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I'm Brittany Pierce and I'm 20 and I go to college. I dance, dancing is what makes me happy. I live with my best friends Tina, Rachel and Sam, we all go to college. Tina and Sam work at a bar, Rachel is like her professor's secretary and I work in a dance studio. Rachel is studying to become an a Broadway actress and singer. Tina wants to be a teacher and Sam, I think that not even him know what he wants to be! These are my friends, but I have a girlfriend too, yes, her name is Ashley, she is sweet, brown hair and green eyes, she works in a restaurant. I met her during my first year and we are pretty good together. Now I'm in class with Tina and Sam and someone knocks at the door.

"Morning, we are the new students" a girl says.

"Come in and take a seat then" There are three of them, a blond girl, a cute girl, a tall boy with weird hair and then a girl, a really beautiful girl. They seem a little weird but not in a bad way. They sit and they look around, they are looking at the others like they are listening to them, then this beautiful girl looks at me and I can feel myself blush. She looks at me with a weird face, oh god she sees me staring at her, good Brittany! When the class ends me, Tina and Sam go outside for the lunch and Rachel joins us.

"I heard about the new guys in your class" Rachel says.

"Yeah? Are they famous?" I ask.

"I don't think so"

"Then why did you already heard about them?" I ask.

"I heard that they live together, that they are rich guys and that they are a little weird" she says.

"Who told you?" Tina asks.

"I heard from people, I don't know who they are"

"Ok, anyway, have you seen the blonde one?" Sam says.

"I didn't see any of them" Rachel says.

"They are cute guys" Tina says.

"Specially the brunette" I say.

"You have a girlfriend Brittany" Tina says.

"I was just saying"

"Ohohoh they are here!" Sam says.

"Don't t.." We start and Rachel turns toward them.

"Rachel you can turn in that way, they can see you" Sam says.

"Well what do you think?" Tina asks.

"The guy is cute and the girls are beautiful, do you wanna try Sam?" Rachel asks.


"Brittany?" Tina says softly.


"Don't panic but they are looking at you"

"They what?" I turn toward them and I see them look at me and they continue to look at me "why are they looking at me? Do I have something on my face?"

"You are fine" Sam says.

"Maybe one of them likes you" Tina says.

"Didn't I have a girlfriend?!" I say.

"The boy is coming here" Rachel says looking down.

"What?" Tina asks.

"Shhh be normal" Rachel says.

"Hi baby" Ashley arrives surprising me.

"Hey! why are you here?" I ask.

"I wanted to see you" she kisses me, and Sam sees Puck turn and return at his table.

"he went back to his table" Sam says.

"What?" Ashley says.

"Nothing Ash" I turn and I see them still looking at me.

"Can I take you out of here?" Ashley asks to me.

"Ok, see you later guys" I go away with her and I see the brunette looking at me, I don't know why she looks at me.

Me and Ashley ends in my bed, naked, it seems like we just have sex lately.

"Are you going out with the others tonight?" She asks.

"Yes, do you work?"

"Yes but if you stay until after midnight maybe I can join you" she kisses me.

"I don't want you to come here, you have to work tomorrow" I say.

"You are so cute, well I'll call you after work then, I have to go now"

"Ok, call me later" I kiss her and she gets dressed.

"Bye" she left and I stay in bed after a while Tina knocks and enters.


"Hey what's up?" I say.

"Today after you went away we saw the guys go home"

"Which guys?"

"The new guys"

"Oh yeah the new, and?"

"Guess where they live?"


"Nope, the huge house down the street" she says.

"They have an amazing house, are we going out tonight?"

"Yes, but Sam is working" she says.

"Ashley too"

"More fun for us!"

After dinner we get ready, Sam was already at the bar working, we wait for Rachel and then we go to the bar. There are a lot of people, it's a good play, you can drink, you can talk and you can dance, I love it! Me, Rachel and Tina sit around a table and we start to talk about everything.

"Did you find the courage to talk to that guy?" I ask to Rachel.

"What guy?"

"The one you always talk about" Tina says.

"It's not true"

"If you say so!" I say.

"Oh oh! Cute guy at the entrance!" Tina says and we turn.

"It's the new guys from school and there are the girls too" I say.

"Oh the girl saw you!" Rachel says.

"What the fuck, does she have a radar or something?!" I say.

"Oh god he is coming here" Tina says "don't embarrass me!"

"Hear who is talking!" I say.

"Hi" the boy says.

"Hi" we say together.

"I'm Puck"

"I'm Rachel, they are Brittany and Tina" Rachel says.

"Can I buy you a drink?" He says.

"To whom?" I ask.

"All of you?!" He says.

"I already like this guys!" I say and we laugh.

"Why don't you tell your friends to come here?" Rachel asks.

"They are a bit shy , at the beginning" he says.

"Ok, do you like the college?" Tina asks.

"It seems cool, do you live in there?" He asks.

