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Chapter One: The Life We Live.

The scene was not one the twenty-eight year old EMT was used to being called to. Allie, short for Allison, was trained as an EMT for over five years now and was only on the scene for three minutes and already knew by the damage that the victim was no longer with the living. These were the scenes the strawberry-blonde hated the most. As she walked past the damaged car and stopped next the duty officer, a gentle breeze ruffled her unbound hair.

"Who is the victim?" Allison's soft voice asks as she took in the sight.

"Her names Tara Knowles-Teller, worked over at St. Thomas. Between her car and the condition her body was left in leads me to believe that her murder was intentional and not one of just happenstance. With her affiliation with the Sons of Anarchy I am also thinking it was a message for them." Andy; a tall, semi built, and seasoned officers from Lodi started explaining to her. Andy was one of the more friendly cops that came out of Lodi who wasn't on anyone's pay roll but the states. Allison had to control herself from rolling her eyes. However, the strawberry-blonde could not fight the look of irritation that overcame her features at hearing the deceased relationship to the infamous Sons of Anarchy group. Allison had no problems with the Charming motorcycle club, her older brother was even an active member of said club, but then again no one knew of her relation to him. Allison was glad that a lot of people share the trait of having baby blue eyes and no one had connected her to being related to the former Sergeant at Arms. She didn't hide the relationship to him as she wasn't ashamed to say that was her brother, but it helped people not feel obligated or pressured into helping her out for fear of angering the man. Most people viewed the club as scum and Allison preferred to stay away from that negativity.

"Would you like to have moral support when you go to Teller-Morrow to inform the family? I arrived just as they were pronouncing her dead. It was clear that there was nothing that could have been done to save her life. She lost far too much blood by the time the paramedics arrived on the scene." Allison says to Andy. The victim, Tara, looked to have been run off the road then pulled from her vehicle; that is if the drag marks leading from the open driver's door to where her body was found was any indication. She was then shot four times.

"Guess it couldn't hurt." Andy tells her, he really felt no need to be in the presence of the bikers anymore than he had to. At least with Allison he wasn't alone.

"I need to head over to St. Thomas anyway and finish filling out some paperwork for the PT position anyway." Allison starts to tell him as they head over towards Andy's police cruiser. "Think I can get a lift over there afterwards?"

"Sure, I have nothing important to do after informing the family of the lost." Andy tells her as they both enter into his police cruiser.

The drive from the crime scene right outside of Charming to Teller-Morrow seemed to pass by quickly for Allison. Then again she made this trip almost every day. Pulling into the parking lot of Teller-Morrow, Allison couldn't help but to laugh as the entire population of the establishment turned to look at the police car.

"What is funny about this Allie?" Andy asks less than impressed that his passenger was amused at the attention.

"From all the rumors I hear I am not too sure I find them intimidating." Allison says shrugging, knowing that the Sons were dangerous, as Andy pulls the car up towards the office and putting the vehicle in park.

"Have you not heard what these guys are like and what they can do to people?" Andy asks skeptically as he opens his car door.

"So," Allison shrugs again. "Not everything you hear is the truth. Besides from everything I have heard I gather they are just protecting their families in the best way they know how."

"You can't be serious Allison! These men are-" Andy almost shouts at the strawberry-blonde, but before the duo can continue their conversation a tall, around 6'3" curly haired man comes up to them.

"Can I help you officer?" the man asks, glancing briefly at Allison.

"I believe you can. I'm looking for a Jackson Teller. It is regarding his wife Tara Knowles-Teller*." Andy tells the man.

"Jax is currently out of state visiting a friend at the moment. What is this about?" He asks Andy.

"May I ask who is responsible for their sons when both parents are off on errands?" Andy asks.

"That would be their grandmother, Jax's mother, Gemma Morrow."

"Do you know where I might find her or get a hold of her mister…" Andy starts asking the man then stops waiting for him to reply with his name.

"Trager, but just call me Tig; my father was mister Trager." Andy looks away from Tig and over to Allison. She was trying to appear innocent but was failing; Andy could see the smile she was trying to keep from her lips.

"Well Tig," Allison starts bringing his full attention to her. "Can you tell us how to get in contact with Miss Morrow?" Even if Tig hadn't previously said Gemma's last name it was common knowledge who the woman was and it would have brought no surprise to Tig or Andy as to how she knew the woman's last name.

"She is still here actually. In the office behind us, do you mind if I ask what this is all about?" Tig asks looking between the cop and the EMT.

"Andy why don't you go ahead and speak with Ms. Morrow; I'll stay out here with Mr. Trager." Allison tells the cop.

"Are you sure about this Allie?" Andy asks concerned.

"Positive," Allison says with a smile on her face reassuring Andy that she would be fine. Taking it as his cue to leave Andy walks towards the office, leaving Allison alone with Tig.

"Gee over bearing friend much?" Tig asks once Andy was out of hearing range.

"You have no idea Tiggy. He is really a sweet guy but not my type; too clean." Allison tells him.

"Then why did you come with him? What is so important that you believe you needed to be here for?" Tig asks again, this time hoping to get a real answer.

"Andy believes and I can't help but to agree with him that this was a message to the club. I'm not supposed to be telling you this Alex, but someone gunned down Tara after they forced her off the road. They then pulled her from the car and into the ditch, out of eye sight of those driving by, and shot her. They shot her four times: once in both knees, then her heart, and lastly her head. There was no hope in her being saved, too much blood was lost. Clearly it was a message to your club and I don't know who you are having beefs with bro, but please watch out, ok? I know as soon as Andy comes out of the office Gemma will tell you exactly what I told you but in Andy's words. Don't wait for that to happen, call Jax now." Allison tells her brother. "Just try to keep me out of this shit storm as long as possible. No one knows that I'm family Alex. I would like to stay out of the blow back that is certain to occur."

"Alright Allison, I will do as you have asked. But you do know that if he asks I can't hide the truth from him. He is my prez and if he wants to know exactly who you are I have to tell him." Tig tells her. "I will try to keep your name out of it as long as possible."

"That is all I ask of you Alex. I have kept myself and my daughter out of these affairs since before Nikolette was born, I turned my life around when she was born. And I intend to keep it that way." Allison thanks her brother.

"Allie, you were never a crow eater, you were close to an old lady if anything. You just went through a rough patch after dad's death and you screwed one of my brothers Allie, just one of them constantly." Tig tells his sister pulling her into a loose hug. "You were never a whore either."

"Thanks Alex, just what every little sister wants to hear." Allison says pulling out of the hug and taking a few steps back.

"You know you love me," Tig says smiling at his sister.

"As much as I love Nikolette," Allison replies. "Make your call now and tell Andy that I decided to walk to St. Thomas." Allison replies as she turns and makes her way to the exit of the automotive property. As she was walking through the gates a familiar motorcycle passes her. Momentarily Allison thinks of staying a few extra minutes to talk to the man but after looking back and seeing her brother had pounced on him as soon as the biker killed his engine told her now was not the time.

JJ-Jefferu:*-I am not sure what her married name is. I am just going with she is like Gemma and has both names.

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