Aug 2002

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To Be or Not to Be A Princess; A World Reborn.

Endymion looked out across the world that was cold and lifeless. Or
so it appeared with the animals still sleeping and the humans who'd
survived the rest still in stasis. He sighed softly. The palace was
magnificent, the sleek lines of crystalline perfection proclaiming it the
home of the world's rulers. Rulers. He shook his head. Not rulers,
friends. Selenity would be very angry if she found out he thought of her
beloved Earth as a thing to be ruled.

A gentle hand slid over his shoulder and he looked down into the
clear blue eyes of his wife, a smile on his lips.

"What do you see, Endymion?"

He turned to face her, gently clasping her hand in his, "The most
beautiful creature ever to have come from the Earth."

She blushed, smiling. "You have always known how to flatter me.
Are you happy with the palace yet? Is it shaped to your wishes?"

He scooped her up in his arms and twirled her around once. "Aye, my
lovely terran temptress, it is how we both wished it."

Her hands slid shyly up his chest and around his neck, "Will you
keep your promise to me now?"

He looked as if she'd sucker punched him. "Here?"

She nodded. "We're all alone. No one will see us, nobody else is
awake yet."

He searched her face before dropping a gentle kiss on the blush of
her cheekbone. "We still have work to finished before the others can be

"Don't you want me?"

His laughter was slightly strangled. "Want you? Lady, I burn for
you, hunger for you, but I don't want to frighten you."

Her smile was gentle. "You won't. I've had a thousand years to
deal with this while we slept, Endymion." One hand strayed into his hair,
the other tracing the strong jut of his jaw. "Can't we consummate our
marriage yet?"

He groaned, ducking his head so he could burry it in the curve of
her throat. "Selenity, are you sure?"

She nodded, "I love you. I want to be with you. I want to know how
it should be between a man and a woman, not the stuff my nightmares are
made of."

Still in his arms, she hugged his shoulders, laying her head against
his chest. He strode from the balcony where they'd been standing and
unerringly towards their quarters. Their quarters. He liked the sound
of that. The door opened at their approach, his silent command an
unconscious thought, and shut behind them as he strode towards the bed.
He stopped short of it, looking down into the angelic face of his wife.
"Are you certain?"

She nodded. His head came down, settling his lips over hers in a
powerfully possessive kiss. Her lips were eager, meeting him passion for
passion as his tongue slipped into her mouth. She made a soft sound at
the back of her throat, drawing a growl from his, when her tongue met
his. His hands slid down, lowering her feet to the ground until she was
stretched out against him, her soft, pliant body arching into his. It
almost sent him to his knees when her hands went firmly to his belt and
began to pull.

He captured her hands, breaking the kiss, "Not yet. There's so much
more before that."

She blushed, opening her eyes to meet his gaze. "I... I don't know
what I should do."

He took her hands and placed them on his chest, rubbing his thumb
over the sensitive palm of her hand. "Explore me, Selene. Explore my
chest, my shoulders, taste if you like."

Her blush was maidenly but she did as he asked, hesitantly sliding
her hands over the strong wall of his chest, finding the muscle
definition she knew he had, her fingers tracing lines of slow fire across
his skin. He sucked in a sharp breath when her fingers trailed over his
sensitive nipples, fighting to remain still. He didn't want to frighten
her. She came back and ran her fingertips around one nipple, then
searched for the other. The fabric of his black silk shirt was a flimsy
barrier against the heat of her touch.

"Take my shirt off, Selenity."

Her hands dropped as if she'd been burned. "I..."

He gently placed her hands on the button at his throat. "I won't
move, Princess. Take your time. I want you to look at me. I want to
feel your hands on my skin." His voice was husky, gently insisting she
take him at her leisure.

She slowly began to unbutton the first three, her fingers hesitant,
but she gained confidence as he did as he said he would. He remained
unmoving, but not unmoved, under her touch. The slow torture of having
her undress him was beginning to fray the self-control he held so tightly
leashed. Finally his shirt hung open and she skimmer her hands up his
chest to his shoulders, gently pushing it off and tugging it from his
arms before dropping back to her sides.

