Chapter 1

Author's Note: Hey there guys this is my very first fanfic, I hope you guys love it, and please be gentle I don't want any flames ok, enjoy.

It's hard trying to remember what the world was like before the end, it seems like all I can think about these days is running from whatever the world throws at me and Lana. So you might be wondering what happened and when? Well it all started one Saturday morning, I was sleeping like a baby then all of a sudden I feel my mama shaking me "Giselle! Giselle! Sweetheart wake up!" She said

"Fuck off mama it's Saturday." I replied

"Giselle you don't understand the aliens are attacking Chicago!"

"That's what has your panties in a bunch it's nothing, we won the last two times they tried to conquer the world." I said without a hint concern.

"Giselle are you mad thousands of people are dead and dying and you think it's nothing!" She yelled,

"Yeah" I said calmly.

"Unbelievable!" She screamed while exiting my room. Little did I know she would be right, it was a big deal, the decepticons may have failed to bring their planet here but they didn't give up on taking over Earth.

After conquering Chicago they started taking over cities all over the world, militaries all over the world were being overwhelmed. Then all hell broke loose when the economy hit rock bottom, almost every one became poor and those who weren't were killed for their money. Me and my mama started a life on the road once thugs started ransacking homes in my neighborhood. We were doing pretty good on the road, we were able to avoid thugs most of the time and when we ran into them I would just bury an axe in their skulls. For a year and a half me and mama thrived, until one night a group of people approached we thought they were thugs but as they got closer mama noticed something was off about them, they were slow and smelled far worse than usual.

Before I could tell mama to run they surrounded us, suddenly we realized what they were, they were zombies. We tried and tried to fight them off but there were just too many. All of a sudden I feel mama pull me to her chest and tuck my arms in, she then propels herself backwards though the zombie wall, pushing and pushing until were free of them. My happiness turns into panic as my mother notices she has been bitten.

With the zombies hot on are trail my mama stops and says "Run sweetheart run." I obey and continue to run as tears spill from my eyes knowing my mama will be eaten alive.

So here I am two years later, in some abandoned city, looking though rubble for anything useful with Lana my best friend. I met her about two months after mama died, digging though garbage outside a strip club in one of the few ratty but populated cities, I gave her some food and we just started talking. She told me that she worked in that strip club, and because of the apocalypse people don't have money to stuff in her bra, and that's why she was dumpster diving. So I offered her to travel with me, she agreed and since then we've been like sisters.

"Giselle do you think we can use this?" Lana says handing me a can opener.

"No we already have a can opener, this would just waste space." I say tossing it aside.

"Why did you do that, what if the other one broke!?" She whimpers like a kicked puppy.

"Then I would fix it." I say in an annoyed voice.

"What if we were to lose it?" She says in a condescending tone.


"Why do you always yell at me?" She yelped in a mousey voice.

"Ok I'm sorry, it's just… I've been wondering what I would have become if the apocalypse didn't happen; now I'll probably never know. It's just I want to be more than a dumpster diver. I just….." I begin to sob as Lana puts her arm over my shoulder.

"Just let it out Giselle."

"Ok" I say.

"I want much more than this provincial life!
I want adventure in the great wide somewhere
I want it more than I can tell
and for once it might be grand
to have someone understand
I want so much more than they've got planned!"

"See don't you feel better." Lana says in loving tone.

"Yes, I do and I just realized what I would have been, A SOPRANO!"

"Well you certainly have the voice for it, you have talent my dear and maybe you can still follow your dream, society isn't completely destroyed."

"You're completely right Lana I'm going to follow my dre….."
In the distance I hear hissing, but not the hissing of a ratty cat, but the hissing of a xenomorph. Lana stares in the direction of the hiss and asks

"What is it?"

Annoyed by her stupidity I reply "Xenomorphs you dumb ass!"

"We've got to get out of here!" Lana says in a state of panic.

Me and Lana grab our bags and start running for shelter. But when we turn into an alleyway we see a horde of aliens! We run back into the street only to see we're surrounded by the foreign bastards. Lana tries to run but I grab her arm. "There's no use running Lana we'll have to kill them all."

"But we'll never survive!"

"To bad." I say stoically as I pull out my axe. Lana gets out her katana, and we charge into the horde.

I swing my axe decapitating several aliens as Lana stabs her katana into their brains. "Die all of you mother fucking bastards!" I scream so loud it hurts my voice. As I'm rolling heads I hear a scream, within a few seconds I realize it's Lana, I turn around to see aliens jumping on her.

"GISELLE PLEASE HELP ME!" I turn around and start running towards Lana, then out of nowhere an alien tackles me as I try to push it off I see the aliens drag Lana off as her screams become louder and louder.

"OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME!" Is the last thing I hear her say as she's dragged into the sewer.

"I'm sorry Lana." I say as I finally break free of the aliens grip, I burry my axe into its skull. I collapsed to the ground, I see that more aliens are coming, I just sit there crying, waiting for them to kill me because life isn't worth living alone.

Just as I'm ready to die I hear an explosion then another one, I look up to see all of the xenomorphs dying as canon fire rains from the sky. Then it was all over, I looked to see who saved me but there was no one there so I just stated sobbing again realizing that my best friend was dead. Then I heard a voice. "My lady are you okay." The voice was very deep, so deep that it vibrated my bones. "Are you all right"

"No how could I be all righ…." As I turned around I found out the man was not a human man but a cybertroian and he was the most beautiful creature I've ever laded eyes on. His body was so shiny that the setting sun reflected of every inch of his body.

"Ms. are you… "

"Yes I am great, because you saved me." I say after cutting him off.

"What is your name my lady."

"Giselle Yvonne Delacroix, what's yours?" I say seductively

"My name is Optimus Prime."