Title: Revolution of Deception

Episode: 1.1 – The Season of Change

Author: Jade Dupree

Rating: R/M

Warning: This fan fiction is more mature and darker then the stories or movies. There will be cursing and more mature themes. It will follow the guidelines of , but I just want to make sure everyone is warned about the story.

Movie: Prince Caspian (The story starts before the movie actually takes place, a year before.)

Genre: Romance, Family, Friendship, Angst, Torture

Story Type: Novellette/TV Show Style

Pairing: Prince Caspian X/OC, more to come as the story unfolds

Complete: No

Summary: On the brink of his 16th birthday, young Prince Caspian finds that his Uncle has decided he should marry.

Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Narnia, books or movies, any and all characters from Narnia belong to C.S. Lewis. I do not own or have anything to do with Ben Barnes or any of the actors who played/voiced the characters in the Narnia movies. I am not making any money from this fan fiction, it is simply an idea I had. No copyright infringement is intended.

Author Note: This was an idea I got after having watched a medieval show on TV the other day, while having also been reading countless Caspian fan fictions, finishing up my first Narnia/Caspian fan fic, as well as having begun reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. I thought 'wouldn't it be cool if they decided to ever do a Narnia TV show' and so the idea slowly began to reveal itself to me. This isn't the first TV Show Style story I have done, I'm also currently working on one for Teen Wolf. Basically, each story is an Episode. I have no idea how many Episodes there will be yet, but I do know that the first season, if you will, is a year before the events of Prince Caspian. I am also warning you all now that I will only vaguely follow along that story line. The main points will be there, but it might not be word for word so to speak. Also because I don't know the Narnian calender and haven't been able to find one, I'm using the months and days from ours to make it easy with time lines and such. I do hope you enjoy the story. Peace! ~Jade~

Prologue -

It has been many years since the Kings and Queens of Old ruled over Narnia from the four thrones in Cair Paravel. Nearly thirteen hundred to be exact. The time without them has left many Narnians heartbroken and sad, but not hopeless. No, they are never without their hope.

Queen Susan's horn is still within their world, even if it has been over run with vile, wicked men. That horn is magic, they say, and when Narnia and her people are in their darkest hour of need, they have only to bring it to their lips and blow. They know Aslan will hear, as well as the Kings and Queens of old.

Even when their homes are destroyed, their lands burned and their lives thrown to the winds, they still have hope. Even as these Telmarines steal everything that is by right theirs, thanks to the Great Lion, that hope lingers. Even as Queen Susan's horn is stolen from its rightful resting place, the hope they all have is still an ember waiting to be set ablaze. For they all know that it takes only to blow that horn and if the Telmarines take it, surely Aslan has appointed one of them to call back the Kings and Queens of old.

And the hope that lies within all their hearts keeps them from becoming characters of stories and mythes. They only have to wait for the right moment in time when everything from the stars in the night sky to the right person taking up the horn are perfectly in line with Aslan's plan for the change to begin...

Chapter 1

-Outside, on top of one of the castle's towers/Sunday night-

"Professor, will you tell me again about them?" the Prince asked as he leaned against the stone walls of the tower. They had been outside for more then an hour, the only thing that was spoken of was the night sky, but he wanted something more. "About the Kings and Queens of Old?"

Cornelius smiled at his young charge. "You're certain you've not grown tired of hearing the tales?" he asked.

Caspian grinned before he shook his head. "No, I like to hear about how High King Peter lead the Narnians into battle against the White Witch or how Queen Lucy came from the place called Spare Oom." He paused as he glanced up at the stars. "I wonder what it would be like, Professor, to stumble into a world one knows nothing about."

"I image it would be quite shocking," the Professor exclaimed. "And Lucy was much younger then us both. Image it, a little girl of only eight or nine showing up in the middle of no where and a Faun to take her to tea."

"Do... do you think they might still be out there?" Caspian asked as he finally looked back to Cornelius. "All of them, the Kings and Queens as well as the Narnians?"

"My boy, it's been over a thousand years since the Kings and Queens disappeared and not long after that, the Telmarines showed up. They did not care for the Narnians or their magic or their love of Aslan."

"But the Kings and Queens only disappeared, no one ever found bodies. Could not they have simply returned to the world from where they came?" The young Prince watched his Professor's face for the answers.

"Anything is possible," he said, a slow nod of his head. "Especially where Aslan is concerned."

"Perhaps one day, they'll return," Caspian said with a smile. "Once I'm King, I'm sure they will return to see Narnia returned to its former glory. Or as much as I am able to do so."

Professor Cornelius returned the smile. "That would be something, my Prince, that would be something indeed. Now, the hour grows late and I hear my bed calling for me."

Caspian nodded as he stood up. Though his professor wasn't that old to him, he was older and needed more sleep then the Prince. Though he'd much rather hear more about the Kings and Queens of Old then sleeping, he loved his professor much like a father and would wait until their next nightly session for more of the tales. With one last, longing look at the night sky, Caspian followed Cornelius inside.

-Miraz's Study-

"We all agree that we do not wish for the boy to take the throne," Lord Montoya said as he addressed Miraz. "But from the way things look, there might not be any other choice."

"And pray tell what do you mean by that?" Miraz asked from where he sat at his desk. A frown came to his face as he stared the Lord down.