Her breath came in a sharp gasp. He was so beautifully formed, so
muscular and fit, it never ceased to take her breath away when she looked
at him. Her gaze met his and flames sizzled between them, threatening to
consume them both. Endymion swallowed hard. She wanted him; he could
see it in her eyes, in the flush of her skin. "Touch me, Selene." He
begged softly.

Her hands raised, of their own accord, to his chest, her hands
leaving a hot imprint, as if branding him, where they lay. He had to
touch her, had to feel that expanse of satin skin under his hands. "Let
me touch you, please."

Her eyes widened, flying to his at his soft plea. Nobody had ever
asked to touch her. She nodded hesitantly as her hands carefully
explored the naked expanse of his chest.

He slid his hands down her arms, making her shiver, drawing her
close so they stood in front of one another. His hands first went to her
hair, carefully undoing the buns until her hair cascaded around her in a
golden waterfall. He let the silk slide through his hands, resisting the
urge to clench the golden locks in his fist as she gently teased first
one nipple, then the other, with her fingers.

"You're driving me mad, honey."

Her response was to lean forward and gently touch the tip of her
tongue to one tight bud. Endymion jerked at the touch, his hands frozen
on her shoulders, white knuckled but not squeezing. Who'd have thought
she had the nerve to taste him? His hands slid to her face, urging her
head upwards until his lips settled over hers again. There was nothing
gentle about his kiss as his hands slid down around her waist before
caressing her buttocks through her dress. He felt her stiffen for a half
second before relaxing as he pulled her tightly into his embrace. He
knew she could feel his need for her, the blatant proof of his desire,
against her abdomen.

She gasped against his lips as he pulled her gown from her
shoulders, his hands sliding down to caress the underside of her breasts.
Aware of what had happened last time, Endymion took his time. His thumbs
slid along the gentle curves, tracing them, before he cupped her breasts
in his hands, his palms brushing against her sensitive nipples. She
arched into his hands, her mouth suddenly aggressive as her hands cupped
the back of his head.

He growled approval as she opened her mouth more to him, her tongue
plunging into his mouth. He took the last two steps to the bed, bending
her over and coming down atop her. She froze in her assault of him,
wrenching away from his kiss with a panicked cry and pushed at his chest.

Endymion rolled away from her, cursing himself softly. He got to
his feet, moving away from her swiftly. The desire, the need to take her
and have her was almost overwhelming. Her cry of fear tore at his heart.


He closed his eyes against that soft, trembling voice. She wasn't
ready. He'd stopped next to the window in their room that would overlook
the gardens. When he got around to building them. He opened his eyes
and stared out across the barren landscape. The city for the people
hadn't even been built yet and all he wanted to do was kidnap his wife
and keep her in bed for a year.


"Don't, Selene."

He'd heard her rise from the bed. Heard the whisper of her skirt
against the floor as she'd taken a cautious step towards him. His
controlled words had stopped her. "I'm sorry."

He finally turned to look at her. Her mouth was slightly swollen
from their kisses, her hair mused and falling about her like a golden
shroud, surrounding her body and hiding her nakedness. She'd not pulled
the top of her gown up from her waist. Her eyes were what captivated
his, the haunted, sorrowful eyes that feared she'd never be able to be

"Why are you sorry, Selene? The time's not right. Not yet."

"But," her lips trembled and he could see the sheen of tears in her

He shook his head, "No but. I made you a promise, one I have every
intention of keeping, but not while you try and deceive yourself. You've
a fear of being captured, Selenity. A fear of submitting to anyone or
anything because of what you've suffered. I don't want you to submit to
me. I want you to enjoy with me, to love with me, not to let me lead
you, but to lead on occasion. Do you understand?"

She nodded, her lips still trembling. He looked away from her, "I
am going to finish making this Eden into a habitat for humanity once
they're awakened. I need some time alone to do this, to regain my
strength. I feat if you come with me I won't have the strength to pull
away again."