"No we share an apartment outside the college" I say.

"You three together?"

"Us and our friend Sam, he is working at the bar now" Rachel says.

"Is he the boyfriend of one of you?"

"Nope, he is going to kill me but, he likes your friend, the blonde one" Tina says.

"Oh Quinn"

"What?" Rachel asks.

"Her name is Quinn"

"What's the other one name?" I say trying to not seem too interested.


"It's a beautiful name" Tina says.

"It is" I say softly, I turn and she was talking with Quinn.

"Do you come here often?" Puck asks.

"When we have time" Rachel says.

"Are you three siblings?" I ask and they look at me.

"Umh nope, we are good friends" he says.

"I have to go to the restroom" Tina says.

"I'm going with you" I say and we go there.

"I wanna dance with him"

"Then ask him to" I say.

"I think he is interested in you"

"What made you think that?"

"Today at lunch he was coming to our table but when Ashley arrived he turned and returned to his table" Tina says.

"I don't think he is interested in me, but if you want I can tell him about Ashley"

"You are lying, you don't want to talk about her to him"

"And why?" I ask.

"'Cause you have a crush on Santana!"

"I have a girlfriend Tina"

"Yeah yeah yeah, come on we have to go back, Rachel is going to make him run away!" When we come back he is talking with Rachel.

"I have to go now, Quinn and Santana are waiting for me, it was nice to meet you" he says.

"Bye" we say and he leaves.

"It's time to dance!" I say.

We are dancing all together, I love to dance here. Rachel is dancing with a friend and me and Tina are dancing together. In a flash, I see her, Santana, she was looking at me, Quinn too, Puck was trying to tell them something but they weren't listening do him. I feel weird, why they are looking at me? I stop dancing, I feel like I want to go there, I'm starting to walk when Rachel interrupts me.

"Hey are you ok Britt?" I look at her.


"Are you ok?"

"Y-yes, are we going home?" I ask.

"Yes, Sam finished his shift" Rachel says.

"Ok" I turn and Santana and the others aren't there anymore.

The morning after we are at the bar near college, we are eating breakfast. I'm in my world as always, Ashley didn't call me yesterday, why didn't she call me?

"Brittany are you listening?" Rachel asks.


"You are more absent than usually lately" Sam says.

"I was thinking about Ashley, she didn't call me yesterday"

"Maybe she was tired, you know that she works a lot" Tina says.

"Yeah .. What were you saying?" I ask.

"Nothing special, we were telling Sam about yeste.. Oh wow, we were about to talk about them and here they are!" Rachel says and we turn, Puck Santana and Quinn come in the bar.

"I can't believe that Puck was with you yesterday, I could ask him about Quinn" Sam says.

"It was nothing, he didn't say anything so relevant" Tina says.

"I want to talk to her" Sam says.

"What? You want to go there from nothing?" I ask.

"It's the only way"

"Ok" I laugh "I wanna see that"

"Do you think I don't have the guts?" He asks.

"You are still here!" I say and he stands immediately and he starts to walk toward Quinn. She was at the counter, he arrives there and he says hi, Quinn turns and he says something to her.

"Oh god he is talking to her!" Tina says.

"What are they saying?" Rachel ask.

"I don't know" Tina says.

"Shhh, I'm trying to hear!" I say, but I can't hear anything, they are too far. Sam stands and comes back to us.

"See? I talked to her" Sam says.


"I asked her if I could buy her a coffee and she said no, 'cause she has a boyfriend" he says.

"Owh poor Sam" I hug him.

"Maybe next time, another girl" Rachel says, my phone rings.

"It's Ashley?" Sam asks.

"Yes" I answer "Hi where are you?.. No we are at the bar.. Yesterday you didn't call me.. Owh you are so cute!.. Ok, see you later" I hang up.

"So?" Tina says.

"She was tired and she fell asleep, I'm going to see her later" I say and we leave the bar, it's time for our lesson. We sit and I can see Quinn close to me, why is she so close? Yesterday she sat far away from me! I turn to see where Santana is, but I can't see her, maybe she is behind. I don't want to get caught. The lesson was so boring, at the end of it we have to divide in groups, I'm with Tina, some idiot guy and Santana, Rachel is with Quinn, Puck and some other guys. I'm so nervous, we should study all together and I don't know if I'm ready to meet Santana. I know it is stupid and I have a girlfriend but she intimidates me.

"Are you ready to meet your girl?!" Tina says.

"Stop it!" I say, we go toward the door and someone stops us.

"Hi" we turn and it was Santana.

"Hi" Tina says.

"I'm Santana, I thought I should introduce myself, I saw you with Puck yesterday so"

"Yeah at the bar, I'm Tina and she is Brittany" I didn't say anything and Tina hits me.

"Oh yeah sorry, I-I'm Brittany" I say.

"Hi" she shows her hand, I look at her a little but then I take it, but something happens.

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