"What we mean," Lord Donnon spoke up, "is that your wife has not given you an heir yet. You've been married for over two decades, we must come to the sad conclusion that she may never bare you a son."

Miraz settled back in his chair. "You have no business to be speaking ill of my wife," he said, his tone calm, but the threat was clearly there.

Donnon matched the glare he received with one of his own. "I do not speak ill of her, I only state the facts," he said. "We must begin to look at other options."

"Exactly, other options so that you may still control the throne," Lord Gregorie said with a nod of his head. He moved away from the huge window that looked out over the court yard. "If Caspian becomes King..."

"Then I will have no control over the throne," Miraz pointed out. "It would be highly suspicious if the Prince met the same fate as his father and then I took the throne."

"We are in agreement with you there," Montoya said.

Miraz rubbed his chin before he leaned forward towards the Lords. "Then why have you come to me this night?"

"My lord," Lord Sopespian started, "while you may never have the thrown, as we said, you could still control it. Perhaps not with Caspian himself, but with his heirs."

Once more a frown settled on Miraz face. He stood up suddenly, the chair flew backwards. "How does that help me? Surely Caspian would keep his wife and child, when he has them, well protected. You all bring me nothing but troubles that are not even here!"

"Nay, they are here, but listen to us. If Caspian were to take a bride of your choosing, you could select someone trust worthy to you. Someone who would remain loyal to you, while she keeps Caspian busy and his mind at easy that all is right within his kingdom." Sopespian stood and moved to the take the pitcher of ale to refill his glass.

As he did this, Gregorie continued, "She will bare him children, Lord Miraz. He will be content to know that his line will live on. Perhaps two or three will do. As long as one is a boy, but better to have more then one."

"And as for Caspian?" Miraz asked as he looked from each lord to the next.

Lord Scythley finally spoke up. "Accidents do tend to happen, even to Kings. Why, look what happened to Caspian's father. Dead in his sleep. Caspian could easily fall of his horse or drown in a river. There is really no telling what could befall him or any of us for that matter."

Miraz slowly began to smile as he slowly took his seat. "And then I could raise his son as my own."

"Excatly, there would be Caspian's wife still as Queen, who graciously allows you to help in the young Prince's grooming to be King," Montoya stated. "You would get the heir you wanted and the rest of the line would rule as you see fit, rather then the Caspians. I'm sure the little wife could even convince Caspian to name their first son after you, Miraz, in honor of you having raised him since his father died while he was but a child."

"This is a most brilliant idea that has ever been brought to me," Miraz said with a laugh that was cut short. "And suppose my wife and I are blessed with our own child, our own son?"

"If my daughter is able to bless you with a son," Scythley began, "then we can simply make sure that the Prince's wife cannot conceive. There are things to prevent that, as we all know."

"And if she gives me a child after the Prince has one of his own?"

"You will have two heirs," Donnon answered with a shrug. "Your own son will take the thrown and the Prince's will be brought up to make sure no one tries to take it from him. The Queen can come up with something to say, perhaps that as her husband has died, she is not fit to rule the kingdom and hands it over to you for safe keeping."

A wicked smile settled on Miraz face. The plan sounded better and better as he heard more of it. "Very well, how shall we go about getting Caspian a bride?"

"That will be the easiest part," Scythley said. "He will be sixteen next month, yes? Because he is the heir to the throne, he must take a bride to begin producing heirs to secure his blood line. What sixteen year old boy would say no to a willing, naked maiden in his bed every night?"

"None that I have ever met," Lord Gregoire said. "You can say its some old law that was discovered from way back from Telmar. In the event the King dies leaving only one heir, that heir shall be married by their sixteenth birthday in hopes that they will produce more heirs. That sounds about right. Caspian would never doubt you."

"And who shall the lovely lady be?" Miraz asked. "Some common whore, perhaps?"

"Of course not, Caspian would notice something like that," Donnon said with a shake of his head. "No, she needs to be a Lady of the court for sure. That way she knows how to behave and more importantly, will be willing to honor her family by remaining loyal to you."

"Doesn't General Glozelle have a daughter?" Sopespian asked as he looked over to Montoya. "Around the Prince's age?"

Montoya thought for a moment before he slowly began to nod his head. "Yes, I believe you are right. She just came of age, fifteen is only a year difference from the Prince. She would be perfect for she is very loyal to her father. I'm sure the General would love to have his daughter move up so high."

"And how is she as far as mannerisms and looks?" Miraz asked.

"Quite the beauty when I met her nearly a year ago," Sopespian replied. "When her mother brought her to court to see her father. That was when the General had caught that horrible illness that went around. She stayed with him while her mother returned home to tend the younger children."

"She took great care of her father," Gregoire said. "Very calm and soft spoken. She was terrible shy though, but she was a girl of only fourteen. I have yet to see her lately though. Glozelle sent her home once he was well again."

"What about her name?"


Miraz nodded as he turned to look at the guard by the door. "Send for General Glozelle," he commanded. "I must inform him immediately of this joyful new. Ariela is to be the betrothed of Prince Caspian. There is no higher honor for a young Lady to receive." He looked at the other Lords as they chuckled amongst themselves. "We must prepare to send for her right away. The Prince's birthday is a month away and we will want them to know each other before the wedding. I think a week after the birthday party shall be soon enough. Agreed, my Lords?"

"Agreed," they all said together.