Her voice was soft, hurt, but understanding, "I have things to do as
well. The spirits are resting until I call them again. I'm sorry,

He looked at her, taking the two strides to her side, and gently
picked up her hand. He was afraid if he touched more of her he'd finish
what he started, fears or no fears. Kissing the back of her fingers, her
smiled at her, "Endymion, my darling. Don't be sorry. Find a way to
work through it. I won't wait forever, Selene. One of these days, in
the very near future, I intend to have you."

She watched as he strode to the door and disappeared into the silent
halls of the palace. She walked back to the bed and sat back down,
bringing her legs to her chest. Burying her face in her knees she wept
silently. Endymion was right. She wasn't ready. She wanted him, wanted
him so badly, and in a moment of fear, she'd lost him tonight. She
remembered being placed on the bed, of his solid weight pressing her down
into the mattress, and she'd panicked. She hadn't been restrained,
hadn't been forced down, and yet the thought of his weight on her, as
appealing as it sounded to her mind, made her quake with fear. Silent
tears soaked her skirt as she slowly cried herself to sleep.

It was several days, several long and lonely days, before Selenity
found Endymion again. He looked haggard, worn, as if wielding the
crystal to create a city was taking its toll. And it was, she could see
it in his posture as he shaped the ground in their garden to his will.
"Endymion." Her voice shattered the silence as he was turning to move to
another part of the palace.

He slowly turned to look at her and her heart went out to him. She
wordlessly opened her arms to him, almost sobbing with relief as he came
to her, wrapping her in his strong arms. "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," she
told him, hugging him tightly.

He kissed the crown of her head, feeling the last week of strain
drain from his shoulders as he held her in his arms again. The week
apart hadn't dampened his desire for her, simply increased it. As it
increased, so did his resolve. Fears or no fears, Selenity was his wife,
and they were the royalty. They would need a heir sooner or later. She
was shaking in his grasp, her hands on his back, her body soft, pliant
against his, and he groaned, re-wrapping his arms around her for a better
grip. "I missed you."

She nodded against his chest, "I know. I missed you too. Are you
done with your city, my love?"

He chuckled softly, "Yes, Selene. I've kept my promise to your
deity. It's time I kept my promise to you. Fears or no fears, Selenity,
I need you."

She looked up at him, standing taller on her tiptoes to place a kiss
on his neck, "I want you, Endymion. Fears or no fears, teach me what it
is to love you. Teach me what it is to share the magic."

He groaned, putting her away from him, as he looked into her face
searching her eyes, "Are you certain, Selenity? I won't be able to stop,
not again. My control is about shot."

She laughed softly, framing his face with her hands. "I'm sure.
Keep your promise to me tonight, Endymion. Keep it, no matter what."

His mouth was hungry as it came down on hers, demanding and
receiving a response of equal measure. Her hands made quick work of his
shirt, disposing of it with deft movements that left little doubt in his
mind as to what she wanted. His lips suckled gently at her lips, nipping
and soothing as she tried to capture his tongue with her lips. He
nibbled down her jaw, teasing the sensitive flesh beneath her ear before
gently biting the soft shell. She jerked in his grasp, her eyes wide
with pleasure as the heat of his mouth spiralled through her all the way
to her toes.

Endymion's hands made short work of her top, barring her breasts to
the soft breeze of the garden. It was warmer than it had been a month
ago when they'd awoken. The ice was already thawing, the warm winds
beginning to assert their control over the climate again. She shivered,
but not from the cold, as his mouth nibbled on her collar bone, her head
falling back as she clutched at his shoulders.

Endymion knelt before her, skipping over her breasts completely and
burring his face in her stomach, his arms wrapped around her waist. She
wanted him, why he would never know, but this lovely young woman was
willing to face her fears, her nightmares, with him. His tongue delved
into her navel, making her jerk in surprise.

