pleased, though he's much more subtle about it as usual. "Erm, we can move in next week," he adds quietly.

That's the only part he'd been truly nervous to tell his pack. It feels too soon but not soon enough at the same time; he doesn't want to leave the loving pack but he needs to be with his Alpha. It's kind of unfair but he knows his pack will understand and not make him feel bad for giving into his urges to be with Neville. Lucius looks a bit taken-aback but not in a negative way and Remus looks like he's about to burst into happy tears. Harry releases a pent-up breath.

"So soon?" Lucius asks, raising a pale eyebrow. He looks between the young couple, concerned. He realizes there's a bit of an urgency behind their searching, but he doesn't want them to settle. He also hopes his pup doesn't feel like he has to leave because he's Mated now. But he won't stop Harry if it's truly what he wants... And from the look on the Omega's face, it is. He sighs inaudibly, resigning himself to it. "Is there an issue you might've missed?"

Neville shakes his head and leans back in his chair a little, squeezing Harry's hand gently, silently asking him to let him speak. Harry still looks so nervous, he doesn't mind taking the attention off his Omega. The older Alpha doesn't look angry, just concerned. He can appreciate that; it does sound like a hasty decision. "Not at all," he says firmly, but politely. "The previous owners had the means to move before selling their house. It's perfect, really, and we got lucky we could move in so soon."

"Alright," Lucius murmurs, pleased Neville has already looked into any possible problems. He sees the young Alpha sit up a little straighter, chest puffing out slightly. He nearly smiles, pleases Neville seems to appreciate his input. "I expect that means you'll be making arrangements shortly?" he asks, looking between the young couple.

"Yeah," Harry says quietly. He feels a little bad to be moving out already, after everything his pack has done for him... But neither of his adoptive parents are giving him any sort of guilt or making it harder than it has to be and he's grateful. "We'll visit, though!"

"Of course you will," Remus says firmly. He reaches over and ruffles Harry's hair, unable to help himself from smoothing the back of it briefly with an absent groom of his fingertips. He smiles when Harry indulges him and nuzzles his hand before leaning away towards Neville again. He pretends not to notice when the young Alphas fingers gently smooth through Harry's hair, subconsciously replacing his scent. "So, how's the school search going?"

Harry shrugs. "Fine. I'm just waiting to see which school accepted me," he says, nervously chewing his bottom lip. He knows he didn't have to check the Omega part of the questionnaire (it isn't exactly legal for them to ask anymore), but he figured it would be easier in the long run. And he wouldn't feel like a big fat liar, either.

"You'll probably have to sort out which school you want when they all accept you," Lucius points out, giving Harry a small but proud smile. The Omega had spent time doing little else but studying (and taking care of his pack) during his youth; as a result he is extremely intelligent (even if he tried to hide it). As well as still shy and reserved. He'd been pleasantly surprised when he'd gone through the Omega's old school records. He wanted to strangle Dursley all over again when the bastard had barred Harry from accepting numerous scholarships he'd been offered.

It hadn't surprised him Dursley preferred the Omega to think himself stupid but it still made his pulse pound and his hands clench even now. He fully expects every school Harry applied to to accept the Omega; eagerly and with full scholarships in an effort to get him enrolled. He almost wishes Harry had an interest in business so he could intern with him. Draco showed little interest and he had hopes to keep some of the management in the family.

Harry makes a soft noise, blushing with embarrassed pleasure. "Maybe," he murmurs. He knows his grades were OK and he's not as confident as his Alpha papa, but he knows better than to say anything that could be seen as negative about himself. He wants to fidget when he's suddenly the main focus, everyone giving him proud smiles.

He clears his throat and mutters something about the wedding and thankfully everyone starts talking at once, immediately filling the room with excited chatter and tentative plans. He eases back in his chair, grateful for Neville's quiet, calming presence next to him as everyone gets caught up with talk of flowers, caterers and whatnot.

Harry jumps a little when Neville's low voice is suddenly in his ear. "No say in our own wedding?" Neville's warmth along his arm and against his neck makes him shiver. He shakes his head and then shrugs. "Not really. I never actually thought I'd ever get married, so I didn't spent hours thinking about what I wanted. I have you and that's all I need." He feels sappy and warm just to say it aloud, but it's true. He smiles when Neville just stares at him, eyes warm and glazing slightly. "What about you?"

"Chocolate cake," Neville says after a pause, needing a moment to compose himself after Harry's admission—both the never planning to be married and needing only him. He looks around and once he confirms everyone is distracted, gently pulls Harry close, his hands gently cradling his Omega's face. "And you, of course," he adds, sweeping his thumbs across Harry's cheeks and kissing him softly. He means for it to be chaste, gentle, loving, but Harry makes a noise in the back of his throat, slides a hand into his hair and presses closer and the kiss quickly heats up.

He only pulls away when he feels Harry shift in his seat, like he's going to climb into his lap. A lovely idea to be sure, but the wrong place entirely. "Love you," he whispers before reluctantly letting Harry go.

Harry feels himself flush all over again, warmth practically exploding through him in happy little bursts. "Love you, too," he whispers back.

He jumps when Draco slaps at his shoulder, getting his attention so he can shove magazines at him and demand answers. He echoes Neville's only requirement and ignores the dramatic roll of grey eyes. He knows Draco's pleased for the minimal input since the blonde Omega doesn't bother to argue and he's sure they're going to have the most ludicrous display of a chocolate wedding cake, ever, but he really doesn't care.

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