He lifted his head and look up at her to find her watching him. One
of her hands was on his shoulder, the other gently brushing the hair from
his face. "Make love to me?" she asked softly, her eyes begging him to
banish her nightmares forever.

He nodded, slowly standing and then bent her backwards over his arm,
dipping his head to slowly trace the underside of her breast with his
tongue. She shivered, moaning softly, as his tongue teased the tight
nipple topping the creamy mound. Her hands clenched as she arched into
his mouth. He slowly pleasured her with his mouth and drew every moan he
could from her lips. Carefully, he sank to the ground, Selenity still in
his arms. He set her on her knees in front of him, his arms still around
her as he kissed her softly.

She threw herself deeper into his arms, her bare skin sliding
against his, her breasts flattening against his chest. He sucked in a
sharp breath at the feel of her nipple against his skin.

He fought the urge to lie her back, somehow finding the strength of
will to stay on his knees as he gently slid his hand down to where the
fabric of her top lay bunched about her hips. Slowly, kissing her
lingeringly, teasing her, he pushed the fabric from her hips, allowing it
to pool around her knees.

He could feel her hunger, her desperation, as if she knew this would
finally be the time they'd share all the mysteries of a husband and wife.
Her doubts about this act were swiftly sliding away with every touch of
his mouth and hands. No one who could give such pleasure would hurt her.
She sucked in a sharp breath when his hand slipped between her legs,
gently stroking her inner thigh, getting her used to the feel of heat
spiralling through her lower body. Getting her used to the thought of
his invasion. His fingers slowly moved upwards, towards the heat of her
center, finding her slick with need as he slipped one finger into her

Selenity gasped against his mouth. This was nothing like before.
She whimpered against his lips and the finger withdrew to gently stroke
the outer folds of her sex. She almost bit him as his tongue darted into
her mouth with a quick thrust before retreating. His finger mimicked the
movement and soon she was squirming in his grasp, arching up into her
body, begging silently for what she knew was to come.

She wasn't afraid anymore. Endymion and his patience with her had
driven that away. She arched into his hand, her mouth dropping from his,
"More." She begged softly, pulling on his shoulders.

His low laugh excited her to no ends as he slipped another finger
inside her, his thumb teasing the little nub of tight flesh that sent
wave after wave of pleasure spiralling through her body. She gasped in
his arms as his thrusting fingers caused heat to explode through her
body. She threw her head back, arching into his hand forcefully as
orgasm took her. Stars exploded in her vision as she felt her whole body
clench. Slowly, she came back to earth, her vision clearing, her senses
returning to tell her and was in Endymion's arms, still on their knees.

She lifted her head with difficulty, "Thank you."

He ducked his head, nuzzling her hair near her ear, "No, thank you.
You look exquisite when you climax."

She couldn't even find the energy to blush. "I know there's more,
Endymion," she told him, enjoying his hold of her. She even enjoyed the
slowly stroking fingers that were still inside her as she spoke, "can we
do it all? Can you show me how love making should be?"

He groaned softly. "If I don't, Selene, I think I might die."

Her laugh was soft, surprising them both as much as her next words,
"We can't have that, can we?"

He kissed her then, rocking back on his heels and drawing her with
him. She went eagerly, feeling a sense of loss when his hand withdrew
from her sex and then her eyes widened with surprise as he lifted his
fingers to his lips and gently licked them. "I want to do that to you,
Selene, but if I don't have you..."

"Lick me... there?" she sounded uncertain.

He nodded, placing a gentle kiss on her lips, "Later, though. One
step at a time. Do you want to remove the rest of my clothes, or should

Her smile was all he needed as her hands slid down his chest and to
his belt. He felt her hesitate uncertainly and almost groaned with
relief when she chose to continue. Her hands were careful, undoing his
belt and then the fastener at the top of his pants. She looked up with
him, her eyes showing her nervousness. She'd never been with a man when
passion was involved. Passion on her end at least. Her hands stopped
before they hit his zipper. "I can't."

Slowly he captured her hands and gently placed them back where his
arousal was straining against the fabric of his pants, "Touch me," his
words were a plea, "Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you, Selene, I

Her smile was wobbly but sincere, "I know."

She pulled his zipper down and then tugged his pants down as he
lifted his hips to help her. She adverted her eyes until she was
finished removing them, kicking off the last of her gown, before allowing
her eyes too wander to his erection. He wasn't huge, but he was
proportioned to his body and the sight of him, lying naked before her,
seemingly at her mercy, stirred her blood in an appealing way. Endymion
fought the urge to reach for her, fought the need to be inside her now,
as she examined him. "See anything to your liking milady?" he asked

Her eyes met his and he almost lost his control as she straddled his
hips, the heat of her center against the base of his erection. He closed
his eyes, struggling for control, for the control to allow her to do this
herself. He couldn't find it. His hands slid up and grasped her hips,
his eyes meeting hers.

Selenity felt a twinge of fear as he lifted her, positioning her
over his throbbing arousal, her hands sliding down to his chest for
balance. She saw the muscles in his jaw bunch and contract, his upper
arms hard bands of muscle as he lowered her slowly. She gasped, feeling
the tip of him enter her, fill her slowly. Most of the way in, his hips
jerks and she suddenly found herself sitting completely on his lap, his
length sheathed inside her body. Her eyes were wide. There'd been no
pain, none at all!

His breathing was ragged, strained, and she could tell he was
exerting a great amount of bodily control. Slowly, she lifted herself
and then sat back, drawing a strangled cry from Endymion's lips. His
hands flexed on her hips and suddenly he was moving her, moving with her,
thrusting into her with strong, sure strokes, her body encasing him,
gripping his as if he belonged with her. She threw her head back as the
heat began to tighten inside her again. She wanted that pinnacle of
pleasure again.

Endymion swore he'd died and gone to heaven as her hips began to
move with him. Thrusting into her body, finding a sense of belonging and
need, he couldn't have stopped if he'd wanted to. She rode him, their
bodies moving in a dance older than time, as he took her from knowing
nothing of passion to its pinnacle. He felt her inner muscles tighten
around him and increased his tempo. She shattered, her cry ringing
through the night, followed closely by his as he thrust into her twice
more and followed her into a world of exploding stars.

Neither of the lovers saw the energy that spiralled out from their
union, neither saw the shocks that were spreading, the beginning of an
awakening world.

Lying together in the aftermath of passion, they held each other
close. Selenity lay across his chest like a blanket, her body wrapped
securely about his. It was several minutes before either could find the
strength to move. She was finally able to lift her head, her smile and
gaze showing her wonderment and love. "That was... incredible."

His smile was satisfied as he stroked her cheek with the backs of
his fingers, "I feel as if I was taken apart and put back together,
Selene. Thank you."

She tilted her head to meet his kiss and sighed, smiling, "Thank
you, Endymion. You've shown me what it is to be loved completely and
what it is to know the bliss of making love between a man and wife. I
can never, ever repay you for that gift."

"It's freely given."

Her smile was unseen as she pressed a gentle kiss to his chest over
his heart, "You've shattered my fears, my love. Gift or no, I can never
repay you for that."

He gently tilted her head, sitting up on his elbows so he could look
down into her eyes, "Selene, by conquering those fears we've both
received a gift. I love you. I'd do anything for you. There's nothing
to repay, alright?"

She smiled, leaning up to kiss him lingeringly, "Alright. No

His hand gently traced the smooth curve of her back, enjoying the
feel of her body stretched out over his. "Shall we go inside?"

Her smiled was mischievous as she sat back on his lap, "Can we do it

He hugged her, laughing, as he pulled them both to their feet.
"Selene, we can do it until neither of us can walk. Come on," he scoped
up their clothes, allowing her to slip into her dress as he put his pants
back on. Hand in hand, they left the garden, making their way into the
palace and their bedroom.

Unknown to the two lovers, their friend were awakening, the world
was releasing its hold on the slumbering population and it would be a
long, long time until they'd find time alone again.


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